Snowed In


We wake up in the morning in separate beds, our partners next to us, and we both roll over to look outside at the new snow that has fallen on the ground over night. The trees are beautifully showered with thick white snow, and the hills surrounding the cabin look very tempting in the blazing morning sun. I rub my eyes and get out of bed slowly as not to wake my partner, who just happens to be one of your closest friends, and grabbing my towel I head towards the bathroom for a quick shower to awaken my senses before hitting the slopes for an hour on my snowboard. As I wonder towards the bathroom I hear you walking around in your bedroom and giggle a little to myself before I realise that you probably heard me, and race to the bathroom and lock the door.

As you move around your bedroom, your partner gives a little groan and rolls over to carry on sleeping. You move over to the window and watch a bird fly out from a tree, making the snow fall off and make little holes in the ground. You think about the little giggle you heard outside of the room and realise it must have been me. Unbeknown to your brother or your partner, since you first laid eyes on me you’ve wanted me. You can still remember the night in the pub when we first met, even though you were blind drunk. You smile to yourself as you remember this and put on your jeans so you can go and make yourself a cup of tea and have a cigarette. As you walk out of the bedroom you can hear faint singing coming from the bathroom. You smile to yourself again as you decide to creep up to the door and listen to me in the shower.

As I’m washing my hair I am singing My Immortal by Evanescence, as it is one of my favourite songs. The shampoo is running over my wet naked body and as you listen you imagine what it would be like to shower with me. After a few moments you decide to snap back to reality and wonder into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Finally your naughty side takes over and you go back to the bathroom door and listen again. I’m humming to myself now, and you notice that the bathroom door can be unlocked from the outside. You wait until you know I defiantly won’t hear and unlock the door cautiously. You then push it oven a tiny bit so you can see me in the shower. The steam comes flooding out of the bathroom and you have to squint from the heat to be able to see the blurry image of my back, which is turned towards the door.

Whilst in the shower I feel a draft across my back, and turn around to find the door slightly ajar. I take in a small gasp of air as I hurry up and finish off, getting in to my towel as quickly as possible. Leaving my night things on the floor I then open the bathroom door and move into the kitchen as I can hear the kettle starting to boil. You are leaning against the side smoking a cigarette as I say good morning, slightly blushing to myself, as I know it must have been you who unlocked the door. You look me up and down then offer to make me a cup of a tea and offer me a cigarette and I thank you. You then leave as you hear your partner get out of bed and fumble around sarışın porno for some clothes.

As you leave, my partner comes into the kitchen and tells me that him and your partner are going to go out and get some supplies around noon before we go out on the slopes later in the afternoon. I then slowly wonder into my room giving him a peck on the cheek, and I find a pair of sexy strings to put on under my blue jeans and a sexy low cut top.

Slowly, midday starts to creep up on us, and after a few beers and a couple of rounds of darts beside the open fire place in the lounge, our partners head off to the shops to buy food and more alcohol for later on in the evening and the following day, leaving us two alone in the cabin. The sun is still shinning outside, but the clouds over the hills in the distance threaten snowfall. As we have another cigarette each, I offer to open a bottle of red wine while you put some more logs on the fire. As I open the bottle of wine in the kitchen I look out the window, fantasising what we could get up to while our partners are away for a few hours. My heart skips a beat as I imagine you naked, and I feel myself start to get slightly moist. I push the thoughts aside and start to wonder back into the lounge when I see you at the window across the other side of the room. You tell me to hurry over, and as I do, I can see snow starting to fall outside. Not just a small amount but enough to trap us inside if the snowfall kept up for another hour.

We wonder back over to the fireplace after discussing how beautiful it looked outside and sit down. You pour us both a glass of wine, and we sit chatting in front of the fire. Our conversation slowly starts to get more intimate as we finish our first glass and start on another. We laugh about past experiences with people, and the annoying habits our partners have as we have our third glass of wine each, and we slowly move closer to each other. We laugh again, and I look into your eyes as you gaze into mine. We both know what we want to do, and you lean down to kiss me, but I move my head slightly, even though I know I want to kiss you too. I make the excuse of going to get a glass of water, and move into the kitchen, leaving you alone in the lounge. You puzzle over why I pulled away from you, thinking you didn’t read the signs right and you may have messed up a brilliant afternoon and evening. You slowly get up and slowly stroll over to the window, the snow falling heavier than before. You look down to see how much snow had actually fallen in the 2 hours we had been sitting drinking and to your surprise, it reached the bottom of the window ledge. You race over to the radio and put on the local channel. I hear the announcement while I’m in the kitchen that all roads out of the village centre have been closed due to the heavy snowfall and have been for the past hour. This meant that our partners were stuck in the village until, at least, the snow has stopped falling.

