Sex with a Friend


This is a work of fiction although some things actually happened with my wife!

I had known Janice for some time but never really talked to her. It’s like that in a local bar; you see people but never really get to know them. Anyhow she worked at the hospital as a nurse and always wore the old fashion nurse uniform of white skirt and hose. Every time she came in every guy in the bar would stare. Now she wasn’t the most beautiful woman but there was something about the way she carried herself that made her really attractive. For me, it was the hose. She drove me nuts all the time, depending on her shoes she would dangle and dip, slide her foot out and use her toes to drag the shoe around on the floor. She never let her foot hit the floor though, that would have been bad as it was always dirty. I found out later that she did that to me on purpose. Janice was about 5’3″ tall and about 135 to 140 lbs with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.

One night she was there with a friend from work and both girls were playing pool and having a good time. I was happy to just watch them play, when ever there was a shot where they had to lean over the table a leg would come up. Janice’s friend Georgia who like Janice wasn’t a beauty queen but was also attractive and was about 5’6 blond with blue eyes and short curly hair wore slid on white flats kind of like a ballet shoe but with a cushioned sole. Her sexy feet were always coming out of her shoes and like Janice she wore the white skirt and hose. I moved to the seat next to them at the bar and listened to them talk as they played; Georgia was telling Janice about a guy at work who sucked her toes! I couldn’t believe my ears and when Janice said she loved it when a guy did that I almost fell off my chair. Janice had on white shoes kind of like Georgia’s but she had laces and the upper covered more of her foot. Nothing sexy but as Forrest Gump would say,”I bet those are comfortable shoes.”

When they were done playing the returned to their seats and before I knew it the three of us were just chatting away. I was next to Georgia and Janice was on her other side so I was facing the both of them as we talked. I noticed that one of Janice’s shoe was untied and so did the guy sitting a seat down from her and when he told her she spun around and put her foot on the empty chair between them and said,”How about tying it for me.”

He didn’t hesitate and I was green with envy as I watched. I didn’t even notice that Georgia was talking to me as this went on but she noticed me watching this schmuck tie Janice’s shoe for her. I didn’t realize this but Janice was looking in one of the mirrors on the far wall to see Georgia’s reaction to her having this guy tie her shoe but instead she caught mine, as she would tell me later.

As women usually do both of them got up to go to the bathroom and when they came back Georgia gathered her things and kissed her friends cheek said goodnight to me and left. Janice looked at me and said Georgia had to work early tomorrow and slid into the seat next to me. We talked for a long time and had many beers and a few shots when Janice decided to go. She got up and I tried to convince her to stay for one more but she said,”Why don’t we have one more at my place?”

I was up and had my coat on before she could blink. I followed her home and into her house that she rented.

“Have a seat and I’ll get the beers.”

I sat on the couch and looked around there weren’t many pictures on the wall just some bare necessities but that was fine as I wasn’t there to judge her decor. She handed me my beer and sat on the couch at the opposite end and before I knew what was going on she had her feet in my lap.

“I noticed you watching me get my shoes tied and I also noticed the way you watched as we played pool. If I had to guess I would say you have a foot fetish.”

Well now this was new for me I had never had anyone say something like that before. I had told some girls about it in the past and didn’t try to hide it but never had anyone say something like that before. I chuckled a bit,” Well yeah but it’s a little more than just a foot fetish. Shall I go on?”

” Yes please do and while your at it how about a massage?” I about shit!

I slowly remover her right shoe and brought it to my face and inhaled deeply as I looked directly at her. She smiled and said,”how about the other one?” I set her shoe on the floor and repeated myself inhaling her sweet musky scent. I could tell she wore those shoes allot and was on her feet all day today but the scent wasn’t over powering but damn it was good.

“Don’t my shoes smell?”

“No in fact I like the way the smell.”

“Is that part of your fetish, you like to smell feet also?”

” Well I like to smell pantyhose covered feet more like it.”

“What do like about hose?”

“What’s not to like, I love the way they look, the way they feel and the way the hold the scent of a women’s foot. They also make your legs look even bağdatcaddesi escort sexier and there is just something about a woman in hose, it’s hard to explain.”

