Summer Lovin’ Nights


Caleb Blackburn was a twenty-six-year-old Croatian-American with chiselled cheekbones, soft brown puppy dog eyes, and dark hair swept across his forehead but short at the back. He had come to California to get to know his biological mother from Ohio. He had gotten a bar job on the beach in a beach hut.Caleb had met Colton Jackson a few weeks ago, he’d been a regular barman and they’d often worked together behind the bar serving drinks at night time. They’d love and work closely together wearing Hawaiian shirts.It was 3 am and Caleb and Colton had just let out the last customer before closing the bar and started clearing away glasses and placing chairs on top of tables.Caleb was just putting up a chair on a table when he couldn’t help but notice how perky sınırsız gaziantep escort Colton’s butt looked in his black slacks. He turned away quickly.What am I doing? he thought. Why am I looking at a guy’s butt? I’m not gay?Colton turned to him. “Hey, Caleb, you alright, man?” he asked with concern as he turned around.He turned to him and nodded then turned away.”You sure, dude?”Caleb turned back to him and couldn’t help but notice how attractive Colton was.Colton was broad-shouldered, blonde with blue eyes, and had a dimple on his left whenever he smiled.His eyes lingered down over Colton’s body taking it in. All of a sudden, Caleb had to turn away as he felt a feeling of arousal gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan beginning to stir in his groin. He glanced down and to his horror, his dick was growing in his long black shorts.”Caleb, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something,” Colton began.”Oh, yeah?” Caleb replied, not turning around.”Can you look at me, please?””I can’t.””Why not? Dude?”Caleb glanced down again as his dick continued to grow and swell in his shorts.Colton placed a hand on his left shoulder and turned him around and then gasped with utter shock seeing his colleague and friend with a massive hard-on.”Caleb!” he cried.”I’m sorry!” Caleb replied and rushed away.That night, Caleb gaziantep sınırsız escort tossed and turned in bed visualising Colton’s perky butt and body in his head. His breathing began to increase and he began to moan out. He was dreaming.In the dream, Caleb was at the bar with Colton and he’d gotten a hard-on again for him.”Let me help you out there,” Colton said. He crouched down to his knees and pulled down Caleb’s shorts and took his hard cock deep into his mouth and began moving it up and down.Caleb was throwing his head back gasping in ecstasy.”Do you like that?” Colton asked.”Yeah,” he replied, breathing heavily. “Don’t stop.” His right hand shoved his head down on his cock deeper. Caleb gasped out louder with pleasure. “I’m coming!” he felt himself building to an orgasm. His body quivered uncontrollably as he orgasmed deep in his mouth.Caleb’s eyes burst open and glanced down with horror as his cock was rock hard sticking out like a rocket through the white bed sheet that had a wet patch on it. He was confused at first but then remembered the erotic dream he had of Colton. His right hand went underneath the sheet and began giving himself a hand job.

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