sexy mom’s taste part 4


The next day I woke up and my cock
was hard as a rock. We hadn’t
changed our position and my cock
was still in her labia. All I needed was
to shift a bit and shove him in there
once again. And that was what I did. “My goodness, sweetheart, I think that
is the best wake up I have ever had.
Fuck me my son! Oh! Your cock is so
hard.” “Oh, mom I love you! I wish this never
ends!” I fucked her from the back and
accelerated rapidly banging her ass. “Oh my darling, yes…yes…yes…fuck
me hard like that. My pussy is so wet
for you!” “I am coming mom, coming in your
pussy!” “Yes, come in my pussy baby, come in
there now! Momma is coming too!
Yes… yes…yeeeeeee…” I shot my load in her and my cock was
still hard and solid. I turned her over
and entered her from the front kissing
her and exploring her mouth with my
tongue. Soon I was getting faster
again and she was coming to another orgasm. “Oh baby mommy is coming again,
now… nooooooow…” I continued in the same pace and in
less than a minute she was screaming
again. “Again? I can’t believe that I am
comi….” I still wasn’t about to come, and I was
happy about that because I was going
to give my mom multiple orgasms and
as many as I could. I found the trick
and now and on I will give her as
many as she can have. “Baby I ccan’t… believe …whaat yooou
aare…doin…to…cominggggg! Ah! Oh!
A! A!” I made her come seven times when
the eighth was coming she was
trembling in ecstasy and was out of
control and I was going to fill her with
my seed. “Mommy I am going to come in your
pussy again. I am going to fill you up
with my sperm.” “Yes, yes, I am coming toooooooo!” My cock was banging on her pussy
and my previous come with my new
eruption was all over her labia and
that was very sexy to me. We got up and went together to the
shower and cleaned each other and
we kissed like to loving birds for ever. “Mom I hope you are pregnant from
me!” “My sweetheart I wish we have a baby
together too but let’s hope your father
never finds out.” “You really mean that?” “Yes T, I do mean it and I won’t take
the pill again so I think I will stop and
try to get pregnant from you if I am
not already!” “When you get pregnant we won’t be
able to have sex though mom!” “Of course we will! I had sex during
your pregnancy at the eighth month!” “Wow, I can’t believe that. I guess that
is where I get all that sex drive, from
you!” “But you must go on with your life and
find a woman that will make you
happy!” “But I want you mom and only you!” “I know you do and I do too but I am
much older than you and when I “go”
you will still be young and you won’t
have anyone!” “I will have our child!” “I love you so much darling and I like
the spirit that you have and I promise
to be there for you as long as I live.” Now there was a little problem that I
had to solve and that was Patty. We
went out the weekend that my dad
was going to be back. My mother
encouraged me so I left with millions
of thoughts to go on a date that was going to be really great. We went to a
movie and we sat in the last row seats
at the corner of the theatre. I couldn’t
understand why she chose a movie
that was going to be boring until the
lights dimmed. There was no one in that movie but
maybe 30-40 people and they where
sitting in the middle of the room. Then
I felt her hand on my cock. “Patty? What are you doing? We may
get caught.” “That makes me more excited and
horny!” I couldn’t believe what she just said
but I started to go along with her since
my cock was hard and solid already
trying to find some way out of my
jeans. Then I put my hand under her
skirt and grabbed her pussy over her panty. The moaning began for both
but silently and that was very exciting
trying not to get caught. “Tonight I give you my virginity” she
whispered in my ears. I somehow felt guilty because my
mother came in my mind but then
again she insisted and perhaps she
was right so that we wouldn’t give any
suspicions to other people and
specially my dad. Before the movie even got half way we got up and left. “Take me to my house now, I can’t
wait any longer I want you inside me!”
she said sighing loudly once we got in
the car. “But your mom and dad might not like
the idea of me and you alone in Sex hikayeleri your
room?” “They’re not home and they won’t be
back until 1.30 after midnight. They
went to my mom’s brother’s
anniversary party and she will never
leave before everyone else is gone.
The drive is hour and a half from there so we got at least 5 or more hours
since it is still 7!” I didn’t argue again and off to her
house in 20 minutes we parked in
front of her garage and the moment
she closed the door behind me she
grabbed my head and stuck her
tongue in my mouth and her other hand unzipped my jeans and shoved
her hand inside and found the
opening of my boxer’s. “Oh! You are so hard and it feels great
to touch a cock.” I grabbed from her ass under her skirt
and pulled her cheeks open and my
fingers where touching her labia. That
is when she opened her mouth and
sucked on my entire mouth screaming
out of pleasure. I lifted her and put her down on the couch in the living room.
