Slave Girl Ch. 02


Angela woke peacefully and was still wrapped in her mistress’s arms. She smiled as she looked at her sleeping mistress. Angela felt relaxed and refreshed after last night’s sexual escapades and the good night’s sleep that came afterwards. She watched her mistress sleep for several minutes, just admiring her beauty and taking in every detail of her face.

Angela bit her lower lip as she decided on a course of action. One side of her submissive brain said to let her mistress sleep and not to disturb her. It also said that as her mistress, it was her prerogative to initiate any sex between them. Her other part of her submissive brain said that it was her duty to service her mistress every minute of every day.

Her mistress had already said that during their sexual escapades, she was allowed to touch her mistress as much as she wanted and wasn’t this morning just a continuation of last night? Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to truly show her mistress that she was devoted to servicing her body?

Still conflicted, but doubting she would be punished for this, Angela slid down under the blankets and slowly crawled between her mistress’s legs. She wished she had the opportunity to kiss, lick, and suck every inch of her mistress’s body, showing her how much she worshipped her beautiful body. But now was not the time for that. Angela settled herself between her mistress’s legs and began to slowly lick up and down between her pussy lips.

She was just trying to get her mistress sufficiently wet, to allow her to slide her tongue into her pussy. Satisfied, Angela then slowly slid her tongue directly into her mistress’s pussy until her mouth was pressed against her pussy lips. She then began to slowly lick as deep as she could into her mistress’s pussy.

She felt a small movement in her mistress, but didn’t hear he say anything, so Angela continued to service her mistress’s delicious pussy. Angela had to fight to keep her own movements slow and her moans quiet, to avoid waking her mistress to soon.

She was surprised that she had come to love going down on her mistress so quickly. Just last night she had never had any experiences with other girls. She remembered being scared and nervous, both at the act of being with another girl and by the thought of not being any good at it and so being cast aside by her mistress. She remembered the tingling in her own pussy as her mistress had ordered her to strip in front of her, and then admired and fondled her naked body.

Angela had been overwhelmed when her mistress had instructed her to undress her as well. Her mistress had complimented her on her sexy body and made several statements making Angela believe that her mistress truly found her attractive.

When Angela had been instructed to suck her mistress’s nipples, she had actually been thrilled at the prospect and had loved the experience. Afterwards when her mistress had forced her to her knees, she had willingly licked deep into her mistress’s pussy, as she was doing right now. She had come to love and desire to make her mistress orgasm as often as possible. Angela wanted nothing more than to have her face constantly shoved between her mistress’s thighs as she licked and sucked her mistress’s pussy and clit. When mistress had voiced her desire and intention to fuck her, Angela had almost come to pieces. All of her insecurities had come crashing back down in her. In that moment, Angela had wanted nothing more than to flee from her mistress’s bedroom and cry herself to sleep, at her own inability to be a proper sexual partner. When she had voiced her lack of sexual prowess, she had expected her mistress to hit her and reject her. Instead her mistress had soothed her fears and sternly reinforced her domination over Angela, as well as cement Angela’s submission to her mistress. Angela had been more than surprised at how many time both of them had orgasmed, as her mistress fucked her with the strap-on.

Those were the first orgasms that she had experienced with another person, as all of Angela’s previous orgasms had been initiated by her during masturbation. Her first orgasm with her mistress had been a mind blowing and mind altering experience for Angela. The way that her mistress had let her touch her body and the way her mistress had touched her, made the experience all the more sensual and memorable. Angela’s reverie was cut short by a small moan of pleasure from her mistress, followed by hearing her mistress say “Oh, kitten.”

