Sex at Senior Living Center Ch. 04


While the crisis created by a resident’s complaint over the threesome at Hannah’s apartment evolved and then abated, Harry was literally lying low. He was informed about the complaint on Tuesday along with everyone else in the Club, and fully expected someone from security or the administrative to summon him for a dressing down, but nothing happened.

Wednesday, his physician gave him a painful series of subcutaneous cortisone shots for the sciatica and bursitis in his left hip, and sent him home with a prescription for pain killers. He was told to get lots of rest and to use a cane to take pressure off the hip. He spent the whole week in his apartment, availing himself of the food trays provided for those temporarily incapacitated brooding over what might happen if his role in the threesome was revealed.

To his relief, Linda informed him on Friday that the crisis was over but the Club meeting was still on for Saturday at 8 PM. He told her about his hip problem and said he might not make it. Linda told him not to worry; if he could not make it, someone would give him a reading on how the meeting went the following week.

One Saturday morning, he felt well enough to take breakfast in the dining room. He was wary of making a public appearance, because he still harbored concerns that people would know abut the threesome and single him out for gossip. He figured breakfast would be the acid test. The room was packed when he entered at 9AM. Hardly anyone noticed him. He saw Pete hunched over his food with a bunch of men he did not know. Hannah was nowhere in sight but he learned during their social chat she was not a morning person and rarely took breakfast.

Looking around for an empty place, he saw Kate and Janey waving at him. He thought these two would know, if anyone did, if his identity had been compromised, so he went to join them. He had practiced beforehand several stories if he was confronted. If he could stand up to their questioning, he felt he would be home free.

Janey noticed his cane first. “Harry, what happened to you? You do not look so good?”

True to form, Kate heckled him: “You look like some woman turned you inside out,” she chortled.

Harry quickly concluded they had no clue what really had happened. He elected to divert their attention by referring to the Saturday night gathering.

“Kate, if you are referring to Saturday night, you are off base. The fact is I have had periodic bouts of hip problems. I have bursitis and sciatica, which can flare up anytime and I may have to have a hip replacement in a year or so.”

Harry went into detail about his out patient treatment and his medical problems. The ladies joined in talking about their own aches and pains. There is nothing that preoccupies seniors more than discussing their health issues. For many, there are more medical appointments on their calendars than social obligations.

Changing the subject, Harry asked: “Where’s Marie?”

Kate smirked. “Don’t try to kid us, Harry. You know Marie had to take off early Sunday morning.”

Harry had assumed the three sisters shared secrets, which was good to know. It did not really bother him since Kate had seen him pair off with Marie.

“I know that ladies,” Harry smiled. ” I just do not know when she will be back. I have not spoken to her since Sunday.”

” Sorry, Harry, ” Janey said. ” We thought Marie might have called you to keep you posted. Everything went fine with the birth of her grandchild, but she had to extend her stay to help care for her daughter-in-law. She’ll be back today. You can see her at the meeting tonight.”

On the spot, Harry definitely decided to bow out of the meeting.

“I better not go. I should stay off my leg for another couple of days. Linda knows about my hip. She said she would let me know how the meeting turned out.”

“Do you think you might be able to go to the regular Friday night cocktail party?” Kate asked.

“Gosh, I hope so. Tell Marie I asked about her, will you?” It was prudent to leave while the questions were relatively benign, so Harry excused himself.

By themselves again, Kate and Janey talked about Harry.

“I really think he is a nice guy. Did you notice he would not have mentioned anything about Marie if we had not forced him to.” Janey remarked.

” I think we should tell Marie to call him. He could use cheering up.”

The Club meeting was very informative. Only 30 members were able to attend; the rest would learn the particulars by word of mouth. The Senior Center and Club Manager Aggie made opening remarks. Standing by for their remarks were Linda, their lawyer and the head of Security, Harold Pierce.

“Thank you for coming here everyone,” Aggie began. This meeting will be brief and I ask you at the end to stagger your return to the compound rather than descend at once. So here goes.

