Sex Over 60


Let me start by saying speed excites me. The wind in my face, roaring in my ears, blowing my hair around like demon fingers… the wind is as erotic to me as any lover. Phantom fingers tease my nipples, stroke me in ways no human lover can. Speed makes me hot.

So when Terry asked me to come to the track with him, of course I said yes. I picked my clothes carefully- black silk thong, shorts with an elastic waist that hugged my ass and showed off my curves. Red knit tank top with a built-in bra, even though my tits are really too big for that. I knew Terry wouldn’t mind.

His reaction when I opened the door was everything I hoped for. He surged inside, pressing me against the wall, the hard bulge at his groin telling me he was happy to see me. One hand slid down the back of my shorts as he kissed me, and he moaned as he felt the cheeks of my ass.

He tugged on the waist of my shorts, and I knew what he wanted… forget the track and take me like this, up against the wall. We’d done it before, him kicking the door closed as he stripped, hungry hands and mouth keeping me pinned. Then the first hot rush of him against me, his body hard against mine as he lifted me slightly to help him find my opening. Me rising on my toes, groaning as he touched me, then sliding down onto his hard cock, impaling myself.

He had my shorts halfway down when I stopped him. “Not here.” I whispered against his mouth, touching his wrist softly. “I want you… at the track.” He groaned and ground his crotch against me, making me gasp. He was so hard, so ready, and I almost gave in. I spread my thighs just a little, letting him rub against more of me.

“Track.” I moaned, and he sighed. He stepped back away from me, letting me tug my shorts back into place, and then led me to the car.

He drove a red convertible, a Porsche. Not the world’s fastest car, but plenty of room in the seats and behind the wheel. Our drive to the track was nearly silent, only his frequent glances at me showing how agitated he was.

At the track he entered his security code and the gates slid open. It was a semi-private track, owned by a friend of Terry’s, and if he had asked me here today, it would be deserted. He drove out onto the track and then looked at me with a grin. “Aren’t you a little overdressed?”

I smiled and unbuckled my seatbelt, stepping out of the car. Slowly, I raised my arms above my head, stretching, showing off my flat belly and big tits. Then I peeled off the tank, slowly, revealing myself by inches. His eyes devoured me as I tossed the shirt into the back seat.

I turned around, showing him my back, and started inching the shorts down my thighs. Several times I stopped, looking over my shoulder, judging his reaction. Just before I bared the lower edge of my ass I saw what I was waiting for… his fly was open, his huge cock bare and ready.

I pulled the shorts off quickly and bent over to pick them up, flashing my ass at him. I tossed the shorts back into the car with the shirt and then slid back into my seat, pulling the door closed behind me. He was stroking himself, slowly, enjoying the show.

I leaned over and replaced his hand acıbadem escort with mine, stroking his rigid cock with a smile. He fingered my nipples with a small moan, which became louder as I stretched further across the seat.

“Drive.” I said softly, and took him in my mouth.

It took him a second to get the car started, and another one to ease it into gear. We had never done this before- usually I stripped and then stroked or sucked him to orgasm, then fingered myself while he drove around the track. After a few laps I would be begging him to stop the car and fuck me. He never said no. On the hood, on the ground, in the back seat… it didn’t matter. Once he had pulled into the mechanic’s pit and bent me over one of the tables; sometimes it was in the bleachers. Speed made me hot, and he always lasted long enough to make me cum again and again under his pounding cock.

His cock was hard and smooth in my mouth and I licked and sucked it greedily. I loved his cock- it was long and slightly curved, and always managed to hit that special spot that drove me wild. He usually kept it shaved, so it was easier for me to suck. Of course, I kept myself shaved, or mostly shaved, most of the time too, so I guess we were even.

I lifted my mouth off his cock long enough to say “Faster.” before taking him back between my lips. I felt his thigh flex as he pushed the accelerator down and I moaned around him. I wasn’t all the way down yet- he was nearly nine inches long- but I had a lot of him in my mouth, pushing against the roof of my mouth. I pushed myself deeper onto him and was rewarded by a soft groan.

I could feel the wind from the car’s movement against my bare back as I sucked Terry’s cock. His pants were open and I pushed them further down, letting me get at more of him. I wanted to stroke his balls, to roll them into my mouth like some exotic fruits. He lifted his hips briefly, just long enough for me to slide the jeans down past the curve of his ass. His foot pressed harder on the accelerator and I moaned again.

“Faster, baby?” he said, and I knew it wasn’t a question. I started sucking his cock faster and deeper, driving my mouth down onto him, as he accelerated again. I could reach his balls now, stroking them with my fingertips as he groaned above me.

I lifted my head from his cock just long enough to glance at the speedometer..80mph and climbing. Then I lowered my mouth and licked at his balls, sucking one into my mouth and tasting it like candy. I sucked at him, rolling him against my tongue, my fingers dancing on his shaft. Then I switched sides, rolling the other one into my mouth, between my lips and over my tongue. After a moment I managed to get both his balls inside my mouth at once, teasing them with my teeth and tongue.

His groans were getting louder now and his foot pressed the accelerator harder into the floor. The motion of the car as it sped around the curves of the track, the wind in my hair, my bare skin against the leather of the seats, the taste of his flesh in my mouth… I was hot and wet, waves of pleasure building within me.

