Scratch That Itch


Summer vacation after my first year at UCLA, my folks were busy travelling round the country on an extended college visiting trip with my sister. They were going to be gone four weeks and had leased the house through a rental agency to make a little money. I was pissed about it, because I’d been planning to make the house party-central for a month but, instead, I would have to stay with some family friends, George and Linda.

Linda traveled quite a bit and George worked from home so we had the house to ourselves all day and night except at weekends.

He was good company and fun and I was glad when we were alone together. He did have work to do, so I tried to stay out of his way as much as possible hanging out in the room they’d given me watching videos and reading.

We didn’t have the internet at our house back then. (hard to remember those days.) But George and Linda did and I discovered the seemingly unlimited access to porn. So I was doing quite a lot of masturbating too.

At that age I seemed to have a never-ending need to jerk off. Everything got me hot, it seemed. I jerked off to all sorts of stuff. There had even been some gay videos. I was still a virgin back then with hardly any experience, so it all excited me.

One afternoon I was up there on my bed having a wank and George walked in without knocking.

I was lying there naked with some bi-sexual picture on the my laptop, beside me. I’d closed my eyes and was imagining what George’s cock might look like.

He had a stocky build and looked strong. I wondered if he had a nice cock. I imagined sneaking into their bedroom and watching him fucking Linda. Imagined his cock in her cunt. It was a wild fantasy.

I was miles away in my head and didn’t hear him enter. But I sensed a presence and looked up.

I was so embarrassed. I’d been lying naked with my legs apart stroking my cock and he’d been watching. I jumped off the bed and down to the side away from him saying ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’. I felt my face getting hot with my shame.

George told me it was OK and apologized for barging in. He said he should have known better that to burst in on a young boy with time on his hands and laughed.

That made me feel better, but I was still hiding myself down by the side of the bed and wishing he’d go away.

But he didn’t.

He started asking me about what I was doing, how long I’d been at it, did I like it? Stuff like that.

I answered the questions even though they were very personal.

George saw what I had left on my screen and asked if I was gay.

“No, I don’t think so.” I told him.

“But that excites you?”

“Well, I guess so. It’s different.”

Somehow he made me feel more comfortable about the situation. He was so nonchalant about it.

He told me about a time when he’d been caught jerking off when he was a lad.

How an older man had caught him in the woods and it had ended up with them giving each other hand-jobs. George said ‘and some other stuff’ but didn’t go into details.

That was pretty exciting. I had only just been thinking about wanking off another cock and, as he told me the story, I felt mine, which had lost its erection when I bolted off the bed, start to harden again.

My hand dropped down to my lap as I sat there on my haunches listening to George tell his tale.

When he got to ‘and some other stuff’ he stopped talking and came round to my side of the bed and reached a hand down.

“Come on Paulie, if you’re still going to do it, at least be comfortable.”

I reluctantly took his hand and he hauled me to my feet.

George kept hold of my hand and looked me up and down. My cock was stiff and I made a feeble attempt to cover it up but it was impossible. Anyway, when I tried it, George told me not to; he said he wanted to see.

He turned me around and told me I had a sexy bottom. Bent me over slightly and ran his hand lightly over the curve of it. Then he turned me back to face him. He still held my hand in his.

I hung my head down so as not to look at him looking at me but then his other hand came into my view and he took my erect penis into his hand.

“So much nicer when someone else does it for you, right Paulie?”

I didn’t know, to be honest. I’d never even had a girlfriend do it for me at that point.

But it DID feel nice to have someone else jacking my cock. I mumbled something that was a reluctant agreement.

“Lay down” he told me, so I lay on the bed and he knelt between my legs, pushing them wide.

I looked down the length of my naked body and watched as he wanked me off.

He was looking up at me while he stroked my cock. And he kept up a running commentary.

“You like this, Paulie?”

“Nice to have your cock stroked, isn’t it?”

“You have a sexy cock. I like it.”

“Do you like it fast or slow?”

He varied the pace that he was rubbing up and down my shaft.

It all felt great and I told him so.

I laid back and closed my eyes. I wasn’t going to last long.

“Cumming!” I cried out and George aimed bağdatcaddesi escort my cock so that my cum spurted out up my hairless chest. I felt it landing on my skin as he pumped me dry.

