Steamy Sauna


The humidity was high, making an already uncomfortable Tuesday feel like a scorcher. Robin sat at her desk, she was recently hired as a staff Nutritionist and Yoga director. She instructed 3 classes and on this day she felt even 1 was uncomfortable to finish. She looked up at the clock, her next class was in 2 hours, she stood up gathering herself. Pushing the door, she walked down the hall stopping at the fountain to take a quick drink. At that instant she heard words echo down the ways around the corner. She turned to see some rather good looking young men smiling and nodding to her as they walked by, undoubtedly heading to the weight room. The day had maybe made her a bit miserable, but she couldn’t help but smile back… she came up and continued to the break room for her lunch.

As she entered she thought about them young men, they were cute… it was always nice to get the eyes of an attractive young stud running over her curves when she wore sexy spandex to yoga. She heard stories how it was all a rage to watch those workout videos, the muscles flexing as they extended their legs or tensed their groins. How their asses would look so hard and tight, or how they had such great working hips. It was funny to Robin at times that it made her laugh quietly, and then times when it just made her smile at the thought. She took out her lunch when she heard the door open, she turned; it was Mario. He smiled and came in, “Hey.”

Robin smiled, “Hey Mario, what’s up?”

“Just getting myself something before my shift is up, than heading home. This heat is killing me,” he exclaimed as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Robin nodded, “I know me too.”

Mario was a local Janitor, but worked on a rotation with 5 others on a weekly basis. He was a tall rather built man, hefty, in his late 50’s. He was balding, wore a set of glasses, had a mustache, and had been working with Robin for only 18 months. It was a good to have him, Robin thought him as a good friend and always enjoyed lunch with him. He sat down at her table after getting a bottle of water. “You got your 1:30 class today don’t you? Like in 2 hours,” He said checking his watch. “Yeah, I’m hoping the studio won’t be so hot,” she said. Suddenly a loud static crackled over Mario’s NEXTEL. “Mario, you there. It’s Rodriguez,” the voice said. Robin smiled at Mario; who rolled his eyes as he answered, “Watch this… Yeah I’m here, go Boss.” Robin smirked and watched the look on Mario’s face as she listened for Rodriquez’ response.

“Yeah eh… we got a situation down here in the Sauna’s. I know your off in a couple of minutes, but that new guy is here and doesn’t know what he’s doing,” said Rodriguez. Mario removed his glasses and shook his head, looking over to Robin, “They have got to be kidding me… Rodriquez pass the buck to Maintenance, I’m too old and it’s too hot, I’ll boil like a chicken leg in there and you already had one old fart die in one, I’m not going to be

. Sorry but…”

Robin suddenly spoke up, “I’ll handle it.”

“You? You don’t do Maintenance,” Mario said looking at her funny.

“I’ll get them to come and look, go home Mario; tell Rodriquez,” she said warmly.

Mario shrugged and spoke into the NEXTEL, “Rodriguez, Robin said she’ll send somebody down from Maintenance, she’s got it okay I’m heading out.”

“Alright, thanks,” Rodriquez replied and fell silent.

Mario put his phone away, “You sure?”

Robin finished her water, “Once in my studio the lights went out, the Maintenance boys came a running in record time to get them back on for class.”

He chuckled and stood up, pushing his chair in, “Alright, you stay cool today dear. Good Luck with that,” he walked past and opened the door. “See you Tomorrow Mario, bye,” she smiled.

* * *

An Hour Later, Robin walked in the door to Maintenance. Alfred, the Manager of Maintenance greeted her, “Hey Robin, what can I do for you.” She smiled sweetly, “Hey Al! Listen, they got something going on down in the Sauna and I need one of your guys.”

“Eh, I don’t think I got any guys to spare… they’re either on leave, or on other jobs,” said Alfred. Suddenly he pauses, “Wait, take… hey! Hey, Keller?” Alfred stepped back and looked far down the way, waving someone over to the front desk. An Robin was greeted by another, and he was a stud. “Robin this is a new guy I hired from out of Fort Worth, Texas. Logan Keller,” Alfred introduced the two.

“Hey,” she smiled trying not to eye him.

“How you doing,” he smiled back.

Alfred spoke, “Logan Robin needs someone to go have a look at the Sauna, I think the damn gauge for the Steam level content is shorted out again, you remember what I told you about changing them, like changing fuses right?”

“Right boss, no worries. I’ll go, get it done and be back to finish the vent seals up,” he said nodding.