Angela smiled to herself, knowing that at the very least her mistress was not mad at her. Feeling safe in this knowledge, Angela added more energy to the licking of her mistress’s pussy. Her mistress moaned louder, as her tongued probed deeper and licked every part of her mistress’s pussy that she could reach. Danielle was on cloud nine. She loved waking up to some kind of sexual act being perpetrated on her. Sleeping with her mother and Brenda had allowed this kind of thing to happen quite a few times, she had even done the same thing to her mother and sivas escort Brenda at one time or another. But she had not expected her kitten to be comfortable with Danielle, her kitten’s new life as a sex slave, or their situation together, in order to enable and embolden her kitten to initiate the sex. She had expected her kitten to be timid and shy after last night frivolities. They had shared many amazing orgasms and had incredible sex, but her kitten was still new to all of this. Her kitten had never even been with another girl before. Granted the last of their sexual fun last night had begun after her kitten had asked if she could go down on her again, but that could easily be explained by the high of so many orgasms, the slave mentality to please her owner, or the desire to avoid punishment by serving her mistress’s desires as much as possible so as to gain favor. Danielle smiled, happy to be proven wrong in her assumption. Danielle remembered the shy and timid touches of affection by her kitten. The way she always seemed to concentrate on her mistress’s pleasure and thank her mistress whenever she had an orgasm.

Her kitten truly was one of a kind and Danielle hoped to keep her for as long as possible. Danielle suddenly moaned out loudly, as her talented kitten hit a particularly amazing spot inside her pussy. Danielle wanted to watch her kitten lick her pussy and wanted to see the look I her eyes as her tongue plunged deep inside her. She threw off the blankets to reveal her wide eyed and innocent kitten looking up at her as she enjoyed her morning pussy licking. Angela removed her tongue and mouth from her mistress’s pussy long enough to say “Good morning, mistress,” before plunging her tongue back inside her pussy. Danielle smiled affectionately down at her kitten as she said, “It’s always a good morning to wake up to my kitten licking my pussy. Your such an amazing pussy licker, kitten. I love cumming all over our tongue and face. Mmm…I like seeing my pussy juices on your face. It lets everyone else know who you belong to. Who do you belong to, kitten?”

Angela again briefly took her tongue out of her mistress’s pussy as she replied “I belong to you, mistress.”

Danielle moaned at her kitten’s ease of submission and willingness to accept her dominance. She gently stroked her kitten’s forehead as she admired her kitten’s beautiful body. Danielle felt her pussy begin to heat up and her orgasm approaching fast. Her breathing picked up and her body began to shake slightly. She then cried out in pleasure and her body went rigid, as her orgasm crashed over her. Her kitten continued to lick and suck on her pussy. She heard her quiet moans as she was apparently enjoying her mistress’s flood of pussy juices. Danielle then signaled her kitten to come to her, with her signature crooked finger as she breathed out “Come up here.”

Angela placed a tender kiss to her mistress’s pussy, before crawling up her mistress’s body and snuggling back into her arms. Danielle continued to hold onto her kitten for several minutes, as she enjoyed the warmth of their bodies against each other. Her cute kitten was practically purring in her arms. Her face showed her relaxation and satisfaction after licking her mistress to orgasm. Her body was completely relaxed and limp against her mistress’s body. Angela’s head rested comfortably in her mistress’s arm as she gazed into her mistress’s eyes with a look of pure affection. Angela was in her own little world as her mistress continued to hold her and gently stroke her skin. She had never felt so relaxed and content as she did in this moment.

Danielle then looked at the clock and said, “As much as I would love to spend the day naked in bed with you, kitten, why don’t we join my mom and Brenda for breakfast?”

Danielle felt her kitten stiffen and saw her eyes drop, as she nervously began to bite her bottom lip. In spite of this obvious fear, Angela looked back up into her mistress’s eyes as she breathed out submissively “Yes, mistress.”

Danielle frowned, knowing that even though her kitten was a great deal more comfortable in her presence, she was still nervous around the other women in the house. Danielle stroked her fingers across her kitten’s face affectionately and soothingly, as she said “Don’t worry, kitten. Everything is and will be fine. They both know that you are mine. You have nothing to worry about. I think that you will find my mom’s demeanor a great deal more relaxed now that she is home and back in the arms of Brenda. Do you trust me?”

Angela continued to look into her mistress’s eyes as she said, “Yes, I trust you, mistress.”

She then saw her mistress smile down at her and felt her gentle caress of her cheek, as he mistress said “We are a great deal different here than we are outside. At most she may tease us on last night’s noises, but other than a cute blush to your face you will be fine. Come, kitten.”

Angela smiled shyly as she already felt a blush coming to her face at the thought of being questioned by the mother of her mistress about last night’s and this morning’s frivolities. But she nodded and took her mistress’s offered hand as he said, “Yes, mistress.”

