Sexy Star


She wasn’t bi or anything, she just got with girls because it was fun and you couldn’t get preganant. and shaved pussies made her wet too. her name was felicity, and she was 6’1” with gorgeous long red hair that went down to her waist and hot blue eyes and her breats were 36 C. Boys were always staring at her breasts, and she sometimes would not wear a bra just to tease them. her best play-buddy, was Verity, she was 5″8′ with curly brown hair, and a slim boyish body. verity loved to be on the bottom and felicity loved to get her steaming shaved pussy licked every morning after she took a shower, so they were best friends,

One day in gym class, all the other girls went out but Felicity and Verity lingered in the showers. felicity turned to verity with a lustful look on her face

“there’s still hot water left in the showers,” she said, “and i dunno about you but i’m soooooo horny right now”

Verity looked up. “Well, we can make use of these detatchable shower heads.” And she stepped forward, rubbing her hard nipples against Felicity’s.

felicity leaned down slightly, and captured verity’s lips with hers in a lip-bruising, haert-pounding kiss. verity felt a hot fire ignite in her pussy as felicity’s tongue slid into her mouth, licking all over it. “ooh baby,” she moaned, “that feels so good.” felicity’s tongue swept through her mouth as verity kne wit would soon do through her pussy. Felicity broke the kiss and pushed her back against the shower wall. She grabbed a showerhead and held it just out of reach of Verity’s pussy. “How do you like this, you fuking whore”

verity was moaning and groaning as the hot water drops teased her swollen pussy. “ooh baby, i can’t wait any longer, put it in me, fuck me with your showerhead,” she moaned sensually.

felicity turned the water on the slow setting at first playing the spout gently over verity’s weeping pussy. Felicity pulled the showerhead away. “You’re gonna have to earn it first.” Felicity wished she had her leather elazığ escort and whips handy. verity immediately got down on her hands and knees and tossing her beautiful brown curly hair she licked her swollen kiss-bruised lips sensually.

“please mistress, tell me what i must do to earn your favor”

Felicity stood with her legs spread, and put one hand on Verity’s head, grabbing her hair hard. “For every time I get off, you’ll get the privlege of having me touch you.” Verity always got off really easy, but Felicity liked to make her work. without a further word verity plunged three fingers into felicity’s dripping pussy. felicity moaned in ecstacy. “more, bitch, more”

verity started grinding her tongue against felicity’s clit as felity grabbed her hair and pulled verity’s head right up against her pussy. verity moaned with pleasure at the delicious mixture of pain that felicity’s powerful grasp of her hair induced. “Use it like a cock, bitch! Fuck me!” Felicity started humping against Verity’s face, fucking herself on her tongue.

verity drank in the sweet sour salty taste of felicity’s cunt surrounding her tongue. then she slowly flicked her tongue around the inside of felicity, tonguefucking her. felicity yanked on verity’s hair, causing verity to moan again in more ecstacy.

Felicity felt the familiar pressure building up behind her stomach, and knew she was almost there. “OK, now concentrate on my clit! Now, bitch!!1” verity lapped at felicity’s sweet clit, rubbing it back and forth on her tongue. felicity spasmed with hot lingering pleasure as she entered the pleasuring wave of the first orgasm of the hot sexual encounter.

Felicity rode the wave for what seemed like forever before her cunt stopped twitching. “OK, that’s one. Stand up.” Felicity weilded the showerhead like a gun. This was going to be a holdup everyone enjoyed. without further warning she shoved the showerhead up verity’s dripping cunt and rotated it, letting the hot running water bathe the inside of verity’s cunt. verity screamed in orgasmic ecstacy that woke all small children nearby.

Felicity pulled the showerhead back out. “I bet you already came, little bitch. Well, that’s one for you. Now, for my second…” Felicity left Verity against the wall recovering, and when she had came back, she had fashioned several bars of soap into a 10-inch soap dildo. It was 4 inches wide, and stood proud, serving as a beacon of American phallic pride. felicity took one of verity’s hands in hers and placed it over her right breast while she put the cleverly contrived, and ver sexually arousing, dildo in Verity’s other hand. verity slowly encircled Felicity’s nipple with her thumb and forefinger before squeezing gently, then a little harder. felicity gasped at the heady mixture of anguish inducing pleasure as verity slowly rubbed the dildo against felicity’s clit.

then she moved her hand across felicity’s chest to the other nipple and started tracing circles around it while she slowly fed the soapy dildo into felicity’s dirty pussy. the slight stinging that the soap made in felicity’s pusssy only added to the increasing warmth and tingling feeling that felicity was getting. as her nipples grew harder under verity’s tender ministrations, her pussy grew, if possible, even wetter.

felicity’s stamina was amazing, and she could fuck verity for literally hours until she came for the last time.But Felicity didn’t have hours, and was not very patient. “It’s not just some ordiniary cock, bitch. Use all of it! Harder!” And Felicity shoved herself down, taking in all but the very edge of the 10 inches, and she felt the tip of the dildo bump up against the opening to her uterus, she was so full. the scream she let out then almost broke verity’s eardrums in sheer orgasmic heat waves of pleasure. verity slowly started moving the dildo in circles, both up and down and around. very slowly, so as to create an ongoing orgasm. slowly stimulating felicity’s clit, she started thrusting the hard cock-look-alike harder and harder till felicity was being lifted right off the floor with the power of the thrusts. felicity’s scream became one unstoppable moan, and every time her head hit the ceiling of the shower, she moaned harder as her pussy juices literally poured onto the floor. mixing with those of verity who was being turned on just by the sight of her lover being fucked by this huge cock.

The building itself shook with her moans, and all the students outside were evacuated from the building. however, some lucky students figured out where the noises were cumming from so they went around to the window of the girls locker room to see what was going on. And Felicity came for what seemed like forever, again, until she finally shot so high she popped right off the dildo and up through the ceiling before falling back down. verity had came too just by watching felicity bounce against the ceiling with her ample chest bouncing up and down.

“OK, that’s two!” And Felicity grabbed Verity and layed her on the ground, and grabbed two or three more showerheads, and began filling all her myriad orifices. then verity came again and again in shuddering spasms with her entire class watching her beautiful naked body writhing up and down. felicity was so impressed by her beautiful lover’s body that she lay down on top of her and started grinding their bodies together. And their nipples rubbed together so much they got so hard they could cut diamonds, and their clits inflated like balloons. meanwhile their entire class was becoming so horny just by watching them that every single person was starting to take off their clothes and make out with the first person they saw. And do more than making out. Until finally, everyone in school got off in one huge group orgasm, and Verity came so hard that Felicity was propelled through the roof and far into the air, and to this day is a sexy, orgasming star in the night sky. With 36C breasts.

then verity was so horny that she went home and masturbated to that star every night. and her screams woke up little sleeping children.


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