Romantic Desire


She’s between my legs, holding my hips down even though I’m squirming and shaking and thrusting with all of my might. The moonlight is the only light to see, and I can see her face and what she’s doing to me in that dim light.

She’s looking into my eyes, and teasing me, and that only makes me want more. I’m moaning, and breathing heavily, and I’m holding onto the sheets for dear life.

My back is arched.. I look up at the ceiling and lose myself in the sensation..

She kisses my hips and leaves and trail of wet kisses down my sides and tummy.

She licks and nibbles just below my belly button..

She looks up at me, bites her bottom lip.

And then the real fun starts..

She knows just what to do.

Everything I like.

Slow at first. She takes her time. She loves and caresses my body in all the right places. She tastes me..

I moan. Slowly at first, she’s very tender with me.

And then she quickens her pace, and gets a little rough…

She nibbles, and gives me love bites.. She acts like I’m the most delicious thing she’s ever tasted.. I could just pass out..

She gets me so high, so close to the edge.

But she stops, just before I’m about to cum.

She licks her lips, and then her fingers.

She pulls me to her, and throws her legs over my waist. We are sitting up now, and shes sitting on my lap.

She wraps her arms around my neck, and kisses me lightly on the lips. I kiss her back. Hard.

I flip us. I flip positions, all the while passionately kissing her soft mouth. I pin her to the bed. She’s underneath me now. My thigh slips between her legs.

I kiss down her jawline, to her neck, and bite deneme bonusu veren siteler her softly, running my tongue over where I bit her.

I push her body down on my thigh, and she starts to grind me..

My fingers lightly glide from her hips, over her sides.

She’s going at the tempo she desires.

She moans my name, and runs her fingers through my hair.

My fingertips keep gliding up her body, over her breasts, and to her face. I kiss her with all the emotion and desire that I feel. She bites my lip.

I lightly stroke her hair away from her face.

I’m smiling.

Her moans are getting louder, she’s panting and grinding me harder and faster.

I run my fingertips back down the length of her body.

My hand meets it’s destination.

It’s now in between her thrusts and my thigh.

With my free hand, I’m holding myself up, all the while keeping my body pressed against hers.

I play with her clit, and stroke her softly. She tries pulling away but I stop her with another kiss.

I continue this, and she moans and cries into my mouth.. She’s about to scream I just know it..

I stroke her faster, she’s near her climax.

She gasps; I hit the right spot. Her hips thrust uncontrollably.

She’s no match for the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

As she starts screaming, screaming my name, I bury my face in her neck.

She hits her orgasm. She scratches at my back, making me moan. She’s still screaming, and she covers my hand and thigh with her cum.

As shes coming down from the waves of pleasure, I lift my head and look her in the eyes. There’s a faint sparkle in onwin them.

I bring my soaked hand to my lips, and I lick my fingers clean.

Her eyes widen.

She grins. She’s half asleep but she knows what she has to do..

It’s my turn for long deserved satisfaction..

I get off of her, and lay down beside her.

We lay on our sides, facing towards each other.

We don’t say anything, our eyes wandering up and down each others bodies.

I know it’s my turn, I’m waiting for her to make her move.

She lifts her hand and places it on my cheek.

It’s warm. It’s a very gentle and caring touch.

She trails her fingertips from my cheek, slowly, very slowly, down my body once more.

She hesitates at my breasts for a moment.

She whispers softly, “You’re beautiful. You’re absolutely beautiful. I bet you’ll be even more beautiful when you have your head thrown back, screaming my name.”

Her hand travels, past my belly button, though she stops there to twirl small circles around it with her index finger.

She goes further..

Her hand lands on my hip, and she brings my body closer to hers.

She kisses my lips and whispers, “Relax, and enjoy the ride.”

I close my eyes, and gasp with pleasure. She has one of her legs in between mine, keeping my legs slightly spread apart.

Her hand, and fingers, are doing amazing things to me..

I can’t stop a small whimper from escaping between my lips.

She’s caressing me, massaging me, pleasing me, and loving me.

She’s completing me.

Very gentle, she is very gentle this time.

She’s making love to my body.

She’s yatırımsız bonus making love to me.

I then lay down on my back, too weak to stay at the side ways position I was in.

She sits on my tummy and bends down to kiss my lips.

She kisses down my jawline, down my neck, and then she trails her tongue down my chest, in between my breasts, down my tummy, over my belly button…

She gently kisses the top of my slit.

She goes down on me, her tongue trailing up my length.

This causes me to shudder. The tip of her tongue lightly brushes the tip of my swollen clit.

My hips thrust instinctively towards her face, and I let out a small moan.

She flicks the tip of her tongue lightly over my clit, over and over again.

I’m gasping for air, and my moans are only getting louder.

And then, she takes her hand, and caresses me while she continues to lick my sensitive spot.

I let out a very long, very loud moan. My hips thrust and my hands go to the back of her head.

I play with her hair for a moment, and then I push down, causing her licks to become faster and harder.

All of a sudden, I’m screaming. At the top of my lungs.

She sucks my clit into her sexy mouth, and is sucking on it. Her tongue is flicking over it as she sucks me, harder and harder.

I scream. It’s the loudest scream that’s ever came from my throat.

I scream her name, over and over and over…

Along with many other words..

I’m shaking, and sweating, and squirming…

I cum, hard. Wave after sweet wave of cum comes pouring out of me, and into her awaiting mouth.

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster. I’m about to pass out.

As black splotches invade my sight I watch her crawl up beside me.

She plants a small, loving kiss on my forehead, and then she pulls my body to hers, and she holds me. She cuddles me.

And we fall asleep, just like that.

I fall asleep in her loving embrace.

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