“Alright get your box and get to it, Robin will show the way,” Robin waited as he left for a brief moment. Once he was gone, fikirtepe escort she exchanged looks with Alfred and flexed her eyebrows. “He’s CUTE,” she whispered. Alfred snickered to her just as Logan came back with his small tool belt, heading past the door and following Robin down the hall.

They descended a stair case and walked past several sections, glass walls and studios featuring snack bars, tracks, courts, and wreck rooms.

“So When did you start,” Robin said to break the ice. “Oh 4 days ago, I needed a 2nd job so I took this,” he said.

“You’re good with fixing,” she asked.

Logan replied, “Yeah it’s just a trait I do well with I guess.”

“I bet,” Robin thought to herself with a grin.

They came around the turn to see Rodriquez in wait by the broke down Sauna. Robin never liked Rodriquez, he was a pencil pushing prick who liked to make the co-workers do his work. All he did was complain and issue orders, god forbid he would ever think of getting “his” hand’s dirty a little.

“What’s the problem,” asked Logan.

“Yeah this eh, steam got pretty thick, I’m guessing the compressor failed so may want to check that or the release valve, see if it’s jammed,” said Rodriquez.

Logan looked at Robin, “Wow, for someone who needed Maintenance you don’t sound like you don’t know what your talking about, why did you need us.”

Robin smirked, seeing a sour look take over Rodriquez’ face, “Well I don’t do the tool thing, and fixing is your department. So… fix it.” Rodriquez walked off, his shoes loudly clapping down the marble hall. Robin bit her lip to hold back a laugh and looked at a grinning Logan, “Wow, I must’ve ruffled his feathers with that one huh?”

She looked around the corner for him, “I wouldn’t worry, not many like him. Your not the first to say something, and definitely won’t be the last.” Keller got down and opened the panel, checking the circuits for shorts, “Well what do you do, you some kind of Aerobics Instructor?”

“Close, Yoga,” she smiled down at him. Now able to fully get a chance to look.

He looked in his mid 20’s, 26 or maybe 25. He had a soft tan suggesting he went to the beach or tanned. He had a nice 5 o’clock shadow on his face, but also a little stubble goatee under his chin that was trimmed with a nice flow around his jaw to his sideburns that sharply narrowed from his ears. The back of his neck he had a tiny tribal tattoo with a rose in the center it looked. He wore a rather ragged dark t-shirt, cargo jeans, a chain hanging outside his pants suggesting a chained wallet. “Robin? That’s your name,” he spoke breaking the silence.

“Hmm? Oh sorry, yeah that’s my name,” she smiled looking around the corner to act as if looking for Rodriquez, but was hiding the heat in her face turning red. When she looked back she saw Logan holding out his hand to shake, he was smiling.

“Oh! Sorry,” she took his hand and shook it feeling awkward for a second.

“Hmm, you got a firm grip. I like that,” she teased holding his hand for a seconds before letting go. The comment made Logan grin and forced himself to look away as he felt his cheeks flame. He pulled out a meter and slipped a small cord underneath the door, a low beeping of keys were heard. Robin looked down to see him reading the meter, punching a key ever second or so.

“I can’t get a reading out here, the air temp is too cool and it’s confusing my instruments, I’ll need to go inside,” taking out the cord and reaching for the door.

“Okay, want any help,” Robin asked.

Logan cracked the door slightly, “HOLY Shit that’s hot… no, actually yeah could you stay out here and I’ll run the cable to you? I want to see how many degrees cooler it is out here than inside the sauna, and than use the difference of the average temperature readouts to determine how many degrees this things up at.”

Robin nodded and came to the side of the door, Logan stepped inside and closed the door, steamy vapor swallowing up. She suddenly heard him speak from inside, his voice muffled from the enclosure, “Okay, I’m running it out. It’s got a tiny optic cam at the end with a thermometer, just hold it out there on the floor for me so I can get the readings for a minute.”

“Okay,” Robin had a wide grin on her face though, she’d changed out of her spandex yoga outfit and was now wearing short shorts and a halter top. She thought about having a little fun with this, it was so mischievous but she couldn’t help it. She saw the cable poke out and immediately she took it in her fingers and scooted it slightly under her legs, if the optic cable was indeed working; inside Logan would get an eyeful of her lush thighs. Inside all was quiet, Logan than took notice of the angle of the cam and thought of speaking up but it would be rather awkward, he felt his member twitch against his cargo jeans and felt his throat run dry. The warm humid environment of the sauna didn’t help either as he felt his forehead and pits beginning to sweat, gebze escort he wiped his upper lip and focused his eyes on the reader. “O-okay got it,” he pulled on the cord and got the image of Robin’s legs out of his visual. He reached for the knob but before he could turn it, it turned itself and swung open. Robin’s shape stepped in, “WOW! It IS hot in here.”

