Sam’s Story Pt. 09


As I sat in the basement…the dungeon, contemplating my new life as “Trisha.” Mel’s anger. She knows about Cassie. How my life is forever changed, I ask myself “was it worth it?”

The door creaks open. Someone begins to descend down the stairs. It’s Cassie, holding a cup and saucer.

“Tut tut tut, Pet. Who’s been a naughty little sissyboi.” She purrs while grinning at me.

She pulls up a chair, takes a seat, crosses her legs and takes a sip from her cup.

“Well?” Is all she asks.

“Well what.” I whisper meekly.

“Well what should be done about you?”

“What do you mean?” Is my panic response.

“Well Mel is quite angry with you…”

“Me? This is as much your fault as it is mine Cassie.”

“You shouldn’t interrupt, Trisha. It’s quite rude! Now in regard to blame…I never put that device on you. Nor did I tell you to present yourself in a sub role to Mel. I did take the opportunity to see just how far down the sissy boy rabbit hole you were prepared to go, and you went full Alice.”

My silence was deafening. She was right and I knew it. My head fell at the realisation.

“Has she told you what’s in store?” Cassie asks while sipping her drink.

“No.” I whisper.

Cassie starts to giggle. “Oh, you are in for such a surprise.” She laughs as she stands and makes her way back upstairs.

There is no sense of time in the dungeon. I don’t know if it has been minutes or hours since Cassie left. I’m starting to get paranoid now. What’s in store for me? Will Mel forgive me? What are they all doing upstairs? I hear the door open. I hear multiple voices conversing. All three women make their way down the stairs.

Mel and Steph both stand in front of me, wearing knee high boots, crotchless thongs and leather corsets. Cassie is stepping up a tripod. What the fuck are they lezbiyen porno planning to film? Mel drops a bag to the ground with a thud.

“Oops I forgot my bag.” Steph squeals as she darts back upstairs.

Mel opens the bag and begins to remove items. A strap-on, some sort of gag, a blindfold of some sort, handcuffs and bottles of lube.

“I’m ready when you are or do you want to wait for Steph?” Cassie shouts to Mel.

“No, she can’t catch up. Start recording.” Mel instructs back.

I hear a click look towards the camera and see the flashing red light recording me back. I can feel my cage start to leak like a tap.

“Tell the camera who you are.” Me instructs me as she bends down and steps into the strap-ons harness.

“I’m…I’m…I’m Trisha.”

“What are you, Trisha?” Mel barks. As she secures the strap-on.

“I’m a sissyboi.” I tell the camera.

“Do you like being fucked, Trisha?”


“How do you like to be fucked?”

“I like to be fucked in my boi pussy.”

“What about your slut mouth?”

“Yes. I like to be face fucked too.” I whisper.

“Louder!” Mel barks.

“I love to be face fucked like a whore.” I yell.

Mel walks over and grabs a bench and pulls it towards me. She leans me over the bench and handcuffs a wrist to each front leg. She walks to the corner of the room where my ankle chains are anchored nods towards Cassie and in unison the yank each chain spreading my legs as wide as they can go, then locking the chain in place at the wall.


“Do you want to stop?” Mel asks as she picks up a bottle of lube and stands behind me.


“Good girl.” She says as she rips my red latex panties in half. Making my cage hang low and my precum ooze onto the floor.

She pulls liseli porno a glove on and starts to lube up my asshole. It immediately starts to tingle and feels icy cold as she prods fingers into my ass. After she fingers my ass she walks ahead of me, removes the glove and picks up the gag.

“This is a special gag…Look it has pretty sissy lips for you.” Mel says fitting the gag.

The gag has a metal ring that keeps my mouth locked open to its maximum. My mouth immediately starts to dry up and Mel sprays my mouth with a solution.

“Trust me, it helps.” Is all she says. As my mouth starts to go numb.

“Look she’s drooling like a thirsty whore.” Cassie cries with laughter from behind the camera.

Mel starts to fit the blindfold. Everything goes dark. I only have my heating left.

“Okay, ready.” I hear Steph shout as she thuds down the stairs.

Someone reaches under my wig and places earbuds in my ears. Disco music starts to play. I’m completely restrained in utter darkness with horrid music blaring in my ears.

My head is swirling from sensory deprivation. I feel someone grab my head…something is jabbing the back of my throat. I have no feeling or taste in my mouth. Just the constant repetitive jab to my throat.

The same thing begins in my ass. I can’t feel the strap-on. Just the repetitive thrust of Mel or Steph’s thighs smacking against my ass. I have no idea what size Strapon they’re using but I’m taking all of it.

Who ever is face fucking me is going so hard. They’re making me deepthroat with every thrust. I’m gagging so much my stomach starts to urch. The sounds I must be making on camera. All I can hear is “night fever” on an endless loop.

The deepthroating is getting worse. It’s going straight down my throat, they’re holding for a few seconds mature porno pulling out and slamming back down my throat over and over. My stomach is starting to hurt from the wretch. I feel snot shooting from my nostrils. If they keep this up I’m going to throw up.

Who ever was pegging my ass has stopped. Must’ve got tired I can no longer feel the thrusts.

I’m deepthroated again…My stomach wretches…I’ve thrown up. I can feel the heat of the sick in my throat and shoot out my nose. They pull the strap-on from me. Luckily I can’t taste the vomit thanks to the spray and nor can I smell it.

Me being sick didn’t stop them. They must have switched places. Over and over the same things happened. Thrusts and thrusts and deepthroating till I’m sick. This goes on and on for what I can only imagine to be hours. Then it stops even the music.

I stay in complete darkness. No sound. Just emptiness. Feeling starts to return to my ass. There is a slow and steady constant thrust into my ass. Maybe a dildo on a rotary machine going over and over again. My mouth remains numb. I remain locked up, with the suspected dildo slowly fucking my ass.

The earbuds come to life. They’ve connected to something. I begin to hear the conversation with Mel earlier begin to play.

‘…”Do you want to stop?”


“Good girl.”…’

The blindfold comes off. There is a TV in front of me. Playing the footage Cassie has shot. Mel is sitting on a chair in the film. I’m tied up.

Two naked guys appear. Both naked. One takes me from behind as the other face fucks me. The camera zooms in on my mouth. My tongue keeps leaving my mouth. It looks like I’m blowing him to the best of my ability. It goes on and till the guys cum. I was never sick, my mind races. It was cum.

The tape doesn’t seem to end. It’s dozens of guys. I lose count. Easily over 50. Finally it ends.

Mel appears on screen and her hand touches my face…

“Did you enjoy that?”

On film it looks like I nod a thankful nod.

Writing appears on the screen…

This is your life


The End.

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