The three of us here are going to summarize the administration, legal and security position concerning the complaint we received about one of our tekirdağ escort Club members and its ramifications. We will not embarrass anyone by revealing names. You all know by now that a non-Club resident complained about the noises and sexual activity that took place Monday at the residence of one of our members. Ordinarily that would not have raised many eyebrows among any of the admin staff. We would have handled it discreetly, but in this instance we were handed a tape. It was a three-minute clip of a very raucous and I must say extremely erotic threesome. We could not ignore it, especially since we have received six other similar complaints in the last six months. All about the activities of our members. This obviously did not bode well for maintaining our discretion. Fortunately we were able to persuade the resident to withdraw the complaint. At the same time, we received an anonymous complaint about a non-Club member’s sexual boisterousness, which is serendipitous, since we can now conflate the two complaints for the purposes of renewing our calls for all residents to respect people’s privacy while being considerate of their neighbors.”

Linda continued by informing the Club members of the confidentiality of the statements they signed when they joined the Club. “There was no specific statement in that form about recordings but I want to emphasize that anyone who makes a clandestine tape can be sued in our state and prosecuted for a felony. It is a serious matter.”

Harold got into the meat of the matter. ” I want to review with you the security steps we take to insure your privacy and to tell you what you must do to avert undue attention to the Club’s activities or to your individual get social engagements. What you do in the privacy of your homes is of no business to anyone. Short of pedophilia or necromancy, you are free to do as you please. (A few chuckles were heard from the audience.) The tape recordings emphasized that we must be alert to the possibility of eavesdroppers. I therefore did a survey of the residences.

First, the residences were constructed taking into consideration that older people’s hearing ability decreases and they are prone to talk louder and turn up their TV’s and radios louder than normal. The insulation is very good, but standing in front of an entrance door, one can hear raised voices in the living area. That means intimate activities should be confined to bedrooms. I checked out the balconies. Standing on any of our balconies one can not hear bedroom noises unless the windows are open.

The main problem lies with the stairwells. The walls in the living areas and bedroom walls that abut the stairwells are vulnerable to eavesdropping. The reverse problem is true, too. We have had numerous complaints from residents about workmen carelessly slamming doors to the stairwells and working on various equipment contained there. These stairwells are unfortunately echo chambers. Here is what we plan to do about both problems.

We will cushion the doors so they close noiselessly. That is a simple problem. No work in the stairwells will be permitted earlier than 9AM and past 5PM. A work schedule will be posted online and on your bulletin boards. To prevent eavesdropping of any sort, we will deploy cameras in the stairwells, which will be reviewed weekly.

The monthly gatherings in the villas pose a special problem. I have personally intercepted curious residents from dropping in on what they thought was an open house. I think these gatherings are a potential security problem of major proportions. It is impossible to provide full security guard coverage without drawing attention to a gathering this large. I have therefore recommended and Aggie has approved that we postpone the Saturday night gatherings until we can come up with a better security plan for dealing with them. In the meantime, you all know each other by now so it is up to you to make your own arrangements at either the regular Friday night cocktail parties or other venues to meet privately. I realize this is more inhibiting than you are accustomed to and curtails large group activities for the moment but it is the prudent course to take. Questions?

There were a flurry of questions but the three sisters decided to slip our early so they could discuss what they learned. They ended up at Marie’s apartment.

“Kate, I hope to God you dismantled your equipment,” Marie said.

“I was ahead of the curve, Marie,” Kate happily reported. There are no traces of the mics and recorders. If you want to hear the tapes, just ask,” she teased.

Janey and Marie both barked: ” No thanks. get rid of them!”

“I was surprised about the camera installations. Or rather the lack of them. I checked that out really well. That was a major security gap,” Kate noted.

“So what does this all mean to us now?” Janey asked.

“Not much,” Kate said. “We will still be standing around like streetwalkers waiting for some couple or male to hit on us. It will just take a little more trabzon escort finesse and patience to get laid.”

