The lazy, peaceful drifting of the snowflakes covered everything in white, with only bits and pieces of the rest of the world peeking through. Deceivingly soft looking flakes landed on their clothing, on their faces, and melted against their body heat. The two of them sat on the steps leading to the backyard, content to watch winter have its way.

Emily, the shorter and quieter of the two, rubbed her mittens into her knees and burrowed into her big, grey scarf. The top of her blond hair was covered with a black beanie, one her mother had made her last year. She stared out at the ground under her, the frozen grass smothered in white, and wondered how long it would last. Her ass was numbed from sitting so long on the cold, hard wood.

Talia, the more daring and the less cautious of the two, cupped her chin in her hands and sighed a cloud of fog. Her black ankle boots, entirely unsuited to the weather, were shiny with wetness. Her socks were unpleasantly damp. Her hands were bare and her fingers cold, but her fingers were almost always cold, so she found she didn’t mind too much. She stared up at the sky, her eyes darting between snowflakes – as if she could catch them all. Her ass, too, was numbed from sitting so long on the cold, hard wood.

The two girls were at Emily’s house. It was the winter after their graduation. They’d both turned eighteen right before the season had truly set in. Since their birthdays were so close, they had celebrated them together. Because they were both legally considered adults now (though they still couldn’t go out and buy alcohol, or get tattoos on their own), Emily’s parents were content to leave the girls alone. Emily’s mom was at work. Her dad was having dinner with his work friends.

So, the girls had the house to themselves.

“I’m cold,” Talia said.

“Do you want to go inside?” asked Emily.

Talia considered. It would be warm outside, but it wouldn’t be quite so pretty. She pressed her fingertips against her cheeks. “How long do you think the snow will last this year?” she asked. Talia stretched out her legs, digging the heels of her boots into the undisturbed snow. Coldness seeped into her feet as the black boots slowly started to turn white. She wriggled her toes.

Emily’s voice was muffled behind her scarf, “I dunno. Maybe we’ll have a white Christmas. Or maybe the snow will last so long we’ll never want anything to do with it ever again.” There was a pause between them: content, comfortable silence. Abruptly, Emily pushed to her feet. She stomped the snow from her boots and shook it off of her mittens. “C’mon, let’s go in. We’ll open up the curtains.”

Talia followed. The two girls left their boots on the steps. The second they entered the house, warmth enveloped them. Emily set to work pushing the curtains aside. There was a huge window revealing the backyard, so they could watch the snow without freezing. “Hot chocolate? Apple cider? Tea?” Talia called as she walked to the familiar kitchen. She’d been here so many times that it was basically a second home. Talia and Emily had been best friends since the horror that was middle school.

She ripped off her soaked socks as she went, flinging them back the way she’d came. Goosebumps prickled along her arms. Talia’s fingers blindly skimmed the cupboards and the countertops. They caught on glass. “Why, hello there,” she drawled. Her fingers walked up the bottle and hooked around the neck. Emily’s parents had so many bottles of wine that they wouldn’t even notice. Yet another perk of their friendship. Talia grinned to herself, opening up the bottle with ease and setting off to join Emily in the living room.

Emily rose a brow at Talia’s find. “What? Oh, Em, you’re not going to make me drink this all by myself, are you?” she fluttered her eyelashes innocently. Emily scoffed, rolling her eyes. Talia grinned, setting the bottle down as she shrugged out of her coat. “This is why I love you,” she said happily.

Talia pulled at her skinny jeans, wiggling out of them and nearly falling on her ass as she tried to get them off. Emily laughed, her cheeks reddened from the cold. She only laughed harder when Talia threw the balled-up jeans at her face. She swiped the bottle off the table as she walked over to where Emily alanya escort sat in front of the gas fireplace.

