Paradise Found

She had been writing for a prominent newspaper and was feeling weary and war worn. Her story assignments had taken her to the edge of humanity as she would report on recent stabbings, domestic disputes gone murderous, and your occasional story of redemption involving a gang member finding salvation through some fledgling social program designed to employ and “civilize” its target population. She had little time for herself and no time for a sex life. She ached for respite and yearned for a release. She had truly earned her time off.

She sifted through several brochures that had come to her in the mail and found one that stood out. She picked this one, because its heading was in bold black and said, “Paradise Island – where troubles do not exist.”

She thought to herself, “if I could just escape for a few days, I would be good.”

So, she made the arrangements and headed for the Island. She would disappear for two weeks. She did not tell a soul where she was going.

The plane ride was smooth, and as they were in the air, her body just let go and started to relax. She smiled large and felt a warm rush of pleasure throughout her entire being. She had been given a drink a little while ago, and she now had the ice cube in her mouth and was sucking on it gently. She then let it go into the cup and felt herself blush. She pictured herself giving head to some lucky person. She felt her pussy getting wet. She was anticipating what was coming. She knew as soon as she got there, she would take a lovely shower and really sink into her two weeks of leisure.

As she stepped off the plane onto the Island, she felt free. She breathed in and out deeply and allowed the scent of gardenias and ocean air to cleanse her body through and through. A man came over to her to greet her and a few others who had joined their group. She had her own room, though, and she was eager to put her things away. She was the last person to be led to her suite. She tipped the man and closed the door behind her. She went over to one of the windows and opened it. She sat on the bed and took off her shoes. She had been wearing a short sleeved dress, so she unzipped it from the back and let it slip to the floor. She had not been wearing a bra, so her size B breasts were now exposed to that same sea air she had felt on her skin earlier. Her nipples were erect, and she was feeling warm and turned on. She placed her hand on one of her tits and then with escort bayan bursa her index finger started to rub one of her nipples so that she felt pulses of blood rushing through her cunt. She then placed her other hand inside her panties and grabbed hold of herself so she could feel the throbbing and pulsating. She opened her pussy lips up with her hand and found her swollen clit inside them. Her whole pussy was swollen, and she closed her eyes briefly and bit her lip. She knew she would come soon if she kept this up, so she stopped and headed for the shower.

She turned the shower on and let the water warm slowly. She then slid her panties off and climbed in. The water cascaded down her body as she found her clit again and started to rub it until she was about to come a second time. She paused again and then washed herself. It felt so good to be this turned on. She decided that she would finish her shower and change and then head out to the bar. She loved teasing herself like this, because she knew it would only motivate her more to find someone to get her off.

It was early in the evening, so she had plenty of time to find someone. She sat down and ordered a margarita and a steak. She waited until the man came back with bread and some appetizer, and as she looked up to say, “thank you” to him, she noticed another woman sitting at a table near hers. She smiled at her, and the woman came over to talk.

The other woman asked, “do you mind if I sit down?”

She said, “no, of course not.”

The other woman said, “my name is Susan. What’s yours?”

“Julia,” she said.

“Are you here alone?”


Susan said she was on vacation for a couple of weeks and would love to do some things together. Julia said, “why not?” She then felt another rush of blood go through her, but this time she felt it in her breasts first, then it washed over her, and she could feel it in between her legs. Julia ate her steak and then the two women went back to her room.

Julia began to wonder if the two of them were going to get even closer. Julia had never done this before, so she wasn’t sure if she would do it right if this was what was to happen. Nonetheless, Julia wanted Susan to stay with her for as long as they both wanted.

They talked for hours, and as midnight approached, they realized that neither one of them was going anywhere else for the night. Susan was on the same quest for repose bursa sinirsiz eskort that Julia was. She was a professional yoga instructor who had just been overworked and needed some time off. They talked about work some and how great it was to talk to each other as fellow workaholics. As they realized they had so much in common, they each began to feel extremely close to the other. Julia reached over the small table that they had been sitting at in her room and touched Susan’s hand. Susan looked at Julia and grinned passionately. Julia held tightly to Susan and then leaned over to kiss her. Instead, Susan got up and went over to Julia, bent down and kissed her and then said, “let’s fuck on your bed.”

