Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 01

Angel Wicky

I slammed the back of the pickup truck shut having finished loading the rest of everything I owned onto the vehicle. It was coming up on noon and starting to get hot out now. I was glad to finally be finished. Now I could actually get on the road. I had a long trip ahead of me, but I had chosen that route when I opted not to take the plain to my destination. I turned around just as my lover, Alycia, came out of my old house with a smile on her face.

That smile reminded me why I was doing this; why I was moving to Florida…to be with the love of my life after all the time that we had spent together. It was the right reason.

“You all set to go?” She asked, stopping in front of me.

“I’m good. What about you?”

Alycia was from Florida. We had been maintaining a long distance relationship for a long time now with her coming out to Philly every now and then and me going out to Florida when I had the chance. We met online two years earlier and had been going ever since. She had a few personal belongings here at my house that she left there for whenever she would come see me.

“Everything I have is in your truck, so I’m ready when you are.”

“Let’s get moving then,” I said, leaning in to give her a kiss on the lips.

She walked around to the passenger side of the truck and got inside. I moved towards the driver’s side looking back at the house for the last time as I grabbed the handle of the door. I had lived there my entire life and now I was moving away. I would definitely miss the place, but I was looking forward to whatever the future had in store.

Let me tell you our story.

Two years earlier, when I was twenty seven years old, I had just recently divorced my wife. I know twenty seven is kind of young for divorce…but we married young.

I had met Carrie in high school in our freshmen year to be exact. We didn’t start dating until junior year and I proposed to her at our senior prom. We married about eight months after graduating high school. Things were great for the first few years, but after a while it just went downhill.

Bills and other financial problems got in the way. Then there was the fact that she wanted children and I just wasn’t interested. Well, when it was all said and done we decided it was just best if we went our separate ways while we still had a chance. So, we separated and a few months later we had filed for divorce.

Sometime between when we first separated and when we filed for the divorce was when I met Alycia online.

I had just returned home from work one night and decided I felt like spending some time on a popular chat site called Omegle. People went on Omegle, for all sorts of different reasons. Some went on there for what was known as Cyber Sex. Others went on just to chat with random strangers about random topics. Me? I often went on there, to chat with people about video games.

Only on a few occasions, had I ever had any sort of sexual conversations with anyone. It wasn’t something I did, very often. Tonight, like most nights, I was only looking for someone to talk to. I logged on at around midnight and clicked “connect” waiting for it to find a random stranger for me to talk with. After a few failed attempts, I finally found someone who seemed worthy.

You: Male 27 here

Stranger: TS 30. Hey there!

I wasn’t sure at first what “TS” actually meant but I brushed it off and decided to go ahead and see where this would go.

You: What’s up?

Stranger: Me, unfortunately…I’ve been up all day and can’t sleep

You: I know how that feels

I laughed as I typed my response and waited for her to continue.

Stranger: My roommate woke me up and I can’t fall back to sleep now

You: Ah. I’ve been playing a video games for the last few hours. I got bored but wasn’t in the mood to go to bed yet.

Stranger: And now here we are lol

With a chuckle, I continued the conversation. She introduced herself to me as Alycia and I told her my name was John. She asked me what I looked like and, after I described myself to her, she told me her own description in response. Alycia was apparently taller than me, about 6’1″ to be exact. She had midnight black and blue hair, which according to her was usually blonde, blue eyes and D cup breasts. Since I had included that I had a little bit of facial hair, Alycia joked that she had no facial hair.

It got a little laugh out of me and we continued talking and joking around for a bit. When she eventually told me, that I could ask her anything, I decided to try and find out what exactly “TS” meant.

You: So, you said you’re TS. What does that mean? Sorry, don’t mean to sound stupid or anything lol

Stranger: Not at all! Basically, it means I’m a transsexual.

I knew what that was. It’s a female born in a male’s body. They would transition and live life as a woman through hormones and surgeries and what not. I was stunned since she had described to me the perfect picture and that picture in my head did NOT look like a male. Kurtköy Esmer Escort

You: You’re kidding, right? Wow. That’s something I’m not use to.