With her legs stretched out, and her toes warming, Talia knocked back a swallow of wine. “Ah, red wine is a good thing,” she sighed, her eyes closed. The heavy warmth of the alcohol traced down her neck, hitting her sternum, before slowly fading out into the rest of her. Talia glanced at Emily, who was still in her dark green sweater and her black leggings. “Aren’t you cold?”

“Freezing.” Emily scooted closer to the fire. She flashed a grin as Talia pushed the bottle into her hand. A bead of red slipped from the edge of her mouth, clinging to her fair skin as it ran down her throat. Talia leaned forward, her hands finding Emily’s hips.

“You know why you’re so cold?” she whispered, her fingers hooking around Emily’s leggings. “Because you’re still wearing these wet clothes.” Emily shrieked as Talia yanked. The wine almost went everywhere. Talia grinned nastily, pulling as Emily writhed and gasped for air in between her girlish laughter.

When, finally, the leggings were off, the two girls sat facing each other. “You’re horrible,” Emily grinned, before taking another drink. She pouted when Talia snatched it away. “You’re extra horrible,” Emily amended.

“I know,” Talia winked.

They shared the bottle between them. Then, when that was done, Emily got up and got another.

Talia was in the middle of swallowing when she suddenly felt warm, smooth hands on her knees. Those hands pushed up, travelling lazily up her thighs. Talia half-choked. She put the bottle down, and found Emily very, very close. “Hey, Em,” she giggled nervously.

Emily smiled brilliantly, her green eyes sparkling with either happiness or the wine (or possibly both). “Hey, Talia.” The two girls burst into laughter, but Emily didn’t move back. “Hey, Talia,” Emily said again, quieter this time, “are you straight?”

Talia blinked. “Do I look crooked?”

Emily’s forehead hit Talia’s shoulder and the two girls were shaking with giddy laughter. “That’s not wh-what I – Talia! That’s not what I meant! I didn’t mean…” Emily shook her head, her warm breath pressed into Talia’s neck.

“I know, I know. I, um, I dunno. Maybe? I’m not sure.”

Emily made a kind of ‘hmmm’ noise. Talia closed her eyes, focusing on the sensation of that against her neck. Was she straight? She’d questioned it before. It was so much easier to find hot girls than hot guys. And, yeah, maybe she’d dabbled in lesbian porn once or twice, but she wasn’t sure that proved anything. Had she ever thought of Emily in that way? Maybe. Okay, yes. Definitely, yes.

Hands were roaming up, then down her thighs. Emily repeated the motion, her fingers learning the feel of her skin. “Have you ever kissed a girl?” Emily asked sweetly, quietly.

Talia shuddered. “N-no.” She swallowed.

Emily’s hands abandoned Talia’s thighs and came to cup her face instead. The taste of wine brushed Talia’s lips. Emily’s heart-shaped face was so close to hers, her rosy pink lips parted as if in question. Apart from the wine, she smelled like vanilla and a little like her strawberry-scented shampoo. “Talia, I want to kiss you,” Emily whispered, framing her words so delicately, like they were some fragile thing.

Numbly, Talia found herself nodding. This was Emily, she told herself. Emily was safe. They trusted each other. She could see the snow from behind Emily, and it was the last thing she noticed before she closed her eyes and Emily’s mouth was on hers.

Her lips were as velvety soft as they looked. The tension in Talia’s shoulders dropped away. The tip of Emily’s tongue traced the seam of Talia’s lips. Talia opened her mouth to let her in. Was it the wine? Talia didn’t know. She just knew she was more than a little drunk and she hadn’t been this horny in a long, long time. Talia slipped her ever-cold hands into Emily’s blond locks, fingers curling at the base. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure what she was doing, but Talia managed to climb onto Emily’s lap without breaking the kiss.

Smooth hands ran over her ass. Talia pulled up for air, tilting her chin up and gasping. “You’re so fucking hot,” Emily told her, squeezing her ass. Those soft lips brushed her neck, creeping up to trace Talia’s jawline. “I can’t tell you how many nights I spent imagining this,” Emily grinned as they met each other’s eyes, “How many nights I pretended my hands were yours.”

