She Secretly Wanted to Try It


I’m Eve. This is the story of my weakness of wanting to make a fantasy come true.


I knew as soon as the hotel room door closed behind me, there was no going back.

At 51, and twenty five years married, I’d only been ‘half’ unfaithful once before. That sounds a feeble justification for some fumbling in a car eighteen months ago, when I’d bumped into an old school friend who’d been a teenage ‘crush’.

Coffee in Costas, a long chat, a flirty walk to my car, and an offer of a lift. It led to some kissing, and groping in the car park, only stopped by the realisation that we were being watched.

But it woke me up to the fact that I had something going on within me that needed attention.

And it was happening. And it was happening with two guys.

Stepping further into the room, in the semi darkness, Guy’s mouth closed over mine, his tongue impatient almost, to claim possession. As I reached up around his neck, the effect of the wine had produced an abandonment, and I began pushing my body against his.

Martin was behind me, and his fingers were sliding the zip on my dress downwards.

Pulling away from Guy it allowed the dress to fall to the floor, and when I reached out for Guy again, this time I felt his hardness pressing against my lower body. God, I was wet, and I had thrown caution to the wind.

Both Guy and Martin were just a few years younger than me, maybe mid forties, and both with bodies to die for.

When they had started chatting to me in the bar, I already was on my third glass of wine, and I knew pretty quickly that this was the night, and these were the guys.

The rustling sound of Martin undressing, excited me, and when I felt him press his erect cock against my ass, I wanted to be naked with both of them.

I felt my bra unclasped, and as Guy stopped kissing me, and stepped back slightly, it fell to the floor. Reaching round from behind, Martin cupped both my breasts, and I heard myself gasp.

Through half closed eyes I saw Guy undo his shirt, unzip his trousers, and in a few seconds he was naked in front of me.

My eyes must have opened wide in the dim light, because Guy’s cock stood out erect in front of me, and it looked very large indeed. For a split second I wondered if I’d bitten off too much, but I was distracted by Martin placing his fingers either side of my panties, and sliding them downwards.

All three of us were now naked. Not much had been said, but Guy led me over to the bed.

“Fuck Eve, you have a sexy body”, Guy whispered it quietly.

Martin seemed to agree, but only an “Mmmmmmm” came from him, as he helped me lay backwards on the bed.

And then they both fell upon me like famished wolves.

Martin kneeling beside me, took my nearest breast, and began to suck the now hard, protruding nipple.

Guy was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed, and I didn’t resist as he placed my legs over bedava porno his shoulders, and I felt his tongue delve into my pussy.

I heard myself groan. “Oh god, oh my god.”

Guy’s tongue lapped, probed, flicked, and when he sucked my clit, wow. Unbelievably after just a few minutes, I knew I was going to cum.

My thigh muscles started to shiver, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m cumming.”

I could feel my pussy dissolve, getting wetter and wetter. As I stopped shaking, Guy stood up, and both he and Martin lifted me further onto the bed.

“Wow, that was a surprise,” was all I said before I knew that Guy was going to fuck me. Immediately the thought returned about how big he was. I shouldn’t have worried. I’d become so wet that as I felt the head of his cock press between my pussy lips I seemed to ‘open up’ and he slid inside me.

It didn’t stop me reacting though. “God, wow,” and then suddenly panicking, as he went deeper, “Fuck that’s big.”

Looking up at his face above me, I reached out, and ran my fingers over his nipples. I smiled as I got a reaction, a quiet sigh.

Martin had watched Guy ‘mount’ me, but he wanted part of the action too. Laying on his side alongside me, he had positioned his cock level with my head. When I turned my face towards him I took my first taste of him. He was oozing precum, and I licked his circumsized head, before he pushed inside my mouth.

This was my fantasy come true. I’d often guiltily lay in bed beside my husband dreaming of what was happening now.

Guy was starting to thrust as my legs wrapped around his buttocks. I ‘gagged’ once or twice, as Martin’s cock went a bit too deeply into my throat. But I was in heaven.

The fucking must have gone on for quite a few minutes. The bed was shaking, both guys were making appreciative sounds, and then Guy stopped moving and all he said was, “Your turn Martin,” and suddenly my pussy felt empty as they both swapped places.

Martin was in a hurry. I could see his cock ready and willing, and he swiftly lifted up my legs over his shoulders. My back was arched, and I took all the weight of his thrusting through my body onto my shoulders. The bed was soft, but even then he pumped in and out of me with vigorous force.

His grunting was somehow carnal, animalistic, even erotic, and the roughness seemed to bring a response in my pussy.

Guy was sitting, leaning against the bed head, beside me, gently stroking his cock. His spare hand was stroking my now damp hair, as I got closer and closer to cumming a second time.

I was groaning and panting almost as much as Martin now. Both of us were rocking the bed, and I found Guy’s leg with my hand, and gripped it to steady myself.

I couldn’t hold back. With a piercing cry of, “God, oh fucking god, fuck…oh fuck…oh god,” I came.

It only took Martin thirty seconds more to issue a low growling grunt, and as he pressed his cock deep into zenci porno my cunt I could feel the warm sensation of him jerking, pumping semen over my cervix.

