Slow Awakening


The shower is acting up again and Gloria is frantically trying to get her hair shampooed and conditioned for her evening out. Finally she wins, getting every drop of conditioner out of her locks and exits her shower stall with her long silky main dripping wet along with the rest of her gorgeous body. She grabs a pink fleece towel and with a series of well-practised choreographed moves wraps her long hair into the folds of the towel. She then grabs a much larger beach towel and begins to dry the rest of her body. She wraps and unwraps and rubs her gorgeous frame with the towel, actions that get her mildly aroused, and then she catches a glimpse of herself in the long full length mirror.

The ritual to follow of primping and preening which she really enjoys is temporarily interrupted as she suddenly feels the need to pleasure herself and she begins by squeezing her perky, full 34B boobs with a certain familiar tenderness that most of her male lovers don’t seem to be able to learn. She feels a wave of warmth course through her as she continues the squeezing but changing from a tentative motion, with just her fingers, to a full palm squeeze, manipulating her flesh with a deeper massage like motion, using a hand for each breast. She feels an answering twinge from between her legs and almost immediately her right hand moves down her body to cup herself and then her middle finger slides along the opening slit as though checking for its sensitivity to gauge her body’s arousal. It’s getting really moist there now. She takes two steps backwards towards her large king size bed and flops backwards onto it. In one continuing motion her legs come up into the air parting as they move up wards and almost immediately flex at the knees so that her inner pussy lips now part slightly as her thighs widen even more to allow her ministrations to continue. She now has two fingers in her slit with the broad part of her palm resting on her swelling clit. She feels her entire body responding as she now more intently but ever so slowly works her fingers in and around her now slippery cunt. She relaxes even more and her eyes close as the pleasure builds, her body heaves involuntarily but she is not anywhere near climaxing. Her head turns and she opens her eyes, Gloria catches sight of the display on her alarm clock, its 3:30pm and she wants to be down town for 5:00 still unfulfilled she decides she cannot now afford the time to make herself come; this is not something ever to be rushed. She takes a deep breath and stops fingering herself by slowly, reluctantly, dragging her sopping wet fingers out of herself, making sure that her fingers stay in contact with her skin as she moves her hand from her vagina to touch her lips. She likes the slightly salty acidic flavour of herself, like a very eclectic and rare salad dressing.

“Duty calls Sweet heart, down girl!!” she says out loud.

She slowly rolls up off the bed to a standing position once again in front of the mirror. Gloria moves her hands to her hips and turns, posing now with the towels, a heap on the floor around her feet. With her hands on her hips she pushes her pelvis out and arches her back emphasising her breasts and cocking her head with water still dripping from the very ends of her hair. As a few remaining little droplets from her hair accumulate on her shoulders and slither down her back, the natural evaporation process at work results in a cooling sensation and Gloria shivers slightly just like a pseudo orgasm just not nearly as pleasurable. She decides to speed up the drying process. She grabs her hair dryer, clicking the unit on and beginning the waving action of the nozzle close to her locks. Suddenly she spreads her feet apart, at first tipping her whole head backwards so that her hair is one vertical blond column pointing towards the floor and then in one easy move flicks her entire head forward and down in front of her and keeping her head in that position attacks her hair with the nozzle of her dryer.

“OK let’s get a move on.”

She says to no one in particular. The spinning motor of the hair dryer now so close to her head blocks out any but the loudest noises.

“Is that the phone?”

Again as though there is an invisible audience watching her dressing room antics.

Gloria turns off the hair dryer, at the same time cocking her left ear towards the ceiling and placing her left hand slightly on the top of her left ear lobe too better hear. With the dryer silenced the electronic warble of her telephone is emphasized, Gloria decides to ignore it and continues drying her hair. Gloria finishes her drying just as the click clocking of the answering machine picking up kicks in and she begins to listen to a familiar voice, a female voice with a sultry lilt. Gloria sits on the bed to listen, now that the voice has got her attention.

“Hi Gloria, just wondering if you were coming down tonight….call me, it’s Corrine, we met last night at the ROXXY. Anyway … really want to see you again, call me if you’re not.”