“That’s not all thats hard.”

She wiggled her feet in my lap I realized that my pantyhose detector was standing at full mast and trying to find some room.

She pressed her foot against my cock,”Is that for me, wow I never thought my feet could do something like that. You haven’t even started my massage yet they are just sitting on your lap.”

She leaned back against the arm of the couch and slid down a bit more to put more pressure on me.

“Now how about that massage!”

” Gladly.”

I took both her feet one in each hand and started to press my finger into the sole of her feet, they were warm from being in her shoes and the hose was smooth.

“I notice your wearing good hose. Most nurses I see wear the real cheap one.”

“Hmm you do enjoy hose and yeas they are not cheep, well they aren’t the most expensive either they are Hanes silk reflections. Here now you can feel just how smooth they are.”

Janice lifted her foot to my cheek and was gently rubbing her foot on me. I was about to explode and before I could do anything else she moved her foot to my lips,” how about a little kiss?”

I kissed the side of her toe and down to her arch as she pressed her foot into my face and pushed me back into the cushions her other foot found it way to my crotch and she started stepping on my cock.

I took her soft nylon covered foot and placed my nose under her toes and breathed in her sweet scent and kissed ever inch of her sole. I pressed my face so hard against her foot I was afraid I might hurt her.

“Wow that feels great especially after a long day on my feet. Now don’t forget the other one.”

For a brief second I had both her feet pressed against my face. I was in heaven.

“How about getting another beer?”

I stopped what I was doing and gladly got her another drink, mine was untouched I never even got a sip.

When I cam back Janice had her shoes back on and her legs crossed.

“Wow you look like someone just told you there was no Santa.”

I handed her the beer and sat on the floor at her feet taking her shoe in my hand I kissed the top and started to work my way up her nylon covered leg.

“Why don’t we go upstairs?”

I extended my hand to help her up and followed her up the stairs taking every chance to rub her legs and watch her ass move as we went. When we got to her room she lit a few candles and slid onto her bed with her shoe still on.

“Why don’t you come over here and take my shoes of and finish what you started down stairs.”

I moved to the bed faster than lightning.

I knelt on the floor at the side of her bed as I reached out and slid off her shoe and slowly breathed in more of her scent. Nothing like 30 seconds back in a shoe to recharge her foot. She brought her other foot over and shoe on placed it on top of my head and pressed me don’t to her mattress. Holding me down with her shoe she rubbed her foot all over my face and the soft nylon was driving me insane. I could not see what Janice was doing but honestly I didn’t give a shit I was having the time of my life. She held her shoe over my mouth,” Take it off with you mouth.”

I hungrily bit into the cushioned end of her shoe and gently pulled it off, once I got it free of her foot I slide my tongue as far in as I could and licked her foot between her shoe and I heard her moan softly so I licked harder. Her shoe fell to the bed alongside my head as I grabbed her foot and held it to my mouth running my tongue along her nylon covered sole. Her feet tasted and smelled like heaven and the feeling of the nylon on my tongue almost drove me insane.

I looked up to her and could see her rubbing her pussy through her hose. I had never seen a woman do this and was now heading into sensory overload.

“If you want to see more and even lick it you had better get back to my feet. I have been on them all day and you make them feel good.”

I didn’t hesitate and quickly grabbed both feet and held tightly against my face using my tongue and nose and what ever I could to massage them. I even thought briefly that this was an ok time to die as I was surely in heaven.

Without any warning Janice pulled her feet away, “come on up on the bed and lay on your back.”

Janice swung a leg over me and was straddling my chest. She pulled her uniform off over her head and took off her bra. I looked down and saw that she did not wear panties under her hose and the cotton gusset was wet with her juices. She grabbed a handful of my hair and held my head just inches from her sweet spot as she slowly rubbed her clit.

“Are you paying attention? That’s what I want you tongue to do.”

