Sideline Ch. 01


The Pueblo neighborhood of south Phoenix is not for the weak. My charcoal SUV was parked about half way down the block under a large Cottonwood. That made it only slightly less conspicuous than a flashing neon sign. For one thing it was not covered with a layer of desert dust and secondly, it was not setting on concrete blocks.

I was watching the corner house, a small adobe single story well past its prime. All of the windows were open and a slight breeze was causing the curtains to wave. That was a sure sign for one of two things; either the AC was on the fritz or the electric bill had not been paid. Either way, it did not bode well for the inhabitants. It did, however, blend in very well with its neighbors. My informant had said a girl named Carla Zaiontz was staying there. My informant was a meth addled kid all of fifteen. He had, however, provided me with useful information in the past. I can’t imagine how.

It was near two in the afternoon, the sun was where it always was, bearing down from a cloudless sky. That’s when a tall leggy girl wearing a red halter top and cut-off jeans appeared from the rear of the house. She had short curly black hair and clearly resembled the photo that lay on the passenger seat beside me.

She turned and headed up the opposite side of the street in my direction. I opened the door and stepped out. She stopped. “Too fucking hot to run.” I called out.

Unfortunately, she didn’t think so. Carla turned and headed through an overgrown lot between houses. She looked to be in very good form. I took after her but by the time I had reached the alley I had already decided she wasn’t worth the energy or the added cleaning bill. I looked both ways at emptiness, at least void of humans. The footrace had set off the barking of a large black dog chained to a post. That caused a few others along the street to take up the alarm.

You might already know this. Nothing brings unemployed Hispanics out from their mid-day air-conditioning faster than something annoying their Pit Bulls. Shirtless men holding beers were looking out of rear doors with torn screens. They were watching but made no effort to interfere. They could all recognize an armed police officer, even a female one. They apparently saw no need to tend to the animal they kept short-chained in the hot sun and one by one, eased themselves back indoors.

By the time I had returned to my vehicle, most of the dogs were calming down. My slacks were covered with burrs from the knees down. My shoes were scuffed and I was thirsty. In my mind I was blaming Carla.

I turned the AC up on high and randomly cruised a three block area for the next ten minutes. Before I turned north toward downtown, I decided to make one more pass down the alley where Carla had eluded me. Half way down, a mop of black hair caught my eye as it dipped back inside a rusty green dumpster.

“Fuck me,” I whispered to no one. I put the vehicle in park and left the engine running. Sure, this was against department policy but those old boy policy makers hadn’t been on-the-beat cops for years and likely forgotten how fast a car will heat up in an Arizona summer. When I got out, I could tell Carla was making no real effort to be quiet. I heard what sounded like soda cans rattling. I looked over the edge of the grimy trash bin.

Carla was against the rear wall kicking her foot trying to detach a wad of something from the toe of her sandal. “I was wrong.” Is said. Carla lost interest in the mess on her shoe and looked at me.

“What the fuck?” Carla asked.

I looked at the bottom of the dumpster. “They were beer cans.” I replied.

“Fuck.” She said again. “What?”

“Get out of there.” I said. I stepped back and put my right hand on the butt of my nine millimeter. Clearly she wasn’t wearing enough clothing to conceal nevşehir escort a weapon but even after seven years on the force, holding my gun still gets me a little wet. So sue me.

I watched as the long legged girl struggled to climb over the side, finally dropping to the ground. I waited till the small dust cloud drifted down the alley and then turned her toward the trash bin. “Hands against the steel sweetie.”

“It’s dirty.” She said.

I put my hand in the small of her back and pushed. “You were just rolling in it.” She reached out, arms wide, hands on the rim.

I patted her side. “How easy was that?” I said.

“I guess you want pat my ass now?” She asked.

“You have a weapon between your legs?” I asked.

“I wish.” She said.

I removed a pair of handcuffs from my belt and pulled her right arm behind her. “What makes you think I would be looking for anything else?” I asked. I locked both hands behind her.

I guided her to the rear door of my SUV, opened the door and pushed her in. As I snapped the seatbelt around her I said. “You get any fucking garbage on this seat.” I stopped. She was getting the message. She sat there quiet all the way.

I pulled into a mostly empty parking lot off of Decatur Boulevard. A sign on a side door indicated that it was the Panama Strip Club. I watched in the rear view mirror as Carla’s eyes darted back and forth between the sign on the side door and the back of my head. I waited, she remained quiet.

