Road Work Ahead

Big Tits

It was very early in the morning, the road crew arrived at the location and started putting up the orange cones and the detour signs, this job was going to take a long time. To make things worse, it was 90 degrees out, and no shade, and only one house close by.

Before they could start digging, they noticed a women coming out of the house heading towards them.

She introduced herself, ” Hi, I’m Linda, I heard you were coming out here today, with this heat, anytime you need a break, just knock, I’m all by myself”.

The foreman spoke up first,” Hi, I’m Jack, that’s awful nice of you, we wouldn’t want to be a bother”.

Linda told him it’s no bother at all, I want to help.

Jack couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples were poking out, and he was certain every guy on his crew had noticed as well.

He had 10 guys in his crew and one girl, Tina, and every guy had tried and failed to get in her pants. Most of the guys figured she must be a lesbian.

The crew started digging the hole, they had to replace some old water lines, they would have to work for several days to get the whole job done.

It was still early, so the heat hadn’t really started to bother them yet, but Jack knew that soon enough it would get unbearable. It was only 10:30, and it was already in the 80’s.

He told the crew they could take a 15 minute break, Linda’s yard had one big shade tree and they all sat under it.

Linda came outside, she was carrying a tray with a pitcher of lemonade and paper cups.

She said “you all look so hot, I hope you like my lemonade”.

Linda told Jack that she had air conditioning, and she thought it would be wise for everyone to take turns going inside to cool down once in a while. She didn’t want anybody to get heat stroke.

Jack agreed, the heat was starting to get to them. He thanked her and said he would start sending them over for their breaks.

They got back to work, Jack noticed Mike looked like he was starting to get overheated, so he told Mike to go inside Linda’s house for a break, I think you need some A.C.

He then told the rest of his crew that everyone would get their turns as well.

Mike knocked on the door to Linda’s house, she opened the door and brought him into the living room.

She told him to sit down and rest.

She excused herself and came back in with a wet towel, this will make you feel better.

Mike noticed that she sat down very close to him and her leg was touching his. She was very attractive, long dark hair, big blue eyes, nice smile. Her shape was right out of Playboy, he was getting turned on sitting so close to her.

Suddenly he felt her hand touch his leg, I know what you need, a nice massage, her hands went to his neck and started rubbing, her hands felt great.

He hadn’t been with a women since his wife left him a year ago.

She could tell he was enjoying her touch, she let her hands go lower, she moved her hand around his waist and put her hand over his crotch and rubbed gently.

Mike turned his head to look at her and she started kissing him, he felt her fingers unzipping his pants and undoing his belt.

He watched as she lowered herself to the floor between his legs.

Linda opened her mouth and sucked Mike’s cock inside. This was a dream, this women is sucking my cock, while I’m supposed to be working.v She was good, she bobbed her head up and down, taking his 7 inch cock all the way, no slowing down for a second.

Mike knew he was close and told her he was going to cum.

She kept her lips locked tight around his cock and when he started cumming, she swallowed every drop he had.

Mike thanked Linda, went to the bathroom and cleaned up and went back to work.

Jack saw Mike coming out of Linda’s house.

Hey Mike, feel better Jack asked.

Mike smiled and said “I feel great”.

Jack thought nothing of it, and told Jeff it was his turn.

Linda met Jeff at the door, “come inside” she told him.

Linda had seen Jeff walking towards the house, she had noticed him before.

Jeff is big, really big, 6’7″, 250 lbs., he was the only black guy on the crew, and man was he built, muscles all over.

Linda didn’t want to waste a moment, she had to get fucked by this black stud.

She told Jeff to make himself comfortable in the living room, that she would be back in a minute.

Jeff sat down, put his head back and closed his eyes, the A.C. felt really good. He opened his eyes when he heard footsteps, and his eyes pooped out of his head.

Linda had changed out of her clothes into a sexy see-thru teddy. She walked right up to Jeff and said, we don’t have much time.

Jeff asked her if she was certain of this, he got his answer when she grabbed his crotch.

Fuck me, I want your big black cock in my cunt right now.

Linda’s teddy was crotchless, she climbed sakarya escort on top and Jeff pulled his 11 inch cock out of his shorts and she rubbed some lube on the tip.