They each were now on Julia’s bed. Julia crawled on top of Susan, and they indulged one another in a very long, wet kiss. As they kissed, Julia began to grind into Susan with her body. Their kiss lasted so long, and the grinding was making them both hot and wet between each other’s legs. Each of them was doing this for the first time, and it was sending them into ecstasies they had never experienced up to this point. Julia then climbed off of Susan and pulled off her top and lay down again this time next to Susan. Susan then gave Julia a series of small, gentle kisses on her breasts and then licked one of her nipples.

Julia began to moan, mmmmmm, oooooooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmm. Suck my nipples Susan, said Julia.

Susan’s tongue was making circles all around one of Julia’s nipples, and Julia was getting wetter and wetter as she was experiencing it. She was so fucking turned on, and it was just getting better and better.

Julia then said, “I want to suck your pussy, Susan. I want to make love to you like you’ve never been made love to before.”

“Yes Julia. Make me come for you. I want you so badly.”

“Oooooh, I want you, too Susan.”

Julia then pulled off Susan’s pants as Susan spread her legs in front of Julia. Julia could now see how turned on Susan was, because her pussy lips were red and swollen. Julia then took her hand and grabbed onto Susan’s cunt lips with both her hand and two fingers. She squeezed Susan’s pussy lips together pushing and rubbing them.

“Oooooooh, mmmmmmm, oh my God,” said Susan.

Julia then looked down at Susan’s swollen cunt and right at her beautiful clit. Julia got so close to Susan’s pussy that she could smell it. It smelled escort bayan of hot sex, and right at that moment, Julia placed her tongue on top of Susan’s clit and started licking it up and down. Julia then put two fingers inside Susan’s opening, and she could feel Susan’s pussy squeezing and pumping but not coming, yet. Julia then took her finger and found Susan’s G-spot. Susan screamed as soon as Julia did that. Now Julia was rubbing Susan’s G-spot inside her pussy while simultaneously licking Susan’s clit.

Susan was moaning with delight.

Julia then decided to suck on susan’s clit. Julia began licking and alternately sucking on Susan as Susan was continuing to moan with incredible joy. Julia then lifted her head and focused on Susan’s G-spot. Julia kept rubbing that spot over and over. Susan abandoned herself to Julia completely.

Susan said, “I love you….keep rubbing. Fuck me damn it! Fuck me Julia!”

Julia said, “yes baby. Whatever you want.”

Julia then placed her whole mouth over Susan’s clit and sucked and licked until Susan came and came and came. Julia then lifted her head, crawled up to where Susan was and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Susan said, “you taste like pussy.”

They both laughed.

It was now Julia’s turn.

Susan looked at Julia and said, “baby, it’s your turn now.”

Julia smiled and said, “I can’t wait.”

Susan lowered her body so that she was now staring directly at Julia’s pussy. She said, “you are so wet.”

Julia said, “you made me wet, honey.”

Susan said, “I’m gonna fuck you until you gush with come.”

Julia just moaned as Susan went down on her.

Susan decided to flick Julia’s pussy with her tongue over and over. Susan then took her tongue and licked Julia on her whole opening. Susan started at Julia’s asshole and licked Julia all the way up to her clit.

Susan asked Julia if she could put her hand inside her asshole.

Julia said, “yes.”

Susan put two fingers inside Julia’s butt and then another and another until she had four fingers up Julia. As Susan was sucking Julia’s pussy, she was also pumping Julia’s asshole with her fingers.

Julia began moaning, “Oooooooooohh, mmmmmmm Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I fucking love this Susan! Oh my God! I’m gonna come, Oh fuck oh fuck, I’m comiiiiiiiiing. Fuck Oh. Julia’s legs shook and shook.”

The two women then crawled into bed with each other and slept until morning’s light came streaming into their window. They spent the rest of the two weeks making love to each other every night, and when they left for home, they vowed each one of them would connect with the other and embark on their new journey of love.

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