Sensory Overload Ch. 07


Savannah stared blankly at the television. It was quiet. Too quiet. Grabbing the phone, she dialed Xavier’s cell. It went immediately to voice mail, signaling that he was in a meeting. He was in Dallas for two weeks on business and he was going to swing by and visit his grandpa.

“Hey baby, I just wanted to let you know that I’m wearing your favorite hot pink nightie and getting ready to use the new toy you bought me while watching one of our tapes.”

They’d made a couple of tapes for times like this, but it wasn’t the same. Having to settle, she pushed play on the dvd and laid back on the bed.

She smiled as she watched Xavier kiss down her stomach, her body responding to the visualization. Her fingers traveled down the soft fabric of the nightie when the door bell rang. Oh hell, one of his friends was probably stopping by to make sure she was okay. Great timing. She threw on her robe that she used when her mom visited and ran to the door.

“Coming,” she promised as the door bell rang again. Making sure whoever was on the other side of the door couldn’t see anything they weren’t supposed to, she opened it. On the other side of the door was a gorgeous Mexican woman with long legs and large, firm breasts.

“Can I help you?” Savannah couldn’t take her eyes off of her full lips. A trench coat was covering the view of what she bet was a beautiful body.

“Is Savannah Peterman home?”

“I’m Savannah, can I help you?”

“I’m Mercedes Silva. I have a message from Xavier.”

Warning signs prickled the hairs on the back of her neck, “What kind of message?”

Mercedes’ slow smile would have been sexy if it wasn’t for the sinking feeling in her stomach. “He said you might be a little apprehensive,” French tip manicured fingers deposited a letter in Savannah’s hand.

Nervously she opened the envelop, some what comforted to see Xavier’s handwriting.


If you’re reading this letter that means that Mercedes found the apartment. I know how lonely you’ve been since I’ve been gone. Mercedes works at the credit union I go to and I thought you might like her. So I talked to her before I left and after she seen some of the hot pictures I’ve taken of you, she gladly agreed to keep you busy for the weekend. Don’t worry about video taping it or calling me to let me hear it. Just relax and have a good time. Think of her as a gift from me to you. Have a fun time unwrapping her.

I love you,


Staring at the paper she blinked at it, not saying anything for a minute, “Are you serious?”

Mercedes laughed, “That’s what I said when he asked me about it. I thought he was teasing me.”

“He’s possibly the sweetest man ever,” realizing that she was still in the hallway, she stepped out of her way.

“Come on in.”

“X said to tell you that there’s enough money in the account to call for take out for the weekend.”

“You didn’t bring any clothes?”

Mercedes turned like a model on a run way, dropping her coat where she stood. “Baby, I don’t plan on wearing much.”

As it was now, she was only wearing a silver thong with matching bra. Feeling completely over dressed and utterly turned on, Savannah deposited her robe on the couch, showing off the nightie that she was wearing.

“Xavier told me to have you model that for me. He was right.”

Savannah blushed as Mercedes closed the gap between them, claiming her tongue with hers. She wasn’t used to all the attention and compliments that X tended to heap on her. Savannah’s hands kneaded Mercedes’ breasts through the fabric as Mercedes pushed the hot pink material off her body. Her tongue tasted like water melon and vodka. It made her wonder what the rest of the sexy Mexican tasted like. Stepping out of the pool of lace around her ankles, she didn’t break their contact, hungry for her touch.

Mercedes took her hand, “Show me this sex swing you just bought.”

Leading her back to the room, Savannah bent over to pull out the swing from underneath the bed.

“Looks like someone was getting ready for a good time.”

Savannah had a hard time answering since Mercedes was behind her fingering her clit, “Two weeks without his big, thick, black cock seems like six years.”

“I bet it does. Well I don’t have a black cock, but I’ll see what I can do to make it bearable.”

Eyeing her double D tits, still in the restraints, Savannah was pretty sure she’d make a good stand in. “Don’t be shy girl, touch them if you want.”

Hooking the swing together quickly, Savannah rejoined her “present” and unsnapped her bra from behind without breaking eye contact. Tossing the bra haphazardly to the floor, she rolled the dark nipples between her fingers, gladly taking her tongue back in her mouth. Mercedes found her clit again, pushing her back on the swing so she was resting on the cloth. Hitting play on the DVD player, she smiled. “Added stimulation,” she grinned as she sunk to her knees, spreading her legs. Starting at her knees, Mercedes licked and kissed her way up to her apex, nibbling at the skin closest to her pussy. Her moans mixed with the ones that Xavier were giving her on the tape. Mercedes tongue plunged in to her pussy swirling around clit like she couldn’t quite find it. She held on to the sides of the swing, leaning back as Mercedes lapped at the juices that were flowing from her. The swing rocked as the motions got for intense. Not wanting to be away from it, Savannah ran her hand through the thick black locks.

