The next morning I woke up hung over as shit. I’m pretty lucky with hangovers in that I don’t get vomiting sick. Mainly I just have a headache, fell dreadfully tired and thick headed.

This morning I woke up to see Mark pinning Amber’s butt to the gym mats with his cock. He was supporting himself with one hand, pulling her hair with the other. She was laid fully belly down as he thrust into her ass supporting her torso on her elbows as Mark tugged her head back.

She didn’t seem to be in ecstasy this morning, Rather, she was letting out workmanlike grunts of endurance.

I started getting hard. The idea of fucking Amber in the ass was a staggering turn on. And seeing it in front of me…

Paul came into the gym. He had coffee and donuts. I wondered where he had gotten the money.

He handed me an extra large coffee with two sugars, which I liked.

And then a Boston Crème, which I also liked.

And then my wallet so I knew where he had gotten the money.

Paul settled in beside me, munching on a bear claw.

“Look at the kid, he’s a machine,” Paul said.

“And gay. Did you see him staring at your cock last night?”

“Shane, he’s not gay. Our friend Mark is bisexual, and an accommodating bisexual at that. Besides. You were looking at my cock too. And Amber had my cock snot in her while you were fucking her. Don’t forget that.”

I ignored most of his statement. “An accommodating bisexual? What do you mean by that?”

Paul was quiet for a few minutes. Then he let out a kind of a half chuckle. “Well, you don’t think that all of this was by accident, do you? Mark and I have been kind of fooling around for a while now.” Paul gave me that sheepish boy grin of his.

I was stunned. I shouldn’t have been, but I was. I hadn’t even suspected. I couldn’t think of anything to say. We both watched Mark and Amber go at it for a few quiet moments. It was a live porn show. Oddly enough, I wasn’t disturbed or upset by the revelation of Paul and Mark’s sexual ambiguity. Rather, I was very turned on by it, in a way that I couldn’t quantify at the time. Especially seeing Mark pistoning in and out of Amber’s bum.

“So you and Mark and Amber have been…”

“No,” Paul interrupted me, “Mark and I. Last night. – well today, with Amber, that was just lucky. I never thought she would go for it when I suggested it.”

“Ok, Mark and you?” I turned away from the couple to look at Paul.

“He does stuff most girls won’t, willingly. And he likes you too, dude.” Paul grinned at me again. “The idea was to get you all horney watching Amber and me and then he’d quietly try to convince you to let him suck your dick.”

“Really? Dude, I’m not gay.”

Paul shook his head. “Man, it’s not gay. It’s sex. I mean… shit, how to describe it? It’s like the difference between sex and love. Sex is the mechanical, love is the intellectual. Letting Mark suck your cock wouldn’t be gay… well I guess it would, but it wouldn’t matter because you aren’t. But my point is that it is mechanical, right? It’s like jerking off. It’s not meaningful.”

I laughed. “So you think gender should be determined by intent?”

“Why not?”

Mark suddenly came. He arched his back and howled as he pinned Amber deeply up the ass.

“Damn…”I murmured.

“Yeah, Mark has some pretty powerful pops.”

“So, uh, you let him stick that monster up your ass?”

“Hell no!” Paul chuckled. “That would be gay. Just kidding. Naw, I’m not into that. And besides, Mark is the, like, bottom, you know. He can actually cum without touching it when I squirt in his butt.”

“Aw, dude, TMI.”

“I think it like, stimulates his prostate or something…”

I covered my eyes with one hand and laughed. “Dude…”

Paul studied me for a moment. “Come on man, admit you are interested. I’m not going to reach across and grab your dick or anything, but I’ve known you for a long time. I can tell you are a little turned on at least. And I know you love anal.”

I thought about it. “Yeah, the idea of dominating Mark is kind of a turn on. Using his body to make me cum… yeah… it does kind of give me a boner. But you and I?”

“No way.” Paul and I both said at the same time, manisa escort and laughed.

“I’ll think about it.”

Amber and Mark had gone to get showers and Amber returned first.

“My asshole is sore and I am tired,” she announced crankily after she was dressed, “Can someone give me a ride home?”

Of course only one of us had a car, and I was tempted to tell her to take the bus, but I felt well disposed towards her given how sweet she had been to us.

“Sure.” I threw on some sweats and sniffed my pits. Not too bad, so I was OK.

“Yeah,” said Paul, looking at the clock, “We should all get out of here. The morning staff will be getting in around half an hour from now.”

Amber looked around, “What about the mess?”

“Meh. I’ll just flip over the mats and throw out the beer jugs. No one will notice. I’m still a little fucked up though. Mind if I crash at your trailer for a few hours dude?” “No problem. You know where the key is.”

Amber gave me the address when she got into the Civic. When we were almost there she pointed out the parking lot by a play ground.

“You should pull in there if you want your favour.”

I did out of curiosity. “What kind of a favour?”

“Favour for giving me a ride home. Blowjob.” She leaned over and started pulling down my sweats.

