Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 07


Sensitivity Training can mean a lot: Part 7

Meanwhile back home.

While this can be a stand-alone story, still it is a chapter in the larger story. It takes place back home while Beercan (AKA Jason) is spending his first two weeks at the Institute. Beercan was sent Sensitivity Institute of America because he had sexually harassed one of his employees. His boss, Mr. Smith, himself, had been sent to the Institute by the woman who would become his wife. He not only loved his experiences there, but he came home as fan of cfnm, and his new wife was happy to accommodate. You can read the entire story in chapter 1 of this series.

Jim, the company attorney, and Mr. Smith the C.E.O., now sat looking at one another. Jason had been shown all the evidence of his sexual harassment and had been given the option of going to Sensitivity Institute of America or losing his job and probably going to jail. He did not read the small print, he just signed the documents that said he would do everything they told him to do at the Institute and that he could leave the program before he passed, but should he do so, he would be going to jail. Had he read the document, he would have realized that they had just sent him to the Institute to become a naked sex object where he would learn why he had to change the way he treated women. Being a sex object taught a man to enjoy giving up control and to recognize that while it is fun to be used when you want to be used, it’s hell when you don’t. According to the Institute, men have to feel what women feel to really gain empathy.

Mr. Smith had even said to Jason, “This is a program I attended, and it served me very well. It is tough and you will hate it while you are going through it, but it will be well worth your time.”??Jim asked him if he wanted to think it over and bring in a lawyer, but Jason replied, that he was a big boy and that he would just do the program and get it over with. Mr. Smith smiled to himself and thought that soon there were to be countless women who would know intimately how big a boy he was. He quickly thought back to his time in the institute and smiled both at what he knew was Jason’s fate and also in pleasant memories of this time there. However, as he getting ready to send Jason off to the Institute, he realized that he was going to be in the same condition as Jason on Saturday night and Sunday, because both he and Jim were going to a husband swapping party this weekend. Not like being a naked sex toy for two months, but a day is better than nothing, he thought.

As soon as Jason was gone, Mr. Smith said to Jim, “Have you responded to your party invitation yet?”

Jim said, “You know, all the way through our interview with Jason and Ms. Fritz, all I could think of was that I have not done it yet. Megan will kill me if I don’t do it today. What about you, Steve?”?

Steve replied, “Last night. It is always the same, but you have to fill out each section and click, yes. I don’t think that the women’s section is as detailed.”

Jim said, “Megan showed me hers once even though she said she shouldn’t. It was a paragraph explaining that this is not a party to humiliate men but it is a ‘party for sex positive woman who wish to change the male gaze to the female gaze,’ whatever that means. I read that line ten times, and I still don’t know what the last part means. It said the usual that men have to be naked once the party actually starts and that they are the sex objects. It says that one of the points of the strip down is to reinforce our powerlessness as well as for the women to enjoy taking off our clothing like it was unwrapping a present. There was more, but not like the detailed form we have to fill out. No clicking to accept each secion.”

While he was talking, Jim went to his e-mail account and found the Evite to the party and clicked on the button that took him to the reservation page.

Husband-Swap Registration:

Boys Page

To come to this party, you must click yes to each of the following conditions for every party you attend regardless as to how many times you have already agreed to these rules.

•I understand that I will be attending a swinger party during which there will be both public and private sex. (Click Yes)

•I agree that once the party has started there will be a strip down organized by the women during which I will lose all of my clothing and that throughout the rest of the party I will be stark naked. I understand that the women attending the party have agreed that they are there to enjoy the men’s bodies and verbal humiliation or any other form of humiliation is unacceptable and will result in the offending party and her spouse leave the party. These are parties for women who love men and having sex with men. By giving my body over to them to use as they like, I agree to fully support these women.(Click yes)

