Pathetic Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 01


This is my first attempt at a story. I got impatient with getting it reviewed and edited so hopefully it’s structured well. I hope you all enjoy! Some feedback would be greatly appreciated as I have a plan on where to take the story. I would like to get some input if I should rework it first though, continue it, or move to another story entirely. Thanks!


“What the FUCK am I doing here?” I thought once again. I was starting to sound like a broken record, but I guess it was expected, considering I was completely out of my environment: Senior Prom. It stood for everything I hated. People putting in their best attempts to look good in the hopes that they receive compliments, except that those compliments were only given with expectation to be returned. A perfect example of a social tango that I felt sick whenever I was forced to participate. In reality though, it could all be described in one word: attention. Everyone, doing everything in their power to achieve that attention that they so desperately craved. I didn’t understand it! I was much more satisfied to sit behind stage watching the play unfold, unnoticed, but that’s just me…

I should probably apologize for the run-on and make a proper introduction. I tend to get on a train of thought initially as a passenger, but get so wrapped up, I miss my departure by 5 or 6 exits before I notice. Only at that point it’s too late. Everyone is already questioning if I’m a hobo hitching a train ride… Ok that was the last random thought, I swear.

My name’s Luc (sounds like Luke). My actual name is Lucca (my family is Italian) which in fact is the Italian equivalent of Luke. I’d look as you’d expect with my heritage, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and light olive skin. I was much to look at, considering those features and my average height, 5’10” and slim build, which helped me to blend in. I’m a senior, as I previously stated, and as a few weeks ago, no longer considered a minor.

So there I was sitting at a chair, at an empty table, watching the play unfold, unnoticed, berating myself for giving in to attending this overrated social affair. I wasn’t sure why I allowed myself to be badgered in to attending. I guess I was just so fed up with being lectured by my mother, one of the few people I actually could enjoy communicating with, and my only friend, Cassie. At the moment though, I was seriously reconsidering that title as she wasn’t even here herself to keep me company. When I showed up to her door in my tux, she dared to give the response: “Psshh, please! Like I would go without a date!”

“What the fuck are you doing??”, a deep voice asked behind me, breaking me out of my trance. I jumped as my blood turned to ice and my adrenaline kicked. That was my instinct any time someone took notice of me. In my experience, it was rarely followed by a good experience, which is why I preferred to go unnoticed. I cautiously turned and looked up, preparing myself for the worst. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding when I saw that it was Brett.

Unlike most douche bags at the school, like Max, Brett was someone that I could be near without having a coronary. It seemed like just about everyone liked him. He wasn’t a typical arrogant jock, even though he was on the swimming, track, and soccer team. I never saw him angry or mean towards someone. In fact, he seemed to be nice to everyone.

So there I was, sitting and trying to decide how to respond to Brett’s odd question as he looked down at me with a smirk. Even if I hadn’t been sitting, he’d still be looking down at me, thanks to his 6’3″ height and muscular structure.

“You’re the last person I expected to be here, Luch. I thought you hated these things!” he said, as he grinned with a confused stare. I’m not sure where he got the nickname from, but he used it as far back as I could remember and was the only one to use it.

“I do… I was nagged in to coming though.” I quietly replied as I broke the eye contact. I never really liked to look at someone for long. I feared that it would allow the person to see something intimate about me. Not that I was hiding anything, since I was as much an enigma to myself as anyone else.

“Where beylikdüzü escort is she? Better yet, who made you come? It’s kind of shitty to drag you out and then abandon you.” he asked.

“Why the hell is he so interesting?” I wondering silently.

“Cassie wasn’t feeling well” I lied to protect her image. “And I don’t think they’d allow my mom to come.”

I regretted that additional info as soon as it left me mouth and immediately felt my cheeks burn. Why would I let him know that my mom still had that much control over me still?

I was surprised when he let out a large bellow of a laugh rather than the scoff or scrunched, judgmental face that I was expecting.

“Yeah, that may been a bit awkward for everyone”, he said as he continued chuckling.

There was stretched time of awkward silence as his laughter died off and he resumed his staring. I was expecting him to walk off after that but he seemed to have no intention to do so. Damn it, why couldn’t I just be left alone?

“What about you? There’s no way you came solo, is there?” I asked, scraping for anything that could break that fucking stare.

His smile quickly as he looked down and mumbled “Nah, my intended date wasn’t available.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” I replied, actually feeling bad.

“Nah, no worries. I’m expecting things to turn around” Brett said, as his smile and stare returned.

“Oh well, that’s good! I don’t want to get in the way of that. I’ll let you get back to her.” I replied, probably too quickly after seeing an opportunity to end this. I just wanted to sulk for another ½ hour before this was over.

