Sinful Degrees of Separation


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In this segment of the Sinful Degrees of Separation in Beverly Hills we meet the stunning seventy-five year old headmistress who is taken by the enormous cock of an eighteen year old German transfer student. As we learn about her sexual appetitive we also learn about her eighty-five year old congressman husband and his sexual conquests.


Lenore Hale, whose name alone by reputation oozed sex was the current headmistress of an elite private school in Beverley Hills. She had come to the position through her membership on the boards of numerous Fortune 100 companies and was earning a lofty twelve million dollar a year salary as a prominent lobbyist in Washington for a large pharmaceutical initiative. Her husband, who was ten years older, was a life-long congressman.

At eighty-five Grant Hale was in the absolute picture of perfect health being in the physical shape of a twenty year old athlete. This was due to a well-pampered lifestyle that included personal trainers and a touch of minor cosmetic surgery that made him look decades younger. He stood six feet tall and had a slender build weighing in at one-hundred sixty-five. He had a full head of hair that was completely white and a chiseled chin, giving him a very distinguished air.

With her vast network into the public sector, along with her husband’s endless list of wealthy benefactors, the sexy stunner Lenore was able to fundraise millions of dollars to the school each year. Although she was in her mid-seventies Lenore Hale looked decades younger having amazing genetics that required very little maintenance on her part.

At seventy-five, she looked more like a woman in her late thirties or very early forties. She was an absolutely stunning woman that could still stop traffic, with shoulder length brown hair and high cheek bones. In addition to her classical beauty, she also possessed an absolutely amazing body that always turned heads when she walked into a room,

Standing tall at 5’10” and weighing one hundred twenty pounds she was very slender and had the type of body that needed no exercise, suiting her since she loathed senseless perspiration. Part of the reason her traffic stopping body oozed excitement was because of a pair of enormous 44DD breasts that seemed to defy gravity on her slender frame. At the center of each breast a long, inch wide nipple always seemed to be aroused as they pushed through every bra and blouse or dress she wore.

Her luscious measurements of 44DD-22-33 had helped her break through the glass ceiling in business for she was very much in tune to how her body effected the sensibilities of the opposite sex, and she knew just how to use it. Although she was married with two grown children and was grandmother to five grandchildren, by looking at her no one would think that was possible.

Being well aware of her amazing body she always dressed to catch the eye in body-hugging dresses that came to her upper- thigh and always had a plunging front that revealed her deep cleavage or could be seen wearing a short, tight pencil skirt with a sheer white blouse that visibly showed her numerous lace bras.

While at school she dressed professionally, in corporate business-like attire, but her incredible body always made her eye catching and extremely sexy. Her 44DD-21-33 measurements made her the secret, ultimate fuck fantasy of all the horny male students in her High School, and most of the male teachers, and even a large number of female students and teachers as well.

At private events with her husband or on sexy nights out with a successful young lover she had met at a fundraising event she wore clothes that showcased her amazing body, with hemlines that went just a few inches below her perfectly shaped ass, highlighting her amazingly long, tapered legs. Above her waist she wore open backs that displayed her soft skin and of course, plunging fronts that displayed her mouth-watering breasts.

Unfortunately, her stern and very rigid nature caused most of those horny boys at her school to lose their bulging erections and shrivel-up for fear of her wrath, especially when they were brought into her office to be castigated for things like misbehaving in class, or skipping classes or even school. The male teachers who were brought in to discuss issues about their classroom instruction instantly were put in their place when they tried to act friendly to the sexy Principal.

Knowing she was the center of fantasy for most of the young boys at school and certainly a lot of the male teachers added excitement to her day-to-day life. When she dressed for the day those thoughts always ran through her mind as she grinned slyly while rolling up a pair of tan or nude thigh high stockings or clasping them to a garter belt when she was feeling especially naughty on those days when she opted to wear a garter.