“Mmmm so much cum, Paulie!”

I moaned a bit.

With my eyes closed, I sensed him moving up on the bed so he was laying along side me.

Then I felt his fingers running up my belly and chest.

“Did you ever taste it, Paulie?”


“Taste your cum?”

I was surprised by the question. “No I never did that.”

He moved his fingertips up my body then I felt them against my lips.

“Try it…”

His fingertips gently moved along my closed mouth, coating my lips with the cum he’d collected. I kept my mouth closed though.

“Go on, Paulie… you might like it. It’s OK. Just lick your lips… lick my fingers…”

I parted my lips slightly and traced my tongue along them. Brought my own cum back into my mouth and allowed my taste buds to analyse the flavor.

It was different. Nothing like I’d ever tasted.

It was weird to be tasting my cum.

But just a little smear on my lips didn’t tell me enough…

I opened my mouth and my tongue found George’s fingers. I was going to lick them but George pushed two fingers into my mouth and said I should suck.

I closed my mouth around his fingers and sucked. Sucked the cum off them.

By then I was getting really turned on again. There was something about sucking his fingers…

And George was getting turned on as well. He was moaning quietly and making lots of encouraging noises next to me with his fingers in my mouth.

I rolled over onto my side towards him, still sucking his fingers and reached down and felt his hand rubbing himself.

We were looking into each other’s eyes now. My hand was on top of his as he rubbed himself until he moved it away. Then I felt it on top of mine, directing how I should stoke him.

He moved my hand up to his belt and I got the message.

Still sucking his fingers, I started to work on undoing his trousers. Drawing the belt through the loops and through the buckle… finally getting it loose.

I undid the button and pulled down his fly.

Slipping my hand behind the waistband of his boxers… it was awkward and he wanted to help. It was getting urgent for him.

He whispered to me…

“Should I get naked too, Paulie?”

I nodded, still sucking… sucking as he pulled his fingers out of my mouth and quickly stood and stripped off.

I lay there watching. Watching as he exposed his big dick. Smooth and hairless. I had never thought about shaving the little hair I had round my cock and balls, but seeing his completely shaved was amazing. His cock was pretty big anyway, but without any curls around it it looked even bigger.

George quickly lay back down next to me and my hand searched for his cock immediately.

We were face-to-face again but I wanted to take the same position that he had used on me. So I scooted down the bed and knelt between his legs, looking up at him.

I took his cock in both hands and started stroking up and down.

I felt so good. Big and stiff.

“Can I suck it?”

“You want to?”

I didn’t say anything, just lowered my head and took the head of his big cock into my mouth.

Felt his hands reaching down and holding my head there as he began gently rocking his hips upwards.

“Sweet lips. Sweet cock-sucking mouth, Paulie.”

I took him deeper into my mouth.

“Yes baby, suck me like that.”

He moved his hips up to meet my bobbing head.

“Take my cock, sexy boy”

I sucked and licked and my fist round his shaft moved up and down and he gently held my head and moved his hips up and down in time with me. It was so erotic for me. I’d never considered how nice it might feel. Maybe not to everyone, but I was discovering that I really enjoyed sucking cock.

I felt him tense and could tell he was going to cum. I didn’t know what to do but wasn’t sure that I wanted it straight into my mouth.

I pulled off him but kept my open mouth just above the head of his cock and stroked up and down faster and faster.

When he came his whole body went rigid and his hips lifted off the bed.

His cum spurted out of his cock onto my face and lips and some into my open mouth and it dribbled down over my knuckles gripping and stroking his hard shaft and down onto his hairless balls.

I swallowed what had gone into my mouth. Enjoying the taste of his cum now. Enjoying it so much I wanted more. I took his cock back into my mouth and licked along the entire length, Licking off his cum and swallowing. Then I went down and licked it off his smooth balls.

Finally I sat back up on my heels and we stared at each other as I licked the cum off my hand. Putting one finger at a time into my mouth and drawing it back out.

“You fucking tease!”

I smiled up at him.

“You fucking Siren!”

I was turning him on with how I was sucking my fingers. I don’t know beykoz escort what had come over me, but I was getting excited.

And so was George.

His cock had started to soften after his orgasm but now it was hard again, lifting away from his body as he lay there.

