Playing The Naughty Schoolgirl

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Full permission is granted to reproduce this work, provided credit is given to the author.

The following is an adult story. If you are not 18, you cannot read it. If you are offended by sexually oriented material, stop now.

This is my second attempt at writing a story any comments would be appreciated.

* * * * *

I had been serving Bill and Jane for several weeks when they told me that they had volunteered to put on an evenings entertainment for their local fetish group. They told me to come to their house early on Saturday where they would prepare me.

I was met as usual at the station by Mistress Jane and was soon at their house. Once inside I was led to “my room” and told to prepare myself. I entered the on-suite bathroom and went through my by now will practiced transformation. I removed what little body hair had grown since last week and then got out of the bath and onto my hands and knees on the floor for Mistress Jane to clean me out with an enema.

I was then led back into the bedroom where Mistress Jane had laid out some clothes on the bed for me. On the bed was every perverts idea of a school uniform, a short black pleated skirt, white panties, white ankle sock, a white blouse and a black and red school tie. Mistress Jane held up a white lacy corset covered in bows and frills and ordered me to put it on. I stepped into it as instructed and she then proceeded to lace it up. I had been following a strict diet and exercise over the past few weeks designed by Mistress to help shape my body and that combined with the corset helped give me a very girly figure. Mistress then stuffed the bra cups of the corset with false breast forms and ordered me to dress myself in the rest of the clothes.

I did I was instructed and then Mistress ordered me over to the make up seat, she then painted my nails, which had I had been ordered to grow, bright red. She then spent some time painfully plucking my eyebrows and then she applied foundation, mascara, blusher, eyeliner and finally a blood red lipstick to finish.

She then applied a long blond wig which she proceeded to pull up into two bunches on my head and held them in place with two rubber bands. I was then given a pair of flat plain black shoes to wear and ordered in front of the mirror. I was as always amazed at my transformation, I looked like a horny little school girl, my large false breasts nearly spilled out of the unbuttoned top of my blouse and the tie loosely fixed round my neck did nothing to stop them. My skirt was so short that you could almost see the bottom of my panties and my make and hair made me look like a right little tart.

Mistress was pleased and said “You should be popular tonight my little slut you are going to be a busy little girl sucking cock for our amusement, oh your co-stars are going to love you.”

I was then ordered downstairs to parade in front of Bill. He too was pleased in fact so pleased that he started rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Over here slut,” he said “on your knees.”

I did as I was told and knelt in front of my Master.

“Now get my cock out and suck it good bitch, you got me horny.” he said

I began to rub his hardness through his pants and then slowly began to unzip them. I pulled them down followed by his boxers and his big hard cock sprang into view. I grabbed it with one hand and began to wank him.

“Lick it bitch,” he said

I stuck my tongue out and began to run it all over his cock starting at the top and going down his shaft to the base and then over his balls and then back up again.

“Now suck it bitch,” he said

Opening my mouth wide I slowly took his cock into my mouth and began to set up a rhythm sucking up and down all the time licking his shaft as it slipped between my lips. I used one hand to caresses his balls and the other to feel his ass and pull him further into my mouth. After a few moments of my now well practiced sucking he began to groan and I felt his cock twitch in my mouth.

“Oh suck it bitch, I gonna cum.” kıbrıs escort he said

I speeded up my cock sucking and suddenly I felt him tense and then my mouth was filled with his hot salty spunk. I was now used to the taste and greedily swallowed his load. I kept his cock in my mouth licking and sucking him clean until eventually he pulled his limp cock away from my mouth.

“Now do up your lipstick while Mistress tells you what is expected of you tonight and you better make a good job of it or you will receive the thrashing of your life.” he said.

An hour later we were arriving at a large mansion house, I was ordered out of the car and into a back room to wait my entrance. I was feeling very nervous both at the thought of performing in front of a crowd and of carrying out what was expected of me. I was to be in a little “play” for the entertainment of the other members of the fetish group and one thing was for sure I wasn’t going to be the innocent little schoolgirl for long.

After a little while Mistress came and led me out onto a small stage that had been put up at one end of what appeared to be a large hall. I could not be sure because a large curtain separated the stage from the rest of the room. On the stage was a large teachers desk behind which stood a large blackboard. In front of this were several school desks. I was ordered by Mistress to sit at a desk facing the teacher’s desk with my back to the curtain.

As I sat there I could hear Bill speaking.