Linda braced herself and felt his thick cock penetrate her cunt deep. She always loved a nice big cock, and Jeff’s had to be the biggest she had ever had inside her.

He grabbed her by the waist and raised and lowered her on his big black pole. She could feel every inch of his thick cock. Jeff picked Linda up like a rag doll, she wrapped her arms around his neck. He cupped her ass checks in his hands and fucked her with long hard strokes.

She told him she wanted to taste his load.

Jeff pulled his cock out and she got on her knees in front of him and started sucking his giant cock.

She could taste her own juices, she was finger fucking herself while sucking him.

He grabbed her by her head and gave a big shove and started cumming in her mouth.

Linda tried her best to suck every drop, but he had a huge load, and some dribbled out of her mouth and dripped onto her tits.

Jeff came out of Linda’s house.

Jack walked up to him and said “you were gone a long time”.

Jeff told him he was sorry, he didn’t feel well.

Jack decided that one at a time was taking too long.

He called over Tim and Brian, you two take your break, no more than 20 minutes, we have to stay on schedule.

Tim and Brian walked up to the screen door.

“Come on inside guys” they heard Linda shout.

When they walked around the corner into Linda’s living room, both of their jaws dropped. Here was Linda, naked, finger-fucking herself.

Hurry up guys, you don’t want Jack to fire you for fucking around on the job.

They both pulled out their cocks and Linda got right to work, she engulfed Tim’s cock and sucked his cock like a pro.

Brian cock was hard as a rock in a second and he shoved his cock in doggy-style.

They were all enjoying each other so much that they didn’t hear anyone come into the house.

It was Tina, she wanted to use the bathroom, but when she entered the house she heard the sounds coming from the living room.

She snuck up to where she could watch, she was very quiet.

Linda was getting fucked hard by Brian, and sucking Tim’s cock.

Tina couldn’t take her eyes off of what she was seeing. She didn’t want to get caught, so she snuck back out, but Linda had spotted her.

She would make certain that she got a taste of that young hottie.

Tim and Brian shot their loads and got dressed just in time.

Jack was coming up to the house to check on them just as they came out the door.

They both looked at Jack and just said, boy we needed that break, Thanks Chief.

Jack turned around and called over to Dave and Joe.

O.K., you two are next, 20 minutes.

Dave and Joe knew what to expect.

Jeff had told them what had happened.

They didn’t know if he was lying, but when Tim and Brian came out of the house they gave the thumbs up, they almost ran to the house.

As soon as they got inside they both started striping out of their shorts.

Linda took one look at Joe’s thick cock, that was going to be a challenge, even for her.

His cock was shorter than Jeff’s cock had been, but it was the thickest cock she had ever seen.

She grabbed her lube and lubed him up really good, she laid down spread eagle and he lowered his cock to her very wet cunt.

With all the fucking she has been doing her cunt was ready for anything.

Joe eased his thick hard cock in.

Linda could feel her cunt muscles stretching, she felt like she was being penetrated by a log.

Dave lowered his cock right into her waiting mouth and started fucking her mouth, he wanted his as well.

Joe was fucking her, cramming his thick log shaped cock into her stretched cunt.

Linda started cumming in waves, she had never cum so strong, her whole cunt was vibrating from the sensation she was feeling.

Just then Dave started cummming, his load filled her mouth, she almost choked, because all she could think about was Joe’s thick cock.

Joe pulled his cock out and shot his load of cum all over her tits.

We love this job, heck, we would work for free with this kind of fringe benefits.

By now the stories were going all around, the few guy left couldn’t wait for their turns, but they kept quiet around Tina, didn’t want her to ruin the fun.

When Jack was Dave and Joe coming out, he yelled over Tina.

Why don’t you take a break by yourself, you look like you could use some relief.

All the guys looked at each other, what now, was the fun over.

Tina walked into the house.

She called out from the kitchen, “Hi Linda, I’m Tina, Jack told me I was next to take some rest.

Linda called out, ” come on in Tina, I won’t bite”.

Tina samsun escort walked around the corner slowly.

There was Linda, covered in sperm from Joe’s cock.

Hi Honey, I need a shower, want to join me?