Danielle put on a loose fitting t-shirt that came down to just past her ass cheeks, giving her kitten a very tantalizing look at her sexy ass cheeks. Danielle then offered her kitten the silk slip from last night, which also offered her mistress the delicious view of her kitten’s ass. Danielle then too her kitten my her hand and led them from her bedroom, down the stairs and into the dining room to find her mother and Brenda already seated and speaking quietly as they enjoyed their morning tea.. Alexandra and Brenda both looked up to see the two scantily clad girls enter the room. They smiled soothingly as they saw Danielle smiling brightly and Angela’s shy and submissive posture as she was led into the room by her mistress.

Alexandra was the first to speak as she teased, “Late night, girls?”

Danielle, being used to and expecting her mother’s teasing, took her seat to the left of her mother and answered “Oh kitten and I didn’t stay up too late. What about you two?”

Alexandra smiled as she clasped hands with Brenda and said, “I enjoy coming home far more than being away. We had much to catch up on.”

Brenda smiled at her lover, than turned to Danielle as she said “But she’s home now, and that’s the most important thing.”

Brenda then looked to the still nervous and obviously shy Angela as she said, “Come have a seat, sweetheart. You must be hungry.”

Angela stiffened again, having been told during the initial processing when she had been enslaved that slaves were never allowed to sit at or eat from the main dining table. She then looked to her mistress and then to Alexandra for permission, after receiving a small nod from both she sat down in the seat next to her mistress. She continued to keep her head bowed submissively, as Brenda watched her with a sad smile on her face. Brenda reached over and poured Danielle and Angela a cup of tea. Seeing that her daughter’s ‘kitten’ still seemed to nervous to drink, Alexandra spoke directly to her and using her name for the first time, she said “Angela, I’m not sure what my daughter has told you, but you don’t need to keep walking around like a whipped dog. Unless my daughter tells you otherwise, and I doubt she will, you may act as normally as you are comfortable with. That includes not having to keep your head down at all times.”

Blinking as she listened to her mistress’s mother speak to her so casually and the way Brenda and her mistress seemed to be treating her like a normal person made Angela want to break down in tears. She was able to summon enough courage to raise her head, offer a shy but grateful smile, and say in an almost normal voice, “Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am.”

Danielle continued to hold her kitten’s hand offering her some comfort, as she slowly sipped her tea. Angela finally, but with a slightly shaking hand reached for her own tea cup. She had never been treated even this well at home, so she was expecting any moment for one of the women to shout at her or strike her for some unknown offense. When the shout and strike never came, Angela hesitantly looked to her mistress as she took a sip from her cup. Alexandra and Brenda knew that only baby steps could be used for Angela’s situation as well as their shared fears of her past. Alexandra then turned to her daughter and asked, “So what are your plans for today, honey?”

Danielle beamed as she said, “Well, I have to finish unpacking and then I need to meet up with your attorney at his office to sign the rest of kitten’s paperwork. After that, I don’t have any plans, besides coming home. What about you two?”

Brenda entered the conversation saying, “Well, I expect to spend some time today washing your clothes from your trip. I may do some online shopping, but other than that I plan to see how much your mother missed me. I am thinking I can get seven orgasms out of her before she begs for mercy. What do you think, baby?”

Alexandra arched her eyebrow as she turned to her lover and replied, “And since when do I beg for mercy after only seven orgasms, my love?”

Angela was amazed at the easy back and forth between the two women, one being the head of the household and the other her slave. Not knowing what to make of this, she turned to her mistress for an unspoken question. But seeing her mistress’s smiling face and the wink she threw her, she smiled shyly as she lost all train of thought and just gazed in wonder at her beautiful mistress. Angela then remembered what her mistress had said earlier, so she leaned closer to her ear and whispered “I can unpack for you and help Brenda with your clothes, mistress.”

Danielle continued to smile, but her smile grew wider as she answered “That would be a great help to me, kitten. Thank you.”

Danielle then leaned down and placed a tender kiss to her kitten’s lips, showing her shy kitten her appreciation. Alexandra and Brenda both smiled at the back and forth between the smiling Danielle and the still nervous Angela. Feeling sympathy and wanting to save the poor girl from more of her lover’s teasing, she reached forward and offered her some cinnamon rolls as she said “Here, sweetheart, have a roll. We don’t stand on ceremony in this house and certainly not at the dinner table.”