“Now we have a treat for you tonight, a little sissy who we have been training is going to provide your entertainment, you are going to see what a submissive cock sucking little sissy he has become and if any of you find the show particularly exciting Mistress Jane will be round to collect your… appreciation in the usual manner.”

There was a short applause and then the curtains opened. A moment later and in accordance with the “script” I had been made to learn the teacher entered. She was about 30 and absolutely stunning, she was wearing a knee length black skirt over black stockings and a white blouse. She had a pair of glasses on and was carrying a lethal looking wooden cane in her hands. On her feet where a pair of high heel black shoes and her hair was pulled up in a bun on top of her head. I could feel my cock rising and she walked over and stood behind her desk.

“Now then SissySlutSue you know why you are here in after school detention when every one else has gone home. You were caught sucking off boys behind the locker rooms weren’t you.” she said.

“Yes Miss.” I replied

“So you understand the need to be punished don’t you.”

“Yes Miss.” I answered

“Good over here then I want you to write on the blackboard ten times I must not suck boys cocks.”

I got up and walked over to the board where she gave me a piece of chalk and then pointed to the top of the board with her cane. I reached up to start writing and as I did so I could feel my skirt rising up showing off my panties. The crowd saw them too and began to cheer and shout out what a little slut I was. After I had finished the teacher ordered me to face the rest of the class as she put it. I turned round and got my first look at my audience. There must have been at least forty people there although it was difficult to tell as they were in shadow.

“Now class do you think Sissy here has learnt her lesson or does she need further punishment.” she said.

“Yes more!” They cried, “Spank her!”, “Cane her!” people shouted out.

“Right SissySue bend over my desk!” she said.

I did as I was told and bent over her desk with my back to the audience. She then came behind me and I could feel her lifting my skirt up over my back exposing my white knickers, which she then pulled down to my knees.

“Right, you naughty little slut you heard the class ten of the best for you young lady.” she said.

I stood there bent over my ass exposed to the air and then suddenly there was a swish and then I felt a stinging konya escort pain across both my cheeks. The audience cheered and before I could react another blow fell across my cheeks. Blow and after blow fell and my ass was soon crisscrossed with marks and my eyes full of tears. The audience however, was loving it and crying out for more and for them to be harder. Finally the last blow fell and felt the soft hands of the teacher caressing my cheeks.

“Oh you have such a beautiful ass, it is a crime to waste it on boys, they are smelly and nasty and only want you to suck their cocks or let them fuck you, you should save yourself for those that deserve you.” As she spoke she ran her hand between my legs and began to wank my hardening cock. “Do you like that”

“Yes.” I moaned.

“Do you see how much more fun it is to play with the girls.”

“Yes Miss.” I said.

She then went over to the front of the desk and opened draw, she then returned holding a large black dildo in one hand and a jar of lubricant in the other.

“Let me show you how much fun us girls can have” she said as she walked behind me and began to lube up my ass, sliding one finger then another into me. After a little finger fucking she began to feed to dildo up my ass. Although a little painful I was getting used to being fucked and soon I was rocking back and forwards in time to her fucking of my ass with the dildo. She then told me to reach back and grab the dildo and continue to fuck myself while she walked to the side of the desk and began to remove her skirt revealing black stockings and suspenders and black thong panties much to the audience approval.

She then removed her knickers and got on the desk in front of me. She wriggled herself down the desk and spread her legs until my face was directly over pussy.

“Lick it girl, lick it!” she said as she grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy. I began to lick her clit as best I could and she began to moan and squirm under me. After a short while she said “Lick my ass!” and lifted her body away from the desk giving my tongue access to her ass. I began to rim her and lick from her ass to her pussy and back.

After a little while she said “Fuck yourself hard bitch and lick my clit.” I did as I was told ramming the dildo into my ass and licking as fast as I could. Suddenly she arched her back and began screaming as she came. The audience were cheering as she writhed on my tongue for a several minutes seeming to have orgasm after orgasm until finally she relaxed and laid back on the desk. She then got up off the desk and said:

“Do you see Sissy it’s a lot more fun when you play with the girls, now I must go and get myself cleaned up. You better make yourself decent and then I will take you home.” With that she turned picked up her skirt and knickers and left the stage.

I pulled up my knickers and pulled down my skirt and then retuned to my desk. After a little while a man in a janitor’s uniform came onto the stage. He was a large black men in his 30’s, he saw me and smiled.

