Pantyboy Graduates to Crossdressing


Pantyboy graduates to public cross-dressing.

Hello. Let me just say at the outset that I am not gay. I am a hetero man who really likes panties, stockings and pantyhose. I had been wearing them under my boy clothes for years. Some of my girlfriends were disgusted, some were OK with it while not being turned on by it, and a few of my girlfriends did (and do) enjoy my panty fetish, both during our sex play and also taking me shopping.

Over the last few years I have progressed to full cross-dressing. I don’t flatter myself that I would pass for a woman. My shoulders and arms are fairly muscular and my facial features, while handsome enough as a man, are not in any way delicate enough for a woman. But it really turns me on to dress up. And lately I have been wanting to do so in public. I must be something of an exhibitionist as well. The question was where and how? The first time I did in public was on Halloween. It was wonderful and I went home with a couple of girls that night. The cab ride home the next day in my sexy dress and stockings was fun too. But I have recently found the perfect place to go dressed up as a girl. Hair salons. Specifically hair salons in the part of town that is predominantly African American. This part of my city’s population seems to understand dressing up the way that my demo does not (I am Latino American). The ladies at the African American salon I go to are Fierce! Many of them are pretty large women where as I am only 5′ 7″ and 160 pounds.

So the first time I went to this salon, called 23rd street beauty and weave, was a few months ago. There was only one other beautician there who was reading in her chair. I was wearing a cute little outfit that may have been a bit slutty. Thigh high stockings, very sheer and tiny panties, heels, and a small black cocktail dress that may have been a bit too short. The one beautician reading in her chair looked up and wolf whistled!! I was nervous and excited and much to my surprise the ladies in the salon were accepting and even good naturedly giving me a hard time. One lady said I made a cute little girl, which almost made me cum right there.

Anyway the lady who did my hair that day is named Felicia. She is about 6′ tall, with large breasts and a beautiful big ass. She seems to always wear tights, which stretch to such an extent that I can tell she wears no panties. She was so nice to me and always makes sexually suggestive remarks about my outfits. “You wearing panties?” she would ask? And I would have to show her my panties and she would giggle.. They are sometimes surprised how nice my collection of panties is because I am a guy. Or she would ask, “how does you girlfriend like your outfit?” By the way I have a pretty small penis, which she seems to find cute. So I have since been going back every three weeks for a shampoo, hair do and blow-dry. And each time I have dressed a little more slutty. Also I have figured out the best time Pendik Yabancı Escort of day to go, which is midweek right after they open. The place is realy slow. In my sexy fantasy mind, five beauticians close the shop, and force me to strip down to my stockings and heels, and tease me. They put me over their ample laps and give me a little spanking and they laugh at me when I have to reach down and stroke my little penis. I know I am a freak.

Last Wednesday, I had my most recent appointment. I dressed slutty that day. Black thigh high stockings, and hooker heels, a cute purple top and a little black skirt that was way too sheer and so short that it barely covers the curve of my ass when I am standing up straight. If I bend over even a little but, my ass is exposed. And I wore no panties that day. The cool spring air, when I exited my car, made it feel as if I were naked from the waist down.

When I walked in, there were four beauticians there including Felicia and one young woman having a shampoo. As I walked in and closed the glass door, all the talking stopped. I stood there and I realized that the light from the door behind me must have shown how sheer my skirt was. Felicia whistled appreciatively and said “OOOHH! Don’t you look cute today!”? Every other woman laughed and my little penis started to get hard. Why is it that when big women laugh at me, it gets me hard?

Felicia had me stat down. I was careful not to bend over too much as I sat. As she went to get a shroud for me, I saw the beautician who worked next to Felicia, nick named champagne for some reason, was looking at me and laughing softly. I realized that my skirt was so short that it rode up and exposed half of my naked hip, which she could clearly see from the side view of me in my chair. I was wondering if I had stepped over the line.

Felicia came and shrouded me and leaned me over the sink so should could shampoo me. The warm water, Felicia’s strong hands on my scalp and her wonderful perfume filled my senses. Then she rinsed and toweled me and set me up and started to style my long hair.

This time as she worked she started asking me some fairly personal questions. She asked me when I started dressing up, and if it was a sexual thrill, and wanted to know if my girl friend liked it too. She then asked me if I had ever been with a man. I was floored because she was so nonchalant and blunt. I told her no, but I had thought about it She laughingly said that I should learn how to give a blowjob and said she could show me sometime!! Those near us laughed at that a lot. Meanwhile as she talked of this, I could not help myself. I had unlimited access to my penis and the shroud hid what I was doing, so I started stroking slowly. She asked me if I had ever thought about anal sex as in receiving anal sex. I said that I had fantasized about it and that it scared and excited me. She turned me around and leaned over, Pendik Yeni Escort put her arms on my chair and quietly said “My boyfriend likes it when I put on a strap on and have sex with him. It drives him wild. Have you and your girlfriend ever talked about that?” I think she was teasing me and enjoying it and her teasing really was making me hot. I kind of forgot where I was. I was staring in her big eyes and her deep voice was a husky whisper and she was so close to me and I could smell her perfume. And I stupidly forgot to be careful while I was stroking my penis. I was covered by the shroud, but I got too excited and she was so close, she could hear the quiet slapping of my jacking off. She smiled and looked down and could see the shroud moving up and down slightly.