Not knowing whether or not she could be given permission by Brenda to eat at the same table as her mistress and mistress’s mother, Angela looked from her mistress to Alexandra seeking permission. Receiving a nod from both, she gratefully accepted a roll and as she said “Thank you, Brenda.”

Alexandra then leaned forward and calmly said, “Angela, what Brenda said was true. We do not stand on any ceremonies when it is just the four of us. We rarely have house guests, for obvious reasons, so there is no need to pretend here. If Brenda tells you something, says you are allowed to do something, or asks for help, you don’t need to look to either myself or my daughter for permission.”

Angela nodded softly as she answered, “Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry.”

Feeling the need to expand and bring Angela into the truth of Brenda and her relationship, Alexandra told the story of their growing up together, becoming lovers, the story of Brenda’s enslavement, and the reasons and truth behind Alexandra’s purchasing of Brenda. Angela sat quietly and absentmindedly ate the role, as she listened to Alexandra’s and Brenda’s story. Her heart ached for what they had gone through, but knowing that Alexandra kept Brenda safe and now knowing the truth behind their relationship, she offered a small smile as she nodded in understanding. Danielle then leaned in and whispered into her kitten’s ear, “Brenda is like my second mother. I’ve never thought of her as anything else. Her enslavement is shown only when other people come over, other than that they are lovers and equals. Though she is a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning up around the house, so watch out, kitten.”

Danielle placed a gentle kiss to her kitten’s ear as she finished her explanation. Angela smiled and blushed again at her mistress’s constant shower of kisses in front of the other two women. But she was able to reply in an even voice, “Yes, mistress. I can help her clean, if she wants.”

Brenda smiled at Angela’s offer and said, “I may take you up on that. It is a big house and help would be appreciated. And I am not OCD, young lady. But I don’t work outside of the house and your mother doesn’t allow anyone else to come in and clean, so me taking the time to make sure the house stay neat and tidy is not a big deal but I like to do my part when I can.”

Danielle and Alexandra both smiled at Brenda’s explanation of her actions, as Danielle then added teasingly “I think you just enjoy teasing mom when you walk around in that French maid outfit of your’s. Not that I don’t think my kitten would look adorable in something like that, but I prefer her in lingerie or nothing at all.”

Angela smiled at her mistress’s compliment of her, as Alexandra hummed to herself as she enjoyed the image of her lover in the maid outfit as well. Breakfast continued on like this, with the casual back and forth that did begin to comfort and relax Angela. When everyone had finished, Danielle placed a kiss to Angela’s lips as she said “I’ll be home soon, kitten.”

Angela smiled as she answered in her customary, “Yes, mistress.”

Alexandra and Danielle then retired for showers and a change of clothes, before they started their day. Angela helped Brenda clear the table and clean the kitchen. Angela then fetched her mistress’s dirty clothes and met Brenda in the laundry room. After a quiet minute or two, Angela finally spoke up “Brenda, I’m sorry for what happened to you.”

Brenda was taken aback by Angela’s sincerity and upfront honesty. She smiled and shook her head, saying “Thank you, sweetheart. But honestly, I’m not.”

She confused look on Angela’s face caused Brenda to explain further, “I have never been happier than in my years spent in this house with Alexandra and Danielle. It’s a shame that I had to be enslaved, but I have never been treated as such by either of them. As far as Alexandra is concerned, nothing has changed and I lover her for that.”

Angela nodded silently as she thought back to Alexandra’s honest explanation of Brenda’s enslavement and subsequent sale to Alexandra. Understanding what Brenda meant and how she felt gave Angela a better understanding of her own feelings and desires to please her mistress. Feeling a little more comfortable with speaking to Brenda, she asked “What are my other duties here?”

Brenda shook her head confused as she asked, “What do you mean duties, sweetheart?”

Angela frowned and dropped her head as she nervously said, “Well, it’s just that I know you take care of most of the cleaning in the house. So what will I need to do, besides servicing my mistress? I know I’m not in the same boat as you. Ma’am purchased me to serve my mistress, but I just thought that there would be other duties that I would be required to do around the house.”

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