Sailing Away Ch. 05

Big Dick

Chapter 5 – Dinner

I awoke, alone, to low light through the porthole, sunset on us as we sail past Carlsbad. I glance toward the door and see something stuck in the jamb above the lock.

The note reads:

“Sweet boy – Shower, shave – everything – then open the contents of this box and use it. Afterwards you may open the locker in the bathroom and put on the clothes in it. – Mistress L”

Still naked from our nap, I headed toward the galley, taking the small box next to the door with me. The boat had rolled a few degrees starboard, the wind moving us along faster than earlier.

Opening the door to the bathroom, I saw my bag of toiletries, and pulled out my razor, shaving cream, soap, and the like. I got into the shower, drenched myself, and began to shave at the mirror, taking my facial hair from next to nothing all the way to gone. Then I lather my cock (what I can reach with the cage on), my balls, and they are baby smooth soon enough. Moving down I lather and methodically shave my legs, ensuring they stay as smooth as possible. Without any nicks, I lather up, and massage my cock as much as I’m able in the cage. It feels good, but hardly enough to be stimulating; it’s more mentally arousing. I finish showering, turn off the water, and step out. It’s a little more water than I’d like to use, but I am following directions after all.

After drying myself, I put away my toiletries, and open the box.

I couldn’t believe what I found.

Enclosed in the box, lying on tissue paper, was a selection of eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lip liner, lip-gloss… all Sephora and Clinique. She didn’t skimp!

This was going to be a new one for me. Doing my best, I applied the eyeliner, some rose and purple eye shadow doing my best to blend it, and finally the mascara. Lips were easier, and soon they were a brilliant red, matching my toes, which were always kept polished.

“Ok, I’ve followed directions so far. What does she have planned now?”

Part of me couldn’t believe my eyes – the other part was not remotely surprised. She actually did it.

A French Maid’s uniform was hanging neatly in the locker.

I had not seen her pack any of this. “In for a penny, in for a pound. At least we are at sea where nobody else will see me.”

I put on the dress. It flared out somewhat wide, and barely covered my ass. I dug into the bottom of the locker, pulling out sheer black thigh high stockings, matching black garter, and black shiny patent leather high heels – but no underwear to be found.

Below the shoes was another note – “After you get dressed appropriately, go to the galley.”

“She certainly planned this out.” I finished dressing, and made my way to the galley, the distance not far but complicated by heels and a boat with a 2-degree list. The stockings felt cool and arousing on my smooth legs.

In the galley was a note tucked under the cutting board. “She had some time to set this all up…I slept longer than I thought.”

Reading the latest note, “cut some grapes and cheese and bring them to the wheelhouse. Bring me a glass of wine, Brian is on duty so he can’t have any.”

I followed directions, and sliced up a couple of dozen grapes into halves, sliced some cheddar and Gouda from the fridge, and brought a few esmer porno various crackers for variety. I opened the bottle of pinot grigio, then put the cork back in it just enough to avoid spilling, grabbed a glass, and made my way to the wheelhouse.

If you hadn’t taken the cake so far this evening… You did now.

You were reclined on a lounge of pillows to the starboard side of the wheelhouse, low sun on your face and tits, lower body in the shade. Every bit of you naked; your left hand slowly drawing circles on your clit, your right arm reclined behind your head.

“Oh Brian, look who’s here – and with snacks. Come over here, sweetie, and pour me a glass.”

I’m not sure if I’m as red as I feel or not, but if I am it’s obvious. I dutifully move toward you, set the snacks on a side table, and, loosening the cork, pour a glass for you.

You take the glass with your right hand, and switch your left from clit to cock cage, gently shaking it back and forth, “don’t you look nice.” A smile spreads on your face, and you take a sip.

“Feed me, sweetie.”

“As you wish.”

“As I wish…” the participle obviously dangling for me to address.

“As you wish, Mistress Lacy.” Brian watches as I say this to you, and seems intrigued.

A pat on my cock reassures the correction. I take a grape, and hold it to your lips; your tongue swirls around it and takes it into your mouth. I wish my cock were taking place of the grape. I follow with cheese, another grape. You have another sip.

“Take some to Brian.”

An erotic shudder goes through me, and I rise with the snack plate and take it over to him. He looks at me, the plate, then back at me. I get the hint, and lift a grape to his mouth. Much as you did, he takes it with his tongue before eating it. I alternate a piece of cheese, as I did for you, then another grape. This time he swirls his tongue around my fingers, looking at me, sucking my fingertips into his mouth before taking the grape. My penis has filled the cage to completely hardened maximum.

Brian nods his head back toward you, and I follow the hint to return to your side. He strokes my ass as I make the turn, a little unsteady on my high heels.

I sit next to you again, and you rest your hand on my cage; no motion, just resting your palm on it. Comfortable, but deliberate. I feed you a canapé of cracker, cheese and grape. You chase it with the pinot, then curl up to a sitting position. “Stay here on the couch.”

Standing, you stretch, and step to Brian, standing behind him and embracing him, pressing your gorgeous tits into his back, then moving your hand down to squeeze his crotch. Your movements were almost familiar on him, and I wondered if you’d fucked him before I came from the galley. He was already hard before you touched him.

You stroked him for a few minutes, gentle, firm, persistent. Taking your time, pleasuring both of you. Your left hand wandering, rubbing his chest, squeezing a nipple, massaging his neck. My cock strained.

Presently you undid his belt from behind, his button, his zipper, and motioned his pants to the floor. You followed with his bikini briefs, tugging them away from his waist in the front to give his penis room to clear the fabric. He obliged you, and fantazi porno stepped out of his sandals, then his pants. He clicks on the autopilot, and raises his hands for you to remove his shirt.

