Plumber’s Perks Ch. 07

Big Tits

The past few months had been very busy and exciting, first Gloria, then Kim, with Trish at work and then the ongoing affair with my boss Debbie….I didn’t know where I was going tog et the energy from to continue to put in long days at work….

A surprising turn of events took place a couple of months after my first get together with Debbie. She announced she was selling the company to a nationwide plumbing service company, thus leaving her free of all the commitments that owning a business brings. “It’s time for me to enjoy semi-retirement, before I get too old to enjoy it,” she said at the staff meeting.

Debbie stayed on as our boss, guiding the firm thru its transition to the new owners and just generally keeping anxiety amongst the workers in check. What did change was the hours Debbie worked, now doing 7-8 hours a day instead of her usual 12 or more….semi-retirement like she said…

In this atmosphere it was easy for business to continue as usual. We even got to tender for a sizeable plumbing contract in a new retirement village that was about to be built. This is where Debbie called on me to help her out, not with my work experience, but with wooing the lady in charge of the project.

This is where I got to be rather worried, asking Debbie; “So what exactly is it that you want me to do in order to help us win this job?”

“OK,” Debbie started, “Ms Sarah Brixton is a widow, she’s now in her late forties, doesn’t have time for a full time boyfriend or partner, but word has it she enjoys the occasional fling with a younger man, preferably a well endowed younger man.”

“Right, so you want me to wave my wand and you think she’ll just sling this job our way huh,” I said sarcastically while Debbie looked displeased at my simplistic view of things.

“No, you need to think outside the square a little,” Debbie grinningly said, “think of yourself as the icing on the cake. I will make sure the pricing etc is right and then offer her a bonus, you, just to sweeten the deal for her. That’s if you are up to this formidable task.”

I was stunned, my boss / lover wanted to pimp me out just to gain a contract. Interesting as this sounded I wasn’t at all sure whether I had what it took to be a gigolo…let alone the morality of this suggestion.

As I had just been sitting there pondering this proposition, Debbie moved in front of my seat and started fondling my now admittedly rather stiff cock. “I see your number one tool has no problems with this suggestion,” Debbie playfully said as she went to unzip me.

Debbie went on; “You know how you mentioned you’ve got a thing for older women…how you said you liked the look of English ladies such as Penelope Keith in the old series ‘to the manor born’?”

Not offering any resistance to having my cock brought out into the open and then sucked vigorously I pondered the proposition Debbie had made me, all the while she’s sucking half my shaft into her hot mouth….her fingers raking my heavy balls….her usual way of urging me to cum in her mouth.

It took Debbie not long at all to bring me off in her willing mouth, squeezing every last drop from my throbbing shaft and sucking me dry with enthusiasm…..

“Yum, now have you made your mind up,” Debbie asked as she licked her lips, carefully gathering the last few drops of spunk from the corner of her mouth.

“I think Ms Sarah Brixton has a bit of Penelope Keith in her,” Deb said suggestively, “might just give you a good thrill, fucking a lady who reminds you of one of your favourite older women….”

“Let’s hear your plan then,” I said as Deb sensuously kissed my now partially softened cock, then slowly sucked one of my sensitive nuts into her mouth, her tongue licking it harshly thus sending an incredible sensation thru my body and making my dick twitch….all this on a weekday morning, in her office, with people outside her office waiting to see her. But Trish knew the drill now, if Debbie said no calls or disturbing, then she did just as she was told.

Debbie laid out the basic plan she had; “Simple, I’ll invite Sarah for dinner at her favourite hotel in town, see if I can talk a little about younger men and their energy in bed. If it seems like she’s up for a bit of hanky panky then I’ll bring her to the room I will have booked after dinner. She’ll find a young handsome, well endowed man, who will discreetly but energetically fuck her all night. In the morning she’ll discover you work for the antalya escort company, and with a bit of luck she’ll give us the contract…. just so she can get another ride on your pleasure stick, simple!”

