I’m Doug Davis. I used to be the Sales Manager of a branch office of a middle-sized corporation. It was the only company that I had worked for that sanctioned two office parties every year. Every company has a Christmas party but we had a party in July at the end of our major sales campaign. The July party was even livelier than the Christmas party because it was there that we received our bonuses based on our sales performance.

Seventy-five people worked in our branch and of those about twenty were women. Most of the women were in the sales force but the one that stands out is the receptionist/call screener named Rachel. She is twenty years old and gorgeous. Her golden-brown hair perfectly frames her face. She is about five feet eight and has a smile that lights up a room. Her body is Victoria Secret class. Her breasts are her outstanding feature. I would guess them at about thirty-five C or D. She dresses to show them off. When she comes to my desk and leans on it to tell me something, the view is cock-hardening. Her breasts are round and appear very firm.

I was thirty-eight and not in the group of guys that continually harassed her with jokes and proposals. She was no prude. She would listen to their jokes and laugh at the funny ones but none of the guys in the office had ever been successful in taking her out. One guy even lost a bet that he could take her to lunch. I was business friendly with her but that was as far as it went.

Bonus Friday came and it was time for what was called the bonus party. We closed the office at three and brought in drinks and beer. It was a mix-your-own affair. I never had more than one weak scotch and water at a company party. I had seen too many people make fools of themselves after drinking too much. I didn’t think I would do that but I couldn’t afford to take the chance. Rachel had gone into the ladies’ room just after three and changed clothes for the party. I thought she was sexy before she changed but after she did, she was a guy magnet. There was a crowd of salesmen around her throughout the party.

We were very successful during the year so everyone was happy with their bonus checks. The speeches were too long and too boring but everyone applauded the speakers anyway because they were the ones who doled out the bonus money. After the bonus checks were handed out, the party would begin to thin out. I glanced to my left and saw Rachel headed my way.

“I’ve got a favor to ask of you but I have to go the bathroom first,” she said as she passed.

I could not imagine what the favor could be. I waited in anticipation for her to return.

“It’s a really big favor,” she said as she put her hand on my arm. “I need a ride home because I rode with Linda today and she is going to a lounge with some of the guys and I don’t want to go.”

“Sure,” I replied. “When do you want to go?”

“Anytime you’re ready,” she said.

“Let’s go,” I said as we started moving toward the door.

It was funny to watch the faces of the guys that had been trying to romance Rachel all afternoon as I walked to the door with her holding my arm. Their emotions ranged from disbelief to envy to anger. I opened the passenger door of my Vette and she sat down. Because the seat was so low, her already short skirt slid up showing me her beautiful long legs and just a glimpse of her silk covered crotch. I went around and slid into the driver’s seat. I fired the engine and took another look at my passenger. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“I really appreciate you taking me home,” she said. “I live on Curry Ford just off Conway.”

“I’m glad to do it but erzincan escort I have to ask you something,” I began. “With all those guys hanging around you and knowing that you could have your pick, why did you ask me to take you home?”

“Can you imagine what my life would be like if I went out with one of those guys?” she asked rhetorically. “I wouldn’t have time to get any work done. Besides, you’re nice to me and have never hit on me. If any other man else there took me home, everyone would assume that I fucked him. At least with you they won’t be able to venture a guess. By the way, do you not hit on me because you don’t like me or don’t think I’m pretty?”

“It’s because I respect you and I don’t think that the workplace is the right place for trying to get laid,” I said and noticed that she seemed to like the way I answered. “I do like you and I think that you are one of the prettiest and sexiest women that I have ever seen.”

“Turn left into the next driveway,” she guided me into her apartment complex. “I have some Dewars Scotch if you would like to come in and have a drink.”