Talia shook her head, “Emily…” A thrill had shot through her at the words. A pleasant warmth settled deep in her core. Emboldened by Emily’s claim, Talia gripped the other girl’s chin, tilting her head up as Talia crushed her mouth to hers. Heat coursed through her, clouding her thoughts, blurring everything else but the taste of her, the feel of her. Emily leaned back, going slow until she hit the rug.

Talia’s heart was thundering. She had Emily underneath her. Emily was looking at her with those beautiful eyes. Emily wanted her. And Talia wanted her back. Emily pulled at Talia’s t-shirt, tugging it off of her and throwing it to the side. She propped herself up on her elbows. They’d seen each other shirtless before, but this felt different. This was charged. This was heated. It meant something more than changing in front of each other, or showing the other their new bra. Talia gently pushed Emily back down. Emily touched her pale hand to the warm, light brown of Talia’s stomach. Her fingers swept over Talia’s skin, catching at the hook of her bra.

Drunkenly, Talia stood up. For a second, she swayed. “I… I’m sorry, Emily, I…”

“It’s okay,” Emily reassured, sitting up. Emily pushed her blond hair out of her face, looking up at her with patience and compassion. And something else. Talia couldn’t ignore the way Emily’s eyes studied her body. Heat rushed to her cheeks (and other places). Emily smiled. “You want to go upstairs?”

Talia wasn’t sure she was ready for this. Okay, she knew she wasn’t ready for this. She ran her shaky hands over her face, exhaling into her palms. “Sleep,” she mumbled lamely. “I can’t… Not now, okay? I’m sorry.”

Emily carefully took her hands in hers. “You don’t have to be sorry,” she said. “I’ve waited for years, I can wait a little longer.”

“What made you stop waiting?” After all, it had been Emily who’d kissed Talia. What had changed her mind?

She sighed, shaking her head. “I just… You’re so beautiful. And I can see how lonely you are. We’re not in high school anymore, Talia. I don’t want to act like some kid with a crush on her best friend. Besides, I had a feeling you might want me the same way. I decided to be brave.”

The two girls were stretched out on Emily’s bed, lying shoulder-to-shoulder. They stared up at the ceiling, listening to the calm sounds of their breath. Talia brought her knees up, resting her hands on her stomach. “Talia?” Emily whispered, rolling over onto her side.


Emily’s cool fingers smoothed over the back of Talia’s hand. Emily kissed her shoulder, sighing against her skin. “I can’t t-tell you how happy I am,” she mumbled. Talia could feel the outline of the words tracing against her. Emily’s hand slipped off of hers, fingertips lightly grazing Talia’s exposed abdomen. Her touch swirled and circled. Talia squeezed her eyes shut. She bit her cheek. Warmth crept through her as her heart picked up speed. “Is this okay?” she whispered against Talia’s neck.

Talia swallowed. Surprisingly, she found it was okay. She wanted her. Talia’s nerves had crumpled into a small, tiny thing. Emily ran her hand over Talia’s thigh, massaging her with slow circles. Her fingers curved along the inside of Talia’s leg, swooping closer and closer. “Emily,” Talia croaked. Lips ran over her collarbone, the tip of Emily’s tongue skimming her chest. The back of her head pressed into the pillow. “Oh, fuck, Emily,” she breathed. “Yes, god, yes.” What was she saying yes to? Her mind had turned muddled and murky. Emily laughed against her, amused by her hushed pleas. Those hushed pleas were taken as permission.

With a feather-light touch, Emily playfully moved two fingers down Talia’s panties. That careful touch alone was enough to make Talia gasp. Emily was kissing her neck, or else biting it tenderly. Dimly, Talia knew she’d have hickeys. Her whole body felt taut in anticipation – in desperate, sudden, want.

Emily dragged those fingers down Talia’s panties again, firmer than before, but still gentle. “You’re all wet,” Emily breathed huskily. Shivers darted up and down her spine.

