Part 41: Session


Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 41: Session

Peter and Kristen stayed over for the rest of the afternoon, lounging around with the four of us. We had a kind of elation from making something together. With the group sitting in the living room, I sat on the computer just a few feet away, downloading the tapes and starting to edit. I had tough choices of which angle to use and at what times. Holly stood over my shoulder and gave me her input for different shots. All in all, it took about an hour to get the tape edited out and ready to go. I hit the eject button and placed a blank DVD-R in the tray. I started burning our little video.

Holly and I sat back down on the reclining chair together. “Well, John, I have to say that was really fun” Peter said. “Don’t thank me…thank Holly, she was the one doing things to you” I said. “We should do this again” Kristen said. “Well the next group meeting we are” I said. The meeting was just a few days from now. When the DVD was done burning I switched it out with another blank disc. I handed the DVD to Peter. “You guys can watch that and tell us what you think, and feel free to show it to the others in the group to let them know what we are up to” I told him. Kristen and Peter rose, and the four of us happily said our goodbyes as they left. “Ready now?” I asked Holly. “I think we can make a gangbang” Holly said. “Let’s make it happen”

The days went quickly. We tried to limit our sex as much as possible, so as to be ready for multiple rounds. The ‘crew’ slowly arrived over half an hour. Peter and Kristen arrived first. We welcomed them and we waited in the living room for the others. Jake and Mary were the next to arrive. They are nearest in age to Holly and I in the group. None of these people had met Steph or Sandy, so introductions were made as they arrived, and everyone was offered some wine. Mary had short dirty blonde hair, she was pretty short herself and very skinny. She had small round tits, big b cup probably. Dan arrived a few minutes later, without Susan, she didn’t want to participate in the video. Trent and Amy were the last couple to arrive. They were the oldest, in their forties. Amy was medium height, with very long blonde hair, and large somewhat sagging breasts. She was older but she still had the curves of a twenty five year old.

Everyone that was coming was here. That made four couples, and one guy alone. Nine people in all, of course Steph and Sandy were also there, but with so much action going on it would be impossible to film it all, so they would be busy behind the cameras. We quickly got the proper releases filled out. We handed every other participant a check for $350, a number that Jerry had handed down to us. With the busy work out of the way we were ready to get started. Quickly we ran through the basics. It seems Holly and I are the only ones particularly interested in anonymity. Of course, we are the ‘recurring characters’ with names on the box, so I guess we are entitled. So it made things much simpler to not have character names for everyone. We just had to remember to go by Brittany and Ted, which we were getting pretty used to now. The other just had to remember our names. We were going to shoot in the living room, as no bedroom was big enough for nine people. There was a large pile of condoms on the coffee table that sat in the middle of two large couches and the reclining Sex hikayeleri chair.

We stressed the idea that this was just another meeting, and not to think about the cameras. We decided to film this part, we weren’t sure if we would include it but we had them film it anyway. So we had on film the whole group sitting around discussing what we were about to do. Also on the coffee table was a tube of lubricant, a dildo, and a certain little pink toy.

“Who’s ready to get started?” I asked the whole group. The room resounded with ‘I am’ and ‘me’ from just about everyone. Everyone stood up and started undressing all at once. We had that ‘now what’ moment, wondering how to get started. Once everyone was naked, we still stood around. “I have an idea” Peter said.

All five guys were standing shoulder to shoulder in a line. Kristen, Amy, and Mary tied a cloth around Holly’s eyes, blindfolding her. Each girl would be blindfolded, and then would try to determine which man was hers by only touching his genitals with only her tongue. The first woman to correctly identify her man would be in charge of the first round of fun. Holly was first up. The other three girls helped her to in front of the line of men, semi-limp cocks hanging down. I was second in the line of five. Trent was to my right, and first up. With the girls help she found his cock with her tongue. Holly inquisitively licked all around his cock and balls. She sat back on her knees, and the girls helped her over to my genitals. My cock was getting hard from seeing all the naked girls and from seeing holly lick his cock. Holly again started licking and prodding with her tongue, trying to decide. The girls helped her over to Jake. Holly licked and lapped. Finally she finished the line, having licked every cock.

“Okay…It’s hard, but I think it was number three” Holly said, still blindfolded. The girls took the cloth off, and Holly saw that she had been wrong. “I’m disappointed Brittany” I said, keeping in character. “I’m sorry” She said, we joked with each other. The girls retreated away, rock-paper-scissors to determine who was next. With the winner chosen, Mary donned the blindfold. The five guys all switched around. Again the girls helped, and she found each guy’s cock with her tongue, lapping and prodding. Mary made her decision and was wrong as well. The whole group repeated the proceedings, this time with Kristen being blindfolded. True to their group leaderlike abilities, Kristen accurately picked her husband’s cock.

When the blindfold was revealed she jumped up excited, her small tits bouncing. “Okay Kristen…what are we doing?” I asked her. Kristen and Peter whispered to each other for a minute, devilishly smiling. At Kristen’s instructions, the men all put on their condoms to get ready. Kristen and the other three girls got down on all fours on the floor. They were next to each other, lined up, bent over. Kristen chose a guy at random to get behind each girl. For her husband, he was on his knees on the other side of the women. All four women would share in sucking him off as they got banged from behind. I was positioned behind Mary, and Matt was behind Holly, right next to me. “Go” Kristen said, and the fun began. Each guy, on his knees behind his assigned woman, started pounding away at their pussy. Mary was extremely tight, and my cock had trouble pumping in and out of her. I saw that Matt had no trouble Sikiş hikayeleri with Holly as she was already very wet.