I didn’t know what would happen but the more I watched her legs and her tight butt, the more engorged my cock became. I wasn’t tenting my pants but I was afraid that my arousal was showing. I followed her into her living and was instructed to have a seat on the couch while she fixed us a drink. She returned with a scotch for me and a glass of wine for herself. I have a rule that I seldom break and that is that I won’t engage in shop talk away from work. The fact that I was almost twice her age and had only work in common left us with little to discuss except the weather so we just sat there and sipped our drinks for a few minutes.

“I think it’s great that we are comfortable enough one another that we don’t feel that we have to talk and find it O K to have silence,” she said. “Some men I date just talk to be talking.”

“I bet you don’t date any men as old as I am,” I said. “What kind of men do you like to go out with?”

“I usually date men a few years older than me but I’ve never dated anyone over about twenty-eight,” she said. “But you’re different. I’d date you.”

I wanted to ask why but didn’t have the courage. She must have seen the question in my eyes because she continued.

“You’re handsome and seem to have your life together,” she said as she placed her left hand on my arm and her right hand on my right leg just above my knee. “But mostly because you’re confident in yourself and don’t have to screw every decent looking woman to prove you still have it. Want to hear more?”

“No, that’s enough,” I said feeling my face get warm.

“What do you want to do?” she asked as she slid her hand up the inside of my thigh stopping two inches short of the head of my inflating cock.

I leaned to her and kissed her willing lips. Our lips were open and our tongues slid over each other. I felt her fingers encircle my inflating cock. She stroked my cock a couple of times through my pants and without stopping our kiss, she unzipped my pants and fished my hard penis out into the fresh air. She bent over and took about half of my cock into her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down as her tongue was licking the sensitive underside of my cock. She pulled my balls through my fly and toyed with them with her fingernails. It was not long before I began squirting ropes of pearly-white semen into her throat. She swallowed it all and kept sucking my dick until I was dry.

“You taste good,” she said. “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

I stood up and she took my hand and guided me into a cozy bedroom erzurum escort that was definitely decorated for a woman. She loosened her blouse and let it fall to the carpet. Even though I had seen glimpses of her breasts at work, I had never seen her like this. They were just the right size for her body. They were firm and round and stuck straight out from her chest. Her nipples were rock hard and stood out from her breasts begging to be suckled.

Her skirt fell and she put her thumbs into the sides of her white, lacy thong panties. Soon they joined her other clothes on the floor. Suddenly, I felt over-dressed. I removed my clothes in record time. My cock had started to deflate after the blowjob Rachel gave but watching her take her clothes off brought it back to full attention. I wanted to take her nipples into my mouth but as I bent to kiss them, she stepped backward and sat on the side of the bed. I was following her and went down onto my knees but she put her hands on my shoulders to stop me.

“I love to have them kissed and sucked but they are very sensitive so please be gentle,” she begged me. “Go nice and easy.”

I put my hands on her sides and leaned in to kiss her right nipple. I very lightly licked around the areole and brushed by lips across her nipple. She moaned and slid her fingers through my hair. I moved to the other breast and gave it the same treatment. Rachel was obviously enjoying the attention her breasts were getting. I parted her legs and moved my right hand to her mound. She was very wet so I put two fingers into her pussy and started moving them in and out. She had a minor orgasm and I had not touched her clit yet.

I licked all around her breast and when both had received the same attention, I began to trail my tongue across her flat stomach to her pussy that was clean-shaven except for a tuft of hair left at the pubis for cushioning. I licked along her smooth nether lips, tongued the sensitive area at the bottom of her slit, and continued down until I arrived at her puckered asshole. I licked around and over the top of her sphincter while I held her legs up. She was moaning little cat like mews. She had a very sensitive body as evidenced by the goose bumps that she had all over her. I kissed my way back to her pussy lips and spread them with my tongue. I pushed my tongue as far into her love tunnel as I could then pulled it out. I flattened my tongue and licked across her clit.