“Kate makes a valid point,” Marie observed. “Ladies I feel often like those women in glass-front houses in Amsterdam waiting for clients. I am really getting weary of being served up. It’s become a meat market at the Club. It’s not as exciting as it once was. We hardly get to know our partners before we are whisked off to bed. With the new guidelines, we will have a more respectable way to pick and choose. Have more time to size up people. No more instant coupling without having a clue if it will work out. ”

” You both have expressed thoughts that I have been suppressing. We’re just too damn old to be whoring around so much,” said Janey. ” I still wants lots of sex, but I want to do it on better terms. Let’s just stick to the Friday night cocktail parties and maybe branch out beyond the Senior residence. I even thought of using a web service. You know, one of those Granny or Mature Sex sites. We have other options. We’ve been in a rut here.”

“We ought to look right now at what the options are among the people we already know,” Kate suggested. “I can count on threesomes with at least one couple and maybe one or two of the guys I have been screwing around with. That’s enough to keep me satisfied for the time being. But I feel confident I can always cast out my net to meet others if I get bored.”

“Oh, Marie, we forgot,” said Kate. “We had breakfast with Harry the muff diver this morning. He’s got a bum hip and is on the mend. He asked about you. We promised to tell you he was interested in seeing you soon. What do you think of him?”

” Oh my! I forgot all about him with all that was going on last week. I should have called him to keep the door open. He is the only one at the moment I would like to get to know better,” Marie said.

“Yeah, as in – I’d like to give him a tryout in bed,” Kate smirked.

“I cannot deny that! But he seems like someone who wants companionship as well as sex. I just do not know if we have all that in common, except he likes to eat pussy and I like how he does it,” Marie giggled.

“Why don’t you call him. Ask him abut his hip and offer to brief him on the Club meeting. That’s a good opener,” Janey suggested.

Marie looked at her watch. To her surprise it was only 10PM. The meeting had been short and they had been chatting only for a half an hour so.

“Good idea. Now may be a good time. He’s probably not asleep yet and would welcome the conversation,” Marie said eagerly.

“We’ll leave you do it,” Marie, Kate said. The ladies parted company with to reconvene at breakfast around 9 AM.

Marie looked up Harry’s number in the community directory and dialed his number right away. He picked up after the second ring, so she knew he was most likely wide awake.

“Harry. It’s Marie. I am sorry I did not get in touch sooner. The ladies told me you asked about me. That was sweet. How’s your hip?”

“I’m nearly fully recovered. It takes about a week for the full force of the shots to make an impact. I appreciate your asking.” Screwing up his courage, Harry added: “I miss you Marie.”

“You do? Why do you miss me? Or do you miss my body. Not that you have seen or partaken all of it,” she teased.

“That’s what I miss, Marie. The lively banter. I can relax with you.”

“Not the sex? You are not going to tell me you are interested in mind. That’s too old a ploy to get into my pants,” Marie continued to tease him.

“Oh, I want to have sex with you, Marie. No question of that,” Harry put any doubts she might have about his interest to rest. “But my injury gave me time to reflect on what I really would like in the waning years we have. I want someone I can count on as a steady friend, someone I can devote my full time to.”

Marie was startled how close Harry’s comments came to those she and her friends were saying only moments before. She softened her voice and replied:

“Harry, you are echoing my own feelings. I am sick and tired of being part of the line-up here at the Club and waiting for Mr. Right while I bow to temptation now and then, simply because I need sex.”

Marie sensed that this conversation was one she had longed for with a man. She had not had an intimate conversation with any of the men at the Club. It was all superficial, aimed in only one direction. She felt a warm glow and resting a hand in her lap she discovered a moist spot on her skirt. ”

Holy cow, I am getting wet. He’s getting me hot for him,” she said to herself.

“We think the same way, Marie. That is another reason I want to see more of you,” Harry said.

“What about now, Harry,” Marie took the plunge. “We can have a long talk.” I’ll drop by so you do not have to walk and put more pressure on your hip.”

“If it is not too late for you, I would be thrilled to see you,” Harry said enthusiastically.