She sat up before I even had a chance
to kneel and go down on her and she
unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them
down with my boxer’s. Her lips ran all over my cock and then
she took him in her mouth. “Yes, yes
Patty that feels good… suck my cock
like that!” all I could hear from her was
“mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm…” and
her saliva and lips making that horny sound. I was about to come but I
didn’t because I stopped her and took
over. I took off my shirt and pants and
shoes completely and then I took off
her shirt and her bra and then I pulled
her skirt and panties down making
her sigh again. I pulled her shoes and
sox of finally until we were both completely naked. I kneeled in front of
her and she squeezed her breast on
my chest getting me even more
excited. I slowly moved my lips and
tongue to her nipples and took a soft
bite. “Oh! That feels so good!” she sighed. When I got to her stomach she was
pushing my head to her pussy
because she was so horny she
couldn’t wait. “Oh! Yes, your tongue and lips feel
great. Mmm… yes don’t stop that! Yes
lick my pussy like that!” And when I put my lips on her clit she
grabbed my head and pushed it so
hard I couldn’t breathe. But I didn’t
really care because I was so horny
that I was going to fuck a virgin and
maybe I would never have a chance like this again. My saliva was running
down her labia and to her anus and so
I started going down towards there.
When I approached my tongue on her
anus she was about to stop me until
she felt my tongue and… “Oh! That feels so stimulating” she said
in a trembling voice. “But please don’t
hurt me”. “I promise you I will make you feel
like you never felt before in your life
and it is going to feel wonderful, just
trust me.” Then I concentrated on her clitoris
trying to get her really horny so that
the pain would be short and killed by
her orgasm. “Oh my god T, I am going
to come!” But before she came I stopped and
went back to her anus. Pussy, ass,
pussy… that went on for a some time
and then I stuck my index in her ass
making her jump for a second but she
loved it when I pulled it out. “I can’t believe it feels that great with
your finger in my ass and your mouth
on my clit.” Then I decided it was time when she
was about to cum and I was so hard
that I couldn’t wait any longer. “I am going to put my cock in your
pussy now, are you ready?” “Fuck me T, fuck me I can’t take it any
more, I want your cock inside me
now!” I grabbed my pants and reached to
get my wallet to get a condom but… “No, no T, fuck me like that! I want
bare skin in my bare pussy! I am on
the pill so don’t worry.” I lifted her legs and spread them and
placed them over my shoulders. My
cock was rubbing on her labia and
she was moaning when I suddenly
pushed my head just through her
hymen. She was a very tight and her hymen didn’t break so I relaxed there
without moving and the little pain she
cried out began sighing again. I kissed
her for a some minutes trying not to
move in or out and when she was
relaxed I just let my weight take over and she cried in my mouth with a mix
of pain and pleasure. I looked at her in the eyes and kissed
her for five minutes at least before I
began to fuck her. When I felt her hips
moving I started in and out slowly Sikiş hikayeleri and
steady. I learned a lot the past days
with my mother so I was going to do my best to satisfy her. “Oh T, that’s…
yeeeeeeeeees…” “Patty your pussy is so tight and warm
I think I am going to cum.” “Yes cum in my pussy, I want to feel
your cum, in my pussy…” I kept the pace steady but a little bit
harder and I was going to come. “Patty, I am coming in your pussy, I’m
cumming…” with that I unloaded my
cock in her walls that were so tight
and my cock did not get soft at all and
she was about to come too. “T, don’t stop! Yes, yes, I am going to
cum! Fuck my pussy with your hard
cock! Yes, yes… aaaaaaah…” She came and her legs pulled my head
from my neck hard shaking while she
was coming. But still my cock was
hard as a rock and I continued
moving in her slowly at first but then
got back to the normal pace and tried lift her pussy with my cock every
thrust in so that I could make her feel
like my mom did when I gave to her
multiple orgasms. I didn’t know if it
was going to work but I had to try
and see. “Oh T, I think I am in love with you.
Never stop fucking me! Never! Oh my
god I am going to cum again! I am
cummmmm….” She didn’t even finish
the word and she was trembling for
the second orgasm and then after a few seconds… “Ah…I am cumming again I can’t
believe it I am cummingggg….” She
trembled again and then again ‘ah! T
you are so wonderful, oh my again I
am ….” I couldn’t believe what was
happening because I lost count of her
orgasms and they were coming one
after the other and not like my moms
that had some period of relaxation for
a few minutes. She was screaming and shouting out loud until I couldn’t take
no longer and shot my cum with her
last orgasm in her pussy that I already
pumped my seed in it and was so wet
and lubed and sticky at the same time. I fell on her without putting my weight
on her but on my elbows after I let her
legs back down off my neck. She
rapped them around me and kissed
me and she promised me that she
would never leave for anything in the world. “T I love you so much! You made me a
woman and you made me feel so
good. I feel lucky to be with you.” “Don’t say that, you are not sure if you
love me just because we had sex and
it was good does not mean that you
love me!” “I know I do! I just had to see if we
had it all to be together after sex too.” If she only knew that I was fucking
my own mother she wouldn’t feel the
same or maybe she would? We didn’t’
fuck again and she tried to clean up
the couch that had both of our juices,
and my saliva that was there from when I was licking her. We took a
shower together and we kissed the