“What are you doing to yourself, sugar?” I said “Umm…nuthin’…”

She smiled really big and asked “What have you got in your hand, you little slut?” This kind of talked really affected me and I knew I was about to cum so I stopped abruptly. She looked down and said “Uh oh! What happened? Did you mess up your panties?” All I could do was breath hard and moan quietly. Only she could hear the moan. The music was fairly loud in the salon. So she reached down and grabbed the hem of the shroud and started to subtly pull it up to see for herself. I put my hand over her hand to stop her (although I really did not want her to stop), and admitted in a hurried whisper “I am not wearing any panties today.” And her eyes got wide and she smiled a condescending smile at me. Her hand kept moving the shroud up and I kept telling her “I am not wearing panties. I’m naked…I’m naked…naked!” I whispered. As I said these words I realized that deepest desire at that moment was to have her see me naked in my stockings, to have her smile that superior smile as she looked at me and laughed at my little penis. I was monetarily falling in love with her. As her hand continued to slowly move the shroud up I was squirming in my seat, my naked ass rubbing on the leather of the chair in a very sexy way.

Her hand was up to the where my penis was and she was looking down. With a small quick movement she whipped the shroud up so that my lap was completely exposed to her and this is what she saw. My skirt, through all my squirming had pretty much moved up to my waist both on front and back. It was like I was not even wearing a skirt. My 3-inch hard penis was sticking straight up and pointing at her. I froze but was still holding her hand where I had tried to stop her from exposing me but to no avail. As she looked alternately into my eyes and at my exposed tiny penis, I kept whispering to her the only thing my brain would let me say. “I’m naked, I’m naked, …naked,” and then to my humiliations I actually said, “I want to be naked all the time”. I did not mean to say this but I wanted it I wanted to be in the salon getting my hair cut all the time with Pendik Masaj Salonu only my stockings and heels on, my little penis exposed and my body for the use of these beautiful Nubian ladies. With that thought, and of its own accord, my, my little penis started jerking. She noticed the movement and looked down. And then I started cumming. All the pent up sexual energy of this experience caused me to cum buckets. I came on the shroud, on my hips and on my stockings. She watched it all still smiling that smile, my hand still on her hand and I was squeezing hard and trying not to whimper and moan out loud. When I finished cumming and was calming down, she took a warm towel and nonchalantly cleaned me up. I dared not look at the other people in the salon but I am not sure if anyone else noticed. She put the rag down and gently smoothed my skirt down to cove me, and also moved the shroud back in place. As my head was swimming she finished my haircut. At one point she was really close behind me and she placed a quick peck on my cheek.

With my hair done she pulled the shroud off of me and I followed her to the register. I was embarrassed and I was sure the whole place knew that I had just had an orgasm in the chair. My cheeks were red and I did not look at anyone but Felicia. I bought some expensive shampoo, conditioner and mousse and she bagged it up for me. And then to my surprise she carried it out for me and followed me to my car, asking me if she could do something different with my hair next time, something fierce. And I said that would be wonderful. As I went back to the trunk to put the products in, I had to bend over to place them in and my ass was exposed. And she surprised me by reaching out and stroking my naked bottom. I pushed myself back into her hand and she laughed. She turned me around and put her hands around my waist and looked me in the eye. She was a good 5 or 6 inches taller than me. And she leaned in and kissed me full on the lips with tongue. Without thinking I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around her hips. She laughed through the kiss and one of her hands went to my ass, which was now exposed because she had the hem of my skirt in her other hand and was holding it up waist high. She grabbed me hard, her middle finger in my crack and riding right on my asshole. She pulled me to her hips hard as I grinded into her. She broke the kiss and softly said “Come back and see me soon you little slut.”

“I will, I promise!” I said.

She said, “Maybe you would like to meet my boyfriend? He is a little slut, too but not as brave as you are…yet. The thought of seeing you too together is very interesting.” I could only nod. Yes I would like that.

She let me go and walked back into the salon. As she walked in she stopped and everyone was looking at her. Then I heard the whole salon explode in laughter. I knew they were laughing about me. So I got in my car with my now hard again penis. I sat in the drivers seat and masturbated furiously. It only took a few strokes till I came. In my mind I was imagining all those African American ladies watching me cum as they made fun of the little slut with the tiny penis it was a very good day. I can’t wait for my next appointment.

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