Gloria felt her heart race probably assisted by the fact that she was partly aroused now and almost moves antalya escort to pick up and talk to the person but she decides against it. The message takes her back to last night:

The ROXXY, a nightclub that was really the converted basement floor of an old 19th century stone hotel. The local legend had it that the place was named after the original owner’s wife who apparently was bi-sexual.

” Gloria!!”

A male voice calls to her as soon as she enters through the heavy plate glass doors. Even though the entry to the ROXXY is at street level, Gloria looked to those already seated inside as though she was entering at the ceiling; she then had to negotiate the flight of stairs that took her into the crowd below. It was in fact referred to by some long time patrons as the den of inequity. There was a practical side to the design since it made locating your party an easy task. If you didn’t see your party immediately if you stood there long enough they would certainly see you and of course if you wanted to make an entrance it was the perfect layout for that too. Gloria looks in the direction of the voice that she thinks she recognizes as David, there was a movement, a waving hand and yes she was right, it is David sitting with a bunch of what she could only assume might be either some of his students or faculty or a mixture thereof. She descends into the social melee and pushes her way through the crowded bar until she gets to the railing then shimmies along sideways, rubbing her ample chest against at least half a dozen people she didn’t know, to the three steps that takes her up to the little landing where David and four others are sitting at a small oblong dark stained table, decorated with one round of drinks Gloria estimates. David rises to greet her and she extends her face out to his, turning so that the welcoming kiss lands approximately in the middle of her jaw area but close to the corner of her lips.

“Well you are a sight for sore eyes …to coin an old phrase,” says David.

“So who have we got here?” asks Gloria, gesturing with a sweep of her hand to emphasize the question. A small hand waves in a side to side manner and a voice says

“I am Rita, one of David’s Sociology students.”

” Josh…Rita’s boyfriend” came another, this belonging to a sandy haired bespectacled face.

“Max here, Josh’s brother,” the resemblance was strikingly obvious to Gloria.

“Corrine….I am with Max… co-worker, he’s in Sales I am in Accounting”

Corrine felt herself say, really almost shouting above the din. Corrine had no difficulty with her self-esteem or as far as she knew had no self-confidence issues ever and pretty much always knew when she liked something or someone and tonight looking at Gloria, she definitely liked what she was seeing. Corrine really liked her fitness routine; some would say there was an addictive quality to her dedication. She worked out the way she did because in her own words

“If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing what’s the point?”

Corrine had the total package everything in muscular proportion, 36 — 24 — 36 on a 5′ 10″ frame but if there was a criticism she might appear top heavy tonight in her sleeveless top and her very pert bosoms. She was never aware that she flaunted it but she was pleased with the body Gods.

Gloria gazes at each face intently acknowledging the introductions and finally seats herself between Corrine and David with Josh on Corrine’s right and Rita to the left of David. They had to be cozy since the place was busy and they were sitting basically on what could be described as a ledge with a railing to prevent them from falling onto the next level below, with the bar occupying a semi circular space right next to them. There are tables in front of them and behind them but next to them is an aisle way and traffic is heavy tonight.

“What are you drinking Gloria?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that David?”

“OK.. A Sam Adams”

David looks at her with an inquiring gaze insisting with his eyes that she answer the question and not be a smart ass.

“Long Tom Collins” she replies and immediately looks at Rita and asks

“So which Sociology course are you taking?”

Rita is short just 5′ and depending on the day and how she dresses might be considered a little on the dumpy side but she has a strikingly beautiful facial appearance. Simply put she has one of those perfectly proportioned faces along with her olive skin, smooth and unblemished face, and perfect teeth. Her smile lights her face up along with her sparkling blue eyes, capped by a neatly coiffed blond shaped hair style short on the back with bangs that are teased and scared into staying in place by her skillful application of her favourite hair spray.

“Sociology of Deviance, isn’t that the only Sociology course really worth the time and effort? Well that’s only a little unfair but to be honest I am interested because David wrote the texts and I think there is something intense when you take a course with the Prof who wrote the Text.”

“OK I actually think I agree with you.”

“Anyone want anything this round?” David asks looking around to attract the waitress’s attention.

