It started the first day I saw you, Peter. The way you dress, look, act. I was hooked. Your face is cute but so hot at the same time. The way your trimmed brown facial hair extends down and across your face. Your amazing head sits on top a muscular neck and a near perfect body. Your muscles ache and throb with every move. I sit, tantalized by the size and beauty of your rippling arms, your defined chest and core, and your sexy ass and legs. It’s a shame that you have to cover all that up. All I can do is sit in class, stare, and fantasize.

I sit uncomfortably in class, not wanting to miss a moment of you, but I must go to the washroom. I stand up and walk past the dazed students to the back of the lecture hall and out the door. I walk across the hall and notice a couple studying at a table 20 feet down the corridor. They look so content, staring into each-other’s eyes, laughing. As I enter the bathroom, I notice, thankfully, that it was recently cleaned. The urinals sinop escort are shiny and smell like soap. It makes the experience that much better.

When I walk to the sink, I hear someone else coming. I am glad I have finished but it is still weird being in a bathroom with another guy. My heart nearly jumps out of my chest as no one other than Peter walks into the bathroom. He walks over to the urinal and unzips his pants. His head lifts in satisfaction as he drains his bladder. He then walks to the sink next to me, washes his hands, and then looks directly into my eyes. At that point I knew.

He pushes me against the hard tiled wall, his arms trapping me close to him. I feel his breath wash over my chest, our eyes are locked. He moves a hand up my side and onto my neck. He pulls me close and our lips connect. I can taste the oils on his face; feel his lips, his tongue. I press back on his chest with my hand and force him against the stall divider. A loud bang sivas escort echoes in the bathroom. My hands move quickly over his body, exploring each perfectly chiseled ab. I feel his hands under my shirt, grabbing my broad back and pulling us together. I pull his shirt over his head and trace my tongue down to his nipples. As I lick around each one, Peter moans. I then follow his abs down to his belt buckle where I swiftly open it and unzip his pants.

I have never done anything like this before but somehow, I know exactly what I am doing.

I see his dick, hard behind his boxers. I look up and our eyes meet. I grab his cock and pull it from his boxers. It is so hard and above average in size. I place my lips around his head and begin taking his cock into my mouth. As I do so, I fondle his balls with one hand, and hug his toned thigh with the other. I bob back and forth, in and out faster and faster. I can taste his sweet pre-cum leaking into my mouth. I suck tekirdağ escort the sweet nectar from him and he moans.

He then pulls me up and kisses me. His hard dick brushes up against my pants. He then crouches down and unzips my pants. He takes me into his mouth. My dick is harder than it has ever been as he begins deep throating me. I grab his hair and he takes more and more of me into his mouth. I can feel myself tensing and am close cumming. I tap his head warning him but he keeps going. I can’t hold it any longer and launch cum deep down his throat with each wave of pleasure. My body shakes and I nearly collapse. He licks every last drop from me and smiles.

“Your turn,” I say.

He turns and sits on the counter, his dick still hard. I again, take him into my mouth and am welcomed by more pre-cum. His head tilts back and he closes his eyes as I suck his cock. Slowly then fast until he begins to groan. His legs tense and his cock throbs. I take him deep as he ejaculates his beautiful cum into my mouth. He thrust into my mouth, slapping his balls against my chin. I take his load in my mouth and kiss him, sharing his cum.

I smile at him and without saying a word, zip up my pants and walk out the door.

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