Emily shifted. Talia must have missed it, but now her panties were somewhere on the floor. This time, she didn’t protest as Emily took off her bra. Talia watched, somewhat in a daze, as her best friend got naked. While Talia’s chest was less than average (though she wouldn’t have called herself ‘flat’), Emily’s tits were too large to be wholly held in her hands. Talia swallowed as her eyes travelled down. Emily climbed on top of her, straddling her. Talia just glimpsed the soft-looking, short, blond hairs between Emily’s legs, when Emily pressed her chest against hers.

The sensation of their tits rubbing together was a strange one. Emily kissed her passionately, moaning into her as Talia’s curious hands tentatively ran up her back. She could feel her hardened nipples pressing into her chest. Talia groaned, lifting her head if only to get closer to the other girl.

Emily broke away. Talia exhaled heavily, dizzy from the rush of emotions storming through her. Kisses ran over her chest, lips dragged between her breasts, and a smooth hand crept down her stomach. “Your heart’s beating so fast,” Emily whispered, sounding pleased.

Just as she opened her mouth to reply, Emily’s fingers slipped down her slit. Quivers of delight coursed like waves of heat through her core. “Fuck,” Emily growled, “your tits are perfect… so goddamned perky.” There was a moment of silence, and then Emily laughed. Talia wanted to laugh too, but she was a little distracted, to say the least. Emily ran her fingers up and down, so lightly it was maddening. Talia squirmed under her, gasping.

The tip of Emily’s warm tongue darted just under Talia’s right breast. “Fuck! Em – F-Fuck!!” Talia gasped, lost in the pleasure, in the desire, as Emily started circling her clit, switching between pressing down harder and barely touching her at all. Emily took Talia’s nipple in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it. Emily’s own tits dragged over Talia’s stomach. Shakily, Talia reached for one of them. Emily gasped in surprise as Talia cupped it in her hand.

Emily abandoned her clit, choosing instead to push her finger inside Talia.

Talia pinched Emily’s nipple; she rolled it between her finger and thumb. Emily shifted up, pressing her mouth to hers. Talia’s hand reached down.

Emily moaned in ecstasy as Talia’s searching fingers found her pussy, already wet and heated. Emily pushed another finger inside her. Talia’s hips moved with her as the girl started going faster. Emily whimpered into her as Talia played with her clit. Emily’s thumb moved to do the same to her.

Talia used her other hand too; while one kept on teasing Emily’s clit, she used the fingers of the other to do what Emily was doing to her. Emily was shaking. Hell, Talia was too.

Finally, Talia couldn’t take it anymore. Her hands fell away. She was so close. So, fucking close. Her arms stretched up, her slippery fingers winding around the headboard.

The orgasm hit her hard. It left her breathless and reeling. Emily was rubbing her pussy on Talia’s thigh, moaning and gasping. It didn’t take long for Emily to climax, too. Shivers of delight spread over her as Emily came all over her leg.

Emily collapsed on top of her, panting for breath.

Exhausted, the two of them simultaneously burst into senseless laughter. Emily absently played with Talia’s tit. Already, Talia could feel herself getting horny all over again. Emily lifted her chin, her green eyes lit with happiness. Talia kissed her.

“I fucking love you,” Emily whispered, grinning.

Talia laughed, burying her fingers in Emily’s soft, blond locks. “And I love fucking you,” she said. Emily giggled. Talia smiled. She turned her head, her gaze falling upon the window. The curtains were open just a crack, and she could see the lazy, serene snow drifting down from the sky. Her fingers traced mindless circles and whorls over Emily’s upper back and shoulders. A sense of calm, of happiness, settled in her. With Emily, her best friend in the whole world, lying against her, Talia felt right. It was like she’d unlocked something within herself. It was true, Talia had never really expected her and Emily to head down this path, but she was more than willing to see what awaited them. It was going to be a long, wonderful winter.

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