“Actually we gotta get going” Rita says, attempting to drain the last of her drink through the ice in her glass while looking at Josh downing the last quarter of his beer.

“OK, then I guess that’s my cue since I brought you guys here” says Max.

” No…we can get the bus” they both objected.

“NO.. Noo… that’s fine I didn’t plan to be here this long. It’s not my night to be out…I don’t mind at all, besides it’s right on my way”

Max replies, rising and pushing his chair backwards but with a full house before he could push it any further another patron grabs it and makes off with it. Corrine, Gloria and David readjust themselves around the little table and Gloria finds herself sitting directly across from Corrine who is looking to get out of the way of the constant human traffic in the aisle. Corinne raises herself off her chair grabbing the top of the back of the chair all in the same motion and repositions herself. As she leans forward to get up, Gloria notices herself checking out Corinne as she takes in a momentary down blouse view. Her full firm shoulders are literally sculpted, her nipples appear very noticeable through the gauze of her top. She scans downward passing over the flat stomach and her gaze attempts to follow but is interrupted by the brown table top as Corrine’s ample but tight ass hits the seat beyond Gloria’s line of sight.


She exclaims finally settling herself somewhat closer to David.

“I know that you don’t care but Gloria and I had a relationship for a while Corinne.”

“You don’t have to confess anything to me and as usual or maybe unusually you are quite correct I don’t care. I really don’t think it matters one way or another.”

Corinne leans her head down so that her lips contact the top of her straw and as she folds her luscious red; lips around the top of the straw she draws the mixture from her glass forcing the ice to resettle and make a tiny clinking sound against the sides. She raises her eyes and looks directly into Gloria’s soul or so it seems to Gloria.

Corinne takes in this blond woman’s striking features and begins to wonder why she feels a pang of some strange emotion in her lower extremities, even as she is denying her own disinterest in anything that Gloria and David might have had going on. Directing her conversation at Gloria she asks,

“So who is consuming your interest now?”

“Look, I like being a free spirit, sure I liked what David and I had but he was my second somewhat serious relationship and I have certainly grown from the time and experiences we had together but I have definitely moved onto tasting and dealing with other of life’s experiences. Besides I think I threw myself into David’s world and developed an appreciation, somewhat for what makes him tick.”

“Love it when a woman is in that discovery phase” Corinne observes.

“I am not sure I know what you mean Corinne. I want… I want you to expand on that ……just for me.”

David begins to suspect that Corinne is looking at Gloria as a conquest and he is witnessing the start of the dance. He feels oddly like a reluctant voyeur and a pang of uneasiness, maybe even fear, definitely jealousy creeps into his nether regions. He is aware only too well of Corinne’s ability in the dating scene, with girls or guys. David’s uncertainties begin to overwhelm him and he starts his nervous tick of pumping his left foot. He has to say something he needs desperately to say something to relieve his own discomfort. He begins to question himself silently erratically irrationally, he hears himself begin a sentence not really knowing where he was taking the conversation.

“Maybe if you looked at it….”

“I am not looking to you for an explanation of Corinne’s points of view, David, I am not sure you are as qualified as you might think in that area. I am asking Corinne and I want it from her.”

Thinking that she might have bruised David’s considerable ego she reaches out to pat David’s hand which is lying limp, palm down on the table and adds.

“I realize you are a trained Psychologist and this is your area of expertise but I need to hear it directly from this lady’s luscious lips”

David’s irrational fears are even more reinforced by Gloria’s obviously flirtatious response even though she attempted to put him at ease but to him, it came as an after thought.

“It is exactly as I said. Read my lips, the operative word is discovery. I would bet that even though David and your relationship might have been more than fulfilling for him it may have stirred something else in yourself and I don’t know if you were even willing to admit to that hunger, that need, that itch that requires attention. We spend a long time repressing lots of energy repressing the real us and I would go out on a limb here and say that this is largely a female thing in our society.”