Rachel was a sex animal. When I licked across her clitoris, her body reacted immediately by tensing. This lasted for about thirty seconds then she began humping her wet pussy against my face. I would like to tell you that I was doing some expert thing but basically I was holding on. I licked and sucked on her clit while she humped and jerked and made all the sounds of a woman in the throes of an orgasm. I was solidly turned on by the fact I was the instrument that was supplying this beautiful, young woman with obvious sexual gratification.

Most women will push your head away when they have had enough but not this one. Rachel tugged at my head to move up over her. I responded by kissing my way up her body. I was very careful in the area of her sensitive breasts especially with her swollen tipples. I worked my tongue around her areola and gently kissed her nipples on my way to her lips, which were hot and waiting. We kissed passionately. I could feel her hard nipples against and I was sure that she could feel my hard cock against her stomach. I was resting my weight on my knees and elbows so there was a little space between us.

Her fingers encircled my cock. I pulled my hips bursa escort back slightly and after rubbing me through her wetness, she placed the head of my cock in position for entry. I pushed forward and felt her pussy lips engulf the head of my cock. I then felt resistance. A startling revelation flashed into my head. Rachel was a virgin and had selected me to welcome her into womanhood. I almost shot my load then and there. I raised my lips away from hers and looked into her eyes. She responded by placing her hands on the cheeks of my ass and pulling me towards her. My cock crashed through her maidenhead and slowly penetrated her to the hilt. My cock is about six inches long but not fat. I hesitated to allow her to get used to me being inside her. After a couple of minutes, she started to make little movements with her hips and I joined in with her.

Soon, we were pushing toward each other in a slow, sensuous manner. There was not a lot of in and out. We were grinding together, rubbing and touching and kissing. Her body began to tremble and she began to scream. She was having her first intercourse driven orgasm and it hit her like a ton of bricks. Her pussy was already tight but when her orgasm hit, the muscles in the walls of her vagina began to milk my cock and it was more than I could stand without joining her in sexual bliss. It seemed like our mutual orgasms lasted forever but in reality, I sure they lasted the normal time. As we came down, we lay side by side holding each other.

“That was fabulous,” she said. “I knew it would be.”

“It was good for me, too,” I replied. “But why didn’t yopou tell me that you were a virgin?”

“Would it have made a difference?” she asked, not waiting for an answer. “Would you not have wanted to have sex with me?”

“I guess you’re right,” I relented. “It was great and you were great. With all the men that hang around you all the time, I guess I assumed that you would’ve had sex before now.”

“It’s not because I haven’t had the opportunity,” she said. “It’s just that I had not found the right man to do it with until now. I’ve known that you were the one for a while but almost gave up on you. Anyway, can you stay with me tonight?”

How could I refuse? She served me black walnut ice cream in bed. We talked and laughed for hours. When it was time to sleep, we held each other tenderly as we drifted away. When I awakened Saturday morning, Rachel was sucking my cock. She had about half of it in her mouth and was licking the underside of it. When she realized that I was awake, she moved so that she was straddling my groin. She raised herself so that my cock was aligned with her pussy and slowly sat down on it until my flesh sword was fully sheathed. She rocked back and forth allowing her juices to coat my balls. As she got more into it, she picked up speed and thrust. As she leaned forward her breasts pointed downward and her hard nipples were lightly brushing my chest.

I began raising my hips to meet her downward thrusts. We kept that up for about two minutes until she began her orgasm. We had developed a good rhythm but when Rachel began climaxing, she lost it and collapsed on my chest. I held her tight ass with my hands and continued pumping in and out of her until I shot my load of cum deep into her.

During the rest of the day, we did fun things. We talked a lot. We watched a movie and went for a swim in the giant pool that was in her apartment complex. We ate in and went to bed. On Sunday, she packed some clothes and a picnic basket. We went on a picnic in a county park and then to my place. We spent Sunday night together and somewhere during the weekend, we decided to stay together. No one said anything but when we walked into the office together on Monday morning, we got some funny looks. An occasional salesman would try to get close to her but would quickly back off when she would tell them that she was my girl.

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