“I can take you on to lock up.” I offered. “With the evidence vice has on you, I’ll see you back on the streets in maybe fifteen years.” She was still quiet but her eyes had stopped moving about. She and I both knew that the truth was more like five to seven years but we both knew that was the last thing a pretty nineteen year old girl wanted.

“Or?” She almost whispered it.

“Or?” I said. “Why must there always be an ‘or’?”

“Why did you stop here?” She asked.

“Belongs to a friend of mine.” I said. “If you’re really looking for an option.”

After a long hesitation she finally said, “Fine.”

I caught her eyes in the mirror. “Better than what you’ll get in lock up.”

I un-cuffed her and led her in through the steel door. The place was dark and smelled like a perfumed gym sock. I pointed her toward a narrow stairway and went up behind her. At the top, it opened into a slightly brighter, well-appointed office, belonging to Jenna Barber.

Jenna was seated at her desk, where I usually found her. She looked at the girl then at me and back at the girl again. “This her?” She asked.

I just nodded even thought she was still looking at Carla. Jenna stood and walked around in front of her desk, leaning against it, she crossed her legs and then folded her arms. Jenna was very pretty for her fifty years. As she stood there in her tweed jacket and slacks and white blouse, very business-like.

Jenna waved a hand and someone stood up from a sofa along the far wall. I looked, Carla looked. A short girl with curly blonde hair walked up beside Jenna. The girl was amazingly beautiful and was wearing a short silk dressing robe.

Jenna nodded toward Carla. The girl turned and went to stand behind Carla. Without any instruction, the girl reached around and unbuttoned Carla’s shorts. Carla’s hand stopped her.

Jenna stepped forward. “Prison?” She asked. Carla looked to me and I remained silent. She finally lowered her hand and Jenna returned to lean against her desk. She sent a sly smile in my direction. The blonde lowered the zipper and then she knelt behind Carla and eased those cut-offs down to the floor. The girl then found the top of Carla’s panties and pulled them down to join her jeans. Carla stepped out of them. The blond stood and pealed Carla’s top over her head, tossing it away.

Carla stood there naked. Jenna watched. The blonde came over to Jenna and slipped her jacked off of her shoulders. She placed it on the desk. As she unzipped Jenna’s slacks, Jenna smiled at me. “I’m going to have her first.” She said. “You have time to wait?”

I watched Jenna step out of those slacks. “Sorry, afraid I don’t” I replied. Carla was glancing around at me and Jenna and the blonde in random order.

“Too bad,” Jenna said as the blonde worked her panties down and held them as Jenna stepped free of them. She was still wearing her blouse as she took Carla by the hand, leading to the sofa. Jenna settled down. She watched Carla as she pulled her left leg up onto the edge of the sofa until she could grasp her ankle. Her right leg then lifted and draped over the sofa arm.

Jenna looked at me. “When I finish with her, I will have this little morsel enjoy her for a while.” She nodded at the blonde who had removed her robe. She was stunning and naked as well. “She, my dear, is relentless.”

Jenna looked at Carla. “Prison? Or me?” Carla was kneeling as I turned toward the stairs. She should be an excellent earner for Jenna and therefore, for me as well. And if not, I will deliver her to lock up at a later time and still likely earn an accommodation for the arrest of a drug dealer.

My name is Eva Harper. Detective for the Phoenix police department, silent partner in the Panama strip club, and a devout lesbian. And before you start judging you should know that our girls keep a good amount of what they earn and it is invested wisely. They are free to leave at any time, outstanding warrants excluded. They live well and most importantly, they only deal with female clients.

Of course, as an investor, I might enjoy a few perks that others do not.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, instead of leaving thru the side door, I went down the hall to the main business area. There was music playing but it was far too early for customers. I had the girl behind the bar pour me a Jack Black neat and looked around. There was one customer setting at a table about half way between the stage and the back wall.

Brown hair cut very short. Wearing a suit and most interesting, wearing sunglasses in a space only slightly brighter than a dungeon. She sipped at a glass of white wine and watched Jade, a fair skinned African American girl work the pole to ‘On the Radio’. Jade had already lost her trench coat and bra and was nearing the end of the song. She was teasing with the idea that she might actually remove her G-string. The woman leaned forward in her chair.