Although she never acted on any of her impulses to fuck any of her staff and most certainly none of her male students a German exchange student named gizli porno Chase who recently transferred to the school was hard not to think about. His beautiful Nordic features, along with an amazing build and the darkest penetrating eyes had all the young teenage girls and female teachers drooling over him. She herself found her heart skipped whenever he was close by.

When she walked by him she could always feel his dark penetrating eyes burn through her clothing and when she caught his eye he always had a sly smirk on his face as he scanned her body in the most deliberate way. It was apparent to her that he hadn’t an ounce of caring that she was the principal. When she would stop and question him as to why he was in the hall instead of in class, he would boldly ignore her question and tell her that she looked really sexy.

While taken aback by his brashness and lack of concern for her being the principal, she shot him a polite ‘thank you’ and told him in a very professional way to go back to class. Walking away she would hear him make a comment on her body in a voice loud enough for her to hear. She didn’t need to turn around because she knew his eyes were glued to her long tapered legs and the sway of her ass. As her high heels clicked on the schools tiled floor her heart was racing knowing he was checking her out. She instantly felt her nipples harden at the thought of this gorgeous eighteen year old stud lusting for her.

One day when she came into a class to do an observation on a new teacher. The 18 year old German stud was in that same class and she noticed him glaring at her throughout the entire lesson. Each time she looked over to see if he was checking her out she saw his head turned to the side, taking in her long crossed legs and the deep, plunging neckline that exposed her huge breasts.

That day she was dressed in a tight black dress that came to the upper part of her slender thighs and was belted tightly at the waist to show her narrow hips. The deep plunge of the front showed her deep cleavage and the softness of her flawless skin. Always wanting to feel sexy under her dress, she wore a black strapless bra with sexy lace trim and a black satin thong that divided her sexy ass.

Adding a sexy quality to her long tapered legs was a pair of nude thigh high stockings that were attached to a black garter belt. When her long legs were crossed the clasp of the garter could be seen because of the shortness of the hem of her skirt. To complete her stunning appearance was a pair of black high heel pumps. This addition of her pumps gave the illusion of her being superior to her staff and to her students. This affect didn’t even phase the German stud and only seemed to turn him on even more as he scanned her body up and down, even grinning at her smugly as if to say she knew she had a hot body.

As she jotted down notes they began getting more and more disconnected from the topic and she started losing her focus on what the teacher was saying, only feeling her body get very excited from knowing the young stud was glaring at her. When she left the room her body was on fire and her breathing heavy from the way the German god was smugly and purposefully scanning her body. Suddenly she felt someone behind her and stopped to see who it was.

“Chase what are you doing out of class?” she said in a stern voice, but was very-much turned on that he had walked out of his class to follow her.

“Who gives a shit about that boring class,” he said sarcastically, as his dark, penetrating eyes roamed her sinful body. “The best thing about that class was when you came in wearing that hot dress Mrs. Halle,” he said boldly, his eyes riveted to her huge breasts, now heaving in lust, and her large nipples that were visibly giving away her excitement.

Taken aback by his bluntness and boldness she said in a polite voice that masked her excitement, “Chase, I’m flattered that you like what I’m wearing but it’s extremely inappropriate for you to talk to me this way as your principal, and certainly as an adult woman.”

“I’m not just complimenting you on your nice dress even though it’s really hot Mrs. Halle, I’m complimenting you on your amazing body,” he said lustfully. His eyes told her how hungry he was for her.

‘God, he wants me and is really getting to me. I can’t believe his aggressive approach,’ she thought, hoping that her body wasn’t giving him sign of how hot she was for him.

“Chase,” she said harshly, “I want you back in class or else I’ll be forced to call your father and talk to him about your behavior.”

Suddenly a smug look came over his chiseled face. “You don’t think I already told him how smoking hot you are Mrs. Halle,” he said smugly. Then he added with a sly grin,” I think you should take me to your office and spend the whole day letting me show you how great a body you have and how much you turn my big dick on.”