I must have looked very surprised ’cause Debbie looked worried, saying; “Now don’t be so coy, I know you love to drill us old birds Nick, we are just sooooooo appreciative!” As if to emphasize the point she sucked my cock into her mouth once again and looked into my eyes as her tongue probed under my foreskin, teasing the hole in my knob and running the tip of her tongue under the helmet, causing me to squirm in my seat.

“OK, OK, I will do as you wish,” I said defensively, as if against my will. Deep down I wasn’t ready to admit just yet that I loved older women, especially ones who were hot for sex. Much like Trish had surprised herself when she challenged me to fuck her on the reception desk, only to find my big cock hard and ready to drive into her wet and willing snatch….I was finding myself immensely turned on by the prospect of making love to an older, powerful woman….the fact the firm could gain a lucrative contract as a result was neither her nor there for me personally!

On the night in question I was in room 1511, a luxurious suite on the top floor. Debbie had also booked room 1512 for herself and as she prepared me for my night of passion she told me that if I had any doubts, now was the time to bail out.

“Heck no, just bring on this horny woman,” I said confidently, Debs kissing me softly on the cheek as she departed the room, heading for dinner as arranged.

At a little after 9 pm my cellphone beeped, the text message warning the ladies’ departure from the dining room bringing a flutter of butterflies momentarily.

A few minutes later Debbie led Sarah into suite 1511, then called out my name; “Oh Nick, can you please come out here for a minute.”

Wearing just a towel wrapped around my waist I came out of the bathroom, and as soon as Sarah laid eyes on me I knew Debbie’s plan was on track!!

“Well lookie here, some nice young man for me to play with,” Sarah exclaimed with enthusiasm as she made her way towards me. Shedding her jacket and tossing it onto a chair she undid her top button on the white blouse she had on. Her large build may have been a turnoff for some guys, but since she was also about 5’10” tall barefoot…her womanly curves just made her look nicely proportioned.

As I took in the view of Sarah making her way towards me Debbie smiled, my cock started growing and making a noticeable bulge thru the towel…something which Sarah noticed immediately!

Sarah took charge of the situation right there and then; “Take off that towel young man, let’s have a look at ALL of you,” she said with a husky tone of voice.

Her confident manner, her chunky womanly figure, the situation I was in….all added up to one rather rigid cock as I pulled the towel from my waist. With my cock pointing at the ceiling and my heavy balls pulled up somewhat in their sac, I felt horny and ready to do some serious screwing…and with Sarah looking at my big fat cock throbbing away only a few feet from her….Debbie said; “Right, I’ll see you in the morning then.”

Sarah didn’t even look back, just saying; “Righto Debbie, I’ll give you a call in the morning.” Her eyes never left my cock, and as she took the last few steps towards me she reached out with one hand and wrapped her fingers firmly around my hard shaft, her other hand cupping my heavy balls gently.

“Nice to meet you Nick,” Sarah said as she deftly stroked my cock, before kissing me softly on one cheek.

Strange as this situation may have been in the setup, once Sarah started taking her clothes off it seemed like a natural thing for me to massage her well tanned voluptuous body with oil, pampering her and letting her fondle my hefty penis at will.

Sarah had no problem letting me touch her body all over, she seemed to enjoy the fact I touched her sagging breasts lovingly, tweaking her stiff nipples with my fingers, sucking them into my mouth and biting them gently. She squealed in delight when I sucked her nipples and then started running my fingers along her belly, heading for her pussy.

With one nipple in my mouth, my hand reached her close cropped pussy. Finding her outer lips engorged and spread open already, I just ran my fingers gently around the perimeter of her formidable snatch, finding artvin escort her at attention….waiting impatiently for my fingers to start delving into her folds….when I first touched her thoroughly wet opening she just lay her head back on the bed and moaned softly, more a deep breath than a moan at first….then as I slowly fingered her hot juicy cleft she began breathing deeper and deeper, then when I made my way towards her pussy with my mouth she gasped….

