Sienna’s Suprise




My band was touring the U.S. when I met Sienna. Not a big fancy stadium tour. We were a punk band traveling from one town to the next on a shoestring budget. 5 guys crammed into a Ford Econo van. It was hot, sweaty, and often miserable.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

In spite of the summer heat, dreary miles and lack of a comfortable place to sleep, we were having the time of our lives. You meet some interesting people on the road. When I met Sienna, she turned out to be the most interesting of all.

I had first spotted Sienna when my band was loading our gear in for the show. We were late and we would have to go on without a soundcheck. No big deal. We rarely got one anyway. We carried in our gear and got set up on the small stage. I went to grab the band some beers for the show. When I got to the bar I noticed a short, slim girl with black hair and full sleeve tattoos at the bar. She was the hottest girl I had seen since we started the tour two months prior. Her hair was raven black, in a choppy A-line cut and despite being slim and petite I couldn’t help but notice her round, sexy ass hanging off the bar stool.


I line up next to the hot girl at the bar and order ten beers. I glance at her face to see if it matches her sexy ass. She is gorgeous, with big eyes and an elfin face. Her bottom lip and nose are pierced. I try to be sneaky about my appraisal of her, but i got caught when I try to look at her tits.

“Night going good so far, eh?” She asks me with a smile. I am embarrassed but she surprises me by leaning back from the bar, allowing me to take in a full view of her gorgeous cleavage. Her boobs are nice C cup at least and her black tank top shows plenty.

“Well, the night is young, but its getting better by the moment,” I say. I try to act confident, but I am usually not so bold.

“You plan on drinking all ten of those beers?” She asks.

“No, two are mine. The rest is for my band. We are up next”. I reply

“A rock-star come to our little town to impress the local girls?” she teases.

“Not really my style.” I say honestly.

“Hmmm” she mumbles and goes back to drinking her beer.

The bartender sits ten bottles of Budweiser on the bar. “That’s the limit of your free drinks tonight, two per band member” he says.

“Okay, thanks, we appreciate it,” I say. “This is cool bar.” I add.

“You guys are on in ten minutes” he says. Not much for small talk, I think

The girl pounds her fist on the bar.

“Hey barkeep, pour me a double of Turkey, would ya!” She says to the man.

“Sienna, you know I hate it when you call me “barkeep,” he says, pouring her whiskey.

She downs her whiskey and chases it with a swallow of beer.

I gather up five of the bottles and start towards the stage with them. When I turn around I see the girl has brought the other beers and is holding them out for me to take.

“Oh, uh, thanks” I say. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“No, I didn’t. Just trying to show some small town hospitality,” she replies with a smirk.

She’s obviously got a sarcastic streak, but underneath it seems nice. I have to admit to myself that I although I don’t know her, I am kind of smitten.

“Well, thanks,” I say taking the beers from her.

“Break a leg, or whatever,” She adds before turning and disappearing into the dark club.

I distribute the beers to my band mates. The bassist comes up to me and says “So what’s up with the hottie?”

“Nothing” I say. “She’s just being nice.”

“Oh, right. Sure , sure.” He says with a wink.

Our bassist, Justin, is the ladies’ man of the band. He seems to find a new girl in every town we play. I wonder sometimes how it is that girls dig him when he comes on so strong, but I can’t deny his luck with the fairer sex.

We tune up our guitars and begin our set. The show goes well and the crowd seems to really enjoy it. When we are finished I am exhausted, sweaty, and thrilled. Playing live is the one thing I love most in this world.

We break down our gear and load up the van. Then I go to the bar and order another beer.

“On the house, buddy, you guys did good up there.” The bartender says.

“Appreciate it” I say.

“Give him a whiskey, on me” I hear Sienna say as she pulls up to the stool next to me.

“You guys were good” She says.

“Thanks” I say.

“I am Sienna,” she says.

“Jeremy. Nice to meet you,” I say. We shake hands.

We begin talking about random shit, and soon we are drunk and laughing. Justin comes up to me and puts his arm around my shoulder.

“We are staying in town tonight. The promoter is letting us sleep at his house,” Justin says. “That means we get to take SHOWERS!” he yells.

Showers are poor touring bands holy grail. Often we have to bathe in cold streams or lakes when we can find one.

“Cool,” I say. “Enjoy your shower.”

“So, you know, since we aren’t leaving tonight, you have time, in case you two are going to get busy” he says with an obvious wink Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort and an elbow to my ribs.

“Justin, your a slimeball” I say. He just laughs and walks off.