She was so caught off guard by his crudeness and outward lack of respect for her as an authority figure that she told him to get back götten porno to class before walking off in a huff. Before she walked away however, her eyes ran to his crotch the second he said ‘big dick.’ She felt her eyebrows go up and her eyes open wide as she saw the most massive bulge she had ever seen in her life. ‘Oh my god,’ she thought in disbelief at seeing something so obscenely huge.

Inside her office she told her secretary to cancel all of her appointments and left for the day. As soon as she slid into the plush seat of her Jaguar her mind was racing a mile a minute. Her inch long nipples were aching and her body was on fire and she knew it was because of the German exchange student.

Reaching in her glove compartment she pulled out a pack of cigarettes, took one out and lit it. She rarely smoked; maybe ten packs a year and it was generally after some incredible sex with one of her young lovers or a very lucky pool attendant whenever she became extremely horny and needed to be satisfied. But this time she was smoking because of the effect the eighteen year old German stud had on her, the sight of the enormous bulge in his pants and how he’d told her how she’d affected him.

Pressing her black high heel pump on the gas pedal she sped home with thoughts of the gorgeous but arrogant German student haunting her. Her body was never more turned on in her life.

Throughout her forty-five year marriage there were numerous affairs with older men when she was younger as she was on her fast track, and younger men who worked under her when she reached her late thirties and forties. As she’d climbed the highest steps of the corporate success ladder, and well into her sixties and seventies her sexual hunger had not diminished at all; in fact as her success grew so did her sexual appetitive.

She and her husband each had unquenchable sexual appetites, and at the very beginning of his career in politics they had an understanding that each could indulge themselves with other partners if the situation so arose. The main reason was so that their careers could never be scandalized by fierce displays of jealousy. The agreement that they each could have any sexual encounter they wanted came with the one condition; they would let the other know about it. It wasn’t about being voyeuristic as much as it was not to interrupt the activity unless it was an absolutely urgent matter.

About her husband

She knew her congressman husband had his share of young, sexy interns throughout his long career and even knew about his current conquest with an eighteen year old intern she had met at a few parties. Her name was Lindsay, from Montana, had a very wholesome look with freckles and braces but always showed her amazing figure off by wearing tight, short dresses that emphasized her 34D-21-33 measurements.

At 5’6″ tall and weighing one hundred five pounds with large breasts on her skinny frame. The wholesome Mid-Western teen was exactly the type of girl the eighty-five year old congressman liked to hire but especially loved to fuck. As a Junior in High School she was interested in International and Geo politics and had written an essay that landed her an interview with the 85 year old congressman. Her interview came over her Spring break where she was put up in a luxurious five star hotel by the congressman (compliments of the U.S. taxpayer).

Picking her up in his private limousine at the airport, she was immediately impressed by his charm, but it was his distinguished looks that made her heart race when he took her by the arm and led her to their ride. In the limo he popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted to her coming to Washington.

In the room of the five star hotel was a vase filled with four dozen roses with a note that read, “Welcome to Washington.” It was signed by the congressman. Before dinner he had arranged to have a complete spa treatment and a professional message in her room. She could not believe how generous he was and while she was served the most astonishing lunch in her opulent room after her luscious message and spa treatment she was absolutely lost in her private thoughts of the senior congressman.

When a delivery came to her door with three boxes she put them on the bed and opened each one with the thrill of a child at Christmas morning. In one box was an absolutely sinful black strapless mini-dress. It was very elegant but looked like it would fit a small doll. She had never worn anything so revealing but was excited to wear it for the congressman. In another box was a pair of black open toed high heel pumps.

She was surprised that it was her exact size which was size ten. In the third box made her heart race. It was a sheer, lace black strapless bra in her exact size 34D. Running her hands through it she knew that it was very expensive as was the dress and the pumps. She also noted how sheer it was as she could easily see her fingers through the sheer material. In that same box was a black garter belt and a pair of sheer nude grup porno colored thigh high stockings.