I know you were watching before, I saw you.

Tina couldn’t believe her eyes, Linda’s body was perfect, and sweat and sperm was dripping all over her body.

Tina was almost in a trance, she couldn’t take her eyes off of Linda.

She followed her into the bathroom and watched her get in the shower.

There is room in here for you too, I told you I won’t bite, but I might nibble a little bit.

Tina was surprised to find that she was actually taking off her clothes, what was she doing.

She climbed in the shower and Linda gave her the softest kiss.

Her tits rubbed up against Linda’s, it felt really nice.

Linda lowered her lips to Tina’s tits and sucked a nipple into her mouth.

Tina moaned, she felt her knees buckle ever so slightly.

Tina watched as Linda worked her way downward, kissing her way down until she was at her crotch.

Tina braced herself against the walls of the shower and suddenly she felt it, Linda was licking her pussy, oh god what am I doing Tina thought to herself. I’m letting some strange women lick my pussy, and I’m enjoying it too.

Linda slid her middle finger deep inside of Tina’s cunt, then she put a second finger inside, and she was still licking.

All of a sudden Linda started licking Tina’s clit, that was all it took, Tina started cummming, Linda kept on finger-fucking and licking Tina’s clit, she had never had such an orgasm in her life.

Linda dried Tina off with a towel, and dressed her, then walked her out to the door wearing a robe.

She called Jack over, and told him that Tina was very dehydrated, and had sun-stroke, so she had showered her to get her temperature down.

I think she should go up to my spare bedroom and rest some more.

Jack couldn’t believe what he had just heard, he always cared for everyone of his crew.

Yes, by all means, please take care of her Linda, Thank You so much.

Linda brought Tina upstairs and told her to get out of her clothes and wait for her.

Tina did as she was told, after all she had just had the most mind blowing orgasm of her young life, she wanted more.

Jack called over to Steve and Bill.

You guys are next, Tina’s upstairs, she is sick, sun-stroke, so don’t make any noise, let her rest.

The guys tapped on the door, hi Linda, it’s our turn.

Steve and Bill had been friends for years, they had done this sort of thing before and knew what they wanted.

Steve saw the lube and smeared some on his hardening cock.

Bill pulled the sting on Linda’s robe exposing her naked body to their hungry eyes. Bill laid down and had Linda straddle his cock.

Once he was balls deep in her cunt, Steve came up from behind and spread her ass checks wide apart.

Linda felt his lubed cockhead at her anal opening.

He grabbed her hips and gave a mighty thrust forward.

It hurt a little at first, but she had done anal before, she just hadn’t ever had double penetration before, this would be a first for Linda.

Bill remained still until Steve was deep up Linda’s ass.

Then they both got into motion, one in, one out, these guys knew how to work together.

Meanwhile Tina was upstairs listening to all the grunting and moaning coming from downstairs, she had to see what was happening.

She snuck down the stair about half way, she could see in a mirror what was going on, she had the perfect view.

Steve and Bill were fucking Linda in both her holes, ass and cunt.

Tina’s hand reached for her pussy, she spread her legs open and slipped a finger deep inside her cunt.

Tina watched as the two guys, guys she worked with every day, were fucking this women, faster and faster they fucked her.

Tina watched Linda’s face as she was getting double-banged, she was loving it.

Linda saw Tina watching her again, and winked at her, Tina knew it was O.K. for her to watch.

The guys started to quicken their pace, they both pulled their cocks out and Linda kneeled in front of them and opened her mouth trying to catch their sperm, most of it just landed all over her face and tits.

Tina snuck back upstairs before the guys could see her.

Linda came upstairs, still naked with cum still on her face. Linda asked, so what did you think, did you enjoy the show?

Tina told her how wet she was from watching.

Linda then asked, are you still a virgin my dear, it’s nothing to be ashamed of?

Tina shook her head yes, I’ve always been afraid, I never really thought I was pretty.

Linda gave her a hug, oh don’t be silly, you are very pretty, and with your boobs, guys will love to fuck them.

Fuck my boobs, how can they urfa escort do that?

If you wrap your boobs around a guys cock he can stroke his cock back and forth between your boobs, some guys really love to tit fuck.

Linda went in to the bathroom and washed the cum off her face.