She slid foreword and sat right on my face. I pressed my tongue against her nylon covered clit as hard as I could and beykoz escort I knew I was doing it right when I felt her start to rock and grind her pussy harder onto me. With both hands she pulled my face against her pussy so hard I could barely breath and I looked up to see her eyes shut and a smile on her face. Her juices were as sweet as honey as she soaked her cotton gusset and I sucked as hard as I could trying to get every drop like a man in the desert finally getting water.

She rolled off me and laid there panting,”That was great.”

I had to agree with her, I love every second of it.

“I want to watch you undress.”

So I stood and started to slowly take my cloths off. As I pulled my boxers off y cock was standing at attention.” Come back on the bed like a good boy.” I lay back down and Janice reached over and started to gently stroke my cock. She knew what she was doing; I had to wonder if there was a class on this in nursing school.

“Move to the bottom of the bed.”

I did so and she propped herself up on some pillows and started to rub my cock with her nylon covered feet. I was speechless as she trapped me between her feet; she laid her left foot across my stomach and used the right to stroke my cock. Every once in a while she would slide her foot down to my balls and press like she was stepping on them then move to the spot below them and pressed her toes into me. I later learned this was called pumping the grundle, and external stimulation of the prostate.

Boy that worked well, I could see pre cum starting to form at the head of my cock and Janice saw it to. She took her toes and gently rubbed circles around the head of my cock gathering my pre-cum in her nylons. Slowly she would lift it off so I could see the stream still attached to my cock running to her toes.

She took her foot and used her toes to run from the base to the head milking more pre-cum, so much so that it looked like there was some actually cum mixed in. I was on the verge of Cumming and I told her so.

“Not so fast, clean my foot!”

She brought her toes to my mouth and held them there for a second. I could see my pre-cum all over them soaking her nylons under her toes.

“If you want to finish you will clean them.”

I had never done anything like this before, hell I had never even thought about tasting my own cum. I looked up to her and could see that she had made a hole in her hose along side her cotton gusted and was slowly fingering herself.

“I want to watch you lick your cum off my toes!”

With that she pressed her foot to my mouth and without even thinking I slid my tongue out to taste my pre-cum for the first time. I have to admit it was not as bad as I expected but didn’t dwell on it, as all I wanted to do was lick her feet and get to cum. Janice raised her foot just a little so I had to reach out with my tongue to lick her foot.

“I like watching you do that.”

And I heard a soft moan. She put her foot back on my mouth,”Suck them clean!”

I could tell she was enjoying herself as she just about lifted her whole body off the bed using my face to support her. I did what she wanted and sucked every drop out of her hose.

Janice took her foot off my face and back to the head of my cock. I noticed that there was even more pre-cum running from my cock. Janice used her toes again to scoop it up and brought it back to my mouth. I didn’t hesitate and licked it all off. When she was satisfied that I had cleaned her foot she pulled her feet back and sat cross legged next to me and reached down to stroke my cock.

I can’t explain why I didn’t explode yet, to this day its still a mystery. Janice would milk my cock and then gather my pre-cum and feed it to me on her fingers.

“That is so sexy I love watching you do that.”

She started talking to me as she milked me.

“So how long have you been a pantyhose foot freak?”

I laughed and told her as long as I could remember.

“Do you ever wear them?”

“Well I did as a little kid but haven’t since.”

Janice got up and went to her chest of drawers. I knew what was coming as I lay on her bed with a cock that felt like it was going to explode. She tossed a pack to me.

“They’re not pantyhose as I don’t think mine would fit you these are thigh high stay ups no garter needed.”

I opened the pack and took out a pair of black thigh highs and just held them for a second.

“Do you need help?”

She chuckled at the question as she climbed back on the bed.

“Go ahead stand up and put them on I want to watch you do it.”

I got to my feet and rolled the hose to get to the toes.

“Well now it looks like you have done this before!”

“No I have put them on a girl before and I know this is how to do it!”

I smiled at her as I balanced on one foot and started to slide my foot into the stocking. I gently rolled it up my leg enjoying the feeling as I did my hard cock bobbing caddebostan escort along as I wobbled on one foot. I repeated the process for the other leg and started for the bed.

