Sexy Mandy’s Halloween Treat


“Perfect! Just Perfect!” exclaimed our delightful Halloween Hostess, Porn Sex Pot Mandy Collins, as she made an orbit around the decorated circular table sitting in the foyer of her beautiful home. The centerpiece of the table was a large black cauldron filled with expensive Halloween goodies. No penny candy in Collin’s residence.

Around the treat tables outside diameter were strategically glowing buttons that each guest would press when dipping into the pot for their treat. It was supposed to keep order among the expected neighborhood visitors, but Mandy had other nefarious intentions.

The buttons emitted an electronic frequency that vibrated the receiving orb. One of the receiver eggs was buried in her anus, and the other hen sized egg was firmly tucked in her cervix.

Mandy giggled. She couldn’t wait till the trick or treaters pressed the button to dip their grimy finger’s into the candy pot,

The visitors had no idea they were making Miz Mandy cum. It all seemed so debauched and filthy, her pussy juice oozing down her legs as they yelled, “Trick or Treat!”

“Nearly time for the tricksters to be making their rounds, just enough time to put on my costume.” hummed Mandy skipping down the hallway like a kid going to the playground,

Stepping into her spacious bedroom, Mandy took a quick look in her mirror, her perfect blonde hair falling to her tanned shoulders, the platinum locks fell across the huge gold hooped earrings that accented her beautiful smile, A smiling pair of lips that had been sucking cock and eating pussy for nearly forty years

“Somebody gonna gets lucky tonight.” hummed Mandy taking a Nate Sherman Black and Gold cigarette from a pack on her vanity. She lit it and took a boob expanding pull on the gold filter tip.

Slipping her long dancer’s legs into a pair of white French cut crotchless pantyhose. Mandy licked her full lips with anticipation of seducing a trick or treater with her Hello Kitty Nurses outfit.

Guiding her toned arm through the openings of her starched snow-white LVN dress, Mandy realized it was two sizes too small. The pearl buttons struggled to keep the lapels secure.

Taking a pull on her black cigarette, Mandy laughed and looked in the mirror.

“Damn, these titties are ready to pop!”

She stepped into her six-inch virgin white spiked pumps, wobbling slightly, trying to keep her balance on the skyscraper heels.

As she preened in front of the mirror, Mandy realized she looked just like the nurse she had when she was eighteen. It made her shiver when she thought about that night in the ICU unit. She certainly received some intense care from the nurse that night, but that was another story.

Mandy took a final pull on her cigarette and crushed it out on her vanity dresser. Batting her false eyelashes, she announced to her reflection, “Let’s get this party started!”

“Several Hours Later”

Snapping her inhale with a vengeance. Saying Mandy was pissed was an understatement. Eight PM and not one fucking treater. No treats, no tricks. And no fucking buzz between her thighs. She stubbed out her cigarette and nervously lit another.

“Might as well call it a night.” she thought, streaming a cloud of smoke at her vaulted ceiling.

“Trick or Treat!” two chirpy voices echoed from Mandy’s doorway. Pirouetting on her sky-high white cum fuck me spikes, Mandy turned to see who was gracing the entryway to her home.

Holding hands standing at the door were a boy and girl dressed in 50’s elementary school garb. The boy had a white shirt and plaid tie, which was haphazardly knotted.

He was handsome in a boyish way with a shock of blonde hair slightly tousled, but there was a look of mischief in his blue eyes.

The girl was actually quite beautiful with a blonde ponytail. Her tight white blouse indicated a nice set of budding breasts that were hidden underneath. A navy-blue shorty skirt rode high on tanned legs accented with white lace anklet socks and patent leather blue tap shoes. The overall view gave Mandy a case of butterflies in her belly.

Cupping her elbow and taking a leisurely pull on her cigarette, Mandy smiled at her guests and asked.

“Are you Treat or Tricking?” she laughed, looking at the girl’s cherry red lips, imaging them kissing her mouth.

Waiting for the sweet sexy girl’s answer, Mandy took another drag on the black cigarette she held in her pursed lips, the smoke drifting seductively.

“Well?” she challenged, cupping the girl’s chin in her finger’s squeezing the dimpled cheeks.

“Well, that depends on what your giving and whether my brother and I have been bad or good!” the girl smirked as she bit her lower lip. She stared at Mandy, her eyes communicating a blatant sexual innuendo, letting Mandy know they weren’t; there for a Milky Way Bar.

Mandy felt her belly flip flop with that old familiar wetness in her vagina. Right then and there, Mandy knew she would be eating this little bitch and fucking her playground brother before the clock struck two.


“What’s your name, sweetie?” smiled Mandy appraising the little lump in the boy’s


“He’s Dick; I’m Jane The McDuffie Reader Twins. You know, see Dick chase Jane. See Dick fuck Jane!” smirked the young beauty laughing at her little play on words.

“Close the door, Dick. I’m Mandy. You and Jane are getting a special treat you won’t forget till next Halloween.” quipped our sexy cougar porn star as she stubbed out her half-finished cigarette. “How old are you anyway?”

“Were eighteen as of yesterday.” answered the teenage boy locking the entryway door. “Don’t we look eighteen?” he added, cupping the small tent in his pants.

“Well?” snickered Mandy stepping next to the ponytailed tramp in training. She placed her hand on the girl’s bum. Giving the sweetheart’s Kim Kardashian ass a firm squeeze. Mandy purred. “Honey, your ass feels like a twenty-five-year-old porn star!”