She then walked into the bedroom and asked Tina if she wanted to lose her virginity?

Tina knew who was left, the two youngest guys on the crew, Bud and Paul, she had hung out with them before, she always thought they were both cute.

She had caught both of them looking at her tits before.

Her tits are large,38D, she is proud of her tits.

Tina thought for a minute, will you be with me she asked?

I will if you want me to, it’s up to you, I want you to enjoy this.

Linda heard the guys downstairs calling out to her.

She walked to the stairway and told them to come upstairs.

Bud and Paul both stopped dead in their tracks, standing before them was not only Linda naked, but Tina, naked as well.

Tina looked at her friends, and said, well, you’ve seen mine, let’s see yours.

The two guys almost ripped their clothes off.

Bud walked up to Tina, Paul walked up to Linda.

The two girls both got on their knees and took their hands and stroked the cock in front of them.

Tina watched every move Linda made, and did everything she did.

Linda started licking Paul’s cock, long licks like a lollypop.

Tina followed with Bud’s cock, up one side and down the other.

Linda opened her mouth wide and sucked Paul’s cock in as far as she could while stroking his cock with her fingers wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock.

Tina did exactly the same, she would do it all.

Linda pulled her mouth off and watched her young friend suck cock for a few more seconds.

Linda told the boys that she had a surprise for them, they were going to get to pop Tina’s cherry’s.

Tina didn’t quit understand that part.

Tina laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide apart, Linda grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed up Paul’s cock.

Paul couldn’t believe this, he had jerked off many a night after being with Tina, he never thought it would happen.

Paul positioned himself between Tina’s wide spread legs, grabbed ahold of his rock hard cock and gave a push.

She was so tight, he raised up and pushed downward with more force, he was in.

Tina let out a little cry, it hurt, but not as bad as she thought it might.

Paul remained still, letting her adjust to his cock being inside her.

Paul asked Tina if she was alright, and she shook her head yes.

Paul withdrew slowly and pushed inward again, in and out faster each time.

Tina was really enjoying the fucking Paul was giving her now.

Tina wrapped her legs around Paul as he fucked her, deeply.

Tina felt Paul’s cock swell, he told her he was about to cum.

Linda told him to pull out and shoot his load in Tina’s mouth.

Paul pulled his cock out and Tina opened her mouth just as the first shot of sperm came out, she tried swallowing, but there was too much.

He shot the rest onto her big tits.

Bud had been watching the whole time, stroking his cock, waiting his turn.

While Tina had been fucking Paul, Linda had whispered in Bud’s ear what he was going to do.

He was to pop Tina’s other cherry, Bud was going to fuck Tina up the ass.

Linda told Tina to flip over.

Linda then positioned herself under Tina’s face.

I want you to lick my cunt Tina, just like I did for you earlier.

Tina knew how much she enjoyed having Linda lick her cunt, it was only fair to return the treat.

Tina lowered her mouth to Linda’s pussy and started licking her new friend just like Linda had done to her.

Tina started felling someone rubbing her ass checks, it was Bud.

It felt good what he was doing, but then he was spreading her buns apart.

Tina felt the cockhead all lubed up pushing towards her virgin asshole.

Linda grabbed the back of Tina’s head and held her face down into her crotch.

Bud pushed inward, so fucking tight, he held her hips tight and pushed in further.

It felt like she was being ripped apart by Bud’s cock.

Bud had about 6 inches in with 3 more to go.

Slowly the pain subsided, Bud started stroking his cock back and forth, going a little bit deeper on every stroke.

Tina started licking Linda’s cunt again, she was really getting into it.

She was getting fucked anally while licking a cunt.

Tina felt Bud’s cock swell, now she knew that meant he was close to cumming.

She raised up and told Bud to shoot his load all over Linda’s cunt.

Bud pulled out and aimed his cock at Linda’s cunt.

When he finished cumming, Tina leaned over and licked up all his cum, and by now Linda had started cumming, so she got to taste both together.

Just as Bud and Paul were getting ready to leave in walked Jack.

You two, get back to work.

Linda, you and Tina owe me an explanation.

Oh fuck that, we will just have to fuck your brains out, get naked.

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