He reached for my wrist and pulled onto him. I was lying on top and my little stiff cock was rubbing against his big one.

When I was completely lying on him our faces were close. He brushed his lips all over my face, licking up the cum that he had shot onto me. Then I felt his hand reach up around my back… take the nape of my neck gently in his palm and he pressed my lips down onto his.

Kissing me. George was kissing me.

I’d never had a girlfriend take such a forceful lead and now I was being kissed by this older man and it felt great.

I opened my lips and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. Holding me tight and locking his lips hard against mine and his other hand came up and I felt it on the small of my back pulling me down onto his so our hard cocks rubbed tightly together.

His hand moved down and I felt him caressing my buttocks.

Kneading them, squeezing my cheeks. It felt great and he kept on for several minutes. French kissing me as I was grinding my cock against his, enjoying the massage my ass was getting.

Then he started to slowly move his fingers between my cheeks and I felt his seeking out my virgin hole.

As his fingertip brushed lightly over my anus, a thrill ran through my body.

That felt amazing. I wanted more.

I broke from his lips and lifted myself onto my forearms. Looking down into his eyes.

“Oh that feels nice. Tickle me there. Touch me there.”

His fingertip rested against my asshole and I puckered it and pressed out a little and it was like my whole being was trying to get him to push into me.

“Put it in?” I asked

“Do you want it?”

“Yes I want to feel it.”

I spread my legs so that they were either side of his beefy thighs, George reached a hand over to the bedside table drawer and managed to extricate a small bottle.

“This will make it feel better.” he said and flipped up the cap. He reached behind me and I felt cool liquid hitting my crack and seeping down between my cheeks.

He dropped the bottle next to us on the bed and then his fingers went back to my ass, curled round into the crack and started rubbing the lubrication onto my skin.

He made sure the tight opening to my ass was well covered as well as his finger and then I felt him position it onto my hole.


I was so excited. Saying things I couldn’t imagine saying…

“Oh yes! Put your finger into my ass!”

The tip of his finger entered me. It felt massive and my muscles tried to push it back out. The reality wasn’t living up to what I’d imagined just seconds before.


“Sorry!” George moved it out and just held my ass-cheek in his palm. His fingers were still curled round and down between the cheeks and a fingertip was gently gently stroking against my hole again.

And it started in me again. I wanted it. I wanted to feel penetrated. That tickle needed to be scratched.

“Can you try again, George?”

“Are you sure?”

“No, but I want to try.”

“How about I just put my finger there and you move back onto it?”

“Yeah, let’s try that”

His fingertip was at my hole again and now I began moving backwards towards it. My cock sliding against his shaft as I slowly moved my body down his.

He kept his finger in the same position and I was able to scootch back against it. I moved back more and felt it entering me. Now I was controlling how far and how fast it went in I was able to enjoy the feeling. And it did feel good. George’s finger in my ass was exposing my senses to a whole new dimension of pleasure.

“Like it, sweet boy?”

“Oh man…”

I rocked back against his hand. His finger went deeper into my ass.

Now I was comfortable I asked him to move his hand and finger me. My legs were spread and his finger started a rhythmic motion going in and out of me.

I grabbed George’s shoulders and pulled myself up along his body so that his cock slid down and was no longer trapped under me.

“Will you fuck me, George?” I asked quietly.

“Do you want it?”

“Yes. I want to feel your cock going into my bum.”

George withdrew his finger from my ass and grabbed the lube on the bed next to us.

He handed it to me.

“Put plenty on my cock, lover boy, and push some more up your ass.”

I did as I was told. His big cock was so hard. I sat up and moved down so that I was straddling his legs and I covered that fantastic dick with slippery lotion. Going up and down the shaft over and over. It felt so good in my hand I almost just wanted to wank him off again, but that tickle in my ass… I wanted to feel him fuck me.

I reached back behind myself and liberally lubed my ass. Pushing my own finger into myself. Then, thinking it might be a good idea, I went in with two fingers and caddebostan escort finally three.

“I’m fingering my ass, George. Three fingers in my ass. Going in and out.”

I was getting into the verbal side of it, the way he did.

“Feels good in my ass, but I want your cock.”

