Sarah Shared the Hot Tub and Sauna


I first published this experience a few years ago. I prefer to call them ‘experiences’ since the term ‘story’ implies fiction to me. My experiences are based upon my real life. Since I started posting my experiences my writing skills have improved a little. While, I cannot change what actually happened to me, I have added some more detail and corrected some grammatical mistakes.


My apartment complex has a nice pool with a hot tub and sauna. I try to go there every few days since it gives me wonderful opportunities to show off. Today, I was feeling particularly naughty and so I decided to up the excitement that I always get from going to the hot tub. I love going there since it gives me an opportunity to risk being seen wearing girls panties. I am an exhibitionist, bisexual, crossdresser and sometimes, I even get to enjoy all three of my interests as you will find out.

Feeling excited, I changed and walked down to the hot tub. I like to go there later in the evening when it’s quiet and families have left. I am a cross-dresser and I love to take the opportunity to let my girls’ panties show whenever I can. I find it exciting, even if no one is there to see me. Thinking about what just might happen is enough to excite me. Today, I wore a girl’s yellow string bikini bottom. I could have claimed that it was just regular men’s speedos; except for the fact that men don’t wear yellow speedos with string ties.

To walk down to the pool area, I wear a pair of worn-out white shorts. The chlorine has worked on them and when they get wet they became nearly transparent. However, when dry, they hide what I have on underneath; just in case I meet anyone I know. I always get an erection knowing what I have on and anticipating what just might happen later. Maybe nothing would happen but the hope of something fun is always there.

Recently, I had been caught in the hot tub a couple of times but that’s part of the excitement of being an exhibitionist. The first time was when I was just relaxing in the tub when a young couple came into the pool area. I was wearing red panties under my shorts and the bright red clearly showed through my wet shorts.

The couple caught me totally by surprise. I hoped to stay in the water until they left but the timer ran out and I had to restart it. They could clearly see what I had on under my shorts. I ended-up having to give him a blow job right in front of her.

The second time, I had on blue polka dots panties under my shorts. I was just relaxing when a young woman came into the pool Kurtköy Olgun Escort area. I had seen her at the pool before. I was sure that my panties clearly showed and they were unmistakably girls. She got into the water and sat next to me. She was wearing a string bikini. I have a thing for string bikinis. I find it so erotic to imagine what would happen if I pulled those strings. We exchanged that “I know what you are thinking” kind smile.

The hot tub has to be restarted every 15 minutes and so when it went off, I volunteered to restart it. It was dark outside but the bright light from the tub showed me in perfect detail as I climbed out. She must have clearly seen my blue panties through my wet transparent shorts. I loved knowing that she was watching me.

When I got back in, the light was on my front and she cannot have missed the bulge in my shorts. It made my polka dots really show. We accidentally touch feet a few times. Neither of us pulled away, just let our feet drift together and apart in the hot tub currents.

Today, I was going to go further. My heart was pounding as I actually took off my shorts and put them on the side. I got in the water and waited. I was so excited and scared at the same time. Sitting there in just a yellow bikini bottom made my cock hard. If anyone I knew had come in I could have grabbed my shorts but as it was, the couple I had met before came in.

She was wearing a yellow string bikini just like mine. I had bought mine after seeing hers a few days before. I almost chickened out but I left it too late. They got into the water, looked at me and smiled. They had to have remembered me and what she had made me do to her boyfriend. We started chatting as if everything was normal. At least, I was covered by the bubbles but the problem was that the hot tub timer goes off after 15 minutes and it had already been on for a while.

Eventually, the timer went off and I was left sitting in the still water, with underwater spot lights on me; I was sitting right in-front of them with my bikini bottom brightly illuminated. I tried to cover myself but they just giggled at my embarrassment. I said that I would turn it back on but she said, “They have a sauna here too, don’t they?” and asked if I would show them how it worked. We all got out and I was finally able to wrap my towel around myself. As I climbed out, they must have seen my erection. A skimpy girls bikini bottom does not cover very much of anything.

We went to the sauna and I started it warming-up. As it got hotter, we sat and chatted. Kurtköy Sarışın Escort I still had my towel rapped around me but they just sat on theirs. After a while she said, “Why don’t you layout your towel, you’ll be a lot more comfortable. We already know what you have on.” Hey, what the heck, so I did. They looked at my bikini bottom, smirked at each other and seemed to agree on something.