Stranger: I understand if you don’t want to talk anymore…

You: No, it’s not that at all. I’ve just never known a transsexual before, that’s all. So, what brings you on here?

Stranger: I just like to make new friends

You: That’s why I usually come here, too.

Alycia went on to tell me that she had originally met her roommate on Omegle. Apparently, her roommate was a girl. According to her they had dated for a while but it had not worked out. They broke up but remained friends and also continued living together in the same apartment.

I went on to ask, though I was not sure why I wanted to know, if she had the surgery yet. Alycia responded, telling me that she was still pre-op and would probably stay that way.

Apparently, she enjoyed having her penis. She said she was comfortable with who she was and what she had. I congratulated her, for not wanting to be something else and hating what she was and she laughed.

Stranger: So, do you prefer post chicas or pre?

For a moment, I was not sure what exactly she meant. Then, I realized…she was asking if I liked transsexual women and if I liked the ones who had surgery or if I preferred girls who still had their male genitals. Truth be told, I wasn’t really attracted to transsexuals. I hadn’t really even thought about that sort of thing before now.

Though Alycia did seem like a really nice girl and we had been flirting a little bit so far.

You: I’ve never thought about it. I’m not actually sure I’m interested in either one…I hope that doesn’t offend you.

Stranger: Of course it doesn’t. But, would you ever consider trying it?

I thought about it for a moment. Maybe I could. Honestly, there was a part of me that already was considering.

You: I might

Stranger: Yay! Lol. If you did, I would definitely suggest a pre-op girl like myself

You: Lol oh yeah? Why is that?

Stranger: Because we’re the best! Also, we’re the hottest.

You: Lol that’s cool

Stranger: I’m a switch kinda girl too

You: Sorry…once again, I feel stupid lol

Stranger: Switch means versatile…in other words, I enjoy taking it and giving it.

You: Oh, now I understand lol

Stranger: I have to be honest though. I kind of enjoy being the top more than a bottom though. Would that bother you if we were to be together?

You: I’m not sure…I mean…remember I haven’t actually been with a girl like you before. This is new to me.

Stranger: Got it. That’s okay.

I was curious now. Would that be something that I would be okay with? I was surprised myself that I seemed to be getting into this girl. Even though I knew she wasn’t your typical girl. Even knowing that she had a dick, and now knowing that she enjoyed using her dick, I was still feeling some sort of an attraction to her regardless of what I knew.

Stranger: You know, I hope this doesn’t turn you off or something but…I kind of like you. Would you mind exchanging phone numbers?

I wasn’t so sure about that at first. Even if there was a part of me that was starting to like her, I had only just met her and exchanging phone numbers might not have been the best idea. Then again, if she turned out to be a stalker or some crap like that I could always just block her number.

I decided to go ahead and give her my phone number and she gave me hers. Just then, she disconnected without warning. I was a little bummed at first, until my phone rang. Looking at the caller ID I saw that it was her…that was fast, I thought to myself.

“Hello?” I spoke into the phone.

“Hey…is this John?”

“That’s me,” I replied. “Are you Alycia?”

“Yes I am,” she laughed. “I figured it would be better to talk like this.”

I agreed and our conversation picked up right from where we left off. The flirting and joking around continued and I wasn’t willing to straight up tell her that I was interested…but I definitely was a little curious. Her next question surprised me, but she seemed like the straight forward type.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking…how big is it?”

“Um…how big is what?”

“You know…your dick?”

“Oh!” I laughed nervously and she giggled on the other end of the phone. “It’s probably about seven inches.”

“That’s not so bad.”

“Well…I mean, how big is yours?”

“About nine and a half…”

“Wow,” I said, clearly surprised.

Not only was she big, but she was also significantly bigger then I was.

“Most of my boyfriends run away once they find out how big it is. What about you John? Does my size scare you? Are you going to run away like all the other boys?”

I was silent for a moment then cleared my throat.

“I-I don’t know,” I replied, my uncertainty clear in my voice.

Alycia giggled and continued talking before I could.