Knowing you love to tease, I’m not surprised at how long you stay behind him. While he rubbed his ass into your shaved pussy, and you ground it back into him, you continued wandering with your left hand while stroking with your right. A look to me, a kiss blown silently, a smile. But whom were you teasing more? Him, or me?

Turning him around by his cock, you wrap your left arm around his neck, continue your ministrations with your right, and kiss him deeply. You two look so erotic together, tongues lustfully trading mouths, moans escaping you both. Dropping to your knees, you kiss the head of his cock, and begin tonguing it, sucking it.

I always loved it when I got a blowjob from you, either caged or real, but this was special to watch. Even though I saw it this morning, something with this was different. Less urgent, maybe? You slurped his cock noisily, and surprised me with it disappearing completely in your mouth. My own cock surged in captivity, and you bobbed up and down while on the bottom of his cock. He grunted his moans, staccato mm mm mm mm as you tongued his meaty dick. You came back up for air, strands of saliva between his cock and the corners of your mouth, and stroke him slowly. Looking back at me with another kiss, you tip your head, motioning me to come over.

I set down the plate, rise, and move toward you. A couple of steps away you look in my eyes, and nod toward the floor, silently instructing me to join you on the deck. I spread out my skirt, and kneel next to you.

You haven’t stopped stroking Brian, and he looks down at you with a smile. You look back to him and he gives a subtle nod. Looking back at me, you pull me in for a kiss, still stroking. I can taste you both.

Breaking the kiss, you keep your hand on my head, and motion me to Brian’s cock.

I’m overwhelmed, having always wanted to suck a real cock, but now it was becoming a reality.

His cock smelled delicious. Wet from your mouth and rock hard, I leaned in and kissed the head. Both of you moan in unison.

I mouth his head, twirling my tongue around it. I’ve sucked off plenty of dildos, so what’s different? Turns out, everything. Scent, taste, twitches as I bob up and down on him, the erotic moans of you both. Soon there are two hands on my head, gently urging me down onto his cock; I feel your hand caress my cheek, my head, my back. I feel you shift, and you stand up next to Brian. You both continue to bob my head on his cock while the two of you kiss again.

I reach out and touch his thighs with my hands, both balance and intimacy, and let them wander, his abdomen, his upper legs, his hips, eventually wrapping around to his ass and pulling his hips into me, fucking my mouth with his cock.

“I knew you’d do this well, sweetie, you’ve given me endless turn-ons watching you suck my fake girlcock… You were due for a real one.” You return to kissing Brian while I fuck my face with his delicious dick. So who’s controlling whom? Seems like I’m controlling him, but I’m the one in the skirt.

Brian takes his hand away from porno filmler you, and puts both on my head, speeding up. He begins to fuck my face in earnest, slow, deep, then a little more quickly, then slow, but always insistent, taking control back. I look up and see you rubbing his chest, while he’s pleasuring himself.

You slow Brian down, and slowly push me off of his cock. You motion for me to lie on my back, then straddle me with your pussy going directly onto my mouth, your mouth kissing my cage before you rise again slightly. Brian follows you, entering your dripping wet cunt in a single stroke, bottoming out.

The deep immediate thrust overwhelms you into orgasm, “Unh, unh, OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING.” Shaking, slapping the deck, grinding your pussy into my face, you feel the waves wash over you. Brian fucks you, slapping his balls into your cunt, until he feels a hard squeeze and pulls out.

Screaming you rise up a few inches off me, squeeze my head involuntarily with your knees, and squirt on my face and chest.

My cage feels different, and I realized I’ve oozed precum into my cage as you squirt on me. You have told me you could squirt, but had never done it with me before, and it is mind-blowing to watch it.

Calming down enough, you push your ass back and Brian enters you again, slowly taking you, holding your hips, and then picks up speed, slapping his balls into you again. I lick circles to your clit, flick it, suck it. The orgasms begin again, and continue rolling, repetitious, cum after cum after delirious cum. You mouth my cage in between peaks of orgasm, teasing me mercilessly as you cum and I don’t, as you fuck and I can’t.

I love it.

Brian pulls out of you, and pushes your ass forward. You move a little, and continue mouthing my cock, while he pushes his toward my mouth. I taste your cunt on his cock, and take it as deeply as I can, him slowly fucking my mouth again.

He stands, and moves to the couch, a quick look at the marine traffic ahead, and the final setting of the sun. He takes your hand and pulls you with him. Sitting on the couch, he turns you around, and you sit on his cock facing me. Bouncing on his cock, your tits bouncing in time until he firmly grabs them to guide you, hair fuck-messy, you ride him and cum again. And again.

You lift a hand and point at your pussy. I get the hint.

Moving to you, I begin tonguing your clit, Brian’s cock, and moving down and licking his balls too. He moans. You cum again, your juices drenching him. After this, Brian grabs your hips hard, pistoning you up and down on his penis. Hard, sharp, urgent strokes, your wet pussy slamming down on his cock, his thickness spreading you wide. He moans, and I know he’s soon to cum, you both moan urgently in unison, guttural sounds, and he slams you down one final time, holding you in place as he cums in you. Your eyes go wide with the sensation of semen squirting abruptly into your snatch, and you orgasm again, eyes rolling back.

As you both come down from your orgasmic high, I move in, and lick you both clean, eating his cum from you, licking you off his dick. It’s different than mine, musky, sweeter.

Brian hears a beep, and lifts you off him, returning to the wheelhouse console for a course adjustment. Even soft his cock is impressive.

Turning to your side, you reach for the plate, and hold a grape to my mouth, “thank you beautiful boy”, and give me a sip of wine, caressing my cheek, following with a gentle kiss to my lips.

Thankfully the wine can’t wash away the taste of you both.

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