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This is my first submission, I hope you al like it. If you do Like it please comment.


I was pissed; it was seventh period in other words English class. Don’t misunderstand English was always my favorite subject, but it was Friday on my eighteenth birthday, and class should have ended twenty minutes ago.

“Would you guys just be quiet so we can leave?” I was exasperated, I mean here I was quiet and long since finished with my work but could I leave; no. My twenty six year old English teacher, fresh out of training, was the “fair is fair” type, so when a few jackasses in the class continually interrupt her she takes the time right back from us all. Usually I liked her; in truth I had a crush on her; she had blond hair pail skin and was about five three she had what must have been D cup breasts and a thin waste that flared out in to a round, heart shaped ass but what never failed to catch my attention were her feet. Before her I had never had any kind of foot fetish but the caught my attention. She would always wear flesh toned nylons and that could quickly turn me on if I paid them any attention, which wasn’t helped by her taking off her heels to walk the class in her nylon covered feet. I didn’t care much about that right then though. My day had, by degrees, gone from good, too bad to worse and I was fed up.

“Are you alright Dean?” Miss Hallingsworth Asked.

“I’m Fine” I grunted.

” I’d like to see you after class, ok Dean?

I just sighed Ataşehir Escort and laid my head down and wondered if I would ever get home. Class went slowly after that, but eventually it did end, things that begin just about always tend to do that.

“Time’s up,” Miss Hallingsworth said, “Stay for a moment Dean, please”

I packed my bag as the class filed out; I’d been reading, but now it was the time for the compassionate talk that tended to follow after I had a bad day. I’m not sure why but somebody always seemed to give it.

“Dean,” Miss Hallingsworth took her Heels off, that meant we might be here for a while, “you looked pretty upset today is something wrong?”

“Not really, It’s just I haven’t really had a spectacular day.” Over time I’ve learned that these talks go faster when I tell the truth, teachers always seem to see through the bullshit, or maybe I’m just not that good of a bullshiter.

“It’s your birth day right?” I nodded, “You should be happy then, what happened to make you this upset?”

I wanted to shrug and tell her I didn’t know, but I didn’t I looked away instead and I scowled. She frowned.

“It’s an accumulation of things, one after another… plus people just get on my nerves some times,”

“Not me I hope,” she put a hand on my shoulder, “I saw your glare earlier, I don’t think I would like that to have been my fault.”

“No, not really I was annoyed by being held from leaving but I blame the class Bostancı Escort not you… at least not really.”

” Well I’m glad, actually I think I can help I wasn’t sure if I would ever do this before but since you’ve had such day and since it’s your birthday…”

She reached down and pressed her hand over my crotch, “Do you want this Dean? It could be my birthday present to you.”

I was getting hard now slowly but surely. I looked over at her.

She leaned back, “I know you like these,” she lifted her feet up into my lap, “I wear these just for you, did you know that?”

“Really?” I reached for her nylon covered feet turning to face her in my seat.

“Yes, do you want this? Do you want me?” she asked

I nodded, breathing hard, “Yes, I… I want it.”

“Good, so do I. but you do have to understand something, I’m still your teacher that means you do as I say and you still need to do all of your schoolwork. I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I didn’t make that clear, deal.”

“Deal,” I said.

“Good,” she said raising one foot to my face and pointing a toe to place it on my lip, “Open your mouth.”


“Ssshhhh, hush now,” she cooed, “You stare at them all the time, just taste them for me. Show me you understand, please.”

They smelled good, like strawberries and for so long I had been lusting after her and her feet. I didn’t know why her feet turned me on no one else’s feet ever had, But Kadıköy Escort they were feet. They looked so sexy though, they smelled so clean. I opened my mouth and excepted her toes.

“Mmmm, good boy,” She said her heat rocking back.

“They taste like strawberries,” I said.

“Eatable lotion,” She replied, “Good right? Take my nylons off.”

I did as she said.

“Now pull out your cock and start licking my arches, get them nice and slippery for me, alright?”

“Yes Miss Hallingsworth,” I said, quickly pulling out my shaft and getting to work on lubricating her fruit flavored arches.

“Augh, my goodness you are good at that, mmm ok my turn. Take your hand away from your dick.”

I did as she said and she quickly lowered her moistened feet to my pole, and started sliding her feet up and down.

I moaned and tried to grab her ankles so I could start pumping up and down between her feet, but she lifted one foot to my chest and rubbed the other base to head back and forth, over and over.

“Stop, and enjoy.” She said.

It wasn’t long before I was close.

“Cum for me Dean, cum on my feet!” she said and started stroking faster.

“Oh miss Hallingsworth faster I’m gonna cum!”

Just then she spat on her hand, grabbed my cock, aimed it at her feet and yanked me to the best orgasm I had ever had. Shooting my cum all over her shins and feet.

“Oh good boy, now tonight for your special assignment I want you to wear my nylons home and sleep in them all this weekend including tonight.”

“Yes Miss Hallingsworth,” I said and put on her sexy flesh toned nylons and headed for the door.

“I’ll see you on Monday sexy.” She said with a wink and slipped her cum sprayed feet into her heels.

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