I moved closer. “Judge Maxwell.” I whispered. She jumped before recognizing the sound of my voice. She turned in her chair. Lowered her shades a bit and smiled.

“Eva.” She said. She tilted her head toward the stage. “New girl?” She asked.

I settled into a chair next to the Judge. “Well, obviously since you haven’t met her yet.”

“She is stunning.” The song ended and was replaced with ‘Pour some sugar on me’ by Def Leppard. Jade gathered up the remnants of her costume and looked my way. I tilted my head.

“She is.” I replied. Jade made her way over to our table, standing there in just her G-string and looking lovely. I stood as the judge used her foot to push another chair away from the table. I looked at Jade. “I think this lady would like you to join her.”

Jade smiled and sat down.

I knew the judge’s preference with girls. All they had to do was lay there and enjoy themselves. The judge was always willing to put in the effort necessary and she seemed to get as much enjoyment from the connection as our girls. “You’re welcome.” I said. They both nodded but they were looking at each other. I left.

I was close to the office when I spied Charlie, a skinny little snitch about five feet tall. She was a street kid who had dropped out of high school a few years ago deciding dope and booze provided her more promise than a quality education. Her latest hustle, designed for the tourists, was a slick domino con. She was good at it but rarely took anyone for more than the cost of a meal so she was seldom reported. Hence her longevity.

Charlie wasn’t at her usual corner and that was suspicious at this time of day. I eased to the curb just ahead of where she was walking. As she walked by, she spied me and came to the window. “Can I get a ride?” She asked. Charlie never asked for anything, not from me or anyone else.

“Get in the back.” I flipped the remote lock for the rear door. She got in. I didn’t wait for an explanation. I pulled away and headed west for the time being.

Finally I said. “Give.”

Charlie shrugged at the rear view mirror. “Pissed off some dudes.” She offered. “I had to run. Lost my stuff.”

I nodded. Ahead was the Rio Blanco where it cut through West of town. I took a narrow road north along the levy. About two miles down, I stopped the SUV in a grove of trees. Nothing in sight, anywhere. I got out and opened the rear door. As Charlie watched, I unbuckled my belt. “Everything has a price.” I said. Charlie nodded. She had been in this position many times, with me, with my friends, with clients. She never disappointed. I climbed inside.

It was not an easy task to work my slacks over my hips in the back of a car but I was somewhat practiced. It had been a couple of days since I had been with anyone and watching the activities at the Panama Club had gotten me a little aroused. I was wanting Charlie to deal with it.

I slipped off my shoes and then the pants, folding them over the front seat. I turned, pulling one leg up against the seat back. The other I rested on the end of the console. As Charlie waited, I slipped a finger into the crotch of my panties and pulled it to the side. My smoothly shaved sex was presented to her. I leaned my head against the window glass and held out a hand to her.

Charlie leaned down and as my fingers laced into her hair, her lips touched my pussy. A familiar coolness wafted over my mound as her fingers caressed my abdomen. Her talented tongue starting me on that magical journey toward a writhing orgasm. I watched her work at me for a few minutes before I finally closed my eyes and began lifting my ass in time with what can only be described as the girl loving me.

It was nearly twenty minutes before I set her free. My fingers out of her tangled hair. My foot pushing at her shoulder. It’s the only way she would finally stop. I learned that on our first time together. It had, over time, become something of an after sex joke between us.

“Fuck.” I said. I had sat up and was reaching for my pants. I spied the tale-tell wet spot on the seat. The one you make when you have really cum and I mean multiple climaxes.

Charlie laughed. “You always do that.” She said.

“Yes.” I said. “And I always have to use the rug shampoo afterwards.” Once dressed, I got out so I could tuck my shirt and buckle my belt. “Where you want to go?” I asked.

Charlie shrugged. Finally whispering. “Your place?”

I looked at her. “That would come with a lot of strings sweetie.”

“So.” She said. “I don’t mind.”

I drove to the Hempstead Apartments and stopped in the parking lot in front of my unit. I removed a spare door key from the glove box and passed it to Charlie. “Don’t break anything. There is food in the fridge.” I said.

Charlie took the key. “I didn’t think you would really do this.”

“Neither did I.” I offered. Charlie got out. She was familiar with my place as she had spent a night or two there in the past. She looked back as I started to back out.

“Thank you.” She said.

“Take a fucking bath.” I replied and drove away.

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