My eyes flickered over to the speedometer… atalar escort over 100 and still climbing. I slid his balls regretfully from my mouth, knowing I couldn’t press him much further that way. Slowly, slowly, I licked my way up his shaft to his head, looking up to see his head thrown back, reflex and habit keeping him steady at the wheel.

I took his head in my mouth, slowly, teasing him, licking and sucking every inch before I slid my mouth further down. One hand left the wheel and pushed gently on the back of my head. I let him nudge me down, relaxing my throat to take him in, bobbing up and down slowly, working his cock all the way into my mouth. His breath hissed out and he put his hands back on the wheel.

I started sucking him in earnest, eating his cock like candy, showing him my desire with my mouth. My hand stole down between my legs and I rubbed myself through my panties. They were wet already, and I moaned again around his cock as I touched myself.

“Baby… ” he groaned, as I licked and sucked his hard cock. “I’m not gonna be able to… drive… much longer… ” I moaned again and started sucking him as hard and fast as I could. One hand circled the base of his shaft, caressing his balls, and with the other hand I stroked myself, faster and faster. My ass rose and fell with the motion as I rubbed myself against my hand, bobbing in time to my mouth on his cock.

His hand pushed on the back of my head again and I took him all the way into my mouth, knowing he was close to exploding. I moaned aloud around his cock as I sucked him hard and deep and felt him twitch.

“OHHH!” he cried out, shoving my head all the way down as he twitched hard inside my mouth. I felt the warm spurt of his cum against the back of my throat and swallowed greedily, working my throat muscles around him with a moan. He pushed his hips up into me and I felt him brake the car, holding my head down hard with one hand.

I swallowed around him until his cock stopped moving, then gasped as he pulled me off him by my hair. “You little tease.” he said softly, opening his door. He stepped out of the car, then out of his pants, tugging me out after him. I slid across the seats with a moan. He pulled me hard against him, letting his still-hard cock press against my sopping crotch.

“God, you are wet.” He said, kissing me hard and trapping me between him and the car. “You really like cars, don’t you baby?” I could feel his cock sliding between my thighs and I moaned again, rubbing myself against him.

Terry took a step back and I moaned, trying to follow him but stopped by his hand on my shoulder. His cock was still rigid and looked slick and wet, coated with my juices. I moaned helplessly as he walked around the car and opened the trunk, then closed it again and came back.

“Bend over the hood.” he said softly, and I did. The car was still running, engine hot under the hood but not burning. The slight vibration of the motor against my pussy made me moan and press myself harder against the car. I could feel Terry behind me, looking at the picture I made, white ass and black thong against the sleek red paint of his car. He aydınlı escort stepped closer and stroked the crack of my ass, tracing the thong, and I shivered.

“Not much here.” He murmured into my ear, pressing himself against me. “I could take you like this and not have to take them off… just push this out of the way…” his cock pressed against my ass, sliding against the silk.

I felt his cock slide between my legs and I tried to spread them more, to let him enter me up against the car. He was right, the thong didn’t cover much…. he could move it to the side and slide into my pussy with ease. I was certainly wet enough.

He grabbed the sides of the thong and eased it down, baring my ass and my dripping pussy. I moaned as the cool air hit my overheated flesh, rubbing myself harder against the car. My clit was swollen and sore, and I wanted him so bad I nearly cried.

He eased the thong over my hips, down my ass, and to my knees. He reached between my legs with one hand, stroking my pussy lips, feeling the moisture that coated me. Then I felt the press of something hard… something that was not his cock- and I squeaked and jumped, trying to straighten up.

“Relax.” He growled in my ear, pushing me back down against the car. I leaned back down and let him arrange me… legs spread, pussy pressing against the car, tits flat on the hood. He pressed the vibrator against me again and I moaned, relaxing to let him push it into my pussy. It was almost as big as his cock, slightly soft, and he pushed it in deep as I moaned.

“You make such a picture.” He said softly, working the vibrator further into me. “Your legs all spread, body begging to be fucked… do you want me to fuck you?” My “yes” was barely a moan. Between the vibrations of the car against my clit and the vibrator in my pussy, I was trying hard not to collapse. I closed my eyes and tried to hold on, tried not to beg him to fuck me.

He gave the vibrator a single push, driving it deep into my pussy, and I lost it. My hips drove against the car, my ass thrust back against him, and I cried out as the waves of pleasure hit me. In and out, up and down… he used the vibrator as if it were a cock, knowing just how to move it, just when to thrust to make me wild. He brought me to one orgasm after another, screaming my pleasure into the hood of his car, writhing and bucking on the hood. I begged him out loud, begged him to fuck me, my pussy riding his car as he fucked me long and hard.

With one final thrust, he stopped. My body trembled on the edge of another orgasm as I felt him reach for my thong, pull it up over my hips and dripping pussy and the vibrator still buried inside me. Then he told me to get back in the car.

His jeans joined my own discarded clothes in the back seat as he shut his door, cock pointing at the sky. The vibrator buzzed and pulsed inside me as he started driving again, the added vibrations of the seat against my pussy making me moan. “Fasten your seatbelt.” he said, buckling his own. He drove around the track, picking up speed, watching me writhe and moan.

He told me that he planned to drive around the track, fast, as fast as he could, as he watched me orgasm beside him. Then we would go into the pit and fuck again and again and again. Just hearing it made me moan, made me writhe against the seat as the vibrator and the vibrations of the car found a rhythm that sent me into ecstasy.

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