“Sorry about that, he’s…” I begin.

“A slimeball?” Sienna finishes.

“Yes. Grade A, double douchebag slimeball” I say.

Sienna laughs and the sound is infectious..

“I bet he’s harmless.” She says.

“There are girls all over this great nation of ours that would probably disagree with you.” I say

“Real lady killer, eh?” she asks. Then she adds, “I think you are more my type.”

I can feel my cheeks blush.

“So lets get out of here, whaddaya say?” she asks

“Um, sure!” I say.

I am surprised at this turn of events. I am usually stuck getting drunk by myself watching Justin go off with some beautiful girl.

“Sienna!” the bartender says, interrupting. “You shouldn’t…”

“I will be alright, barkeep. See you tomorrow,” she tells him.


We exit the dark bar and head towards the parking lot. She stops next to a black sedan.

“This is me,” She says, pointing at the car. She unlocks the doors and we climb inside.

“The bartender seems awfully protective of you. Is he like that with all of his customers?”

“No, he’s not. Artie’s a sweetheart, really. I guess in my case, there are special circumstances where he feels the need to protect me,” she says.

“He’s not your dad is he? An uncle maybe?”

“I haven’t seen my dad in ten years” She says. “And he didn’t have any brothers.”

“Oh” I say.

She drives us to her house, which is a small two bedroom, one bathroom thing about ten minutes from the bar.

When we get into the house I decide to do away with my usual shyness. I am probably more surprised than she is when I kiss her. She kisses me back. We fumble and land on her couch. Her lips are full and soft. I can feel her firm tits pressing against me.

But then she pulls back.

“Look, you seem like a nice guy, but…”

I groan. “Its okay. We don’t have to do anything” I say.

I am a bit disappointed, but I would never pressure a girl into something she didn’t want.

“Its not you..”

“Its me” I finish her sentence.

“Not like that.” She says with a scowl. “I am not like most girls.” Her scowl suddenly turns into a vulnerable expression.

“No, you are smart, witty, and more beautiful than most girls” I say.

“Flattery will get you everywhere” She says. “Except, in this case. I’m not saying I don’t want to fool around with you, but maybe we should stick to making out.”

I figure that’s good enough and we begin kissing again. We kiss for a long time. Eventually our hands begin to wander. I pull her tank top over her head and cup her breasts. She is rubbing my cock through my pants.

She must think we are getting carried away again because she pulls back suddenly.

“Sorry” I say. “I must smell horrible, I am all sweaty” I add, not knowing what else to say.

“Its okay. I like your sweat. That’s not the issue.”

“You really are beautiful, Sienna” I say.

“Thank you for saying so. You don’t know how much I love hearing that. But, again, there are certain circumstances at play here” She says.

“Special circumstances” I say, mimicking her words from earlier


“Do you have a boyfriend?” I ask. She makes a scoffing sound as if her having a boyfriend is a ludicrous idea.

“No, I don’t. Boys don’t tend to like me for very long”

“That’s their loss then. But you act as if \the idea of someone finding you attractive is crazy. I have to disagree.”

“There you are, sweet talking me again,” she says. “You seem nice. And, I don’t want to be an ungrateful host, so I figure I should at least blow you.”

I can’t believe my luck. I don’t want to press things, but the ‘nice guy’ in my head won’t let me just enjoy the moment.

“Are you sure?” I ask. “You seemed hesitant about messing around.”

“Well, I want you to have something special to remember our little town by,” Sienna says.

She unbuckles my belt and pulls my cock from my boxers.

“Oh god, I lucked out tonight!” She says. My cock is already growing hard in her hands. “A nice guy with a cock like this isn’t something you find everyday.”

“Um….thanks?” I don’t know what else say. I know my cock is big, but its not something I like to brag about. It seems crude, I guess.

“Jesus, its getting bigger!” She says. She continues to stroke it, and soon my cock is at its full 8 inches. She takes it in her mouth and begins to suck, moving her head up and down slowly.

“Oh god, Sienna, that feels amazing” I say.

“Your cock tastes wonderful” She says before putting it back in her mouth. She takes it almost all the way down. She continues sucking me off and stroking me. Her hand technique is exquisite. Combined with her sexy lips and tongue doing their work I only last about 5 minutes.

“Sienna, I am gonna cum!” I almost yell.

She doesn’t flinch at my Ümraniye Çıtır Escort warning. Its apparent that she is going to let me cum in her mouth. This turns me on even more. I can’t believe my luck as my gooey load erupts from my cock.