I pulled against Mary’s hips as I thrusted forward into her ass, my cock throbbing inside of her slit. Peter moved back and forth on the line, getting blown literally left and right. I watched Holly sucking him off while she was being pounded from behind. I guess some guys would be jealous and not be able to handle that sight, but for me it was just hot to watch, it made me get even more excited. The moans of the women filled the room, as well as the ass slapping fucking that was going on.

We all knew the fun wouldn’t stay this organized. First to cum was Mary, her amazingly tight pussy getting even tighter than before. Her orgasm just having subsided, she turned around and on all fours thrusted her mouth around my cock that was soaked in her juices. I saw Kristen coming and she rolled onto her back, pulling Trent down to her. Trent continued to pound her missionary. Mary sucked me off very quickly. I was close to coming and I warned her, even though I had a condom on. Holly was now turned around, and on her back. Peter was fucking her and she was sucking off Matt, who had been fucking her. Holly, upside down to Matt and I, stripped off Matt’s condom and stroked him off as he came, blasting jizz over her mouth and on her chest.

Holly heard my warning of impending orgasm and was looking up at me smiling as I was about to cum. “Give it to me” ‘Brittany’ Said to both me and Mary. Mary engulfed her warm mouth around my now naked cock and kept it there as I came. I filled her mouth with jizz, and she milked my cock with her lips. My full load in her mouth, Mary moved over to Holly. Holly was getting fucked still by Peter, laying on her back. Mary leaned over her and opened her mouth, dripping saliva and my load of jizz down to Holly’s awaiting mouth. Holly reached up and pulled Mary’s face down to hers. The tongues were licking wildly all over each other.

I sat on the couch, looking at the scene before me, took a second to rest and get ready for more. Kristen quickly came over and joined me. “Mind if I sit here?” Kristen asked me. “Go ahead” I said. Kristen sat on my lap, her naked ass on top of my thighs. She leaned back, her back against my chest. Kristen reached down and took my hands into hers, and brought them up to her hard nipples. Kristen moaned and moved her hips around slightly. “Ready to go?” Kristen asked me. She reached one hand down between her legs, grabbing my now hardening cock, stroking me a few times. We both realized I was condomless, and the coffee table was feet away. I asked Steph, she was filming both Kristen and I and Matt and Amy fucking on the floor beside us, to toss me a condom. She obliged and Kristen applied a fresh condom. Kristen raised her body slightly, and guided my now hard cock to her lips. Her legs were right on top of mine, our bodies in the exact same position.

I put my hands on her hips, helping her up and down, as she thrusted her body up and down slowly, with an ever increasing pace. Her pussy was dripping juices down my cock. The sounds of sex were now just a dull roar of various moans and fleshy impacts from fucking. I could feel Kristen moaning deeply as we fucked on the couch. Kristen was near coming. I reached around to her undulating pussy and played with her. She was driven to orgasm, screeching loudly. Erotik hikaye She collapsed on to me, my cock still inside her leaking slit. We sat there, breathing heavily. Suddenly Amy crawled over on the floor. Amy was on all fours, her face right in front of both our crotches. Amy lapped up and down on my throbbing cock to Kristen’s filled lips. Kristen had enough strength to raise herself up enough to allow Amy to pull my cock from Kristen’s pussy.

Kristen sat back down on top of me, Amy between our split legs, sucked away on my cock. Amy stripped off my condom as I warned her. She sucked and stroked me as Kristen encouraged her. When I was about to cum, Amy sat back, closing her eyes and mouth. Kristen reached down stroking my cock and aiming me at Amy’s face. I blasted cum again, showering Amy in my semen.

The orgy came to a lull as everyone just laid back recuperating. It seemed to take a while and everything stopped. We all came back to the couches and chair. Every single girl had taken a blast of jizz in the face, they still wore the smeared cum. We again had a conscious moment of indecision. “Let’s make sure these women all have fun” I said, breaking the silence. With that all the men got down on their knees before the seated women, parting their legs and eating away. But there were four women and five men. Stephanie sat down as well, still filming, looking down between her legs as Trent ate her out. All five women being eaten, licked, sucked, prodded, lapped, and played with. The feminine aroma filled the air as they all moaned and breathed heavily. I was in front of Kristen, licking and sucking on her slit, playing with her clit. She had a cleanly shaven pussy.

One by one the women each came, screaming out in ecstasy. With that done, it seemed we were all but done. Each guy had probably cum twice, but the girls all wanted to return the favor, including Stephanie. The women got on their knees, switching places with the guys, sucking off their guy. I didn’t think anyone was going to cum for a third time, but the women tried anyway. After about ten minutes of the women sucking and sucking away, they collectively gave up. “Shower time” I announced. The couples all showered together, waiting their turns.

Everyone crowded into the bathroom watching the couple in the shower. Holly and I got in the shower, and washed the juices away. Holly was determined to get me off again. To everyone’s surprise Holly dropped to her knees, pushing me against the shower wall, sucking me off. Holly pulled out every trick she knew. She deepthroated me repeatedly, she used her hands to stroke me in various ways, she even put a soaped up finger in my ass. Amazingly, I did cum, though there wasn’t much to show for it, I did cum to everyone’s cheers.

As everyone finished showering, drying off, and redressing, they said their goodbyes and left. Soon enough it was just Holly, Steph, Sandy, and I. “Remind me why I can’t participate?” Stephanie said. “You are the cameraman” I said. “Camerawoman” Holly said. “What’s to stop me from just dropping the camera and jumping in next time?” Steph said, almost threatened jokingly. “We could credit you as our Sexy Awesome Amazing CameraWoman….that rules” I said, spouting off superlatives.

We were absolutely exhausted. The four of us stayed in and ate dinner together. The next day Holly and I got to work editing. Holly really had an eye for things, she took to the editing process better than I did. Soon we had a finished cut which we burned to DVD and put in the mail to Jerry Spencer. We started planning the next one.

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