Sitting for Liz and Cassie Ch. 01


This is my first story for Literotica, and the first creative writing I’ve done since I left school. I hope you like it.

Many thanks to my editor, gentoxic.


I’ve been babysitting for the couple next door for a few months now. Their little boy, Liam, is nearly six months old. They go out about once a week, and I take my homework over there and study for a few hours. It’s great getting paid for doing almost nothing. Liam is the perfect baby – never cries, and he sleeps like a rock.


When they first moved in a few months ago, there was quite a bit of gossip. We live in pretty conservative, very quiet part of town in a tree-lined, suburban street. So a lesbian couple in the street was scandalous – and with a new baby! The neighbours were shocked. Admittedly, they gossiped about just about anybody, but this was going to be fuel for years to come. My parents are pretty laid-back about most things, but even they were concerned. Dad said to me, “Sally, there’s nothing wrong with being like that, but you should probably keep clear of them.” I’m not sure what he thought they were going to do to me — kidnap me and whisk me away to lesbian indoctrination camp maybe!

A few weeks after they moved in, everything pretty much returned to normal. My mum even went over and introduced herself to them. She said that they seemed like a nice couple. Dad was still wary.

When Liam was a few months old, one of them came over and spoke to mum. They’d seen me in the street and wondered if I’d be interested in babysitting for them on Friday while they went to a party. Dad initially said no, and mum was in two minds about it, but it sounded like a great idea to me. I had no social life – so getting paid to sit and do my homework was a dream come true. I’d babysat for a few other couples in the street since I was fifteen. Now I was eighteen I thought it would be easy money. I convinced mum and she eventually convinced dad. He just had one proviso – he’d stay up until they came home, and he’d come over and get me. I thought it made me seem babyish, but it didn’t really matter – who was going to know?

So Friday night arrived and I packed my school books into my backpack and walked over to their house. I’d seen them both through the window, but I’d never spoken to either of them before. Mum told me that their names were Liz, the blonde one, and Cassie, a redhead. I knocked quietly on the door and, when Liz opened it, I said, “Hi, I’m Sally.”

She gave me a big smile, “Hi Sally, I’m Liz. Please come in. Have a seat on the couch and we’ll be out in a second.” Then she disappeared into the back of the house. While I sat and waited, I looked around the room. It was a pretty standard family room – there were photos of each of them with their respective families. On the wall was a beautiful frame with a photo of the three of them sitting on a swing in the park. They seemed like a normal, happy family.

A couple of minutes later they appeared in the doorway. Liz was carrying little Liam and Cassie followed behind. They all greeted me with big smiles – even Liam was laughing. Liz said, “Sally, this is Cassie and this is Liam.” She sat next to me on the couch while Cassie sat in the chair opposite. Liam held out his hands to me and smiled. I held his hands and played with him. He crawled over onto my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck. I smiled back and wrapped my arms around him in a warm embrace.

Until then I hadn’t really looked at either woman. Liz was wearing a silky blue dressing gown and slippers. She was in her mid thirties with shoulder length blonde hair and a slim figure. She was quite pretty in a simple, girl-next-door way.

Then I looked over at Cassie and my jaw nearly hit the floor. I think she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She was probably in late her late twenties and she was tiny. She had silky, copper coloured hair. It would have reached down her back, but at the moment it was wound into an elegant bun with a short fringe and two small strands cascading down either side of he face. Her eyes were huge – a deep, deep shade of blue. Her mouth was very narrow, but with soft thick lips. She was wearing a diaphanous mauve evening gown. It was split down the front all the way to her waist showing off the valley between her small breasts. My eyes travelled down to her feet where she wore strappy black stilettos.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Liz smile as she watched me staring at Cassie. I quickly turned away, embarrassed.

Liz said, “Cassie’s going to put Liam to bed while I get dressed. Help yourself to something to eat or drink.”

“Not at the moment, thanks. I might have a tea later though,” I replied. “I’ll get started on my homework.”

“Ok, the tea is in the top cupboard and the cups are beside the sink. Use the dining table if you want to. See you in a few minutes.”

I moved over to the table and started getting my books out. When Liz came back, she’d changed into a long black evening gown and high heels. She looked very elegant and beautiful. aksaray escort I had to force myself to look down at my homework to avoid staring. They left a couple of minutes later, and I finally released the breath that I hadn’t realised I was holding.