“Oh no I want to get a good look at you first.”

Janice moved to the end of the bed and reached out to stroke my leg.

Janice slowly caressed my leg and I have to admit I loved the feeling of the hose and her attention. She pulled me on to the bed with her and we slid to the top our legs rubbing together as we kissed and fondled each other. I love the sensation of her hose rubbing against mine; it just made my dick harder! I could tell Janice liked it also but when she told me she would have to do this with on of her female co workers who I knew I almost came on the spot. I looked at her and she smiled saying,”Well we played together once in a while when we were room mates.”

“I would love to be there for it.”

“Well maybe if you are a good boy and she says its ok.”

With that I got back to her and started to suck her nipples as I slid down her body to her hose covered pussy.

I felt her with my hand and from all the attention and me licking her clit earlier she was soaked. I took her hose between my teeth and bit through them by using my teeth like a saw. Once the hole started I opened it a little more with my finger until her sweet hole was exposed. I dove in headfirst and took her naked clit between my lips sucking on it and humming sending slight vibrations through her body. She responded by squeezing my head between her nylon covered thighs and she moved her feet to my back to gain some leverage again as she thrust up to meet my mouth. I could taste her juices and started to rim my tongue into her licking all around her lips then used it to fuck her like a dick all the while grinding my nose and upper lip against her clit. A muffled whimper escaped her as she pulled my face back using my hair.

“Wow that felt so good, I want you inside me now.”

I happily obliged her and slid up, she grabbed my cock and put the head inside her with no trouble and I slid in deep.

Janice moaned softly how good I felt inside her as I started pumping into her ever so slowly. She wrapped her legs around mine and locked me into place as she undulated her hips to meet my thrusts. The feeling of our hose covered legs made me want to cum and I told her that I was about to if we didn’t slow down. Without saying a word she un-wrapped her legs and placed her hand on my head and pushed. I knew right away what she wanted and happily went back to licking her sweet pussy. Her juices were all over from our fucking and I licked up every drop I could find and thrusting my tongue into her again and went back to pressing my upper lip to her clit. This sent her over the edge and she came. I figured this out when the grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled for all she was worth while squeezing my head like a vice with her thighs. I almost couldn’t breath and the breath I cold get smelled of sweet pussy.

I could taste her cum and tried to lick all of it. Janice then rolled over with my head still trapped between her lags and I gladly went with her. Now On my back she continued to grind on my face looking down at me smiling. She leaned back for a moment and took my cock into her hand gathering some of my pre cum on her fingers she brought them to her mouth and sucked them dry. Janice moved down my body and manoeuvred my cock into her and she sat right on me. I brought her knees up and together in front of her and this squeezed my cock inside her even more as she started to grind back and forth. That was it I couldn’t take any more and I came inside her. It felt like and explosion and I don’t think I had ever cum that much in my life. Janice felt it and started to rock harder on my and I could tell she was about to cum again. My cock was still hard and she kept on going until I knew she had climaxed again.

I wish I could cum that many times so close to each other. Anyhow she fell foreword and lay on my for a bit while she caught her breathe. We kissed a little and both kind of chuckled a bit, as we were both extremely satisfied. She sat up a bit and looked me in the eye and smiled,”I can feel your cock getting soft inside me.”

“So can I and you feel soaked, wonderful but soaked.”

Janice quickly got off me and spun around, I was looking at her soaked pussy as she took my cock into her mouth sucking it and licking both our juices off. I was staring at her pussy when I cold see that she was flexing her muscles and I could see my cum start to seep out through the rip in her hose. I was rubbing her ass as she let it all seaped out onto my chest.

“Don’t do anything and don’t touch it I’ll take care of it all.”

I sat there for a brief second amazed at what Janice had said. She rocked her ass back and before I knew it she sat on my face just for a second but it was enough to get some of our juices that were mixed together on my face. She spun around again like a top and was licking my face before I could even react. I watched as she licked and sucked up the puddle of cum that was on my chest. This was by far the most erotic thing I had ever seen and my cock was responding to it and today I think she knew it would that’s why she did it.

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