On the road with five guys in a van, you don’t have much time to yourself, which makes masturbating close to impossible. I have plenty of cum stored up, and all of goes down her throat. She doesn’t seem fazed by this at all, and swallows 6 big mouthfuls fast as I can pump it out. When my orgasm finally fades, she pulls her mouth slowly off of my cock and swirls her tongue around the tip.

“That is probably the best blow job in the history of blow jobs.” I say

“Again with the flattery,” She says, smiling.

“Seriously.” I say. “Best I’ve ever hand, anyway”

My cock is still hard. I don’t know why, but I have always been able to keep a solid hard on after I cum. Good circulation I guess.

“Its not even shrinking” She says, amazed.

“Yeah, I know, its like that most of the time” I reply.

“I could find a lot of uses for this thing” She says, stroking me.

“First, why don’t you let me repay the favor,” I say. I am so turned on I could lick her pussy for hours.

“No, we can’t. I told you…” she says. She seems upset now.

“I am sorry” I say. “I just wanted to make you feel good.”

“I know, I know…but, we can’t. I don’t want to ruin…” Now she seems really upset, though I can’t understand why.

I begin to think she might cry. “Hey, Sienna, there’s nothing that can ruin this for me. Don’t be upset.” I say. “Whatever it is, its okay,” I say

“You say that now” She replies. “But I’ve been down this road before.”

All of a sudden I feel as though I am being punished for all of the asshole guys she’s ever dated or known. And though I know its wrong, I feel frustrated by it. I am not exactly mad at her. Its not the first time something like this has happened and I can only blame the jerks who may have treated her badly in the past. Unfortunately, I still let my temper get the better of me…

“Look Sienna, I am sorry if you’ve had some bad experiences, but I am not those guys.” I say.

“Its not that!” She says, not looking at me. “You seem nice, but…you wouldn’t understand. If you found out, you wouldn’t like me…”

I raise my voice. “What? Find out what? What could you possibly be hiding that would make me not want to stay here with you tonight?”

I realize I am being too loud. Awkwardly, I try to soften my words with joke. “Are you in the Mafia or something?” I ask, knowing how lame it sounds.

She continues looking away from me. When she doesn’t respond I say “Sienna, really! Nothing could ruin tonight. I wouldn’t care if I found out you had a dick” I say. “As hot as you are I would probably suck it.” I add.

I mean this as a joke, but as soon as I say it she begins crying.

“I’m sorry, that was rude. I shouldn’t have said it.” Suddenly, I feel like the biggest asshole in the world.

“Its okay, you couldn’t know…” She says. She wipes her nose.

“Know what? Sienna, I don’t understand. Why are you so upset. Just talk to me. Why are you so upset?”

“Because.” She replies. “I have a dick!”


“Well that’s…wait…What?” I ask.

I am confused. I consider myself an open minded guy, but I must confess my mind is closed right now. Its not accepting this information. Not making connections.

“That’s why Artie is so protective of me. Most people in this town aren’t so nice about it. He’s afraid of what people will do.”

I can’t help but notice the words she uses. What people WILL do. That’s how she says it. That is her reality.

It takes a moment for my brain to catch up with what is happening, but when it does, I realize she is telling me the truth. This beautiful girl, who I’ve been making out with, who just gave me the blow job of a lifetime, has a cock.

“You can go, if you want,’ She says. “I will take you back” She turns to get her car keys and her tank top.

“I don’t want to go!” I say, and a moment later I realize how much i mean it.

“No, its okay. I shouldn’t have done this. Artie was right. I will take you back.” she says

“Sienna. I want to stay. You are amazing! You’re beautiful and smart. I would be a fool to leave.”

She looks at me with her big, wet eyes.

“Really? Don’t do it just because…”

“I want to stay.” I say. “I’m not staying because I feel sorry for you. I’m staying because I want to be here, with you.”

I walk over to her and take her in my arms and hug her. I feel a mix of competing emotions. I am angry at the world for the way they would treat her. And I must admit I am also scared and uneasy at the situation I have found myself in. But as my arms wrap around her warm, soft body all of that fades away into a feeling of solace and comfort. She hugs me tightly, her tears wetting the front of my shirt.

“We…we don’t have to do anything…if you don’t want to…now…kissing and stuff.”

“Don’t Ümraniye Elit Escort worry about that right now,” I say.

“I shouldn’t have done that without telling you. It wasn’t right.” she says.