“Oh yes, yes, tongue me, eat me, lick me,” she almost panted as my mouth touched her inside thigh, just below her juicy cunt. Lapping broadly with my tongue from bottom to top, carefully avoiding her rigid clit, Sarah now unashamedly moaned in delight.

“Oooohhhh you teasing little bugger,” she admonished me as I purposely missed her engorged clit on my laps around her cunt. Sucking her big lips into my mouth she groaned in appreciation, then when I started tongue fucking her juicy cleft she became more vocal again; “That’s more like it, stick your tongue into me, lick my cunt, then ram a few fingers into me and fuck me good with them….”

It was during my tongue fucking that I started nudging her clit with my nose, bringing forth another vocal torrent of appreciation; “Fuck yes, ram that tongue into my hole, fuck me, ooohhhhh yesssss, now come up and suck on my clit you horny bugger!”

Without responding I simply clamped my lips around her big hard clit and sucked it firmly, then after sucking it for a little while I also began flicking the tip of her clit with my tongue, loving the way she twitched around my tongue everytime I sucked hard and flicked her sensitive bud lovingly….

“Oooohhh, aaahhhh, fuck that’s good, oohh yess, don’t stop, don’t stop, you’re gonna make me cum….don’t stop, ooohh, aaahhh,” she panted as she began breathing in short heaving pants, making her way to her first orgasm of the night.
“Oh fuck!!” she groaned huskily as her body convulsed, her pelvis thrusting up violently into my face as she reached her peak….slumping momentarily….

“Now get up here Nick, don’t muck around, stick that yummy fat prick into my drenched cunt,” Sarah ordered as she almost dragged me up along her sweaty body, spreading her legs wide in the process. Finding my cock throbbing and ready as she grasped my shaft she groaned again; “Stick that hunk of meat into me, now,” she commanded as I thought about asking whether she wanted a condom on me.

“I wanna feel your spunk shooting into me,” Sarah said with a flushed, eyes half closed look on her face. Oh well, at least that answered the question I had in mind….

With her hands behind her knees, holding her legs widely spread she began bucking her pelvis up at me in rhythm with my thrusts. It was when I began ramming her deliciously juicy cunt with a vengeance, leaning on my elbows and jut hammering her with pelvic thrust, Sarah began panting and moaning again….well on her way to another orgasm….

Feeling her cunt clenching tight around my cock I tried to hold back, but I really wanted to blast a load of spunk into this hot blooded woman, filling her big juicy cunt and making my juice spill from her later on….so as Sarah started coming down from her own orgasm I just put a little more effort into my pumping and it was when I rammed myself balldeep into her appreciative snatch and stayed put…..

Sarah now realised I was about to pump her cunny full of cum and she went a little frantic; “Oh yes, pump me, fill me, drown my cunt!” Hearing this powerful businesswoman whimpering in orgasm, urging me to spunk her cunt was a huge turnon and I let go, pumping wave after wave of cum into her. Sarah began clenching her cunt tight around my cock, thus only adding to the surge of pleasure that started deep within my balls…

It was when I slumped down on her shoulder, kissing her softly on the neck that Sarah let out a little whistle: “Phew, that was one helluva fuck Mister Nick!” As she now began kissing me on the lips her cunt continued clamping tight at regular intervals on my almost completely stiff prick.

After several minutes of her pussy clamping my cock, I regained full hardness and Sarah began realising that my cock wasn’t going to go soft in her just yet. It was when I started slowly thrusting in and out that she began doing the same with her tongue…thrusting her tongue forcefully into my mouth, our tongues dancing around freely in each others mouth as beylikdüzü escort my cock enjoyed the feeling of being clamped tight each time it drove deep into her fuckhole….

“So you think you can go another round huh,” she whispered between sucking on my tongue and kissing mer fiercely.