“Do you want me, George? Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, yes oh god yes.”

He made a suggestion:

“Climb up onto me sexy boy and then you can control how much of my cock goes into you.”

But I wanted him to fuck me, not to be riding him.

I lay myself down on my tummy and grabbed a couple of pillows and put them under me so my ass would be lifted.

“Fuck me like this George. Fuck me from behind.”

“Oh yes, what a treat. You’re sexy ass. I want to fuck that sweet boy ass.”

He got up behind me, fondling, kneading squeezing, massaging the cheeks of my ass. And he knelt lower and stuck his tongue into me. I felt the cool wetness and the stiff tongue and it drove my desire to another new level.

“I want something inside! I want your cock! Fuck me. Fuck me now”

I reached back and he raised up and shuffled forwards between my spread legs.

I grasped his cock. Positioned it so I felt the head touching my sphincter, then took my hand away.

“Put it in, Put it into me and fuck my ass.”

He was so worked up by then he had trouble taking his time, but he was a gentle lover and I felt him slip into my eager bunghole slowly and steadily. When he sensed I was uncomfortable he stopped and withdrew.

“No don’t take it out. I want it.” I told him.

He pushed back into me and finally I knew his entire length was buried in my ass.

“Oh George. So good. My ass feels so good with your cock in it.”

He lowered himself down onto me and began driving his hips. I felt him going deeper and deeper into my ass and his hot breath was on my neck.

He began hitting something inside me that made me cum. I was cumming from being fucked.

“I’m cumming George. You’re fucking the cum out of me”

It was more intense than any orgasm I’d ever had. Feeling his fat shaft stretching my ass in and out as the cum shot out of my own cock onto the pillow below me.

He kept his angle and pace and the cum kept flowing out of me. It must have lasted nearly a minute. And then I felt him going faster.

His arms snaked round under me and he held me so tight I could hardly breathe.

Faster and faster, harder and deeper, his cock went in and out and in and out until he gasped into my ear…

“…going to… cum.”

“Mmmm do it. Fill my ass.”

I lifted myself in time with his thrusts. Taking his cock into my smooth young bottom. Bucking up to meet him.

And then his body tensed like it had before and he came inside me. Squirted his cum up my ass over and over until he was spent.

George collapsed down onto me with his cock still buried.

I lay below him, feeling the wetness of my cum spread on the pillow, and then the wetness of his cum as it began seeping out of my ass and trickling over my balls. Feeling A-OK with everything.

George recovered and got up onto his knees behind me. I regretfully felt his penis withdraw from my derriere.

“I liked it George.” I said, quietly, without looking at him.

He told me he had too.

I had guessed that this was something he did quite a bit, but he admitted that since that time with the old guy when he was a boy this was the first time he’d ever done anything like what we’d just enjoyed.

“But I got so turned on the moment I walked in and saw you naked and hard. I knew I wanted you.”

“Do you want to do it again?”

“Do you?” he asked.

“Oh yes. It felt so good. I liked giving myself up to you.”

“Well we will definitely have to repeat that if you liked it, but not this second. I need to recover.”

Which was fine. I wanted a shower. My ass was kind of sore then, too.

But we did do it again.

And again and again, while I was staying at his house.

From that first time until I left their home, whenever his wife was out I would walk around the place naked.

When Linda was away on a trip I would take her place in their bed. Sleeping with George. Held in his strong arms. Our naked bodies entwined. It felt especially erotic to be fucked there.

Other times, I would stroke my cock for him to watch. When he was working I might creep into his office and shake my bare ass, teasing him until he stopped what he was doing and gave me more of his lovely cock.

He fucked me in every room of their house, from behind, missionary, lifted up in his manly arms… one evening while he was on the phone to Linda I took out his cock and sucked him off.

By then I was happy for him to cum in my mouth and I swallowed his load while he talked to his wife.

He sucked my dick, too, and wanked me off but the best was when he made me cum by fucking me.

He took pictures of me masturbating and some of my ass with his cock in it. I know that he uses them for his own self-pleasure now that I am back home. Our torrid affair has come to an end but I still find excuses to drop by when I know Linda is away.

George is always keen to enjoy my tight little ass. And I’m always eager to feel that lovely hard cock stretching me out and scratching my little itch.

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