Sacrifices Ch. 04


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Sonia woke up and felt a warm, moist sensation on the sole of her foot. She looked down and found Maya kneeling there, quietly licking while she had been napping.

“Enough, Maya. Well done. You’ve made my feet feel really good.”

Maya looked up, blushing, and mumbled quiet thanks, making Sonia smirk.

“You can thank me for letting you lick my feet any time,” Sonia said. “Now make me some dinner.”

“What would you like?” Maya asked, not even thinking of objecting.

“Can you use your powers to find out?”

Maya hadn’t even considered it. She wasn’t used to the notion she could do magic yet, but there were ways she could know what her friend’s body needed, and the sort of tastes she craved, especially with the bond to help. She found out she was in the mood for some pasta with a creamy sauce, and got to work as Sonia lay on the sofa watching TV.

After close to an hour in the kitchen, Maya brought two dishes to the living room, one for Sonia and another for herself.

“Took you long enough,” Sonia said.


“Sorry, Miss.” Sonia smirked.

Maya nodded, and repeated it.

“I didn’t tell you to make yourself food, did I?” Sonia asked.

“Uh, but-“

“Did I?”

“No, Miss. Sorry, Miss.” Maya lowered her head.

“Greedy girl… you can rub my feet while I eat. If you’re good, I’ll let you have some leftovers.”

“Thank you, Miss,” Maya said softly, as she knelt on the floor and started massaging Sonia’s bare feet, going hungry while her friend ate the meal she had cooked.

Sonia enjoyed her food, smiling as she heard her servant’s belly rumble.

“Hmm, this is the life. How are you doing down there, slave?”

Maya pouted. “Come on,” she said, almost sobbing. “Why are you treating me like this? I didn’t do anything wrong!” She didn’t stop rubbing, though.

Sonia went on eating. She did feel a little sorry for Maya, but not enough to do much about it.

“Hey, I’m just telling it like it is. You’re my slave. You cooked for me and you’re giving me a foot rub while I eat. Afterwards I’ll decide if you get any food. What does that make you?”

Maya remained quiet, though she started shedding a few tears.

“What does that make you?” Sonia asked.

“It makes me stupid, for having helped you. I should have fled.”

Sonia raised one of her feet and softly caressed Maya’s face with her sole, in a mixture of affection and possessiveness.

“Don’t be upset,” she said. “I’m not so bad, am I?” She ran her toes down Maya’s cheek, wiping her tears, mixing them with her foot sweat. “You’ll get used to being mine, you’ll see.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Shush,” Sonia said, tapping Maya’s lips with her toes. “I’ll reward you when you’re good and I can be really nice when I want to. Come here.” She patted the sofa by her.

Maya took a seat by her friend and Sonia ran her fingers all over her body, getting her really excited. She gently squeezed her breasts, caressed her belly, and pressed her hand against her crotch.

“You like this, huh?” Sonia asked.

“Yes, Miss; more, please.”

Sonia chuckled. Her food was done, so she laid her dish on the coffee table and got Maya to sit on her lap. She pinched her nipples, making her shudder and yelp.

“You’ll be anything I like,” Sonia said. “My pet, my slave, anything I want.”

Maya nodded, wanting Sonia’s touch to continue.

Sonia took the other dish, and began to feed Maya with her fork.

“Are doktor porno there ways you can transfer your power to me? I may want to be able to use it directly, or when you’re not around.”

Maya thought about it for a while. Sonia stopped feeding her while she didn’t reply.

“Uh, auras?”

Sonia laughed. “You’re asking me? You’re the expert here, sweetie… my enslaved little witch.”

As Maya was about to complain about it, Sonia continued feeding her, keeping her quiet. A few mouthfuls later, when she had calmed down, Sonia let her talk.

“Auras are a way to imprint power on an object,” Maya said. “I could make an aura and set it to you so you can use it by touching it, or through intent.”

Sonia nodded. “Sounds good. Can you use any object?”

“Yes, but it’s better if the aura effect is similar to the object’s purpose. Takes less power.”

“So there’s a power limit?” Sonia asked. “Any way you can get more?”

Maya explained the fundamentals.

