Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 05


While lying in bed the next morning, Mark just couldn’t believe it. His mind reeled at what he’d been through. How was it possible that he’d been an innocent virgin just a few days previously, but had now been ravaged by more men than he could count?

What’s come over me? Why does that older man have such a hypnotic effect on me? God, what if my parent’s ever found out!

During the course of the day, Mark’s resolve to never again see the older man eroded, and he kept thinking about the card in his pocket and its instructions. His dick – damnit! – kept getting hard at thinking about God-only-knows what else the older man had planned for Mark.

Well, maybe I’ll go. But I’m sure going to do things my way this time!

A few hours later, Mark left his parent’s house at precisely ten at night, walked around the block, and met with a waiting black car. Mark entered, and was taken back to the older man’s mansion. A butler escorted Mark upstairs, and the older man soon appeared. He gave Mark a kiss, and the young man hungrily responded. Then the older man pulled away, grabbed Mark’s hard-on through the denim, and squeezed it.

“Take off your clothes.”



“You heard me. I said no.”

The older man smiled, and gave Mark a long kiss while grabbing his ass. The man then dragged his beard across Mark’s face while roughly pawing the young man’s hard cock.

Mark felt powerless.

“Take off your clothes.”

And so Mark did as instructed, and stood naked before the older man who remained dressed. Mark longed for the older man to suck his aching erection, but the man instead walked away and pressed a buzzer. A moment later the butler appeared. Shit! And I’m standing here naked with a boner! The butler handed the older man some clothes, and, with a long glance at Mark, departed.

“I suspect he thinks you’re quite hot,” the man said.

Mark had no idea of how to react.

Then the man approached, handed Mark the clothes, and said: “Put these on.”


The older man smiled at Mark, and squeezed his cock hard.

“I said, put these on. You’ll make daddy real happy.”

Mark again felt powerless, did as instructed, and then walked toward a mirror. He had on a scuffed-up pair of cowboy boots, and very old pair of jeans, and a decades-old flannel shirt torn in several places and missing its buttons. The jeans were skin tight and wholly revealed the outline of Mark’s hard dick.

“Turn around.”

Mark did as instructed, and was stunned by the sight in the mirror. A good part of one cheek was exposed through the torn, hastane porno worn jeans.

“Like it?”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will. Now let’s go.”

“Outside? In, uh, these?”

“You heard right.” The older man said. He then walked over and stuck his tongue into Mark’s mouth, and Mark knew he couldn’t say no.

They departed, and walked several blocks toward downtown. From behind, Mark heard a few gasps from people. And more than a few cat calls. Then the older man opened a door, and pushed Mark inside.

There were in a bar. Full of men. And it was dark.

The man got Mark a drink and said: “You just stand there. I’ll be watching.”

“Watching for what?”

“You’ll see. Just go with anything. It’ll please daddy.” The man then gave Mark a deep, long kiss and, again, Mark’s mind went blank.

So, Mark just stood dumbly with a drink in his hand. The moments ticked by, and he kept glancing at the older man in the corner.

Well, so much for my resolve.

Then it happened.

He felt a hand on his ass. The hand then squeezed. Mark just stared straight ahead, and couldn’t see the person groping him. The hand moved very slowly across the denim fabric until discovering flesh. It then paused, as if not comprehending. The hand then continued across the bare skin and under the remaining fabric. It lingered for a few moments and softly caressed the exposed flesh, as if excited by the unexpected discovery. The hand increased its movement as it rubbed, hard, across the buns faster and faster. It repeatedly squeezed the mounds of flesh. The hand paused again. Mark then felt a finger move slowly, tentatively between his cheeks, as if still not fully comprehending its good fortune. It rubbed the fur which highlights this very private space, a contrast to the smooth skin adjacent. As Mark made no motion indicating displeasure – indeed, he couldn’t move at all – the finger continued while another hand started rubbing between the thighs. Mark’s breathing increased in tempo but he continued looking straight ahead, not yet having even looked at the explorer attached to the hands. The finger continued its examination and Mark gasped as it suddenly entered him – slowly, gently, but persistently. Mark’s hard dick reached granite-like destiny, and he started to grind it against the ass of the man in front of him who turned, briefly, and smiled.