Then she made me blush by asking me, outright, if I ever wore the bikini top too. I stammered and said “Yes, sometimes”. She reached behind her back and pulled the strings on her top. She took it off and tossed it across to me, saying, “Let’s see what you look like with it on!”

It was warm and wet from her sweat. I slipped it around my neck and tied the strings behind my back. I felt her sweat against my chest. I loved sitting there wearing both parts of a girls bikini. I watched the sweat forming on her breasts and little droplets falling from her nipples. She sat there enjoying me looking at her breast.

She just sat there with her pert little breast in full view. I could see her nipples hardening. I think she enjoyed showing off as much as I did. I love little breasts like hers. I imagined feeling them. My cock was pushing my bikini bottom up. It was unmistakable. She moved her legs just a little apart. I could see the outline of her pussy through her bikini bottom.

I deliberately dropped my eyes to stare at her pussy and she knew it.

Then, she said, “If you want to dress like a girl, then you have to behave like a girl.” She told me to come and sit next to her boyfriend. She took my hand and placed it right on the front of his shorts. I was so excited and embarrassed. I was touching another man’s cock. I could feel it through the thin wet material; a dream come true for me. I moved my hand over it and felt it stiffen and stand-up. She told me to kneel down in front of him. First, I had to slide my hands up his thighs and slide them under his shorts until I touched his balls. Stroking his balls made his cock give a wonderful jerk upwards.

Then I pulled his shorts to one side and actually touched his cock, skin to skin. My heart was racing like mad. She made me give him a blow job. She watched everything I did. I started by masturbating him. I looked from her to him licking my lips. I lowered my head and kissed his cock head. I could already taste his pre-cum.

I teased him by just licking the head and running my lips over it. I made it slip in-and-out with just my lips touching it. I licked the underside with my Kurtköy Şişman Escort tongue and went a little deeper. I bobbed up-and-down on the head using just my lips to masturbate him. He was groaning and pushing forward towards me. I know he wanted to fuck my mouth just like he fucked his girlfriend’s pussy.

I took him as deep as I could. With one hand I played with his balls. I looked straight into her eyes. I loved knowing that she could see me with her boyfriend’s cock deep in my mouth. When he started to tense, I backed off a little. I wanted to make this last as long as possible for the pleasure of us both. Eventually he could not hold back any longer and pulled my head down onto his cock. He pushed it in as deep as I could go. It didn’t take him long to fill my mouth with wonderful hot cum. I love the taste of cum; there is nothing like it. I rolled it around in my mouth before swallowing it. It seems to stick to the back of my throat for a while afterwards.

To my surprise she lent over and gave me a deep French kiss. She could taste her boyfriend’s cum in my mouth. We played deep tongues for a bit; sharing the taste of his cum.

Then she took my hand and put it on her pussy. She leaned back and let me rub her pussy through her bikini bottom; slowly outlining her slit with a fingertip. I slid my hand over to touch her bikini strings and slowly pulled them until the knot came undone and her bottom fell away letting me see her pussy.

I slid a finger into her; she was already wet. I moved it around for a bit and then took it out and licked it while smiling at her; looking straight into her eyes as I tasted her pussy juice. I felt her breasts and gently pinched her nipples. I loved feeling her pert little tits. She smiled at me as her nipples became hard. I loved cupping her firm young breast in my hand and fondling them while her boyfriend just sat back to recover.

I slid my finger back inside her, I found her clit. At first I just touched it, making her squirm; just a fingertip to barely stroke it, until she moaned and pushed forward against my hand. To surprise her, I suddenly rubbed it in earnest and she jumped and moaned. She pushed down hard against my hand as I rubbed her pussy harder and faster.

I could feel her orgasm building. When she came she opened her mouth and put her head back. I felt her orgasm against my hand.

She told me to sit back on the bench. Since I had been such a good girl I could have a reward. I could take out my cock and play with myself. With trembling hands, I undid my bikini bottom and took hold of my cock. My hand was sticky from her pussy as I gripped my cock. I masturbated right in front of them. I came into my towel. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I loved it.

A perfect experience for a bisexual, exhibitionist, crossdresser like me.

I hope we meet again soon.

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