I got straight into the homework because I had exams coming up and needed to do lots of revision. The time passed quickly, and just before eleven, I heard their car coming into the driveway. They came in the door followed closely by dad. He must have been waiting for their headlights. He said hello to them and then whipped me out the door before I even had a chance to ask them about their evening. It seemed a bit rude, but I didn’t have much say in the matter.

When we got in the front door at home, dad said, “Ok, off you go – three T’s.” This was a little code that we’d had since I was young : teeth, toilet, and tee shirt. In my mind, I always added, “I think you mean three T’s and an O.” I went into the bathroom and did my usual routine. Then I went back to my room, stripped off my school shirt, jeans, and bra, and put on my long sleeping tee shirt. After turning off the light, I climbed into bed.

My “O” starts with pulling my tee shirt up and gently touching my boobs. I like caressing the sides and bottoms of them at first. As I get more excited, I move to gently rubbing the nipples. And then I move to little squeezes — both the whole boob and the nipple. My boobs aren’t the largest in the world, but they’re round and firm. And they’re very sensitive — a couple of minutes rubbing the nipples gets me very wet.

In my mind I picture some of the guys I like: Harry Styles and Zac Efron are two that really get me going. And there’s John Campbell from my class at school. He’s a gentle giant — a football player and weight lifter. He always has a lovely smile and speaks quietly with a slight lisp — very sexy. For an eighteen year old virgin, I have a very dirty imagination.

Between the boobs and the guys, I can feel that I’m getting wet down below. My left hand stays on my breast while my right creeps down inside my knickers. My index finger slides down through my pubes to my labia. I don’t really like touching my clitoris much, especially at the start — it’s just too sensitive. So I run my finger around the labia and then into the entrance to my vagina. I can feel that it’s very wet — more than usual. I sometimes use a toy — the handle of my hairbrush or even a small carrot. But tonight I’m just using my fingers. I slide my index finger deep inside and wriggle it around. The heel of my hand is gently pressing on my clitoral area. I can feel the excitement building. Usually, it takes me a few minutes, but tonight my orgasm comes on me quickly. I move my left hand off my boob and down to my clit and press it hard. I’m picturing Zac in my mind as the orgasm comes rushing up. But as it washes over me, my mind quickly jumps to the beautiful face of Cassie. Waves of pleasure roll down my body as I tremble beneath my fingertips. I moan into the pillow. As always, I fall asleep almost instantly.


The next morning, as I’m in the shower washing my hair, I think about what happened last night. I’ve never had any attraction to girls. I’ve been in the shower after sport with lots of girls and, sure, I’ve checked them out. But that’s only ever been to compare their bodies to mine. I like to see who has bigger boobs. Or who has a curvy arse. And I’ve looked at a few who’ve shaved their pubes to decide whether I might do it. But it’s never been sexual. Something changed last night – I had an orgasm while thinking about a girl, and it’s got me worried. Am I gay? I never even thought about it before. I’ve always fantasised about guys, but now, as the hot water rushes down, I’m not so sure.


For the next few months, I babysit for Liz and Cassie about once a week. Sometimes Liam is awake and we play with his toys on the floor. When it comes time for bed, I read him a book and put him in his cot. Other times, Liz has already put him to be bed and I don’t hear a peep from him all night. He is just a perfect child to babysit. I just get so much homework done!

The only bad thing is dad’s insistence that he comes over and takes me home immediately after they get back. Frankly, it’s insulting. I’m eighteen years old — I can look after myself. And what are they going to do to me anyway? But it’s a small price to pay for an easy job, so I put up with it.


One Friday afternoon while I’m sitting bored at school, Liz texts me, “can u sit 2nite pls.”

Mum and dad are away for the weekend and I haven’t got anything else on. So I text back, “sure what time.”

“i have to leave at 4 thanx OOXX :-),” comes the reply.

After school, I don’t even go into our house — I just go straight to their place. Liz lets me in with a big smile, as always. Cassie isn’t there. Liam is playing on the floor when I get there.

Liz says, “We got a last minute invite to a barbecue and it’s not really something we can take a baby to. Cassie’s going to the pub after work and then meeting me there. I’m getting picked up in five minutes. Can you please feed him in about an hour, then bath and bed. His dinner’s in the fridge — 2 minutes in the microwave.”

“Sure, no problem,” I reply. I sit on the floor with him and play. There’s a toot of a horn out the front. She gives him a kiss on the forehead and then she’s out the door.