At the bottom of the box was a tiny bit of material that looked like a piece of twine. It was a black satin thong and when she held it up she could not imagine that it would cover anything on her body.

She took her time getting dressed, admiring herself in the mirror with each item she put on. After slipping on the thong and the bra she stood in front of the mirror and could not believe how much of her ass was exposed as the string went between each delicious ass cheek and literally disappeared between them. She was surprised at how the bra showed her tiny pink nipples and made her look absolutely seductive. She noted that the bra was designed for temptation and enticement, and wearing it made her feel so sexy.

After clasping the garters to her stockings she stepped into her new pumps, surprised at how perfect they fit then went to the mirror again. Seeing her reflection in the mirror made her think that she was looking at someone else as she had never wore anything like this in her life, not with any man she ever dated, including her boyfriend.

Seeing herself dressed this way made her feel sexier than she’d ever felt in her life. When she put on the dress she could not believe how much of her body was showing. The hem of the dress went a few inches below her ass, barely covering the lace trim of her stockings. The back was open and showed her soft teenage skin and scooped at the bottom right above the crack of her ass. It felt so sexy on her and she loved the way it clung to her body.

Seeing her long, tapered legs and her tight ass highlighted sent a thrill up her body. When she thought about how perfect everything fit she began to think that he must have had a lot of girls and suddenly began thinking about the congressman in a way that had her perky nipples getting hard and a moistness begin to form in her eighteen year old pussy.

He picked her up for dinner at her hotel room and when she opened the door he instantly took in the sight of her amazing body with a mischievous grin on his face, quickly telling her she looked absolutely stunning. She was absolutely breathless as he looked so distinguished dressed in a very expensive fitted black suit.

Thanking him for the roses and especially her outfit and telling him he looked very distinguished they walked to the elevator with his arm around her slender waist. He knew there was a very good chance he could have fucked her right there but wanted to build the excitement for her. He had little doubt that by dinners end he would have her so captivated and mesmerized that they would be back at his condo fucking all night. For him there was no rush to fuck as he knew it would happen as it always did with teens her age who never experienced wealth and power.

In his private limousine she was instantly charmed by him as he opened a bottle of expensive champagne and toasted to her coming to Washington. Seeing her in an ultra-tight sheer black mini dress that showed her strapless black bra had his massive cock bulging in his pants. Deliberately; to let her know he was looking, he scanned her body from head to toe for almost a minute, traveling over her stocking crossed legs to her narrow waist then to her lush, full breasts. After scanning her body he made a new toast to her being very sexy.

As soon as he said it he leaned in, looked her eyes and said, “Very Sexy Lindsay,” then proceeded to give her a soft kiss on the lips. His compliment along with the hungry way he looked at her caused her to groan softly when his lips met hers. It was a soft kiss that had his tongue parting her lips which caused her to respond by sending the tip of her tongue out to meet his.

This was the textbook sign for him, thinking to himself that before the night was over he would be fucking the sexy mid-western teen. As her tongue flicked across his, her body heated up in a way she had never felt before. She felt her full 34D breasts heave and swell inside her sheer bra and felt her nipples come alive, pushing through the sheer material. Looking down, he was happy to see her nipples push through her dress.

Until now, she’d only been with four partners sexually and they were all her own age. She had never been with an older man, let alone one that was old enough to be her grandfather or even great grandfather. That thought of him being almost sixty years older than her had her excited in ways she never imagined.

On the ride to an up-scale restaurant in the nation’s capital where only the wealthiest of men and the power-elite were able to get into she found herself captivated by him.

During the ride to the restaurant the eighty-five year old congressman was engaging her in conversation. As a skilled politician he knew that a way to lure her into his bed would be to make her believe that he was impressed with her academic intelligence. He purposefully talked to her about her essay, although he never read it, telling her if was very well written with a maturity beyond her years. As he complimented her on her maturity his skilled hands slowly traveled up and down her stocking crossed legs to the tops of her lace trim, even lightly making contact with her garter strap. His touch had put her in a spell, now craving him.

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