Pool Time Part two


The next day, all Kandy could think about was meeting another couple for some hot, wild fun. When she envisioned Rex’s golden tan, calm attitude and teasing blue eyes it made her weak in the knees. However, what fascinated her most was having sex with Julie. That idea made her quiver from the top of her head clear to the center of her womanhood. Kandy got so aroused that she went searching for John, what she needed now was his hot, hard, cock inside her.

As usual her mind was preoccupied and Kandy wasn’t watching where she was going and ran right into John as he was coming out of the den.

John was a bit startled, gave her a puzzling look, and then asked, “What’s the hurry doll?”

Kandy blushed and squealed, “Oh sorry babe. I was just thinking about Rex and Julie.”

He smirked and suggested, “I see, and that idea has you so horny, you came looking for me!”

She giggled and admitted, “Am I that apparent love?”

John pulled her close, smiled devilishly and said, “Nope, I’d say your anticipation has you that horny!”

She smiled and said, “You know me too well sweetie. By the way have we received any emails from them today?”

He kissed her softly and confessed, “Now that you mention it we have. I just got through reading it and they have invited us up for a visit Monday. There is one wee setback though.”

Kandy gasped and asked, “What kind of setback?”

He gave her a reassuring look and said, “It’s not that bad. Julie won’t be there when we visit this time, she is with a sick aunt.”

Kandy heavily sighed and said, “Holy-cow, I thought you were going to say something bad, like they had decided not to have sex with us.”

He held her close and replied, “Honey, they are just like us. They want to be friends with benefits.”

Kandy shrieked, “Alright, while that’s tomorrow, what time do we leave?”

John laughed, “Honey, don’t you think I ought to email him back first and say we can come up? By the way, I can do that while you pack an overnight back, and don’t forget the toys and swimsuits.”

She hurried to the bedroom, forgetting why she wanted John in the first place. All Kandy could think of, was how hot the sex would be. After all she loved being the center of attention between two men.

John readjusted his swelling dick which was already anxious about seeing another man nail Kandy. He then sat down at the computer and emailed Rex that they would be there around two p.m. Monday. After giving him their cell phone numbers he added that he’d done a search on Mapquest since his place was an hour from theirs.

After sending the email, John went in to check on Kandy’s progress. When he approached the bedroom he heard a familiar buzzing sound. He chuckled at the sight he saw, she was sitting naked on the bed using her pink gel vibrator on her pussy.

John unzipped his pants and walked toward the bed and just for fun shouted, “Hey, is this a party for one or can I join in on the fun too?”

Kandy almost fell off the bed and yelled, “Ah, I was just seeing if the batteries were okay.”

He slid off his pant, climbed onto the bed, grasped his hard cock and said, “Try out this toy doll, the batteries never wear out!”

She licked her lips and yelled, “Yummmm, you bet yah. I prefer that toy anytime!”

She moved over next to him, lying with her pussy near his inviting fingers. As he probed her wet pussy, Kandy placed her lips around the head of John’s throbbing cock Sex hikayeleri then slowly worked her tongue around his cock until she engulfed it all the way.

He slid his fingers between her pussy-lips in search of her sensitive clit. Once he found it, John began teasing, and Kandy moaned with pure delight.

John was in seventh heaven because Kandy really knew how to suck dick. He knew that Rex was in for some great oral sex too. He increased the pressure on her clit and slid the first two fingers of his other hand inside her pulsating hole.

He felt her muscles milk his fingers like a tiny cock. By the way she was panting it would not be long before Kandy climaxed.

She increased the intensity of her sucking as she rolled John’s balls gently with her other hand, purring like a kitten at a bowl of milk. Kandy could tell John was about to blow, and she wanted every sweet drop in her mouth.

Her climax hit like a freight train out of control and she trembled all over. John in turn went rigid and emptied his balls down her throat.

They lay there for a moment, basking in the afterglow. Kandy moved up to snuggle in John’s arms.