I get myself a glass off the draining board and get myself a quick glass of sert porno water, slightly leaning over the skin gazing out of the window in my own world, heart thumping thinking about my close encounter. Unbeknown to me you have turned off the radio and have slowly and quietly walked into the kitchen and are standing just behind me. You put you right hand on my waist and slowly move it around my front as you pull me in towards you, both of us facing out of the window. I put my glass down and close my eyes for a second as I feel your left hand low on my hip, slowly moving to the very top part of my thigh as you gently kiss my shoulders and neck. I breathe in as I feel your cock get slightly harder against my ass and turn around the face you. We stare at each other in silence for what seems like 10 minutes as you place your hands on the side in front of the sink, inching closer to me and pressing your body against mine. My heart is racing with excitement and nerves as I raise my hands to your neck and pull you in to kiss me passionately.

As we kiss you move into me pushing me gently into the side, not aware that I can feel your lengthy cock against my pubic bone. You move slowly down and expose my left breast, licking it and making me breathe harder as I watch you do so. You kiss me once more on my lips and reach down to my hand, grasping it and pulling me into the lounge. We end up by the fireplace and we kiss again before I kneel down and undo your jeans. I pull them and your black boxers down to your ankles to expose your cock and I put my hand around it before putting it in my mouth. I move my tongue around it so you can feel my piercing and before too long you are moaning with delight as I play with your balls, moving my hand around to your ass now and again. You pull the hair from around my face and hold it behind my head so you can watch as I suck more intensely. You pull my head away take off your boxers and jeans before you kneel down in front of me and kiss me passionalty.

As you’re kissing me you notice I’m pulling you forward slowly and making you lie down on top of me. When you realise I am laying flat on my back you undo my jeans and pull them off. You look at my underwear in astonishment, as they are a crotchless string. This turns you on even more and you kiss me again, our hands moving all over each other as you kiss down my body and open the string. You look at me as you start to play with my clit, getting me more worked up than I was before. You then move in, digging your tongue into my pussy and making me moan with excitement. You then lick my clit, gently sucking on it before you insert two fingers into me, getting them as wet as possible. You then take them out and looking at me again slowly moving then around my ass before inserting them, making me cry out in pleasure. You move them in and out slowly and watch me writhe in ecstasy as you do so before taking them out and thrusting your now very hard cock into my very tight pussy, making you gasp with pleasure. You lift my left leg up over your shoulder and sex hattı porno plunge into me hard making me scream and want more. You then lift my right leg up and place it over your shoulder as you withdraw your cock and place it on my ass, slowly pushing it in. I bite my bottom lip as I watch you insert it fully before speedy up your rhythm and pounding into me. We both start to moan with bliss and you reach down to play with my clit to aid my climax, but you find my fingers are already there. This makes your so horny that you loose all control and thrust into me as hard as possible, my screams of pleasure so loud that if anyone was outside they’d hear me perfectly clearly. As you pump harder I tell you I’m going to cum, and as I do so, my ass clamps down on your cock, making you cum with me. You cum so hard that my ass can’t hold it all, and as you withdraw from me, some of it leaks out onto the rug we were on, but we don’t notice it. You lean back onto your knees as I sit up straight and you kiss me passionately before getting up and putting your jeans back on.

I stand up, and get dressed as you wonder into your bedroom to get a new packet of cigarettes. As I stand looking into the fire I reminisce of our recent experience, thinking about how long I’ve wanted to fuck you for. I then snap out of my daydream and wonder into the bathroom to clean up before you return back to the lounge.

You grab your cigarettes and sitting on the bed, light one up, with another besides you for me. You think about what just happed and a smile creeps across your face, only half believing you’d done what you had wanted to for so long. Taking another puff, you leave the bedroom and wonder back towards the lounge, but on your way you hear me in the bathroom. You are about to knock on the door as you hear the front door open and our partners arrive back. You greet them and they ask if you want a cup of tea as they are making one to warm themselves up. You say yes and that you are just going to the bathroom. They wonder into the kitchen with the bags from the shop just as I open the bathroom door. You turn me around and walk me back in, closing and locking the door behind you.

As you push me back into the bathroom I turn around and am just about to ask you what you are doing when you reach down and kiss me on the lips, signalling that you want me even more now. I let you gently push me against the bathroom wall and slip your hand down the front of my jeans and insert two fingers into me. I try to conceal my moans as much as possible as I move my hand down to join yours and get my fingers wet. I then place the same hand down the back of your jeans, inserting one finger into it. You stop kissing me, but only for a moment so that you can concentrate on my finger sliding into your ass. As we both finger fuck each other there is a knock on the door, and my partner asks where I am. You say that you don’t know and then carry on kissing me and thrusting your fingers in and out of me.

You kiss me deeply one last time before we both withdraw our fingers and wash our hands. You open the door so it’s only just ajar, and with the coast being clear, we both appear from the bathroom, you grasping my ass as you do so. I turn around to look at you momentarily with a cheeky grin and you wink at me as we go and join our other halves in the kitchen.

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