“Relax,” Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort she said, softly. “So, are you by any chance a nerd?”

A change of subject. What a relief. I went on to tell her that some would consider me as such since I was a really big fan of Star Wars. Alycia apparently enjoyed the series as well, but was also very big on Japanese Anime and video games.

I told her that I enjoyed video games too, but mostly Japanese RPG games. I was surprised when she told me that was what she preferred too. We both loved those games mostly for the stories that they told. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts were two that we shared a love for.

Then, on to TV shows we went. We got to talking about The Walking Dead, which I had only recently gotten into myself. She told me that it was a slow start, but apparently it got really good as the series progressed. I told her I was also a major fan of the series Supernatural and we had yet another thing in common.

Her favorite Supernatural character was Crowley, the King of Hell. I laughed, when she told me that she would let him do all sorts of dirty things to her if he were real.

After a while, the topic of where we lived came up. I told her I lived in Philadelphia and she said that she lived in Florida.

“I’ve always wanted to visit Philadelphia,” she said, excitedly.

“Well…maybe you should! I could be your tour guide.”

“Really? I think that sounds like a good idea. It would be nice to hang out with someone out there too.”

“I’m down for it if you are,” I said, confidently.

“Just let me know.”

“Sounds great to me,” she said, sounding very interested.

After that first phone call, Alycia and I started talking on the phone almost every night for the next few days. Every time we talked I felt like I knew her better by the end of the conversation.

We talked about our favorite movies and movie genres. We were both big horror fans, but I preferred the more paranormal side of horror while she was more into the slasher, blood and guts and monster stuff. Apparently, the paranormal movies freaked her out too much.

Eventually, Alycia sent me a picture of herself online. She looked exactly, like she had described herself. The picture she sent me was of her wearing a white shirt, which showed her breasts perfectly. They were amazing and I couldn’t suppress the boner that immediately sprang up when them. She had tan skin, being Hispanic which I had already known, from her very mild accent.

She had told me that she was born in Puerto Rico and had been raised in Florida.

By the picture I was looking at right now I was glad that she could not see through the phone or computer, since she would have definitely noticed the bulge in my shorts. I decided to send a picture back to her of myself and was happy when she replied telling me that she liked what she saw. It was just a simple shot of myself wearing a white t-shirt and pair of jeans…nothing special to it really.

I had to admit, it was starting to seem more and more like there might be something between the two of us. We had agreed during our second phone conversation that we were just going to be friends. I told her that there was a chance I might consider dating a girl like her, but that I didn’t think it would happen anytime soon.

This was mostly because of the divorce and the fact that I didn’t really want a relationship with anyone at the moment. She was understanding and had done a good job at just acting like a very good friend that was fun to talk with. The problem with that was it was too natural. Almost every conversation that we had we would wind up flirting at least once or twice.

There was clearly some kind of chemistry between us and there did not appear to be anyway to avoid that chemistry. What did it mean though? Yes, I had said I would likely consider being with a transsexual woman…but when actually considering it, I found myself a little confused.

If I did actually date a girl like Alycia…specifically the type that liked to use their male parts like she did…what would that make me? Gay? Bisexual? Straight? Nothing at all?

I honestly, had no fucking clue what the answer was.

By the time Alycia informed me that she was going to take a trip to Philadelphia it didn’t matter much to me. I had accepted the fact that I was starting to like her as more than just a friend, but was not planning on telling her that yet. I wanted to hang out with her when she got to Philly and see how we connected, face to face, before I said anything.

Alycia was supposed to be coming on the 10th of August and I was set, to meet her at the airport at 11:30 that morning. So on the day of her arrival I dressed in a pair of short jeans and a t-shirt wearing my best, and only, cologne.

I arrived at the airport about half an hour before she was supposed to land. When the announcement was made that Alycia’s flight had landed, I made my way towards the gate that she Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort would be coming in through.

There she was. She was as beautiful as she had looked in that picture. She still had the midnight black hair and was wearing a black t-shirt for the band Shinedown and a pair of dark blue denim jeans. She had a septum piercing, which looked pretty hot in all honesty.