Mercedes pulled back, smiling up at her, “Lay with me on the bed.”

Savannah got up, not really wanting to move yet, but did what she was told. She greedily pushed Mercedes’ thong off her, smiling happily when she seen a freshly shaved pussy. Reaching for it, Mercedes playfully slapped her hand away, “Not yet. This is still all about you.”

Laying in the middle of the bed, her pussy got wetter as Mercedes crawled up the bed towards her, almost stalking her. Mercedes turned on the toy she had next to the bed, placing it on Savannah’s clit. Savannah wanted to touch Mercedes but was denied again.

“If you want to touch me, you’ll be a good girl and come for me.”

“Just a little touch,” Savannah begged as pressure was applied to her clit.

“I’ll let you do whatever you want, but you have to come once first. Be thankful I’m here, X was going to be mean and say three times.”

“He likes to tease me,” her breath was ragged as Mercedes took one of her nipples in her mouth. She bit down hard, causing surges of electricity clear down to her toes. “Oh fuck,” she moaned as the toy was kicked up a notch.

“I’ll fuck you all night long girl, but you have to come first.”

Savannah kissed her hard, sucking on her tongue as the vibrator was shoved deeper in her.

“It’s gonna happen,” she gasped into their kiss. Excitedly, Mercedes broke their kiss, and still keeping her ass up by Savannah lowered her top half back down to her pussy, removing the toy and replacing it with her tongue. Savannah’s hips jutted upwards and she pawed at Mercedes skin, slapping her ass as she started to let go. She wriggled her body under Mercedes, pulling her lower half on to her face so she could taste Mercedes pussy as the convulsions rocked through her. She sucked on the clit in front of her, not allowing Mercedes to pull away. Even after the orgasm subsided, Mercedes kept licking at her pussy, even though it was tender. Savannah kissed and sucked it hungrily, getting more encouragement as the Savannah on the DVD begged Xavier to fuck her. She’d finally came, so that meant she could do whatever she wanted to Mercedes.

She rolled Mercedes off her, placing her on her back. Savannah kissed her way back down her stomach, sucking on her clit. Watching Mercedes clutch the sheets in her hands as she watched Savannah eat her out was turning her on more than she expected. Taking her tit in her hand, she rubbed it against Mercedes clit, getting her juices on it. Crawling between her legs, she placed it on Mercedes lips, letting her lick her own juices off as she sucked on Savannah’s tits.

“Fuck me,” Mercedes begged, gyrating her hips upwards.

Savannah grinded against her, “Like this?” she teased, sucking on the skin around her nipple hard enough to leave a hickey.

Mercedes wrapped her legs around Savannah’s waist as they moved together, her cries beating out the DVD player.

“I’m gonna come too soon,” Mercedes grunted, obviously not able to control herself.

“I’ve got more in store for you, come for me.”

That was all the encouragement she needed and she was bucking against her, crying out. When she came down, Savannah moved her to the swing, she was just getting started it was time to get all her sexual frustration out and she had all weekend to do it.

“More, fuck me more!” Mercedes begged. Savannah was going to have to thank Xavier for sending her a freak.

The hot Mexican in front of her was wet enough that she didn’t have to lubricate her end of the double sided dildo that Savannah pulled out of her night stand.

Mercedes sighed happily as her pussy muscles closed around the fake dick. Entering the other side in her, Savannah steadied herself for a minute before they began moving in unison. She grabbed her lover’s hips making sure that the dick was securely moving in and out of her, their gasps and moans harmonizing together.

Being in control turned Savannah on, causing her to slap Mercedes ass a little harder than she meant too. The cries of pleasure that erupted from Mercedes meant that she didn’t mind it. In fact, she begged for more. Savannah grabbed her hair, pounding her as hard as she could. Mercedes slammed backwards causing the other end of the dildo to missile upwards into Savannah’s soaked pussy. In an expert move, Mercedes stretched her leg out moving it so she flipped over on her back, putting her legs over Savannah’s shoulders.

Savannah grabbed her legs, watching Mercedes’ breasts bounce as she fucked her.

“It’s gonna happen again,” Mercedes warned. Savannah was past being able to talk. Her animal instincts had taken over and her body had completely taken over. The two girls screamed with the Savannah on the DVD as they came together one last time. Savannah’s pussy muscles clamped down around the dildo harder than they ever had before. Mercedes jerked and bounced against the plastic, slowing down when her orgasm was over.

Carefully, Savannah backed out, taking the toy out of both of them. She took the toy in the bathroom to clean it, leaving it to dry on a wash cloth. She padded back into her bedroom to see Mercedes stretched out on her bed, still flush from their love making. Curling up next to her, she kissed her, the taste of her still fresh.

“If that’s just a taste of what’s to come, we might have to make this a regular thing.”

Savannah giggled, playing with Mercedes’ belly button ring, “Xavier’s business trips might not suck so bad any more.”

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