Quicky Ch. 02


I arrive at the party and single you out almost immediately. Fencenet stockings, a miniskirt so short that I catch glimpses of your hot-pink thong… so fucking alluring; ‘My holes shall be filled tonight!’ your whole outfit calls out.

I get drunk quickly and I’m horny as hell. I wander out back behind the house to have a quick toke. I sneak behind the shed and jerk off thinking of your pussy wrapped around my meat. I have to find you…

Inside it’s a makeshift wall-to-wall crowded drunken dance floor. I stalk you and approach from behind.

Drunkenly, I say into your ear, “I wanna nut in you, babe…”

You turn, startled. I deserve a smack, but what I get is a sultry smile instead. You press your ample chest into mine and reply, “Be patient, honey… that can be arranged.”

My cock rages in my jeans. I wanna sheath myself in your velvety depths so fucking bad.

My horny, drunken conversational skills manifest themselves thusly: “So baby, you take it up the ass?”

I deserve another smack, but instead you reply with apparent equal horniness, “I’m a erzurum escort ‘no holes barred’ girl, stud… and I can be your fuck-doll just for tonight.”

I practically nut in my jeans, and my face must be showing it because you giggle knowingly.

“Be patient,” you say teasingly, “it won’t be long now…” and you disappear into the crowd.

Out back for another toke a little later, you suddenly join me. I still don’t know your name, but you’re fucking hot: straight long bleached platinum blonde hair, big tits, slim waist… And judging by out earlier exchange, you seem like a real slut. We eye each other drunkenly as the party rages on inside the house. You simply lean into me and we kiss passionately. The passion increases, and I reach around under your skirt cupping one of your soft ass-cheeks.

You crouch down like a whore, undo my pants and take my hard cock into your mouth and suck it hard, just like that! Some people from the party come out for a smoke and see us, but nobody minds and they go back inside after finishing their smokes.

You bodrum escort stand up with your hands against the wall arching your back. I lift up your miniskirt and pull your thong to the side revealing your sopping-wet waxed-smooth pussy. I shove my hard cock up your pussy-hole and fuck you hard and fast. My wet balls slap against your clit and you moan as I fuck you. You tell me to fuck you up the ass. I pull out and slowly shove my cock up your tight, waxed-smooth starfish. You moan and thrust back onto me as I piston my sizable dick in and out of your yielding arse.

Some more people come out from the party and watch us as they smoke. They watch us for a while longer, then go back inside.

You start to piss as I’m fucking your ass. Your piss splashes down onto the patio as I slide my hard dick in and out of your tight shapely bum. You say you want to suck me so I pull out. Your pee-stream stops, you kneel and I feed you my cock from up your ass and you suck me hard and fast. One of your hands reaches down under your miniskirt and spreads your pussy and you piss some eskişehir escort more while sucking me. Your piss again splashes down onto the patio as I fuck your mouth.

We kiss standing up, and I reach down under your miniskirt and pick you up by your ass-cheeks. You wrap your legs around my waist as my cock slides easily back up your tight, willing shit-box. I fuck you there standing up and another group of people comes out to smoke and sees us. But they don’t mind, watch us for a while, and then go back inside after finishing their smokes.

“Don’t stop!” you yell. I keep fucking your tight arse, and yet again, you start to piss, the pee-stream gently wetting out crotches, dripping down to my balls, your asshole gripping my pistoning cock-shaft as you piss. The piss seems to lube up your bum even more, and I fuck your ass all the more hard and deep. You cum just after you piss, and I cum up your ass, too. I squeeze your ass-cheeks and kiss you passionately as I pump your asshole deep, filling it with my hot fucking cream. I pull out and we kiss passionately. Suddenly, you yank your miniskirt and thong back into place and go back into the party without so much as a goodbye. I smile, profoundly satisfied, and spark up another doob. Afterwards, utterly wasted, I go back inside too, leaving your piss there on the patio where we’d just fucked.

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