“I’m in no rush. I have a feeling things will work out on their own.” he said as he sat down backwards in the chair next to me and leaned forward. I immediately tensed up from his close vicinity. I never had much physical contact or even got close to others like this so I was way out of my comfort zone. I swallowed hard as we fell in to another awkward silence. His blue eyes almost seemed electrified as he continued staring.

“It really drives me crazy, Luch. that I can’t seem to figure you out. You always seem to fall back in to the shadows with any group event and no one seems to notice. Why? How could you possibly enjoy being so unnoticed?” his said as his eyes seemed to darken and take on an almost sympathetic expression.

“I just don’t trust people. It’s easier to not be noticed than to risk someone being mean.” I answered before I could even process what he had asked. I’m pretty sure his shocked reaction mirrored mine, since that was a fact I didn’t even know myself.

“Well that’s too bad… Sure there are some dicks out there but not everyone is that bad. A lot of people like you, too! I seriously doubt you’d have much trouble making friends,” he said as he frowned and added on, “or girlfriend.”

Ignoring the lie that I could be popular, I managed to catch myself before I replied. I actually didn’t find an attraction to any girls. I had filed myself as asexual years ago. I rarely got hard or jacked off and just couldn’t imagine any enjoyment out of having sex.

“Yeah well, school’s nearly over so I might as well wait for college.” I said, trying to avoid his interrogation.

“But don’t you feel lonely? I mean, you must have a desire to be close with someone at some point.” he said with an even larger frown. I felt my heart rate increase as I started to worry that he was starting figure me out. That possibility seriously scared the shit out of me.

I started to stutter as my panic took over before Brett’s smirk returned and he cut me off.

“You know what? This isn’t the place for this type of conversation.”

I started to calm down, thinking he was going to leave finally.

“Let’s move it to a better spot.” he continued as he stood up and held out his hand.

What the fuck? Before I could even process what he said, I was pulled out of my chair being led out of the auditorium.

Suddenly, we were walking through the guys’ locker room in to the shower. My panic really started to take over then and my heart felt like it was exploding. What the hell was bolu escort happening?

Brett suddenly stopped and turned around, placing his hands on my shoulders. He seemed to look directly in to my soul with those electric blue eyes as he took some deep breaths.

“Luch, I’ve been wanting to say this for so long.” he whispered as his eyes started to tear up. “I really like you.”

OK, that was cool but why the big production? I know I wasn’t popular but he didn’t make a huge secret if he thought that I was potential friend.

“I mean I’m in love with you”, he whispered even softer, “and I have been for awhile now.”

What the fuck? Oh wow, alright things were making more sense now.

“You’re amazing in every way.” he continued. “You’re so fucking sexy and you have this humble aura about you. It makes me want to be near you and comfort you every minute of my life. I wanted to ask you to prom, but was too terrified. I’m not out and I wasn’t sure how you would react. I’m such a fucking coward. But I’m ready now and I just want to make you happy. Would you please give the chance?”

By the time he had finished, he was inches from me. I felt his breath on the top of my head as his bottom lip grazed my forehead. I was feeling things I’d never felt before. My heart was pounding, but felt so elated. My dick was hurting from being so hard. My mind was in such a haze. I felt so confused and yet comfortable at the same time. Most of all though, I was scared. Oh fuck I was terrified. Despite the mesh of thoughts running through my head, I was hit with one solid, clear message: This is right and you need to go for it, my heart told me.

Brett’s hand was suddenly under my chin nudging my face up. I stared at those eyes once again, only this time it hit me how gorgeous they were. I slid my hands up his strong, muscular arms as his lips met mine. My entire body felt electrified as we made contact and my knees buckled and I felt myself start to collapse. In that split second though, Brett’s hands shot under my pits and he caught me, holding my entire weight with his impressive strength.

“Holy fucking shit!”, he chuckled against my lips as he deep voice rattled my chest and heart, “All my fantasies combined were nothing compared to that.”

I’m sorry.” I mumbled as went red again. “My body doesn’t seem to be working anymore.’

His laughing grew louder as he whispered, “Fuck, how cute are you?” That encouraged the burning in my cheeks to travel up to my ears as he planted another kiss, this one was deeper, longer, and oh so much more sensual. If had any control left, it was gone now. My senses were in overload at this point and could only manage to whisper to him with half closed eyes and a lust filled haze:

“I’m not sure I can survive another one of those.”