Feeding him is easy. Then I give him a bath, put his pyjamas on, read him a book, and put him to bed. He’s asleep within a couple of minutes. I go back to the living room, get my books out, and get stuck into the study.

About eleven, I see headlights in the driveway. Liz and Cassie get out of the car, wave goodbye to the driver, and it disappears back out into the street. I’ve given up on homework by then and I’m watching TV when they come in.

“How did you go,” Liz asks.

“Not a sound from him, as usual,” I reply. “I got lots of homework done. That’s a good thing too – I’ve got exams next week and I’m way behind in my revision.”

I get the impression that they’ve both been drinking. Cassie definitely seems a bit unsteady. They’re both dressed very casually. Liz is wearing a knitted tank top and a short skirt. Cassie has a tee shirt and yoga pants.

“No dad tonight?” Liz asks with a knowing smile.

I explain, “They’ve both gone to one of mum’s work conferences. I think it’s just an excuse for partying, but they seem to enjoy it.”

“Cass and I are going to have a glass of wine. Would you like to join us?”

I haven’t got anything to do tomorrow and my parents are away, so, “Sure, thanks,” I say. I’m not really much of a drinker. One night, Jenny, my friend from school, pinched a bottle of rum from her dad’s cupboard. My parents were away, so she came to my place. We ended up drinking nearly the whole bottle mixed with coke. She passed out on the couch and I spent an hour throwing up in the toilet. Since then I haven’t really touched alcohol.

“Do you want Sauv Blanc or Pinot?”, she asks as she walks out of the kitchen with two bottles and three glasses in her hands.

My wine knowledge is about as extensive as my social life i.e. non-existent. “Er, Pinot, please,” I answer, trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

She puts the three glasses on the side table next to the couch and half fills them with the Pinot. After handing one to me, she takes the other two and sits opposite me on the recliner chair. She holds onto Cassie’s glass and takes a sip from her own.

“In all the time you’ve been sitting for us, we’ve never really talked. Tell us about yourself,” Liz asks.

“There’s not much to tell,” I say, taking a sip out of my glass. “I’m eighteen, I go to the local high school, and I’m in year twelve. I play football in winter and basketball in summer. I’m in the state junior squad for basketball. I’d really like to play AFLW football, but it’s a big step up from my local club.”

“And what about next year?”

“I’m hoping to go to uni next year and become a vet – I love animals.”

“Ok. So what’s your favourite animal?” Liz asks.

“I love all animals – dogs, cats, even snakes and spiders. But I guess my favourite would be the red panda,” I reply.

“Yeah, what do you like about it?”

Without thinking, I answer, “I love its silky, copper coloured hair”. I suddenly think about Cassie and realise what I’ve just said. I’m sure I’ve turned a bright shade of red. I shut my mouth to prevent further embarrassment. Liz has a tiny smile on the corner of her mouth.

I hear the toilet flush and Cassie comes in from the back of the house. She walks up to the recliner, climbs up on it, and sits behind Liz. Then she wraps herself around Liz like an octopus. Liz passes her the glass. Her left leg is behind Liz’s back, and her two arms are around Liz’s neck. Her right foot is up on the chair next to her with her knee pointed upwards. This leaves her crotch pointing straight at me. The seam of her yoga pants splits her lips which protrude prominently on either side. I quickly look away.

“So, do you have a boyfriend?” Liz asks.

I get even more embarrassed and mumble, “No.”

“A girlfriend, maybe?”

“No,” I reply, slightly surprised. “I’ve been on a few dates with guys. But mostly just as friends. I went to the school formal with a guy I’ve known since I was a baby.”

Cassie speaks for the first time since they came home and asks, “So, who do you fantasise about when you masturbate?”

I’m not sure that I can get any more red. I let out a feeble, “I d-d-don’t.”

“What, you don’t fantasise, or you don’t masturbate?” she fires at me.

“Uhh, I don’t m-m-m-masturbate,” I stammer. This is probably one of the biggest lies I’ve ever ever told — I do it at least once a day, often twice.

“I’m sure that you do. Everybody does – Liz does, I do. And I reckon that you do too.”

“Er, why do you two need do it?” I ask. “You have each other. Why would you need to… er, do that?”

“We love having sex with each other, but sometimes one of us wants it and the other doesn’t. So, we both enjoy jilling off when we need a bit of extra relief. Liz hates sex when she’s got her period. But I can’t get enough when I’ve got mine. What about you?”