“Night is still young I reckon,” I said as I once again picked up the speed of assault on her delightfully tight and wet pussy.

“Ohhh, cocky as well as sexy, I like that in a lover,” Sarah cooed in my ear as she reached between us to feel my hard shaft sliding into her sopping wet slot. “Damn, that cock of yours is hard as a rock again,” Sarah muttered approvingly as she then lay back to enjoy my renewed assault on her sweaty body.

It took a little less time to get to the point of no return for Sarah this time around, squealing and moaning without abandon as her pelvis thrust in short rapid strokes at my fat cock…before she once more slumped into the mattress with a hugely content grin on her flushed face.

“Oh damn, oh fuck, that’s some cock you’ve got there, man oh man,” Sarah muttered and moaned as she came down off her high. “Oh shit!!” she then exclaimed as I slid down to suck my clit into my mouth once more, sliding two fingers into her sopping hole and fingerfucking her rapdily while I sucked and tongued her huge clit.

“YESYESYES,” she moaned in an out of breath voice, then just going limp as she let herself enjoy this orgasm.

As I continued softly kissing her now thoroughly abused pussy Sarah soon begged me to stop; “Please Nick, let’s have a break, I am shagged for the moment, gotta catch my breath…come up here for a cuddle babe…”

Sarah cuddled up on my chest, softly curled her fingers under my balls and kissed me occasionally as she told me how she hadn’t been made love to for a long time, properly that is. “You know, it’s such a shame that men are so intimidated by women like myself,” she said whistfully.

“How do you mean, intimidated,” I asked.

“Well, most men look at me and all they see is a strong businesswoman, when in truth I also want to be lusted after, and most of all I just want to be fucked like you just have, from time to time,” Sarah said with a glow on her face. “After all, making love is for girls, us real women like it when a guy can FUCK us forcefully, and preferably with a decent fat prong,” she said, giving my shaft a good squeeze around the base for good measure.

“Glad I could fulfill that wish then, M’am,” I said submissively.

Sarah just smiled at me, and with that we fell asleep for a few hours. Later that night we made love tenderly and lovingly, 69’ing for some time and with Miss spending a fair bit of time on top, riding my long lasting prong to a hot orgasm.

It was when we headed downstairs to have breakfast that Sarah got a surprise, finding Debbie already sitting at a table.

“So what is the deal here then,” Sarah asked in a puzzled manner. “What’s the go with you and Nick,” she demanded from Debbie.

“Oh, let’s see, I caught him in a compromising position at work one afternoon, jerking off to a woman’s magazine which had an article on English leading ladies in it. I think her was tugging on his formidable hunk of meat whilst looking at either Penelope Keith or Joan Collins, and instead of firing him for lewd conduct I thought it best to make him do me the odd favour,” Debbie explained.

Sarah took a few seconds to mull this over, then said; “So you mean to say he works for you, and you used his big prick to soften me up?”

“I wouldn’t use those words, but you’ve got the idea,” Deb said, “you know, he loves older women and after seeing his equipment I knew I had no right to keep him under wraps. That would be such a shame.”

“Damn straight,” Sarah quipped, “that is one hot loverboy with all the right attributes to keep us women hot to trot hey?”

As Sarah and Debbie laughed over me and my big cock, I felt used, but in a strange way it was satisfying. So I started on my cornflakes as the women shared some intimate details of past encounters, then it seemed as though the deal was done, over breakfast, in my presence. The only thing which I was not too thrilled about was being put up as ‘entertainment’ for whenever Sarah would be staying in town next.

“So when Sarah is here next you’ll be happy to accompany her to dinner and suchlike Nick,” Debbie said in a decisive manner, leaving me no option but to agree.

“Why yes, M’am, I would be honoured to be at your side whenever you choose to visit, for as long as you wish,” I duly replied.

Seeing Sarah lick her lips at this answer was enough to make my cock grow hard once more….perhaps this wasn’t such a hardship after all….

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