•I understand that I am attending a party during which I am the sex object and that I will engage in whatever çekmeköy escort sexual activity I am told to perform. I will be allowed refuse more s/mish activities such as being spanked but that male bondage is nonnegotiable. I accept the fact that I will be tied up from time to time. It will reinforce my powerlessness and it is an essential part of allowing the women to control everything. (Click yes)

•I accept that I am not allowed to cover up myself in any way, not with hands, not standing behind a table, nothing. At all times my entire naked body will be completely open and visible. If I cover up, I will either be asked to leave and never receive another invitation, or the women, led by my wife, will agree on an appropriate punishment. (click yes)

•I understand that my body will be petted, groped, licked, investigated, and used in whatever manner any woman wishes. If she says, “Sit down, I want to make out with you,” I will sit there and make out. I will do what she says, when she says it. (Click yes)

•Most specifically, I relinquish my control of my penis. No matter how badly I wish to cum, I will not masturbate unless I am told to do so, and then only in public for the pleasure of one or more of the women. Masturbation, especially done in private, is considered covering up and will result in the same punishments as mentioned above. (Click yes)

•I recognize that my dick may not always cooperate, but that my fingers and tongue always will. I will always be sexual throughout the party, and if it is safe for me to do so, I will take a Viagra before the strip down to make my penis a more reliable and thoughtful member of the club. (Click Yes)

•I understand that every party has an extra kink of the month presentation. This month’s presentation is to demonstrate how women peg men, and while I am not required to participate in getting pegged, I have to watch the presentation. If my wife decides that she wants to try it, I have the right to negotiate that with her. (All of your wives were very pleased that you all got into getting spanked last month, and we are hoping the have the same level of agreement with this, but again, you do not have to engage in this activity against your will.) I understand that this might be embarrassing and uncover some homophobic issues, but I agree to watch the demonstration with an open mind. (Click yes)

Jim read the last one item out loud before clicking yes. He said to Steve, that he had been one of the last guys to agree to the spanking last month, and his wife had taken him over her knee.

He said, “She whispered in my ear. I have wanted to do this forever. Now if you can last for as long as I want you to last, I will give you a blowjob after you do the muff diving you are going to do in any case. Then she started spanking, and talking loudly”

Steve said with a too loud laugh, “She sure did. Everyone heard it, you bad boy you. I loved her line that you think you can get back into the womb if you lick hard enough, and that you cannot get your mind, or your tongue, or your dick out of her snatch – she actually said snatch – and that she loves you for being such a bad boy.”

Jim said, “For that I got a bright red ass, my face in her pussy for at least an hour, and the best but shortest blowjob in history. But she even swallowed. Even after all of that, my butt was still hot and red. At least ten women wanted to feel my ass.”

“But,” he continued with a grin, “if we do it again this week, I will be able to take a very, very long paddling since I have been a very bad boy all month.”

Steve said, “I could take that or leave that. Sara knows spanking does nothing for her or for me, but to each her own, and Megan does own you as much as Sara owns me.”

There was a bit of silence as Jim finished off his registration and sent it off. “Hey,” he said, “do you have any clue as to what we are going to get to wear for the strip down? Last month’s was a lot of fun: Jock wear. Megan packed me a jockstrap, a half tee, and a wristband. So, as I stood around waiting for the start of the strip down as the women were having their drinks and getting loose, I had so many people walking up to me and investigating how my pouch worked, feeling the material on the inside as well as really feeling the whole pouch, and basically feeling me up and down for the first fifteen minutes. They liked it so much that I lost my wristband before my jockstrap. I hope the strip down is that good this time, but maybe you know already?”

Steve said, “Well, Sara has been completely quiet about it.”

Jim said, “But she is the hostess this month, right?”