“Yeah he said with a dry throat, we should get out of here I got what I need to get this done now,” he spoke trying to get to the door.

“Why the rush, I like it, it’s great for the body to sit and sweat it out for a little while,” she walked to the nearby bench and sat down, crossing her legs and looking at Logan with a sly smile.

Logan could only smile back, his hair and forehead glistening with a sheen of sweat, “Yeah but, Rodriquez will be pissed if he comes back and finds us not out there,” he said motioning to the door.

Robin waved him off, “Rodriguez isn’t coming back any time yet, sit with me.”

Logan felt his heart racing but he couldn’t be sure if it was the fact this attractive woman was making passes at him or if it was the sauna’s unbearable conditions. Either way he put his tool kit down and came over to Robin’s seat. Stopping a bit away and leaning back against the white tile covered wall, he peeled and pulled at his t-shirt as it clung to his back. Robin doing the same, leaning back on her hands against the bench and extending her legs out, crossing them both at the ankle.

Suddenly, Logan didn’t know if he’d lost his cool or what, but he abruptly blurted out, “You got fantastic legs by the way,” he said looking at them.

Robin smiled and ran her hands down her legs, “Well thank you, I find that quite flattering.” She smiled and ran her fingertips over her creamy smooth skin, the tan skin of her smooth legs and the sense of Logan’s eyes washing over her was very exciting, she closed her thighs together slightly feeling a tingle of a moist sensation growing between them. She looked up and grinned at Logan who peeked around the corner of the tile covered wall, he didn’t see any sign or movement to suggest anyone was present or coming. He looked back and shook his head, Robin’s smile grew wider, “Did you get a good view on the cam thing?” Logan than understood it was intentional, she had did it deliberately in the thought that he would look, and look he did. He watched her rake her finger nails up over her knee caps, her legs no longer crossed but parting slightly and opening up, her hands snaking down from her knees and up the flesh of her inner thighs, than back down. Her dark hair slightly damp as she too was beginning to sweat, but not nearly was her hair as wet as her panties; the thought of Logan’s hand running up her thigh instead of her own. He only stood there, watching, mesmerized even as he felt his member straining and coming to life. Logan could only let out deep sigh, after another and at last gave into a wide grin as he watched Robin’s hands roam her legs and thighs.

“Nice, aren’t they,” Robin said looking at him with a deepness to her eyes. “Logan shook his head and spoke with a low and simple, “Yeah, yeah they are…” She grinned and leaned back again, her legs parting even wider and showing a strong masculine groin muscle she had, she ran her hands up over her hips and sides, along the top of her chest. She felt them glide over her throat and across her sweat covered skin, back down and along her breasts. She cupped them and gave them a mildly firm squeeze, her mouth gaping as she took a shallow series of breaths through it rather than her nose. She looked up and saw Logan watching intently as she massaged and groped her breasts through the halter. She looked down and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled a breast free of the halter, her face a sexy one as she had a lustful passionate glimmer to her eyes, her hair slightly wet on her forehead, and her teeth clenched as she looked back at Logan’s eyes. She rolled the nipple in between her thumb and forefinger, her palm softly running over the skin and cradling it. She looked up and gestured for him to come over with her finger. Logan took a breath and approached, stopping just in front of her. She continued to rub her exposed breast, while she reached out with her opposite hand and ran her touch up and down the outline of his rigid cock that had taken shape. She looked up at him and rubbed it, grasping it with her fingers and giving it several firm squeezes through his cargos. He grit his teeth and let out a breath, “We should be quick.” Robin grinned and bit her lip, letting it go and licking her tongue around the upper lip seductively. Her hand continued to rub his crotch, but her other hand reached over now and pulled the opposite breast out. She sat and ran her hand around the opposite breast and looked up, “take it out, I want to see it.”