“Oh hey Amber, I don’t know,” I began, “This is kind of public, and it’s a playground. What if some kids come along?”

By that time she had fished my cock out. I was already hard. “Not a chance. It’s too early in the morning. I live in that building a block down and I’ve never seen a kid here at this time of day.”

“Yeah, but… Oh shit,” I said as she pushed her head down on my cock. She had her lips held tightly together and they were surprisingly muscular. The sensation was unusual. More like penetrating a body orifice than being accepted into a woman’s mouth. I groaned with pleasure. She worked quickly, stroking with her hand, and giving it real suction as her lips rode up and over my head.

“Shit!” My ass lifted off the seat as I came, bucking out of control. To her credit, Amber kept her hand and mouth on my dick, stroking me until I was done and preventing a single drop from spilling out..

When I subsided, she turned, rolled down the passenger window, and leaned out to spit.

“Damn,” I said weakly, “That was good baby.”

She turned around and wiped her mouth. “Glad you liked it.” She opened the door and got out.

“Huh? You don’t want a ride to your apartment?”

“No. I told you, I live just down there. I don’t really want to be seen with you dropping me off. Oh, and, if we meet at the P&G or something like that, don’t talk to me if I’m with other people, I’ll just blow you off. Later.”

“Seriously? I…”

“Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” She walked off.

I was less hurt than mystified. I shook my head and started the car. As I drove back to the trailer I was renting on the edge of town, I rolled over what had happened.

It was trippy. I’d have never thought that I would have gotten with Amber, let alone with two other guys. In fact, I’d never even thought about having group sex. Fantasized about it, but never really considered it possible if you know what I mean.

Now, I was wondering what it would have been like to go for the gold – so to speak – with Amber, Mark, and Paul. Like spit roasting her or doing a double penetration. It was a powerful turn on just thinking about it.

What Paul had mentioned about Mark was also interesting. It pretty much sounded like he could get himself off in Mark’s ass or mouth any time he wanted. Without all the hassle and lead up required with a woman. The joy of intercourse with another person with the convenience of masturbation. The idea was very appealing. I wasn’t attracted to Mark in the physical sense and certainly not romantically, but the idea that he could be had like that was very arousing.

I did feel a bit of shame and guilt about the group sex the night before. And fear. My paranoia about STDs was pretty strong and I had visions of a cloud of one of the other guy’s sperm swimming up my urethra dropping syphilis spirochetes like bombs. But for me that was pretty kütahya escort normal post-fuck trauma.

Reminding me that I wanted to get to my trailer quick and wash my dick off again since Amber had blown me. I thought she was clean, but a girl that could suck cock like that had experience.

My trailer was a beat up little number nestled in the back of the trailer park on edge of town farthest from the beach. It was almost in the trees. The roads were not much more than dust and there was no lawn, just pine needles. It was the cheapest rent I was able to find. It was also isolated and quiet.

The windows were open to let in the cool morning breeze even though the blinds were down. I never leave my place unsecured, so I figured Paul must have walked there as I didn’t see his bike out front.

Inside, I found Paul and Mark sprawled out on the sofa and love seat, both asleep or passed out. I went to the bedroom and sacked out.

When I woke up a few hours later Paul and Mark were in the kitchen making sandwiches.

Paul tossed me a can of beer when I came in.

“Dude,” he said, “I hope you don’t have to work today. It’s nearly noon.”

I cracked the beer and had a long slug. “Paul, it’s Sunday.”


“Yeah. And besides,” I gestured at the clock on the wall, “That came with the place, like the rest of the furniture. It runs weird and I’ve never changed the batteries.” I consulted my wrist watch. “It’s only about ten thirty in the morning.”

“Sweet. An extra hour and a half. Let’s hop in your car and go rock climbing.”

I was not a real fan of rock climbing, especially with Paul. He had a habit of drinking and smoking a little too much and that made him dangerous.

“I dunno man. It would still take us like, an hour to get the gear sorted out and then another hour to drive out there. Maybe we should do that next weekend. But plan for it, you know? Get the gear sorted out beforehand and leave earlier in the morning.”

“Yeah, you’re right man.” Paul was rummaging through his pockets. “But what shall we do today then, my friend?”

“What else? The beach.”

“Yeah I guess so.” Paul had found what he was looking for and sparked up a small blunt. “Always got the beach.” He took a deep hit and passed it around.

We went for an early lunch at a nearby diner. Burgers, fries with gravy, lots of greasy, high protein food to kill the hangover. I wound up paying, of course.

After that, we hit the beach. Mark and Paul surfed. Or tried to surf, that is. This particular area was not really known for it’s waves. But I guess they had to live up to the image.

I was content to catch some sun, read a Donald Westlake novel, and have a nap.

By the time evening rolled around, the beach was dead. Sunday night in the off season.

Paul looked over his shoulder at the setting sun. He was drying his hair with a towel. “Damn. What should we do now?”

I shrugged. “Could hit the Tanzania. Could be some chicks there.”