Corinne leans forward towards Gloria and continues her soliloquy with her head lowered but directly above the center of the table and her boobs supported by a right arm laid flat on the tabletop with her hand folded into a fist. To any casual observer Corinne seems to be very involved in this conversation. Gloria is suddenly aware that Corinne has stopped talking, even though the general din in the place was overwhelming, these two are suddenly aware of nothing or no one else but each other. The clinking of glasses the gushing of the beer dispensers the dull thud of Beer steins slapping onto dark smooth highly polished mahogany bar tops suddenly bring them back to the moment. Corinne sits upright in her chair.

“Ok, OK, Ok then ……?”

Gloria feels a flush of excitement course through her and a broad smile of embarrassment crosses her features. She feels somehow heavily affected and undressed by this woman, it’s as if Corinne’s hand is planted firmly on her mound with two fingers buried up to the knuckles inside her vagina and is slowly bringing her to orgasm and she can’t make her stop. When Corinne suddenly gets up and announces she has to go pee, Gloria is jolted back to the here and now and her gaze follows Corinne’s body as it rises to its full height off the chair.

“Cat got your tongue?? Or should that be Corinne?”

Gloria hears David’s words and simply categorizes his conversational intrusion as his attempt at being a smart ass to cover his own growing discomfort.

Before she realizes it, Gloria is on her feet and heading towards the bathroom in pursuit of Corinne. She is on autopilot and is unaware of the patrons she is pushing past in her single-minded zeal to get to where she knows Corinne is headed. Her heart is racing and she still has no real pure explanation for her own immediate actions. Reaching the door of the ladies loo, she stretches out her right arm with her palm at a 90degree angle to her wrist to push the door open. At the same time a shapely black woman wearing a short top and tight jeans pulls the door to exit and Gloria accidentally crushes her left breast with her out stretched hand.

“Oh excuse me I am so sorry.”

“No need to apologize honey…. It felt really good but unfortunately my girlfriend’s here tonight.”

Gloria recovers from the diversion and dashes into the washroom and literally trips right into Corinne standing in line. She instinctively grabs the closest object to get her balance and recover and stop herself from ultimately belly flopping onto the washroom floor. Corinne’s body provides the safety net she needs. With her arms temporarily wrap around Corinne she hears herself whisper urgently into Corinne’s shoulder.

“Shit, sorry!”

Then without missing a beat and recovering enough to know she doesn’t want to be there, grabs Corinne’s right arm and begins to wheel her out of the room back into the crowd.


She yells over the din while gathering her purse and belongings.

“Take care of the bill will ya? I promise I will settle up with you tomorrow.”

She glances at Corinne just for confirmation that she has her purse and she glimpses the long leather straps over one shoulder.

With her captive in tow, Gloria heads for the exit, her head still spinning since she is totally at a lost for what she will do when they get outside. The cool night air hits both girls at the same time and Gloria stops dead in her tracks and Corinne comes around and stands directly in front of her, blocking any possibility of flight, Corinne looks directly into Gloria’s eyes seeking an explanation but sees something else completely. Before Gloria gets to complete a sentence she was clumsily formulating from her opening lips, Corinne leans forward reaching for Gloria’s left arm with her right hand and at the same time stepping past her, completely spinning her around and immediately presenting two options; step off with Corinne and stay up right or resist and fall over forcing Corinne to drag her since it doesn’t appear as though Corinne is about to release her hold any time soon. She makes the correct call and finds herself being towed by this statuesque woman and at much quicker pace than before.

They are heading down Murphys Lane, an alley way beside the bar. It’s quieter now but there is street noise and the lighting is very diffuse there are bright street lights at either end of the alley that spill into the entrance but no direct lighting within the alley itself. This is punctuated by the occasional vehicle that either makes a U turn and the headlight beams just wash down the alley for a brief few seconds as the turn is completed or a vehicle comes out of the adjacent street, Eastern Avenue, from the next block over, which is at a slight angle to Murphys Lane. The lights from the vehicles form very temporary patterns on the sides of the buildings’ exterior walls which are constructed with old red brick rising on either side of them several hundred feet up from the sidewalk. So far there seems to be no traffic in the alley itself and Gloria is grateful for that but is unsure why. There are parked vehicles on the one side of the alley so they are really walking almost in the middle of the street. When they reach approximately mid-way down the alley Corinne comes to a full stop.

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