By this stage I’m sure I look the colour of a traffic light. “Well, I guess I do sometimes,” I say very quietly.

While we’re talking, Liz is gently stroking the inside of Cassie’s thigh. I watch, fascinated, as she runs her finger downwards to her crotch and then back and forth a few times along her left labial bulge. I tear my eyes away and back up to look at Cassie’s face. She gives me a little smile.

Cassie leans in and softly kisses Liz’s ear lobe. She whispers something to Liz that I don’t catch. But I do hear Liz’s quiet reply, “I reckon you can.” And then after a pause, “And I might too.”

Cassie looks over at me, slowly unwraps her arms from around Liz’s neck, and stands up on the chair. Moving like a cat, she comes over to me, climbs onto the couch behind me, and wraps her arms around my neck just like she’d done to Liz. Then she whispers in my ear, “Do you know what I just asked Liz?”

“No,” I say quietly.

“I asked her if she thought I could fuck you.”

Wow! I sit up, both mouth and eyes wide open, frozen to the spot. I’m sure I look like a rabbit caught in headlights. Cassie leans in and gently kisses and then sucks my earlobe. The tip of her finger gently strokes the underside of my breast.

I look over at Liz in surprise, but she just smiles back at me. Cassie then moves her hand so the finger sneaks in between the buttons of my school shirt and caresses the top of my boob. With her other hand she gently turns my head towards her and runs the tip of her tongue along the inside of my top lip.

I suddenly think that I should get up and get out of the house as soon as possible. But I quickly realise that I don’t really want to do that – I want to stay. I relax back into Cassie’s arms.

Now she kisses me properly. Her lips gently move to mine and she uses the tip of her tongue to lick the inside my lip. I’ve never really kissed anybody before — Jenny and I practised once, but it was very clinical. This is just sensuous. Now she’s undone a button on my shirt and her hand slips inside and gently wraps around my breast. Her thumb strokes the nipple very softly.

I break away from the kiss and say, “What about Liz? She’s just over there.”

“She likes to watch … for now.”

Things are moving a bit too quickly for me here. And I’m not even sure that I want to do this at all.

But Cassie moves her lips back to mine and uses her hand to pull our mouths together. I feel her soft lips press onto mine and her tongue slips inside my mouth. I feel so overwhelmed that I couldn’t push myself away if I tried. But, by now, I really don’t think that I even want to try.

She’s unbuttoned my shirt completely now and reaches around to undo my bra. She lifts it up to release my boobs. Her head drops down and her tongue teases my nipple. I place my hands on the back of her neck and hold her to me as she bathes my boobs in gentle kisses. Finally she takes my nipple in between her lips and sucks. I gasp in pleasure. My nipples have always been sensitive, but this just feels out of this world. I enjoyed her kisses, but this is so much better.

For the first time, I think that perhaps I should be reciprocating in some way. I’m not really sure what to do though. Perhaps she senses this, because she says very quietly, staring deeply into my eyes, “Please caress my boobs too.”

My hand clumsily moves around to her front and I gently squeeze her breast. Getting a bit more daring, I reach under her tee shirt and slide my hand around her boob. She isn’t wearing a bra — her breasts are so tiny that she doesn’t need one. Then I gradually pull her tee shirt up and over her head. She looks up at me and kisses my lips again. I lean back a bit and look at her. She’s just so beautiful. Her boobs are nothing more than little cones with huge puffy nipples. They look lovely, shining in the darkness like hidden jewels. Her eyes flick down to them inviting me to use my mouth on them. I lean down eagerly and suck her nipple into my mouth. She jumps back a bit and whispers, “Gently.” I take it a bit easier. It feels so sensual to have her whole breast in my mouth and to run my tongue around the enlarged areola.

Now her hand slides down to my leg where she strokes up and down the inside of my thigh. I’ve kept my legs locked together until now. She slides her finger up under my school skirt and to the front of my knickers. She gently rubs the outside of the cloth over my clitoral area. I lay my head back and sigh, pleasure coursing through me.

I realise that this is the moment of truth. I honestly don’t believe that I could stop if I wanted to. And I recognise that I don’t want to. My legs gradually part and she runs the finger down between them and over my labia. The tip of her finger insinuates itself under the elastic of my knickers and into the entrance to my vagina. I can feel the moisture squelching as she slides it around.

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