“Imagine you’re trying to make electricity from a water course. Injustice is the height of the peak. Love is the depth of the bottom. The magician’s mind, more or less efficient and trained, is the turbine.” She stopped, not wanting to tell Sonia about the sacrifice component.

“You’re missing something out, aren’t you?” Sonia asked, good at reading her friend.

“Uh, yes. For the bond to arise there must be a sacrifice. That’s… kind of like… the width of the course.”

Sonia laughed.

“Are you kidding me? The only reason you had magic is you saved me from that lot?”

Maya blushed.

“Um, no. If I… If you hadn’t betrayed me, it probably wouldn’t have been enough.”

Sonia ruffled Maya’s hair, and fed her some more, puzzled.

“As a friend it was my duty to try to help, but after you did that… it was an act of grace.”

Sonia nodded. It made a peculiar sense, weird as it was.

“Then you should thank me, shouldn’t you?”

“Um, I… suppose?”

“Now, don’t be ungrateful. You just said I made it possible for you to have magic.” Sonia grabbed Maya’s hair and made her head nod. “So, what do you say?”

Maya didn’t want to admit it, but Sonia had a point.

“Thanks,” she said, softly.

“Thanks for what? You know what I want to hear.”

Maya groaned. Why did Sonia have to make it so humiliating?

“Thanks for… spitting in my face and… making me lick your shoes in front of the Judges.”

“Good girl,” Sonia said, resuming Maya’s meal.

She kept thinking of the sacrifice and the power limit, and her mind immediately went to the next step.

“So, can you get more power by sacrificing again?”

Maya was very, very tempted to lie, but, in the end, she spoke the truth.

“Yes,” she said in a whisper.

Sonia kissed the top of Maya’s head.

“That’s a good little slave,” she said. “We’ll never run out.”

Maya shuddered.


While Maya cleared up after the meal, Sonia started thinking of how to best make use of her powers. She didn’t know what the precise limits were, but she thought it would be best to start by demanding all she wanted, and punishing Maya if she was unable to fulfil some of her requests. That way she would get used to working hard at pleasing her, looking for alternatives to achieve the effects she was ordered to. Sonia had no intention of letting Maya become spoiled. She wanted her to learn to expect nothing and be grateful for anything she was given.

She decided she wanted to use Maya’s magic as directly as ensest porno she could, and auras sounded like a good way of doing it. That they reduced Maya’s power was, from Sonia’s viewpoint, an advantage. The more power she gave to Sonia to use, the less she would have for herself, making her weaker and more dependent.

Sonia started looking around the house for objects to place auras on, bearing in mind the affinity between their purpose and the function she wanted them to perform. That she wanted Maya’s power to be limited didn’t mean she wanted to waste it. She went room by room, looking at everything, trying to see if any ideas came up, and occasionally snickering and giggling as she imagined the uses she could put some of those things to, assuming Maya could make it happen.

It took Sonia at least half an hour to look at every bit of clutter in her house with the new eyes of someone thinking up magical uses. In the meantime, Maya had finished the washing up, and was wondering what to do. She decided she’d better tell her friend, if they were still friends, that her task was done.


Sonia slapped her, and Maya yelled.

“Miss,” Sonia said. “Don’t make me remind you again.”

“I’m sorry, Miss. I just… wanted to let you know I was done with the dishes.”

“Good. Get on all fours.”


Sonia grabbed her by the hair, pulling hard on it, making Maya scream.

“First, I just reminded you to call me Miss; and second, when I give you an order, you obey it, immediately. You don’t ask questions, you disrespectful little shit.”

Maya was about to say something, but then she just looked sad, nodded, and got on all fours, as ordered.

Sonia sat on Maya’s back, placing her slippered feet on either side of her face.

“That’s why,” she said. “Take me to my room, pony.”

Maya sighed, but crawled to Sonia’s room, bearing her weight on her back. Now and then, Sonia played with her by pressing her feet against her face, or bending her ears.

“Good girl. Now here are the things I want auras on.” She pointed at a bunch of scattered objects on the floor. “We’ll start with the most important.”

Sonia stood up from Maya’s back, who sighed with relief, and picked up a collar she waved in front of her face.

“I want to be sure I can control you,” she said. “Set this up so I can turn your magic on and off. Oh, and so I can give you pain, too, and obviously, make it impossible to remove other than by me.”