She looked around for a few moments before her eyes finally made contact with mine.

I watched as a brilliant smile spread across her face when she saw me and she started running towards me. We met halfway, embracing one another in a hug. I held her close to me and she groaned, breathing in my scent. I felt a shiver run down my spine and almost felt the urge to kiss her. I held back, reminding myself that I wanted to see how all of this would play out before making a move like that.

“It’s so good to finally see you,” she said, as I released her from my embrace.

“I know, right? God, I’ve been so anxious to see you!”

“Well, I’m here now,” she said, smiling.

“So, you want to give me the tour of the city of brotherly love?”

“Absolutely! Grab your bags and we’ll get out of here.”

She picked her bags out from the pick-up area and we left the airport. We walked to my car and talked about how her flight had gone and all the things that I wanted to do with her while she was here. The places I wanted to show her and all of that. She told me the first thing she wanted to do was get her hands on a famous Philly Cheesesteak.

“First thing you need to know about the Philly Cheesesteak, is not to call it The Philly Cheesesteak.”

“Well, why not?” She asked, laughing.

“Because that’s a tourist thing, really. If you see a pizza shop or something, that says ‘we sell Philly Cheesesteaks’ don’t go there. It’s more than likely going to suck. I’ll show you the right places to get a real Cheesesteak.”

So, I took her to a pizza shop in Center City…we stayed away from the Tourist traps and when she finally got her meal, Alycia was absolutely satisfied and in love with the greasy, cheesy steak that I had paid for. From there I showed her around the city. Love Park, the Art Museum steps, Penn’s Landing and South Street. She seemed to be having a great time…we both were having a great time. But, she had not come to Philadelphia as a tourist.

She was actually here on business. That being said, we could not stay out to late since she needed to get sleep so she could do her job the next day.

Alycia was a photographer for a tattoo magazine in Florida. She was in Philly to check out some of the best tattoo shops in the City and take photos for the magazine back home. Apparently, they were doing a thing on the best City’s to get the best tattoo work done and Philadelphia was one of the five places that they wanted to explore.

Instead of paying for a hotel, I promised Alycia a spot at my house to crash. She accepted the offer and around 8:30 that night, we made our way back to my apartment in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. As soon as we arrived I told her to take a seat on the couch and make herself comfortable.

I grabbed us both a beer from the fridge and quickly returned to her side.

“Thanks,” she said, as I cracked open her beer and handed it to her.

“No problem. You can crash in my room, if you want. I’ll take the couch. It’s no problem at all.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to take up space like that.”

“I’m positive. Don’t worry about it.”

“Awesome…thank you. You know, I really had a great time tonight. Tomorrow when I’m done with business, do you want to do something else?”

“Sure, I’d love to!”

“Good,” she said, with a smile. “I don’t have to leave for Florida for two days so that gives us plenty of time.”

“Good to know,” I said, moving a little closer to her on the couch.

I noticed that she seemed to be sliding across the couch too, both of us trying to get closer to the other. Finally, we were shoulder to shoulder and I raised my arm and put it around her, pulling her towards me. Today had gone well enough that I was feeling confident and was pretty sure that I definitely wanted something more than just a friendship.

What it would make me, I didn’t know at all, but I wanted to try it anyway. So I made my move. Alycia blinked, but remained silent as I started leaning in towards her. She was chewing on her bottom lip and time seemed to be moving super slow. Finally, our lips touched; pressing together in what I could have sworn was the softest kiss that I had ever experienced.

Her lips were so soft and warm. They tasted like cherries from the lip gloss that she was wearing.

It was just a simple kiss at first, but then her lips parted and I felt her tongue begging for access to my mouth. I parted my own lips and her tongue slipped right in and started wrestling with mine. She shifted, moving out of my embrace and sitting on my lap, draping her arms around my neck as she deepened the kiss.

I lifted her up suddenly and laid her down on the couch. I stayed on top of her and continued making out with her. We were both getting really heated now. I broke the make out session and started kissing her all over her neck, causing her to moan. Suddenly she pushed me back just a little.

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