I put my finger under her chin, raising her face up to meet mine, looking into her pretty, dark brown eyes.

“Its alright. I am not angry,” I say. “It must be hard for you to open up to people, not knowing how they will react.”

“You have no idea” She says.

“No, I don’t.” I say.

Then I kiss her. Its different from the forceful kisses we exchanged earlier. Its soft, sweet and lingering.

When we are finally able to pull our lips apart she looks up at me and smiles.

“You like me, don’t you?” she asks.

“I do!” I say.

“Well, I did give you, how did you put it, the ‘best blow job in the history of blow jobs’?” She says, mocking my own words.

Her sarcasm has returned with her smile. My heart beats faster.

“Yes, you did.” I say.

“You’re getting hard again,” She notices. “Are you thinking about the blow job I gave you?”

“Yes I am” I say as she presses against me. I moan as the pressure increases around my cock.


“So, did you mean what you said earlier, about me being so hot you would suck my dick?” She asks.

“Um….” I say. I have never had an actual cock in my mouth, though the thought doesn’t exactly gross me out.

She laughs. “Its okay” She says. “I’m only giving you a hard time. You don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

“I can’t believe I am saying this, but the idea is kind of hot. I just…I don’t know how I feel about that. But, I am definitely comfortable with kissing you,” I say.

“Then kiss me” She replies, sweetly.

I press my lips to hers. There is an instant spark between us. Our kissing moves quickly from soft and sweet to hard and passionate.

“Oh god. I want you so bad” She says. “Let me suck your cock again.”

She drops to her knees and takes my cock into her sweet mouth. I am in heaven as her full lips and hands go to work.

“Its so big.” She says. “God I want you to fuck me. Please, will you fuck me?”

I moan in response.

“Please fuck me with your big cock,” she says, almost pleading.

I can’t hold back any longer. I pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. We crash onto her bed.

“Take your clothes off” I say.

I begin pulling at her pants and soon they come off. She is wearing silk panties and her cock is straining against them. I pull them off and her cock springs upward. Its feels strange for me to think this, but she a nice looking dick. It is long and thick and very smooth.

“Do you mind?” She asks, looking down at her hard cock. “I know its probably weird for you,” She says.

“No, its…its okay. Its actually kind of pretty” I say.

“You think my dick is pretty?” She asks with a big smile.

“I do, actually. Its so smooth and long. Definitely nice looking. Jeez, I never thought I would say that about a cock.”

Do you…do you want to touch it?” She asks shyly

“Actually, yes…I do,” I say, I taking her cock into my hand. I feel its girth and length. The weight of it in my hand kind of turns me on. I start stroking it, softly and slowly.

“This is my first time touching a dick that isn’t mine” I say. I continue stroking her length.

“Your hand feels so nice. Its been a while since anyone has touched me like that,” she says.

I move my hand down to the base of it and back up to the top. She squirms a little.

“Do mind if I ask you something?” I say.

“Ask me anything you like,” she reponds.

“You’ve been with people before, right?”

“Yes, I have. Not too many, though.”

“Guys, girls?” I ask while slowly stroking her smooth length.

“Both” She replies. “Girls seem to be nicer about it than guys do. I have had a couple of guys who deny everything afterwards.”

“Do you prefer one over the other?” I ask. “Guys or girls, I mean.”

“I think it depends on the person. I do like girls, but I think like guys more”

“Why is that?”

“Because I really like dicks.” She laughs. “My turn to ask you questions.” She says.

I continue stroking her. I find it thrilling, the feeling of her stiff cock in my hand.

“Go ahead, ask me anything,” I say.

“You said you’ve never touch another cock before. Is that true?”


“So I am your first.”


“That’s cool” She says.

“I think so too!” I say. “I don’t think it hurts that the first cock I am touching is attached to such a beautiful girl.”

“Is it turning you on?” She asks.

“My god, yes! The feel of your cock in my hand is so hot’ I say.

“Do you want to fuck me?” She asks. Her sweet voice is almost a purr now.

“Yes. I do,” I say. Then I ask: “Have you, y’know. Done that before?”

“What, been fucked?”

“Yeah, you know…I mean…” I stutter

“You mean, in the butt?” she giggles “Yes, I have.”

“And you like it?” I ask.

“I love the way it feels. I do it to myself all the time. With dildos of course. How about you? Any girls ever put a finger in your butt?”

“Well, I’ve actually been fucked with a strap on” I answer

“Ohh, and here I thought you were all Mr. Innocent.” She says. “Actually, that’s kinda sexy.”

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