After a few minutes the hands withdrew and shifted to Mark’s hips, pulling him back a few feet before they dropped away. Mark knew that in his previous position he’d been afforded a measure of privacy hemşire porno by the darkness. But now, with a dim spotlight overhead, he knew the men adjacent could and would watch. A moment passed before he felt the finger return to its position inside him, except the finger was now, apparently, covered with saliva. Mark gasped when it slipped in fully. And as the finger grew more enthusiastic in its exploration, Mark started to moan very softy. The men close by drew even closer and one started to massage Mark’s rock-hard dick through the denim. Their eyes met, but he made no move to kiss Mark. He just stared, intent on his work, and the two were so close that Mark could smell him. He also felt warmth near the back of his neck and the delicious friction of stubble against his ear as a voice very quietly said, Yes. Mark pushed back on the finger. It was soon joined by another from the same hand, or so Mark assumed. The fingers deepened their invasion while, it seemed, new hands roamed across Mark’s ass cheek. His moans became louder, audible. A few moments later, he felt the intact middle seam on the rear of his jeans be roughly pulled to one side accompanied by the sounds of denim tearing and the seam snapping. Mark knew that his entire ass was now not just fully exposed to the stranger behind him, but because of the dim spotlight directly overhead, a lot of people. He then felt his cheeks being pulled wide open and wondered. How many men are now looking at my most tender, hidden space? He inhaled deeply upon feeling an extraordinary sensation between his buns, one both hard and moistly soft, and accompanied by a prickly feeling. He knew that someone had just pushed their tongue between his cheeks – a man who hadn’t shaved in a few days. Mark then heard someone say: “Yea, fuck ’em with your tongue. Fuck ’em.” The moist hardness pushed between the cheeks and jammed itself into Mark while stubble erotically scratched the tender flesh. Mark let out a long, low moan which seemed to inspire the man before him. He lowered Mark’s zipper, pulled out the hardened flesh for all to see, and took its length into his warm mouth. Another man tore Mark’s shirt completely open and pawed at and licked the hair on the young chest. Fingers pinched nipples. Another hand – whose? – reached between Mark’s legs and the shredded denim and grabbed the dangling, exposed balls. Then the probing tongue pulled away and Mark heard a zipper, presumably being opened, and then felt his ass cheeks being pulled apart again.

Mark was totally exposed. He felt completely violated. He was delirious from lust.

His mind raced. hikaye porno He looked over to the older man, who simply nodded. Mark knew that in just a moment he was going to get fucked, and fucked while dozens, hundreds of men stood around. He knew that most would never realize what was happening just a few feet from them. Many though were watching. And some were participating.

“Oahhgh!” Mark gasped as he felt a big dick being shoved inside his ass.

“Fuck!” he said while looking down at his own dick deep inside a stranger’s mouth.

“Shit!” he exclaimed while glancing around at the many men enjoying this public ravaging.

A chorus of hoots made its way around the tight circle; more men turned towards the commotion, and Mark’s body was soon covered with hands pawing at every exposed inch. His dick was still engulfed by one stranger, while another leaned over and fucked Mark’s mouth with his tongue. Behind him, the unseen explorer was thrusting wildly into the naked cheeks, while other unseen hangs pulled at his balls.

Mark glanced toward the older man. He stared right at Mark and smiled.

Mark pretended that the dick ramming his ass was the older man’s, and that the mouth greedily sucking on his cock was the older man’s. Then when he felt the cock up his ass explode, he pretended that it was the older man’s jism being pumped inside him. At that moment, his dick exploded into a strange man’s mouth.

The hands fell away, the dick inside him slipped out, and the man on his knees licked Mark’s dick clean before he withdrew and blended into the crowd. Mark turned to see who’d just rimmed and fucked him, but no one was there. The explorer had melted into the crowd, and as Mark scanned the faces around him, many nodded and smiled lewdly. Some, Mark knew, had been watching him get finger- and tongue-fucked. And just plain old fucked-fucked. However, which of the many men had just caressed his ass? Which had just fondled his balls? Which had just rimmed him? Which had just fucked him? He couldn’t tell.

He turned, and was startled by the older man standing right next to him. And when he felt the older man’s tongue inside his mouth, he no longer cared about the explorer.

When they left the bar – with Mark’s ass hanging out – the crowd clapped.


As they walked home, the older man instructed Mark to walk a half-block in front of him, and Mark heard dozens of gasps and cat-calls from behind him – all reacting to Mark’s totally exposed ass.

He knew the older man was pleased.

When they got back to the mansion, Mark was embarrassed when the butler followed them into the living room – He can see my ass! – but shouldn’t have been surprised when the older man asked the very proper servant if he’d like to fuck Mark.

“Why, yes sir. Very much so. If you’d like me too, sir.”

“I would.”

And the older man watched.

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