The parties all happened at a fetish bed and breakfast that the club rented out for the weekend. Some club members stayed only for the actual party, but couples like Jim and Steve, who did not have children yet, stayed through Sunday afternoon. Regardless, the rules remained the same and the boys stayed naked sex toys until cevizli escort they left the B. and B. The inn had a dungeon in one of two barns on the premises that contained the bondage equipment the women in the club used often. In addition,the barn contained what the owner of the B and B called light s/m toys. But Jim had seen the wall of paddles, canes, whips, floggers, and things he could not name. After his last Friday night bad boy spanking, Megan told him that Sunday morning she was going to bring him down to the dungeon and try out some of the toys. When she said that, he didn’t quite think that they were such light toys. He was deep in thought (both turned on and afraid) about his Sunday morning future, when he realized that he was not paying attention to Steve.

He had missed everything that had gone before it, but when he tuned back in Steve was saying that she had been very quiet about the strip down, but that it was going to be somewhat different because had to refuse people.

“Three weeks ago 75 couples had registered and that is all that the inn can hold. So she set up the strip down in such a way to be sure that every woman got a chance to dick shop, as she puts it, to see which ones she wants to play with. Its also the pegging; lots of women seem to want to see what it feels like to have a penis.” He went on to say that there would be, “ten of use who will be the on display.”

Jim said, “Wait does that mean you are one of the guys who get demonstrated on? Are you actually going to get pegged?”

Steve nodded and said, “yes, we practices last week and it’s not that bad for me, but she loved it. She has this thing that has a realistic dildo on one end and then on the other end it has a round ball like thing that she can insert so that it rubs right up against her clit. My job is to lick her wet or until she is ready and the insert it properly and then just bend over. The dildo has a porous skin and is filled with lube, so it slides right in. It didn’t hurt really, and she liked it a lot. It is not something I would put into our regular sex life, but it’s not bad.”

Jim said, “Well, when it comes to extra activities and special demonstrations, I will take my spankings, get paddled, get edgings, anything before that.”

Steve replied, “Megan didn’t ask you to do it? Sarah told me that there are ten of us doing the demonstrations so that we will be surrounded by 7 or 8 couples each. That way the women can have a chance to see the whole process close up and personal, and the other men, chicken shits like you (grin), cannot hide in the back.”

Jim did not look happy with that comment, grin or no grin.

Steve continued, “I understand exactly what you are saying, but it really isn’t bad. More than anything else, having other guys watch will be weird, but I like public sex, so I have to put it with weird to see what I enjoy doing and having done to me. And knowing that 9 other guys will be on display as well will give me strength in numbers. It’s not like I will be on display for 150 people.”

Jim said, “Well, Megan and I will watch, but my guess is that my ass is going to get punished on the outside only, while yours will get punished on the inside.”

This is where the conversation ended, and the boys did not bring up the subject at work again. At home Megan and Sara would make little jokes about the up-coming party, but they were quick one-liners and such. Once Jim had come out of the shower with a robe on and Megan just rolled her eyes. From that point on, Jim always went to and from the shower butt naked. Everyone knew the party was coming up, but there were too many other aspects of life for them to dwell on it. Nevertheless, sexual tension built up and by Friday evening, they were all ready to play.

The inn was in a secluded area just outside of what had been a far off town in the early 1900 but was one of the older suburbs now. It had been a farmhouse once, then in the 20s it was a speakeasy, it was abandoned and threatened with destruction before the present owner made it a Bed and Breakfast. At first it was a regular inn, but slowly she built up the business by word of mouth and then Craig’s List. Step by step she added amenities, offered classes, and redesigned the house for play. You could stay a night with your partner and play in your room or be part of a club and use the whole house and the two barns.

Steve and Sara pulled up to the inn at 6:45. Steve had to go in through the kitchen door, which was the boys’ entrance. The boys were expected to stay in the kitchen until they were invited in for the strip down that began at 7:00 or so. Jim and Megan pulled up at the same time. The parking lot was already almost full and there were still cars pulling up. Megan and Sara gave the boys their boxes containing their strip down outfits and their little blue pills. Before starting out as members of the group, the boys were sent to a doctor who was also a member of the erenköy escort club. She let them know that they were not only healthy enough for Viagra, she expected them to take two before every party. They were, however, not to drink more than two beers over the course of the evening, but they they could drink water and colas, and they should have a lot of them.