“Uh, Sonia?” Maya said, correcting herself as soon as she saw Sonia’s face. “Er, I mean, Miss! Is that, um, is that really necessary?”

Sonia glared at her and Maya bowed her head, reaching for the collar with one hand. She placed it close to her eyes, and focused on it for a few seconds.

“It’s done, Miss. You can cut off the flow of magic for whoever’s wearing this, and cause them… er, pain.” She shuddered. “You need to touch the collar with intent, and it will happen. You can release it the same way, too.”

“Well, let’s give it a try, then. Put it on.”

Maya begged Sonia with her eyes, but all she saw was her determination. She put the collar on, and as it snapped closed, she felt she was locking herself into a horrible fate. She couldn’t help it, though. If she tried to refuse, Sonia would just make her do it by force, and whatever else, she knew she wouldn’t be able to physically fight her. She loved her too much for that, and was completely incapable of harming her in any way.

Sonia laid a finger on the collar, and Maya felt the sense of power that erotik porno worked through her mind dissipate. It was working. then she screamed as she felt pain pervade her entire body. It was only for a second, but it was such a complete, overwhelming experience, it made her lose her balance and fall on her belly, from her previous position on all fours. She shivered on the floor, and it took her a few moments to come back to her senses, enough to be able to interpret the sounds she heard as Sonia’s laughter.

“Very nice,” Sonia said. “I see you didn’t hold out on me.”

“I wouldn’t do that, Miss.” Her voice trembled from her previous exposure to pain and the fear that Sonia would use it again.

She flinched as she saw Sonia crouch down by her and lay her finger on the collar again, but it was only to restore her power. Sonia even stroked her hair.

“There, there. You know if you’re going to be the great help I require, you need to be trained. I won’t use this more than is necessary, unless I get bored.”

Maya kissed Sonia’s hand. She really was grateful to Sonia for that, but couldn’t avoid realising how pathetic it was. Not that there was anything she could do about it.

Sonia noticed Maya was close to her breaking point. She didn’t know the collar would give her that extreme pain. If it was linked to intent, it may not have been a good idea to imagine her whole body writhing and hurting, but she wanted to make sure her thoughts were clear enough. She had no intention of apologising to Maya, but she admitted to herself that she hadn’t deserved it. She hugged the girl, and took her to bed.

“It’s been a long day, sweetie,” she said. “We can continue tomorrow. Now, be a dear and lie across at my feet so I can lay them on you.”

Maya complied, remembering the last night they had slept together as friends. Even then, they hadn’t really been equals, and Sonia had made her smell and kiss her feet. She felt a strange desire to do it again, as if it were her place. After all, Sonia had shown she belonged to her. She dithered for a few moments, but then she decided it was best to keep Sonia happy, especially now she could hurt her so much.

Squirming under Sonia’s bare, fragrant feet, Maya pressed her face against her soles. First, she sniffed them. Their cheesy, acrid smell penetrated her nose, and though she was disgusted by it, she was beginning to get used to it too. There was something comforting and familiar about having her owner’s feet planted on her face as she let their stink take her over.

“Your feet smell like roses, Miss,” she said, as respectfully as she could.

“Of course they do, little puppy,” Sonia said, chuckling.

Maya kissed Sonia’s feet, hoping that would be all.

“Good night, Miss. Sweet dreams.”

“No, that won’t do. I want nice puppy licks until I fall asleep.”

Maya, who was finding the sharp smell of Sonia’s feet overwhelming, didn’t even want to think about tasting them. She had licked them before, but doing so in complete darkness, under the sheets, with nothing to focus on but the stink assaulting her nose and the sticky, clammy texture on her face, was much worse.

She gave them one last kiss, postponing the inevitable. But then she opened her mouth, pressed her lips on the sweaty soles, and began to lap at them like a dog, giving them slow, soft strokes with her tongue, as she inwardly winced at the flavour.

Sonia wondered if she would have to punish Maya again, or if she would obey. It didn’t matter to her. Maya would become her devoted slave, the hard or the easy way. Both would be enjoyable and fun for her, and whether Maya liked it or not was immaterial. She sighed with pleasure as she felt her slave’s tongue lapping at her soles, knowing how dirty they were, and closed her eyes.

She was certain that things would only get better. For her, anyway.

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