“On a Sunday night? Doubt it man. I’ve got a better idea. Let’s go get a couple of jugs off-sale, go back to your place, roll up a few, and fuck Mark.”

I snorted. Mark hadn’t even blushed, he just kept towelling himself off, quiet as ever.

“You just ain’t going to give that up, are you?” I asked.

“Nope.” Paul grinned.

I looked Mark over, and again the thought came to me to consider him as just an asshole and a mouth. I’d just be using him like I might use a sex toy. It was a definite turn on.

“Yeah, well, I guess we can do that.” I smiled, “I’ve always said I’d try anything once. And if I liked it, I’d do it twice.”

Mark smiled in return. “You won’t regret it Shane. I’ll make you cum so good…” It was the first time I’d heard him speak in the last two days.

We bought a couple of jugs of beer at the Tanz and headed back to my trailer. Once there, Paul put on some porn to set the mood.

We drank some of the beer and smoked a reefer while watching the film. It was one of my favourites. I forget the title now, but it was an Ed Powers number. Some amateur chick had given Ed some dis while filming and wound up coming back later and having to take it up the ass. malatya escort I loved seeing that chick get her comeuppance.

At some point, Mark took off all of his clothes and knelt between my knees. He put his hands on my thighs and began to rub.

“Umm…” I kind of grimaced and shook my head, even though I had a raging boner.

Paul laughed. “Don’t fucking worry about it Mark,” he said, while he shucked his sweats and boxers, “Shane isn’t in the mood yet. Come on over here and suck my cock.”

Mark shuffled over on his knees and bent over Paul’s dick.

I focused on the movie, but every few seconds my eyes darted over to Paul and Mark. Mark was lavishing attention on Paul’s dick, licking his balls, running his tongue up and down the length of it. Sucking the head so loud there was an audible “smack” when his lips came off.

All the while Mark’s exposed ass bobbed in front of the view. Perfectly hairless. I wondered if he shaved. Maybe he used Nair or waxed.

After a few minutes, I knew that I was going to do it. I stood up and took off my clothes.

I approached Mark and kneeling down, gently stroked the cleft of his buttocks and then his scrotum.

My voice seemed to catch in my throat as I said, “I think I want to fuck your ass. OK?”

He stopped sucking Paul’s cock long enough to look over his shoulder and say, “I want you to.”

“I don’t have any condoms.”

“Don’t need them,” Paul said, “He was a virgin before me. And you and I are both clean, I know that. You may need this though.” He rummaged through the nearby pocket of his pants and tossed me a small bottle. Astroglide.

In spite of my paranoia about STDs, I was certain Paul was right, and I was also caught up in the moment.

I squeezed out a glob of astroglide into Mark’s ass crack and used a finger to work it into the hole. I squeezed another dollup onto my cock and began to spread it by slowly jerking.

I lined my dick up with Mark’s asshole and he became still, waiting for the moment. I slowly eased my cock head between his buttocks and began pushing into his anus.

“You don’t have to be that gentle,” Mark said from around Paul’s cock, “Paul and I have done it much rougher than that.”

Taking his word for it, I thrust in. There was that almost “pop” as my cock head penetrated his sphincter ring. I went in almost nuts deep on the first stroke.

I had expected a cry if pain from Mark. Instead, he moaned deeply.

Encouraged, I began to fuck him vigorously. I put both hands on his shoulders and began thrusting his body against mine.

My eyes had been fixed at the point at which my body was joining Mark’s, but when I looked up, Paul was staring directly at me and our eyes met. Mark was still sucking his cock. It was intensely erotic, much more so even than our sharing of Amber. I could not describe exactly then, and cannot even now, except to say that it was powerfully exciting. I came almost instantly, holding my body still, I continued to ram Mark down on my cock as spurt after spurt of my cum shot up his ass, until I slumped over his back.

Out of curiosity more than anything I suppose, I let my hand slip off his shoulder, down his body, and underneath to grasp his cock, which was massively hard. I felt his cock head and wriggled my fingers in the pre-cum flowing from it. Then I began stroking it.

I could not believe how turned on I was by the feeling of his hard dick.

My dick quickly hardened again and I squirted some Astroglide on my other hand so that I could use both to pump Mark’s enormous cock, while I fucked him a second time.

His asshole was well lubricated by this time and I slammed my hips against his buttocks as hard as I needed to. At the same time, I was working his cock with both hands. Stroking up and down, using fingers, and playing with his balls.

Then, I formed an “O” with the thumb and index finger of my right hand, that I squeezed up and down the head of his cock, tightly, while I pumped with my left hand. This was a favourite masturbation technique of mine and it proved to be effective on Mark.

He gave loose a shuddering howl as his balls tensed and his cock began to pulse, shooting forth what semen he had left after the last couple of days.

It also cause his sphincter to tighten, and I came in his ass for the second time.

Paul was the only one that hadn’t yet busted a nut. He came over and jerked off on Mark’s face.

After that, we slept.

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