Pride and Prejaculation


When Joe and I met, it was fun. Especially the getting to know each other, first as friends and then later as lovers.

All went good at first. We spent some joyous times together and had lots of fun. It seemed like a voyage of discovery with lots of for-play added. Out intimate wanting and things that turned each of us on the most began to set in, until we pretty well knew how to pleasure each other.

I have always been more on the feminine side I would say. For me to have another guy inside me was my aim and I longed for the opportunity to arise.

I never did have the urge to fuck a woman or a guy because my gentiles have always been small and I have always thought I should really have been a woman.

But I have never thought about changing my sex or anything like that. It wouldn’t be the same you see. I discovered when I met Joe my true sexuality when, physically and emotionally I was drawn to a member of my own sex.

But when Joe and I first indulged I was crucially embarrassed about my small gentiles and it took me quite a while to relax and let him see me.

I guess the gentle persuasive touch of his wandering hands slowly coaxed me and I felt something there, even although it was a half mast effort I began to enjoy his passion sucking. That was nice and although I knew I couldn’t have got stiff enough to do anything I was so relieved when he confided, he was happy the way things were.

He said there was something very sensual about seeing me in skin tight brush jeans looking like a woman because of the absence of any noticeable maleness there.

He said he rather liked that. It was good to have a guy he could love that resembled a girl so much and when he started to fondle my rear the way he did, I was all his.

“You look divine in jeans” he said and I started to realise just how sexual that could be, and how much I was stimulated by his touch, both by hand and the feel of his nose and mouth sniffing and licking into the crotch of my jeans.

He loved that. He loved me to bend over on all fours and enjoy me that way. He would even simulate the fucking which was nice, the feel of his wonderful masculinity probing me there.

He made me want to be all ass for him and I knew eventually where it was leading.

And I wanted that. It was a first tekirdağ escort experience for us both to make it with another guy so the newness of it all was so very thrilling.

“I think it is time to take these right off he said after a couple of times he’d reached a climax into my jeans. Before that we’d just been sucking and wanking each other. I was able to reach a climax even though I could not raise a proper erection and that was always nice and very stimulating. It took a time though compared with the speed Joe delivered his cream into my hand but he was patient and seemed happy enough to suck my ass as he continued. That was divine too, when he first introduced me to the utter joy of tongue probing.

I never ever thought that could have got me going in such a passionate extravagance. It was beautiful. I was so revved up and he knew it. With one hand tending to my cock and balls his other was stretching my ass so wide apart it felt like it would split. He enjoyed nudging and slapping each cheek at a time. Then there would be some more sniffing and tasting. He seemed he could just not get enough of my scent. He said the taste was good too.

I was so looking forward to that very first fuck when I could feel the length and quality of that well sucked and tended cock plunge into me.

When sucking and licking him up, watching the way it grew so big as I spent lots of time teasing and stretching it back. He soon came always and I had soon got the knack of waiting for the spurt, imagining it was spurting into me at full throttle, deep into my ass.

But although I craved for it he did not seem to want to. Either that or I was relieving him too soon and he was happy to go along with that. Because by the time I had given him a real good spoiling he was exhausted, except just to lick me up. He said that was soothing afterwards and I had a great tasting ass. I began to wander why it was, was it pride or something, did he think somehow he was too good to just go for it and fuck me?

I intended to find out .Because I knew I could not go on like this. I wanted his cock inside me. I was no longer prepared just to suck and wank and let him full my mouth with his spunk. To let him take movies of his doing that so he could watch later.

“I want to Alex, I really trabzon escort do. You have a very fuckable ass but I always cum too soon, and have lost the urge by the time we have enjoyed each other in every other way..

I did not know if to suspend certain features just to get him to keep that erection and not reach a premature ejaculation all the time or try something else I had read about online.

The trouble was I was a much to blame, for when I really got going with Joe I was like a proverbial animal. We were both like that and enjoyed each other to the full.

But with one exception, That veritable probe into my being, so that I could feel the quality of his fuck inside me.

But even then I was thinking; what if he cums just after he’d got inside me and left me in the lurch. What then? It would spoil everything and maybe our r relationship too.

There had to be another way

I found it.

It is a new Japanese product that fits and squeezed the girth of a penis. It is made of a synthetic rubber expands and releases in such a way that it still maintains extremity but does not allow ejaculation. I bought one online, they come in different sizes to fit the need and various colours too. I spoke to Joe about it and said would he like to try, then he’d have no problem with making our a really full intimate experience.

It was fun trying it. I did all sorts of things to stimulate him and what it said on the package was true, he didn’t cum and managed to hold that so wonderful and beautiful erection I adored so very much.

“Fuck me now” I asked eagerly..

“I reckon I could go for that. we’d better grease you up a bit then Alex.”

“I have thought of that, Joe. The same people who reduced the ‘magic ring’ also make a very sensual lubrication which supposed to make it very gratifying. Shell we try it?”

He was eager to try and had lost any pride or whatever about fucking me.

I was so beside myself at the thought of his fuck at last.

It was heavenly preparing him and watching him grow, feeling it grow also in my mouth before I lubricated him, smoothing it all over his seven and a half inch length of pure unadulterated cock. My cock.

I told him that!

“If you are going to fuck me I want you exclusively” I said.

“I sivas escort love it when you are bossy” he said.

“So what do I get for it?” I asked.

“Try this for size” he said and lurched forward that supreme cock of his I adored so much.

I gave it some more slow sucking for good measure.

I loved to feel the pulse in my mouth and taste it’s sheer earthiness and feel it’s pungency.

I balled him a bit and then lavished some more lubrication after having completed fitting the correct sized ring around his girth.

“I think I am ready now, Alex”

“How would you like to do it” I asked hoping he would do it the doggy way. I lavished the idea of bending on all fours and being all ass for his pleasure.

Hole too of course.

He was happy with the doggy style and I got myself in position.

“A bit higher” he said so I planted some cushions beneath my knees and branched myself further upwards so I my ass was level with his cock.

With a little manipulation we got there.

and at last I was served with the most delightful feeling of ecstasy inside me. I felt the stretch as he pushed.

He stopped when it had entered a bit and asked if it was okay to continue.

“Just fuck me!” I bawled out.

“Right, you asked for it” he returned grasping my hips like nobody’s business to get a good hold for his thrusting which soon went deep up inside me.

I held my breath as I felt it stretch me deep inside.

It hurt a little at first. They say it always does first time.

He stopped a while but that was fun anyway, we felt each other throb as he was wedged there inside.

Then when he started again the pain had gone and already it felt it belonged there.

I heard the squelching noise as he p0lunged and relaxed.

The feeling of being fucked was absolutely fantastic.

We were going it for what seemed an eternity.

Then he yelled; “I must cum, I feel I am bursting Alex!” I turned and leant on my side to release the ring from that throbbing cock I could just not wait to get back up inside me again, My whole being was wanting that so very much and I was ready to cum with him as soon as he got back into me, minus the ring.

“Tell you what Alex” Joe grunted. “Let’s try it with you perched over my lap in a sitting position.” And we did.

And it was heaven

Now he could let himself go completely and soon we were both well replenished and gratified after that first fuck.

Now that we had got the knack there would be plenty more to cum.

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