“Well, have we been a naughty girl kept in detention then?” he said

I nodded my head as he walked over to me; he then turned to look at the board and his eyes lit up even further.

“That’s so true girl,” he said “you shouldn’t suck boys cocks a pretty girl like you should be sucking a mans cock!” As the spoke he reached down and pulled open the crotch of his overalls and then reached in and pulled out the largest cock I had ever seen. It was long fat and black, well over 9 inches long and at least 4 inches thick. I was mesmerised at the beauty of it and couldn’t help but stare.

“You like it girly, don’t you, well why don’t you feel it.” he said

I reached out and my hand closed around this fat hot throbbing cock, I automatically began to play with it rubbing my hand up and down its length. It began to grow even further and I began to use two hands on it.

“Why don’t you get on your knees so you can suck it babe.” he said.

I did as he kuşadası escort said and slipped out of my chair and onto my knees on the floor. I looked at his massive cock as my hand worked up and down on it and then began to suck and lick the end of it.

He began to moan and said, “That’s it my little white slut suck my big black cock.”

I ran my tongue all over his cock, it tasted of sweat and pre cum, I ran my tongue over the head catching the drops of pre cum that were forming there. I then ran my tongue down his shaft and over his balls sucking each one in turn I then raised my head opened my mouth and slipped my lips around the head. I began to slowly work my lips down his shaft swallowing his monster.

I used the techniques Mistress had shown me to deep throat him and soon had all his cock down my throat. I ran my tongue over his shaft as I began to pump up and down on his cock.

“Hey Leroy,” he shouted out to the back of the stage “I got me a little white hoe here who needs more black cock.”

A few seconds later another large black man about forty appeared also dressed as a janitor. He came straight over and quickly pulled out his dick, which was nearly as big as the one I was sucking. The first janitor pulled out of my mouth, leaving a sting of pre cum and spit stretching from my lips to his cock and got me to bend over one the school desks. He then proceeded to pull up my skirt and then ripped off my knickers.

Meanwhile her friend had got hold of my head and forced his hard cock into my mouth. I began to set about licking and sucking his cock, but he wanted to set the pace and was soon fucking my mouth like a pussy all I could do was swallow his cock as he forced it in and lick it as it slipped out. I could feel the guy behind me rubbing his cock against the crack of my ass and then I felt his push against the tight anal bud and then with a sudden sock of pain his cock was in me. He began to work his cock sliding in and out if me stretching me wide as he fucked me. At first all I felt was pain but after a while I began to loosen up and enjoy his big cock pushing deep into my ass. All the time his friend was fucking my mouth. I was once again sandwiched between two men and being fucked like the slut I was becoming.

Suddenly the guy in front speeded up the pace of his fucking of my mouth and then he withdrew. As he did his cock began to spit cum all over my face and hair.

“open wide bitch and catch my cum!” he said as more and more spunk flew out of his cock. I opened my mouth, which was immediately filled with hot slimy spunk, he then got his cock and rubbed it all over my face wiping up all his cum and then shoved it into my mouth to clean up.

The audience was loving it I could hear them cheering and I could also see out of the corner of my eye that several of them were now fucking each other and that one man has his head in a woman’s lap while she had her head in the lap of the man next to her. I could also see Mistress Jane walking amongst the crowd carrying what appeared to be a beaker.

Before I could see what she was doing the guy fucking my ass suddenly pulled out and then I could feel hot spunk being sprayed all over my back and ass. The crowd were really cheering now and then the curtains closed.

My two co-stars wiped themselves clean and left. I slumped to the floor and tried to catch my breath. Bill then came up onto the stage and told me to stand up and come to the front of the stage. The curtains were then pulled back and the audience began to clap and cheer. Bill indicated I should curtsey and I did so he then said “Well ladies and gentlemen lets see how much you appreciated the show!” with that Mistress Jane came onto the stage carrying the beaker which I could now see was full of spunk, lots of spunk at least 20 guys worth, I gulped.

“Well our little slut here sure has proved popular I think she deserves a toast!” Bill said and then Mistress Jane passed me the beaker and whispered in my ear “Be a good slut and drink it all down.”

I raised the beaker to my lips and a slow handclap began in the audience, I opened my mouth and began to swallow, mouthful after mouthful of salty slimy spunk, I tried not to gag as it slipped down my throat until it was all gone and the audience exploded in applause.

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