Catching his breath, he rested my legs back down on the bed and stood up.

“Fuck, that was good,” he said, as though he was marking me out of ten.

And then I saw him disappear into the bathroom, and turn on the shower. I felt a bit put off by that.

“Don’t mind him, he’s feeling guilty about being unfaithful to his wife.”

Guy was now stretched out beside me. I was glowing with perspiration after my work out.

“I wondered, but I’m in the same boat.”

Guy’s hand had found its way onto my breast, and was stroking it softly, bringing a reaction from my nipples.

“Me too, but I guess there’s always a ‘back story.”

He leaned over and kissed me gently. It was tender, soft, even loving. My arms found their way around his neck.

My fantasy was complete, except that I knew Guy was perhaps hiding inner turmoils like me. The kiss continued, and I wanted it to. I pressed upwards and my body wanted to cling to him.

Somehow the dynamic changed with Guy rolling onto his back, and as our kiss went on, I stretched my leg across his body, and raised myself onto my knees.

Our lips parted, and I said quietly, “My turn now.”

As I raised my hips above his erect cock I felt Martin’s spunk start to ooze out from my pussy. I reached between my thighs to guide Guy’s cock inside me, my fingers slippery with dribbling semen.

Sinking down, I impaled myself on Guy’s cock. I heard him groan, and resting there, he looked up and took each of my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Squeezing gently, it prompted a reaction in my pussy.

Arching my back I started to grind my pelvis down on Guy. It always stimulated my clit, and once I’d started, I was able to place my hands on his chest and build a rhythm. Sometimes forward and back, sometimes rotating my hips, sometimes lifting up and down.

Guy continued playing with my breasts and nipples, and it became a mutual play on pleasure and pleasing.

We seemed to ‘play’ for a long time, both of us glazed in perspiration, my blonde hair hanging lank down my forehead, neck and shoulders. Both of us edging towards orgasm.

“I’m going to cum Eve, I can’t hold on,” Guy said quickly.

I just held still momentarily, and pushed my hand down between us and started to massage my clit. With Guy gritting his teeth, my clit twitched, and my whole body shook.

Gasping, panting, I cried out. “Yes Guy, yes, go on.”

My pussy pulsated, pushing Guy over the edge.

With Guy grunting, and groaning, I felt that warmth pumping inside me again.

I fell to one side and lay there exhausted, my body was soaked in perspiration, my inner thighs now smeared with the semen exuding from my pussy.

Several minutes passed before Martin exited brazzers porno the bathroom, towel around his waist.

“You go first, use my towel.” Guy wanted to avoid any embarrassment and so I gathered up my clothes from the floor and went into the bathroom.

The shower was heavenly. My body ached from having sex, I felt and smelt of the excesses. But after ten minutes of just standing in the jets of water I was ready to face the world again. I turned off the shower, and grabbed the large white fluffy towel, and wrapped it around myself.

“Martin’s gone,” Guy shouted from the bedroom.

“Ok, the shower’s vacant now, you can come in, if I can get dressed out there.”

As the naked Guy squeezed in, and as I went to grab my clothes from on top of the loo, he said, ” Tonight was special, I know it was a ‘one off’ for you.”

It was said tenderly, and our eyes met through the damp atmosphere.

“Thank you, thank you for being so understanding.”

As I squeezed Guy’s arm, I couldn’t help but notice his cock had stiffened slightly.

“I think I need a cold shower Eve, you’re having too much of an effect on me.”

“And you on me,” I laughed, and kissed him on the cheek. “There are other ways of curing that.”

Why on earth did I say that? What was happening with my libido? I didn’t have long to wait to find out where my smart reply had got me.

Guy faced me, pulled the towel down, and led me straight back into the bedroom.

“Oh my god, you’re such a sexy lady Eve, now bend over the bed, and spread your legs.”

I was now super excited yet again, my pussy twitched, and I was being ordered to prepare for sex.

As I bent forward my breasts swung down, and I could see myself in the dressing table mirror as Guy positioned himself behind me. Grabbing my hips, Guy slid his cock slowly inside me once


I watched the image in the mirror as though it was a movie. Guy’s thighs began to slap against my ass, and we must have fucked like that for fifteen minutes before he put me on my back, on the bed, and fucked me again. When I came, it was without fuss this time, quietly but with me clinging tightly to Guy.

He withdrew his cock, still stiff, and unsatisfied, and as he half sat beside me, I rolled sideways and took him in my mouth.

The taste of my juices on his cock was exciting to me, but now I just wanted to make him cum.

I took him as deep as I could, slurping saliva along his whole length. I licked under the shaft, nibbled the ridges of his scrotum. And then I did something that I’d only read about online. Using some of my saliva, I wetted my finger and probed his anus, eventually working it into his sphincter. And then as I took his cock back into my mouth, I pressed my finger deep inside him, until I found than little magical gland.

I started to massage it, as I sucked, and licked. The reaction was a long drawn out moan of pleasure, and he started to cum in my mouth. The volume of semen was overwhelming. On and on, he pumped out his spunk, so much, that it dribbled down my chin.

Eventually it dribbled to a halt, and we both sank into the bed knowing that both of us would want to remember all of what had happened today.

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