He pulled her close, looked into Kandy’s green eyes and admitted, “Rex is certainly in for one hell of a blowjob!”

Kandy’s eye twinkled with lust and she replied, “I wonder if he eats pussy as good as you darling? Guess I will just have to wait and see.”

Monday seemed like it was never going to get there and by the time it did, Kandy was more nervous than a teen going on her first date.

John tried his best to calm her down, but knew that all she wanted and needed was Rex’s lips, fingers and cock. He wore his usual jeans and t-shirt, telling her it was more comfortable because the leather car seats often scorched his legs.

John reviewed the directions then packed the car while Kandy finished getting dressed.

Kandy decided to wear an aqua-colored shorts outfit. The low-cut top had a built-in bra, but didn’t hide her hard nipples and it clung to every curve. She loved that effect, plus the fact it also accentuated her red hair.

When John saw he whistled and shouted, “Hot-damn you look sexy! Rex is going to want to devour every inch of you when he sees you in that outfit!”

She grinned, blushed and purred, “That is my intention, to make men drool.”

Soon they were driving off toward the home of their new-found friends.

Kandy sat there quietly for a moment, then blurted out, “Dang-it, I wish Julie was going to be there! I cannot wait to be with another woman and have the opportunity to give as well as receive!”

John’s face beamed with excitement and he replied with a lustful tone, “I cannot wait to be with her either. Rex says she is one hell of a cocksucker. I’d better shut up for now, or I’ll be too hard to carry the bag.”

After about an hour they pulled off the main highway down a paved road. She read the addresses on the mailboxes until they came to the right one. Her eyes bugged out when she saw the A-frame house. It was brown and had a rustic appeal to it, and was also secluded from the neighbors’ prying eyes.

In back behind a big privacy fence, Kandy could just barely make out a big in-ground pool. The enclosure was built so anyone in the pool could swim naked if they preferred.

Kandy felt her body respond. As her nipples and clit swelled with anticipation, she licked her lips and purred, “Oh my Sikiş hikayeleri God, I cannot wait to swim naked in their pool!”

John just laughed and admitted, “I cannot wait to see that. Damn, my cock is hard just thinking of Rex having his way with you. You know how much I love to have sex in a pool.”

They drove into the driveway, parked the vehicle, got out and walked toward the door. When Kandy came near the door she saw Rex standing in swimming shorts. His dark tan and salt-and-pepper eyes made her quiver with lust.

Rex walked up to her, pulled her close, ran his hands down her back and gave her a welcome kiss.

His reaction and swollen cock told Kandy that she was as sexy as hell. “I’m glad to finally come to your place and I cannot wait to swim in that magical pool of yours.”

Rex winked and replied, “You will as soon as I show you where to change. Since the neighbor can see the deck it’s essential that you wear a suit or robe until you get to the pool.”

He showed them where they could change and then went back into the living room. They mingled for about twenty minutes before deciding to get into the pool.

They followed Rex onto a large deck and they could clearly see one neighbor’s home, the other one was behind a grove of trees.

Once they got near the pool it was apparent they could not been seen. On the right side was a six-foot-high privacy fence, and in back and to the left was a grove of bushes and trees, making the area so secluded one could swim nude.

Once in the warm water Kandy and John swam around. She was feeling a little risqu?nd started to play around with him.

Rex removed his shorts and flung them into the chair. He turned toward her so she could see his hard cock and bellowed, “I told you, ‘magic’ made my trunks disappear!”

She blushed, quivered, winked at Rex, and then looked at John for assurance. When he nodded, she removed her suit and flung it into the nearby lounge chair.

She ogled Rex and drooled over his hardening cock. She flashed Rex a seductive look and squealed, “Magically my suit disappeared.”

Kandy glanced down at her tits floating atop the water and exclaimed, “Hey guys, look at my tits. They’ve been transformed, and appear like they did when I was twenty.”

When both men looked at her, they saw rock-hard nipples and firm tits, with no sagging with age.

Rex walked over to Kandy, laughed and replied, “This pool has the same effect on Julie.”