Turning to give Mandy a better view of her ass-cheeks, Jane flipped her tiny skirt up over her buttocks, exposing a bare bottom sans panties. The pretty teenager winked at Mandy licking her lips.

“Kiss my ass, bitch!” she giggled, giving her eighteen-year-old bum a lascivious shake. “Kiss Jane’s ass, you nasty bitch!”

Mandy decided then and there she would play along with the brother and sister act, but she wasn’t going to make it easy. She took another of her gold filter-tipped cigarettes from the pack and placed it between his glossy crimson lips.

Deliberately taking her time lighting the black cigarette, Mandy made the girl wait for her ass-kissing tribute. The girl blew a stream of air from her lips in exasperation.

Admiring the cheerleader ass presented before her. Mandy drooled slightly when she noticed the little bitch had an arrow tattooed above her asscrack pointing toward her puckered pink asshole.

“Oh, my God! Is this some Halloween prank, or was this a sexual omen?” thought Mandy placing her palms on the perfect teen ass, feeling the smooth skin that was hot to her touch?

“Are you going to kiss it or just stare at my bum?” giggled Jane humping into Mandy’s hands. Whether on purpose or accidentally, the girl hit the glowing disk on the edge of the table.

Feeling the electronic pulse begin to buzz through her groin, Mandy felt the eggs kick-starting high-frequency vibrations that zapped her cervix and the walls of her rectum.

“Oh, my sweet mother in heaven!” squealed Mandy as she felt the gush of her orgasm squirt between her white crotchless pantyhosed spread legs. The vibrations telegraphing pleasure through her insides.

“Damn Jane, this old bitch is squirting like a leaking spigot!” laughed young Dick, moving behind the mature sex pot to give him a wonderful view of the platinum blondes pussy erupting with her juices.

“Mother Fucker! Oh, God! I’m cumming!” bleated Mandy, double pumping her inhale on her cigarette. Twin streams of smoke jetted from her perfect nose as she shivered with the quaking of her insides.

Flipping up the short white nurse’s skirt, exposing Mandy’s Brazilian waxed asshole and pubic area. The schoolboy dressed Dickie watched Mandy’s pinkish-brown asshole pucker with each gush of her juices.

Mandy’s porn star rectum begged for attention, and the boy sank his forefinger knuckle deep into Mandy’s pooper. The finger searching her warm insides.

“Oh My!” moaned Mandy feeling the boy’s finger dig deep in her bum. She wiggled, driving the probing digit deeper, packing her hungry anus with his finger.

“See Dick finger my ass!” added Mandy planting a wet lipsticked kiss on each of Jane’s upthrust buttocks.

“See Mandy kiss Jane’s ass!” laughed Jane looking over her shoulder. “Watch Mandy eat Jane’s hot cunt!”

“Alright, this has gone on long enough!” laughed Mandy taking a cheek hollowing drag on her cigarette. “Jane, sit your school girl bum on the table; Mandy wants to taste that tight pussy.”

The blonde teen hopped up on the table, holding the candy cauldron, her palm hitting the glowing disk. Mandy bolted upright, her mommy tummy quaking with the Vibro eggs’ vibrations receiving the electronic signal. Her rectum clenched like a mousetrap on Dickie’s buried finger, as a massive gush of Mandy’s musky juice erupted in a geyser, spraying the entryway tile.

“Oh, Fuck! Oh, God! Oh, my God! I can’t stop it! I’m cumming again!” screamed Mandy leaning forward, kissing the teenage beauty, her tongue searching the girl’s soft lips.

The girl pushed Mandy away from her lips, “Eat me! No fucking making out bitch. Not yet, anyway!”

Not missing a beat Mandy, smiled and dipped her face into the clean-shaven crotch, lapping at the girl’s tender swollen pink labia, leaving saliva over the slut’s erect pea-sized clitoris.

Young Dick had his zipper down, and his stiff penis stuffed in the crack of Mandy’s bum, riding directly above his finger that was clenched in her pooper.

Suddenly the entry door slammed open, and the entire Jacobs family from next door stood staring at the spectacle being performed in front of them,

Bob and Sally Jacobs and their eighteen-year-old twin boy’s stood ogling Mandy with her beautiful face buried to her earrings in a pink gash of wet teenage twat.

The mother and father gasped at the sight of the young blonde slut screaming a porn-worthy yelp as she came on Mandy’s lips.

Covering their mouths with their hands in disgust, the elder Jacobs cringed, but the twins dressed like Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb rubbed their crotches.

Lifting her juice covered face from between the teen’s thighs, Mandy beamed. A big smile parting her gleaming red lips. She inhaled a mouthful of smoke, then streamed a cone of the creamy exhale at the shocked trick or treating family.

“Well! It was Trick or Treat! It doesn’t pay to be tardy for the party!” laughed Mandy as young Dick spurted a load of nut across the busty porn slut’s humped buttocks.

Dick smirked as a load of his teenage semen oozed in a creamy rivulet down into Mandy’s stocking top. Giving her bum a lewd shake, Mandy gave the girl’s cunt another slurp.

“Hey! Stick around for sloppy seconds!” laughed Jane watching Mandy with Dick’s finger still clenched in her bum goose walk over to the door and slam it in the neighbor’s faces.

Turning, Mandy looked at the lad with his finger in her ass and his sister, who was slipping off the table.

“Ok, I think we should finish this trick or treat party in my bedroom,” said Mandy taking the hands of the candy grabbers, leading them up the stairs.

“Miz Mandy has some hot porn star cider just waiting for her two thirsty students.”

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