His renewed chuckling was cut off as I threw myself at him. I hadn’t even realized what I was doing until my hands were up the back of his shirt, massaging his thigh muscled back as I sucked on the base of his neck and wrapped one leg around him to hump against him. What hell was happening to me? He could only manage groan as he slipped his own hands down the back of my pants to grope my cheeks. My body instantly started to convulse and I was afraid I was already falling over the edge to climax.

“Fuck, it’s so sexy how responsive your body.” he whispered in to my ear and then snaked tongue around the outside of my ear. The only thing I could at that point was whimper. I was suddenly petrified when his hand slid to my front and grabbed my raging member. The only description I could give the sound I made in response was animalistic. I felt like I was floated and drowning all at once.

I started to smear my leakage around as he jacked me, and I was amazed at how close I was to already shooting.

Wait… hold up” I said urgently as I grabbed Brett’s arm. He easily could have over powered me and continued but instead he looked down with confused, and almost hurt face.

“I… I need..” I paused as I tried to figure what I was even trying to say.

“What is it, Luch?” he asked. “I’ll give you whatever you need, stud.”

I thought I was falling bursa escort again as I sank down only to realize I was doing it of my own accord. I grabbed his pants and slid them down along with me. My eyes slowly raked up his lean, powerful legs to see something that they should have statues and poems made after it. I had never even considered a dick as being something that could be complimented, but I could think of the word, perfect, as I studied Brett’s. It was longer than mine, and thick, giving it an equally powerful look to match the rest of his body. It was so large that it looked like a mutated third leg, but large enough to emit an overwhelming aura of masculinity.

“If you’re too worried about the size, you don’t have to anything yet.” he said. “We can just-“

He croaked as I dove on to the head. I had never considered giving head to a guy, but never felt more comfortable than I did at this moment. The taste exploded on my tongue and sent me through another wave of orgasmic convulsion. His slid down his length and swallowed as hit my throat without even a thought.

“Ooooohh FUCK ME RUNNING!!” Brett grunted. “Who else have you sucked off!? No one’s ever taken me so quick!”

I could only moan in response as I basked in the euphoria of the situation. I had never felt more alive and happy than I did at this point.

“This is too good, babe. I don’t think I’m going to last” Brett grunted as I slid my hands up to his ass felt them clench. “You should pull out before I-“

He never finished the thought but followed up with a squeak and moan as leaned forward on his toes, his hands grasping my hair as his head swelled and exploded. I was shocked to realize that my dick was caught between my kneeling legs and I was thrusting on instinct. I quickly followed him in to and orgasmic bliss as my taste buds exploded from his sweet nectar.

We both were heaving and coming down from our high as we heard another deep voice from around the corner.

“What in the heavenly fuck is going on here?” I froze and fell back in to my panicked state as Max, the star quarter back rounded corner with his equally douche bag sheep. I don’t think I’d ever seen him without his gang. They were all holding a brown paper bag with what could have only been a bottle of liquor inside.

Brett and I looked at each other with widened eyes as the group closed the distance.

“Brett, I didn’t know you had a fag bitch on the side to get you off. I never thought you would stoop as low as to recruit this shit head though.” Max slurred as he stumbled, making his inebriated state obvious.

I looked back up to Brett to see his gorgeous eyes darken.

“Yeah well, I thought a nobody like him would be an easy cum dump. I had to put on a whole though to get him to open up his faggot mouth and get my rocks off.” Brett growled as he looked down at me. I could only see hatred in his eyes now and heart felt like it was caving in on itself. For a few seconds, I could only get a few staggered breaths as I tried to grasp the situation.

“Brett, I-” but never got a chance to finished the sentence. Brett’s knee suddenly connected with my jaw and flew back on to my side as stars exploded in my vision.

“What the FUCK is this!?” he hissed at me. With my head already on the floor, I saw some white liquid on his shoes.

“You fucking cummed on me, faggot!?” he roared as his shoe suddenly flew at my face to connect with the side of my head. I let out a sob as I was flipped to my other side. I could only see red as my blood dripped on to my face.

“What a sick fuck you are! I told you to not even think about getting off around me. NOW CLEAN IT UP!!” Brett screamed as he brought his foot down on my side. I heard something snap my core started convulse as I felt warmth spreading down my legs. I realized that I had lost control of bladder as I pissed all over myself.

“I’m going to give you the privilege of touching this again.” he hissed somewhere off in the distance. I could manage to make sense of his words as my vision blurred.

“I’m getting the fuck out of here before he gives me some faggot disease.” Brett scoffed as I watched his shoes walk off. “You guys can do whatever you want.”

As I laid there in a pool of my piss and blood, getting kicked and punch repeatedly, I only had one word run through my head: pathetic. The word kept repeating like a broken record as I allowed the darkness to take over.

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