Marie changed to a simple skirt. She thought about sivas escort what else she should wear. ” Hell, I might want to fuck him,” she thought. ” No panties. Front-loaded bra and easy-to-slip-off blouse were just the ticket if things between them went the right way. I’ll put a pair of panties in my purse, if I need them. ”

Marie saw that Harry was eager to see her. He showed her around his apartment. Like her, he had an extensive collection of books. Mostly, history, travel and novels. He had good tastes in furniture. Contemporary, constructed out of fine woods. Unlike some of he bachelor pads she had seen, Harry’s was neat as a pin. No clothes strewn on the floor. No dirty dishes in the sink. Everything neatly placed. She had a peek at his bedroom and that looked neat, too. Even the bed was made. They sat down on a couch. Harry at one end, his bad leg stretched out and Marie at the other turned toward so they could talk comfortably.

“Would you like something to drink? I have coffee, tea, juices and soft drinks. A few beers. And a good white wine. I do not drink hard liquor much.”

“Let me get the wine. I will serve us both,” Marie offered.

Settling down they chatted about their interests in art, cultural events, books and travel. There were a lot of things they could do together. Marie concluded Harry was shy in this setting, so she took the lead to touch on more intimate topics. She was impressed he was such a gentlemen. Other men would have set out to hustle her in bed as soon as she stepped in their apartments.

“Let’s talk about us,” Harry. “Your’re an attractive man and a woman can feel comfortable with you. What do you really see in me?”

” A lovely lady with a killer smile and a wicked sense of humor. Your’re well-educated and I now know we have some interests we can share. I could fall in love with you, Marie. I like you a lot.”

“Are you interested in a steady relationship or would you still want to play the field?”

“That is my greatest hangup about this place, I now realize,” Harry said mournfully. I felt like the proverbial kid in the candy shop when I was indoctrinated into the Club. I could have all the goodies I wanted. The candy was on display. But there is a downside, if I may use the candy analogy. What if I want only one kind and others want it, too? Would I be willing to share?”

“Maybe I am too selfish or an incurable romantic, but I do not want to share the candy, Marie. It spoils my appetite to know that others will be eating the same candy,” Harry smiled.

Marie thought that was a humorous way of putting what she also felt, so she joined in.

” The same kind of candy may have many varieties and different wrappers, Harry,” Marie joked. “What if you have only tried one kind. Say, filled chocolates, as opposed to solid chocolates. What makes you think you will like all the different fillings?”

“I guess I’d have to try them all in order to decide but I still would not want anyone else eating the piece of candy I prefer,” Harry said.

“Are you referring to me, Harry?” Marie teased.

” I guess I am, Marie. You look good enough to eat . I have already tasted the flavor and it suits me,” Harry said seriously.

Marie was getting excited by the direction this conversation was taking. She felt her tummy tighten and was sure she was getting wet.

“Would you like to unwrap some candy? Harry,” Marie said in a sexy low voice.

“I’d be a fool not to,” Harry replied looking at her longingly.

They were still sitting apart, so Marie moved to his side and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Do you want to fuck me? Harry” Mari asked. “You can try out all the merchandise and we can both find out if we are compatible.”

“I do not want to fuck you, Marie. I want to make love to you,” Harry said sincerely. ” I want to kiss every inch of your body.”

Marie was now turned on fully. “What a sweet man. I cannot remember when another man made that distinction.”

“I want to make love with you, Harry. I am getting wet at the thought of it, but do you think we might dare to do it, with your bad hip?” Marie asked.

Harry pondered how to reply. Every nerve in his body was screaming to fuck her, but he had to be practical. Otherwise he could be laid up again for a week or more. Maybe worse if he aggravated his present condition.”

“Marie, if we are really careful and make love slowly I can give you pleasure. But I need to favor my left side.”

“Harry, you sit still. I am going to make your bed and get ready for you. I will take a shower to insure all parts of me are fresh for tasting. You will not have to move much. OK?”

Harry nodded, wondering what she had in mind.

What Marie had in mind was to go for broke. Ever since Janey had told her about having anal sex, she was itching to do it. She would go Janey one step further. She had read about “rimming” and longed for a man to tongue her anal entry. She’d urge Harry to lick her there and then fuck her ass, if the evening went the way she hoped it would. With that in mind, she took a quick and through shower, being careful to wash all her intimate parts internally. She took out a light scent from her purse and sprayed both her pussy and her anus.

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