He then lifted her right breast, kissed and sucked the nipple, while her fingers caressed his cock.

John stood watching the two with his hand slowly caressing his swelling cock. After a few moments he went over and stood behind Kandy to support her while Rex toyed with her body.

Rex slid in closer and told John, “You support her shoulders because I’m dying to fuck Kandy’s hot cunt!”

John held her by the shoulders with his back against her. He could tell Kandy was having a wonderful time. He began massaging her tits as Rex fucked her. He could tell by Kandy’s noises that she liked it as Rex rammed his cock into her pussy.

Kandy threw her head back, closed her eyes, and purred, “Oooooh God, I love it when a man fucks me in the water. That’s it baby, harder, make me cum!”

Rex smiled and commanded, “Not yet baby, I want to taste your cunt before I let you cum!”

While John supported her, Rex raised her by the hips and worked his Erotik hikaye lips over every inch of Kandy’s pussy.

Kandy smiled and began quivering like a freight train out of control, with her first climax.

Rex than looked up at John and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

He winked, smiled and answered, “I am if you are.”

Rex then proceeded to get into one of the floating lounge chairs where they could see his rock-hard cock.

When he did Kandy licked her lips walked over to him, suggesting, “Looks like something is feeling a little left out.”

She then moved his chair so she could suck his cock. Kandy leaned over, took all of him into her mouth and began sucking him deep and hard. She watched the expression on his face and knew he loved what she was doing.

Rex’s eyes rolled in his head. He reached out, grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down on his cock. He couldn’t believe it; her sucking was just as good as his wife’s. He knew if she kept this up she would get a sweet load of cum in her mouth.

Kandy knew by his actions that Rex would soon blow. She continued to suck him in earnest as she toyed gently with his tight balls.

Rex threw back his head and yelled, “Oooooh fuck, here it comes!”

He filled her mouth with so much cum that it dripped off her chin. She eagerly, hungrily swallowed every luscious drop.

Afterwards she licked her lips, looked around for John and confessed, “Yummy, that was very good, but John, I’m still hungry.”

John sat on the second step of the pool with his hard cock bobbing in the water and shouted, “C-u-m and get it!”

Kandy swam over to her husband, grasped his cock and engulfed the whole thing as she purred, “Mmmmmmm!”

She watched Rex out of the corner of her eyes as she sucked John’s cock. His eyes were glued on her actions as his hand was once again fondling his cock.

She returned her attention back to John and soon he too was spewing his load of sweet seed down her throat.

Kandy then sat on the step, looked at the two men and confessed, “Now I’m hungry for some real food!”

They all laughed and Rex said, “Well I have some steaks to grill. Why don’t you go change while it’s cooking?”

John then said, “That’s a great idea. Mainly, it’s still hot out and if we stay in the pool any longer Kandy’s tits will burn.”

Kandy then spoke up and said, “I’m getting out before they do.”

After dinner they all sat in the living room chatting with Kandy sandwiched between the two men on the sofa while everyone began reminiscing about the sexy afternoon pool session.

John spoke first and asked, “Rex, I hope you had a great time today.”

Rex reached over and tweaked Kandy’s nipple and answered, “I had a marvelous time and when I talk to Julie, I will tell her every detail. I know she will be looking forward to the next time when she can be here too.”

When John looked at his wife, Kandy had a fantastic freshly-fucked look on her face which told him she really enjoyed everything.

Kandy leaned over and kissed Rex as her hand slid to his crotch. “I know I had a marvelous time and cannot wait to be with you again.”

Rex beamed from ear to ear and asked, “By the way you can ‘cum’ back next Sunday if you want.”

John got up and reached out and shook Rex’s hand. “We’d be glad to come back next Sunday. I also know that Kandy will agree that we are looking forward to seeing you both soon and we had a marvelous time.”

John went to get the bag as Kandy retrieved the wet suits from the deck.

Rex ushered them to the door, kissed her goodbye and said, “Ya’ll ‘cum’ back you hear?”

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