Rosa was my platonic house mate, a great fun person and we both brought our love interests home when we had them. At the time this story takes place neither of us were getting any and then lockdown came. I would take care of myself either in my bedroom which had a sink or in the bathroom with the door locked. – A locked door told Rosa what I was doing — we had had enough experiences of both needing to get out in a hurry that normally we didn’t bother locking the door. A couple of times, I had heard Rosa getting herself off and being a young man, with blood in my veins, this had an effect on me, in particular on where that blood went.

Where Rosa caught Covid-19 from we never found out. Track and trace was absolutely crap at the time and still is. I really missed her while she was in hospital an fortunately she came home after two weeks. What she did need however was daily heparin injections and she was too squeamish to do them herself. So for two weeks I was going to get a view of her belly every day, albeit, with bruising from the injections she had been getting in hospital. No big deal, Rosa would just lift up her t-shirt, I would squeeze a fold of skin, do the injection and that would be it.

Half way through the second week after discharge, Rosa was wearing a yellow sundress which showed off her dark skin from her mixed race parentage well when she asked me to do her injection.

She flipped up her dress, giving me access to her tummy as well as a good view of her knickers. Knickers that matched her dress in colour. That wasn’t the issue. It was what was printed on the knickers. It may have been woven into the fabric rather than printed but my mind was on the message rather anime porno than the medium. On the knickers was displayed a picture of a vagina with the words, “lick me” printed above it.

“Nice knickers Rosa!” I grinned. Rosa blushed. I didn’t even know she could blush! We had each seen each other wearing not very much if anything on a number of occasions and didn’t have any problems with that.

“God! I feel so embarrassed! If I had gotten around to doing my washing last week I would never have worn these.”

As I did the injection I asked Rosa,

“Well shall I?”

“You wouldn’t!”

I would and did, pushing the fabric vagina into the real one that lay beneath till Rosa gasped, lifted her hips and taking charge told me,

“Take them off and do it properly.”

No second invitation was needed but I wanted more. I took hold of the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head before reaching around her back to remove her bra.

“Don’t look they are too small.” I wondered who had told her that.

“They are perfect. Whoever gave you that impression doesn’t appreciate quality.” I then started appreciating quality myself and stopped talking on the basis that I had been taught it was rude to talk with my mouth full. After a sufficiency of time, I moved to the other breast before heading South of the equator. I pushed my tongue deep inside Rosa’s honey pot, loving the taste and responding to the moans emanating from her mouth. It was when I took her clit gently between my teeth and started humming that her first orgasm took her by surprise, though given the amount of secretions she was producing I am not quite sure why it was anne porno such a shock to her.

Another three orgasms later and my tongue and lips were getting tired which wasn’t a major problem as Rosa told me,

“Your mission now is to give me the same number of climaxes with your cock starting from …. NOW!!”

Fortunately I had rubbed one out that morning but I still doubted my ability to last long enough to give her four orgasms but nothing ventured, nothing gained and I gently pushed the head of my eight inches into the hole below her generous black bush which matched not only the hair on her head but also that in her armpits. Now, I like my women to have pubic hair but armpits, I can normally take it or leave it. Right then it was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. I kept going slowly, knowing that not having had any for a while, I might be a little on the large side for her but making up for the slow speed with depth and length of stroke. Only when her hips started thrusting up to meet my own did I start to increase the pace. Rosa grasped her nipples and twisted them as my hands slid behind her buttocks to pull her harder onto me. Almost at once she came squeezing me so hard I had to wait till she stopped before I could resume our rhythm.

Another few minutes and by mutual consent we rolled over and Rosa took control. That was a smart move as I usually last longer when the woman is on top and doing more of the work. This time my hands went straight to her breasts, feeling the quality of the flesh, her puckered areolae and erect nipples. Nipple play clearly was one of her things as only five minutes after my fingers started working arap porno on them I felt her vaginal muscles spasm around me, so hard it hurt. Still we kept going and the next one was nothing like as strong but nothing to be sneezed at either.

“Do me doggy style, then when you cum I want to be really filled up. Rosa knelt on a cushion beside the bed and I slipped once more into her slipperiness. We were both dripping in sweat but didn’t care. I was amazed I had lasted so long. We were making a mixture of slapping and squelching noises as I moved my hips, hoping to delay my climax long enough for Rosa to achieve yet another one. I was oblivious to the carpet burns I would soon have on my knees. Her panting was getting faster and I moved one hand from where it gripped a hip to finger her clitoris, strumming it as furiously as I pulled back only to slam back into her dripping snatch.

“Fill me up with your spunk.” Rosa called out breathlessly as she came yet again. That was all I needed for the dam to burst and burst it did. If I hadn’t remembered jacking off earlier I would have said no way could I have done so.

At some point I slipped out of her tunnel and asked,

“Drink first or shower first?”

“Are you saying I smell?”

“Yes but in a good way!” I walked naked to the kitchen, not caring if anyone should see me through the window. I poured a couple of glasses of wine and putting the cork into the rubbish bin saw an empty packet. I looked at it, my interest piqued. Viagra! No wonder I had lasted so long!

When I returned to her bedroom, Rosa was lying on top of the bed, naked, our combined juices flowing from her pleasure centre, and completely unconcerned with my noticing this. As I handed her a glass of Rioja, I observed,

“I had no idea you were so clever and sneaky.”

“I suppose that now you have found out, I will just have to come right out and ask if you fancy a shag.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

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