Steve knew that the kitchen door would be open and that it would be filled with men. He expected that they would be naked, or getting dressed in their strip down gear, or in embarrassingly skimpy outfits. But as they went into the kitchen, the guys were dressed in fairly regular gear. He walked up to one of his “party friends” (guys he liked but only saw at parties), a guy who had a real name but who everybody called Thor. Thor stood at least 6 foot five, had biceps that were as large as some men’s thighs, and a washboard stomach. The other reason for his nickname was his shoulder length blond hair and full red blond beard; he really looked like the thunder god. Steve knew more about him than that of course. He also knew that Thor had a normal sized uncircumcised penis until it got hard, and then it grew to at least ten inches. When his wife let him keep it, he had a thick red pubic bush. Usually she made him keep it trimmed, not gone, but just enough to surround and compliment his dick. She said that she didn’t like his little man to hide in the bushes.

Steve really liked Thor’s wife Giselle. She obviously had a good sense of humor, but she was also quite beautiful. She must have been a cheerleader in high school, because she always wore those short cheerleader skirts to the party; the ones that were long enough to conceal everything but short enough that when she sat down on the right chair or couch, he had no trouble getting his entire head underneath it. It was small enough to slide back and allow him to push his whole face to get into the action, while it still covered her completely.

She was as blond as Thor, stood as tall as his shoulders, and had what he, in high school, would have been called a nice mouthful of tits. She would wear blouses that accentuated her breasts, but Steve had never seen them since no man could see any woman even partly naked at these parties. If a woman or women decided to take off some clothing all the men in the room had to be blindfolded. Steve had eaten her out countless time, but he had never seen what he was eating and rubbing. He had to admit that he loved having his face in her muff and his fingers rubbing her clit as he ate away. Even though he could see Sara’s when they made love at home, he enjoyed eating Giselle more, perhaps because he couldn’t see it.

He could only sense what she looked like naked because the only times that he had suckled her nipples or cupped them was when he could not see. Most of the guys got to the stage where they really liked the blindfolds even though they would have loved to see female flesh. It forced them to use all of their senses for sex, but a man really had to be an adult to realize it. When he asked his wife about it, she said that he could see naked women everywhere. This was turnabout for the girls; at the party they got to look, and touch, and joke and treat the boys like sex objects. However, the boys got more sex than they even imagined, even in their longest high school beat off session. Steve, and apparently all the rest of the guys in the club, were willing to take the trade-off.

Giselle would often sit Steve down on the couch and have conversations about the most non-sexual topics all the while stroking his penis and directing his hand underneath her skirt to massage her clit. She said she like playing with him because Thor’s dick was really too big to masturbate; the only thing it was good for was for her to fuck. She explained that she fucked his dick and that she loved fucking him, but there are too many other dicks around to limit herself. She usually left Steve with a hard on and made him walk around the party with it. At his first party Steve was really embarrassed to have to walk around with a boner, and came close on a few occasions to covering it up. But after three or four women complimented him on his pole, he got over it. All of the other guys quickly got used to walking around with boners and seeing other guys with wood, or they never came back for a second party. What would have caused a scandal in the locker room was routine at the party.

Steve looked at Thor and said, “Aren’t you going to change? The strip down begins in like five minutes.” Thor was in a hoody, a t-shirt, and sweatpants.

Thor took his second Viagra and said, “These are my strip down clothes. Check your bag.”

At that moment, Jim walked over stark naked, not that anyone would be surprised by seeing a naked man at any time during the party. But he was pointing at his bag. Jim is five foot ten with a swimmer’s body. There is absolutely no fat on it at all. He swims for an hour each morning and longer on the weekends. He doesn’t have the bulk of Thor, but he is built. But what the guys were looking at was his lack of bush. Jim is a dark-haired guy with a thick beard and a thick bush as well as chest hair, leg hair and ass hair. It was all gone now.

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