Logan undid his belt and button, peeling down the zipper and pulling an erect large 8 inch cock out through the opening. It had no foreskin, the shaft a soft gentle içerenköy escort pink with a fat vein along the top… the tip was dribbling a tiny droplet of pre-cum as it stood erect almost curving upward a tiny bit. Robin sucked in a breath through her teeth and let it out as she saw it, “Mmmm that’s nice, that’s a VERY nice cock…” She reached up and took it in her hand, rubbing the pre-cum and lubing it around the head, giving it a tiny squeeze and massage before beginning to stroke slowly. The sauna’s steam was thick and made it barely viewable, but it was so hot. Hot not just by feeling, but by the moment. Here they were sweaty, wet, sticky, horny, excited, longing to have the moment and take it in every measure imaginable. Robin massaged her breasts. Logan stopped her, “Stand up for me.” she did so and felt him forcefully spin her around, Robin let out a soft cry of surprise as she felt his strength over-power her own. He pushed her back over the bench, her head resting on the rise of tiled flooring behind her, she lifted her head and looked behind her. He crouched down and ran his hands up her legs from behind, gripping the short shorts with his hands. Logan squeezed Robin’s ass firmly through the gruff cloth of her shorts and slapped her ass hard, so hard it made Robin let out a cry, “OOH!! Oh yeah!”

He grinned and reached underneath, undoing her shorts button and zipper. Robin’s fingers slightly gripping into the flawless cut smooth tile in front of her, her head looking back at Logan as he peeled the shorts down, revealing her to be wearing a nice black pair of panties. Leaving her shorts at her ankles, incapable of taking them off with her sneakers, he ran his hands up her moist feeling ass cheeks, the sauna vapor’s by now had made even their clothes wet. He gave her ass a soft bite and kiss, licking his way up the cheek. Robin closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, her fingers gripping into fists as she felt her pussy twitch. Logan ran his hand off her ass and slipped 2 fingers in between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her panties. Robin at first felt the chill ripple out from her stomach and thighs, but felt his fingers beginning to really get her clit even through her panties; and the chills soon felt like persistent tingling pulse. He pulled them to the side, the elastic band being peeled over her ass cheek and exposing a very moist swollen mound, dripping with lush juices. Logan ran his fingers up to her, over her ass, her back, and to her face. She took them between her lips and sucked them, tasting the warm fluid of her wet panties. At this point, neither cared whether asshole Rodriquez came back or not, and neither cared whether the heat of the sauna was fixed or not, they were lost in their own heat, their own frenzy. She sucked on Logan’s fingers and felt them exit her mouth, across her cheek to her hair, he grasped her hair and pulled on the ponytail firmly with a gentle motion. She sighed and that sigh cracked to a moan. “Do it, eat me… suck me,” she breathed. Logan went down letting go of her hair and spread her ass cheeks, burying his stud looking face inside her lapped, he probed, he sucked on her lips and swirled her clit in his mouth. Robin felt the intense momentum creep up in less than a minute, Logan’s tongue and talented slurping of her lips was almost overwhelming, she shut her eyes and felt her body turn to jelly as she gripped onto the tile. Her head often tilted back to the air, and at times Robin would plant her face on the tile and bite her lip to keep from moaning too loud. She would turn her head to look back, and would barely be able to make out the hairline of Logan as he lapped away at her box. He came up, his tongue leaving her pussy, “Turn over, turn over.”

Robin turned over, swinging her short covered legs around. Logan grasped them and pushed them up and over the two of them. His hands pressed them back by the back of her thighs, Robin helped by gripping both at the back of the knees. She could now see herself below, and suddenly Logan too as he came in and began to slurp wildly on her lips and clit. The visual of seeing his sweaty slightly red face between her legs, licking, slurping, sucking, was so sexy. He backed off doing another sexy act, his tongue exited her cunt and along with it dribbled her juice, he then went back in and lapped it slowly upward with the flat side of his tongue, taking her clit into his mouth and sucking on it. He looked up at her sexy dark eyes, her cheeks slightly flushed, her sweat dripping down the sides of her face and temples. He swirled her clit and pulled on it with his lips before letting go, going down and sucking on her lips than, tugging them too softly with his teeth before letting them go. Robin tried to get her breath, but ever spike of chills that shot through her made it almost impossible. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Get up here, come here,” Logan stopped eating her pussy and stood up, sitting on his knees next to her he felt her hands take his cock, anxious and impatient. She took him into her mouth, she was intent and longing. She couldn’t wait anymore, and she quickly stroked and sucked. Her free hand heading south and rubbing her cunt. Her fingers dancing and teasing over her swollen wet lips as she swirled her tongue and flicked it over the head.

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