entire time and my cock was getting
hard again but I wanted to give my
mom some when I got home, if she
wasn’t upset because she would know what happened. So before she would notice I got out
of the shower and dried my self and
put on my clothes as she just put on
her robe and came to me. “You want to come and lay down with
me for a few hours?” “I think we shouldn’t push our luck
and end the night here because
maybe your parents will show up and
I don’t think your dad will enjoy
seeing me in your bed.” “Ok! I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you!” She kissed me and then she asked me
“Do you love me a little bit too?” “Look Patty, I don’t want to say
anything I am not sure of but I do
have feelings for you and very
strong.” “That is more than enough for me. I
know you guy’s don’t come out with
that word easily”. I arrived home around ten and my
mother was not up. As I reached her
room I saw her on her bed and she
seemed like she was sleeping. Maybe
my room will be better for tonight. I
don’t know if she will feel ok after I just had sex with Patty. I took off my
clothes and lied on my bed naked and
tried to fall a sleep but I was feeling
guilty. Then I heard something like a
cry and got up and went slowly to my
mom’s bedroom. I heard her crying. “Mom, are you ok? Is there anything
wrong?” “Darling please go to bed, I will be fine
it is nothing.” “You gotta be joking if you think I am
going to leave you alone like this! I
thought you were sleeping and didn’t
want to wake you Erotik hikaye up and went to my
bed!” “Really is that why you didn’t come to
sleep with me?” My god she was upset because she
thought that I preferred to be with
Patty instead of her and that it was
going to end faster then she expected. “Mom, please stop crying! I love you
and no one will have my love more
than you!” I held her head in my
hands and kissed her gently but
sexually. I was horny already and
naked and got on the bed with her kissing her. She was wearing a very
sexy black see-through night gown
and nothing else. “Mom, I love you so much and all I can
think about is being inside you all the
time.” “I am so sorry to get you upset, when
I didn’t have the right to. I admit I got
jealous and I shouldn’t act like that
because I will have to have sex with
your father when he is here. So did
you have sex with her? I can smell her all over you!” “Mom I did! I don’t want to lie to you
and to be honest I think I love her but
I am not sure. But I will never love any
one more than you! You got to believe
me.” “Of course I do believe you.” She hugged me and kissed me and
then she grabbed my hard shaft and
jerked it a few times. “I want this cock that just fucked a
young virgin pussy in mine. I want to
fuck you like no one will.” I was in complete ecstasy with my
mother talking so dirty to me. She
climbed on me and sat directly on my
cock. It just slid right in. she was wet
and horny as hell! She pulled of her
nightgown while hopping on my dick and her breasts were in my hands in
no time. “Mom, you have the most beautiful
body in the world. I can’t even
compare the sensation I feel when I
am in your pussy!” it wasn’t tight as
Patty’s but it was wetter and more
active than Patty’s. It felt like it was sucking my cock while she was
fucking me. “Oh, T my boy! Fuck me…yes… fuck me
my son… fuck your mother… ah… oh…
your cock is so hard. I am going to
come any sec… yes…yes…I am
cumming…. Yes I am cumming on your
cock! Oh….” “Yes mommy I love to make you come
again and again. I love fucking your
pussy.” “I want you to come in my pussy T. I
want your seed in my cunt. Yes I
amgoing to come again… oh T you are
so wonderful….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
yes…” “But I wasn’t about to cum yet and she
kept fucking me like that and coming
again and again until I couldn’t take it
anymore watching her breasts jump
up and down and her sighing and
moaning brought me to the edge. “I’m gonna cum in your pussy mom! I
am gonna cum… I love you mom…” “Yes come in me…” she took my lips
and stuck her tongue in my mouth
and I shot load after load in her while
she gave me the most passionate,
maternal, sexual kiss that lasted a long
time and my cock was getting softer until it slipped out of her vagina. My
cum and hers were running down my
shaft and we just stayed like that
kissing and touching each other for a
long time. Then she got off me and lied
next to me without even consider taking a shower or cleaning up or
putting something on. “T, I am so happy to have you!” “I love you mom. I love you. I love
you…” Then she slowly moved her head
down to my cock and took it all in her
mouth. It was soft and sticky with my
cum and her juices. She cleaned it up
thoroughly and then she sucked on
him gently and kept him in her mouth in full length. I didn’t think she was
going to keep him in but then she just
kept him touching her throat and as
my cock began to come to life I
enjoyed her deep throat me. When it
got hard to its full length she began gagging but she didn’t quit she just
kept sucking on him without
hesitation. “Oh mom, that feels so good. Yes
mommy I am going to come soon like
that.” “Oh, not in my mouth, in my pussy, I
want it in my pussy.” She said and
climbed up on me once again and
began fucking me. I got up and placed
her on her back and I fucked her fast
as a drill slapping crazy and wild my stomach on her pussy. “Oh, my god, I am coming again T,
yes… here it comes” “Here it comes, momma from me too.
All in your pussy, I am cumming in
your pussyyyyyy……” We came together violently and we
were both in complete unawareness
of our loud voices and if anyone else
were around. We just lost track of time
and space. She tied her legs behind my
back when she came with me. “Stay inside me T. I want you inside me
my son all the time. I am going to get
pregnant and it is going to be your

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