Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 03


I woke up in the night to daddy’s hardness between my thighs. The arm he had around me was covering one ample DD breast.

I had the brief thought that we should get dressed. If Aunty or Mother should come looking… No point in getting caught.

I slipped out from under daddy’s arm and left the motel bed. We had showered earlier so I just had to get dressed.

I opened my suitcase and pulled out my travel pj’s. Black lulu shorts and an old American Flag T-shirt of my dads.

I loved wearing Daddy’s clothes, especially to bed. Just before my 18 birthday Daddy went through his wardrobe and donated a bunch of stuff to the men’s mission.

I asked to go through it first and kept a couple pairs of joggers that tied at the waist and about seven graphic T’s. One for every day. Oh and two hoodies. One navy Campus crew and one black American Eagle.

I lived in them. I wore them for running, for bed, camping, down time… It made me feel sexy and powerful to wear daddy’s clothes. Like I was stealing him away.

Mom would click her tongue and shake her head to see me lounging in my dads clothing. Completely unaware of the sexual state wearing them caused me.

I felt so horny and so connected to my dad wearing his clothes. Dad would always comment. “Wow Sammy! You look great in my clothes!” I just laugh and joke “you do too by the way.”

I complimented my Dad a lot. He had me very young and really took care of his body so he was truly a hunk. My 18 year old body sizzled with desire for him long before tonight.

On my way back to bed I stood to look at daddy. He was sprawled out in the bed on his back. One arm over his head, the other lay on his flat tummy. The covers had slipped down exposing his sculpted chest and his sexy groin. He looked like something right out of GQ.

His face was flush, his blond head tousled and he had a sexy pout. I grabbed my smartphone and took his pic. That was gonna be my favourite picture for a long time!

As I stood there staring daddy came awake. şehitkamil escort “Hey baby…” His sexy voice sounded so sleepy. I started to get wet. “Drop that stuff and come here. Let me love you.”

I didn’t realize I had felt tense until relief flooded me. I surged forward. I wasn’t sure how I expected the morning after to look but I was relieved that he wanted me still. Part of me feared that he was going to wake up and realize he’d made a mistake.

A tear squeezed out. I set my stuff on the bed side table and turned on the side lamp. Shutting the overhead light I climbed back into his waiting arms.

Realizing that I was crying dads soft voice sounded concerned. “Woah there Sammy… Are you okay baby girl?” His arms slipped around me and he held me tight. I sniffed and nodded. “I’m okay Daddy. I’m just so relieved you don’t regret making love. That you want to do it again.”

“Oh yes” he said. He squeezed me tight, his hands starting to wander over my back and bum. Rubbing me, reassuring me of his desire. “We got here kinda fast I guess.” He said “but I have zero regrets baby.”

He lay back against the head board looking so sexy. His hands stilled on my waist. He applied pressure to get me to turn and straddle him. I willingly complied.

He lay there just looking into my eyes. His hands rubbing my bum and thighs. The prolonged direct eye contact was reassuring. It’s what daddy always did before he said something he really meant.

I relaxed. Finally he spoke. “I want you to know how much being with you means to me Sam.” I was paying rapt attention to his words, watching his mouth move. Feeling his cock stirring against me.

I sighed with the contentment of this perfect moment. “I don’t just love you baby. I desire you with unbridled hunger. I am so humbled by the fact that I was your first. It is a special gift I will always value. I turns me on so bad every time I think of it. And will forever.”

I loved daddy’s sweet şehitkamil escort bayan words! My heart thrilled to hear them. I was sure he was telling me the truth. I laughed a low feminine sound as his cock, now massive and hard started throbbing.

It made me hungry and wet to know that my daddy loved me and desired me too but I still felt a little insecure.

“Daddy?” I gasped. He had leaned forward and sucked one of my nipples into his hot wet mouth. “Hmmm?” He answered without letting go of my nipple.

We was sucking me hard now and my pussy was answering him back as she pulsed and throbbed. Changing nipples his hands on my ass were now dragging my pussy across his hard on. Slowly up and down soaking us both in my love juice. He suckled hard and grazed my nipple with his teeth. I moaned it felt so good.

I tried to concentrate. “What about mom?” I asked. He stilled and lifted his head. He looked me right in the eye. “What about her?” He asked.

“Well… How will that work Dad? What are we gonna do? Sneak love trysts? Share? Double dip?” I stopped at Daddy’s low chuckle. I was fascinated at how laughter lit him up from the inside.

“Sam we will always have to be careful honey. This feels so good, so right, so real… But it’s still incest. We can’t throw caution to the wind and fly in the face of family and friends.”

It hurt me to hear that but I knew it was true. I felt so sad and down. I wrapped my arms around Daddy and tears fell again.

Daddy kissed me then. Deep, slow, passion filled kisses. “I love you Sam, With my whole heart. As my daughter, my friend, my lover… Like a man loves a woman.” He kissed me again.

“You don’t have to worry about sharing me Sam. I haven’t touched your mother sexually in over a year.” I gasped and desire surged through me so powerfully I got goose bumps. My nipples hardened.

Daddy started suckling them again and resumed stroking himself with my body. “I am yours alone Sam. Body, escort şehitkamil soul and spirit. And, I don’t want to share you either, I want you to be mine alone. It will kill me to lose you now Sammy.”

I had longed to hear those words so badly. They filled me so completely I came all over Daddy. He lay back and lifted me onto his cock as I shuddered from my powerful climax.

He lifted me up and down his hard shaft and my orgasm just kept coming. My pussy was swallowing his whole cock on the downward stroke and every time the tip nudged my cervix another wave would roll over me. I was climaxing so hard I threw my head back and cried out.

Impassioned, Daddy flip our positions so that I was under him and started slamming into my tight pussy. Rocking me into the headboard. I put my hands up to stop me hitting it.

“Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh… Ohhhh fuck daddy! I’m coming so hard!” Daddy came then. His hot cum filling me. Thrilling me. Satisfying me.

Daddy kissed me again. Slow sweet kisses. He was still semi hard and still in me. I was so filled with love and passion I started to spill words of love out over Daddy.

“I love you too Daddy. Your my perfect Daddy, my perfect lover, a perfect friend and my perfect man. I adore you so much. I only want to be with you. I am yours alone Daddy.”

I felt him grow hard again as I talked. I knew I was turning him on, winding him up but I needed to say those words to him. I looked him in the eyes and saw all the love I craved there. I was undone.

“Oh Daddy, my Daddy… Fuck me.”

He lifted me off the bed and slammed us into the wall. He entered me hard and pistoned into me. He fucked me so hard my tits were pounding. He was taking me. Possessing me. Claiming me. Sealing me as his woman. I loved it.

He came first shooting his hot load into me as he buried his cock as deep as it would go. He was so deep and filled me so completely that I could feel every little twitch of his rod. I exploded.

Daddy fell on the bed with me in his arms. He laughed. “I’ve come so much in two days that it will be a miracle if I can get hard again for a week!” I laughed.

We shut the light and lay in each other’s arms. I felt so relaxed, so confident as his woman. We talked for awhile before drifting off.

The last thought I had was about Daddy. He wasn’t just my Daddy forever… He was Mine!

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