Susie Q Ch. 01


Susie walked through the rows of cars at her busy office building. The large glass office building shined bright in the late afternoon sun causing the blacktop parking lot to bake. Susie could feel the heat radiating up into her high heels.

A horn startled her, and she almost jumped out of those heels, she had walked right in front of a car leaving the lot. She had a nasty habit of walking with her head down, a habit she obtained back in high school. With her head down she wouldn’t make eye contact and feel the judging eyes shown back on her.

Self-confidence was not something Susie had ever had. She didn’t have it when she was young, and she certainly didn’t grow any as she grew older. Now, as a 35-year-old single woman living alone she had even less confidence.

Susie finally made it to her small hybrid parked in the back of the lot, opened the door and sat down in the driver’s seat. Susie reached over and pulled a Marlboro cigarette out of the center console and lit it with a yellow lighter from her imitation fashionista purse.

Smoking was yet something else in her life not to be proud of, but as opposed to so many other things in her life she didn’t care. She truly enjoyed it.

Susie drove the 30 minutes home to her non-descript suburban house. She finished her 3rd cigarette as she pulled into the driveway. Susie opened the door to the house and threw her purse down on the table as she walked into the kitchen.

She grabbed a TV dinner and put it in the microwave. She walked down the hallway to the master bedroom, unbuttoning her silk blouse as she went. Once in her master bedroom she kicked off her heels, pulled off her shirt and dress pants. She stopped and stared at herself in the bathroom mirror.

Her brown hair was just past her shoulders and frizzy. Friday’s were rarely “good hair” days for her. Usually, by the end of the week she didn’t put much effort in for work. Her makeup was light as she rarely put much on as she didn’t see the point.

Susie pulled off her plain bra and her breast drooped slightly. She grabbed her breast and gently rubbed her nipples. Her areolas were not huge, but her nipples were large and often erect as they were now from her rubbing.

Susie pulled off her white cotton panties and pitched them in the dirty clothes basket. She ran a hand down her belly and dragged her middle finger across her pussy as she turned and watched herself again in the mirror. Just as she began to rub again, she heard the microwave ding. She reached over and grabbed her pajama pants and slid them on. She pulled a plain white t-shirt over her breasts.

Susie walked into the kitchen, poured herself a glass of water and sat down at the table alone and ate her dinner.

Turk climbed into the bed of his large Dodge 4×4 after a long week on the oil rig. He pulled a cold beer out of the cooler and sat down on his tailgate and began what had become a Friday evening habit.

After a couple of beers and dirty jokes and stories with his co-workers he finally climbed in and started the diesel motor. He drove the hour home taking the dirt back roads as much as he could.

Turk pulled down the long dirt driveway to his house. It wasn’t a large house, but it was on 20 acres and it was all his. He pulled the truck under the metal carport and climbed edirne escort out. His blue healer ran up and pissed on his truck tire before running off.

Turk walked into the empty house and kicked off his cowboy boots and left them at the door. He went to the fridge and pulled out another two beers. He walked back to the bathroom and slid off his blue jeans and long sleeve cotton work shirt with his name embroidered on it.

He sat down on the toilet and peeled off his socks and then stood up and pulled off his “tighty whities.” Turk started the shower and finished the first beer while he waited on the water to warm up. He stood and studied himself in the shower as he did it.

Turk almost had to duck to see his reflection in the mirror. His 6’4″ frame was thin but strong. Years of roughnecking had made sure of that. Turk opened the 2nd beer and took large drink before realizing he needed to piss. He walked back over to the toilet and pointed his long thin dick towards the bowl and began to piss, He smiled to himself as he did. He wasn’t necessarily blessed with looks or money, but he’d never had a complaint about the size of his cock.

Not that he had used it recently…at least with anyone else in the room. After finishing his piss, he climbed into the shower. He lathered his body taking extra time to wash his long cock and balls. Before long, his washing had turned into jerking. His cock rose to its full 10-inch length. It wasn’t fat, but it wasn’t a “pencil dick” either.

Turk’s pace quickened as he stroked his cock. Before long he was grunting and shooting several ropes of his cum down onto the shower floor. When he was finally done, he stepped out of the shower and dried his thin body off.

Turk threw on a pair of jeans and a Schlitz Malt Liquor t-shirt. He walked back into the kitchen grabbed another beer and a bologna sandwich and plopped down on his recliner. He turned on the television and tried to find something worth watching. He settled on a tractor pull, not exactly a mental exercise but at least it was noise.

Before long he found himself picking up his laptop, he kept on the side table beside his recliner. He opened it and turned to his favorite porn sites.

Turk found himself skimming passed the videos of fake tittied sluts and professional porn vids. He kept looking until he found something more to his current taste. It was a video of a girl with a large dildo. The girl was bouncing up and down on the large plastic cock. Gruel was pouring out of her cunt down the sides of the giant dildo. A man stood in front of her and pissed down over her face and she was loving it.

Susie sat her glass in the sink and walked out onto her back deck. It wasn’t a large deck, but it was big enough for her to place a couple of chairs and a small table. Susie sat down and lit a cigarette. She inhaled deeply, feeling the dangerous carcinogens sink deep into her lungs and smiled for the first time that day.

Susie stood up and flicked her cigarette into the weed covered flower bed. She went in and poured a small glass of whiskey. Then she walked back to her spare bedroom where she kept a small home office.

Susie sat down at the small desk and turned on her desktop. She checked a few emails and slowly sipped escort edirne her whiskey. Then she closed her email and opened her browser and set it to “private.”

Susie then opened up her favorite porn site and began to skim the pages. Soon she found what she was looking for and began to watch as the saggy tittied girl began to insert the gigantic dildo into her worn looking cunt.

Before long Susie had pulled her pajama pants down to her ankles. She felt the cold wood from the chair on her lips and could feel her slime pooling between her legs. Susie reached into the top drawer and pulled out one of her vibrators. It wasn’t anywhere close to the size of the plastic cock on the screen but in her mind it was.

She jammed the plastic cock into her pussy and began to aggressively push it in and out.

“Fuuuucckkk meeeeeee” Susie began to moan.

Susie watched the girl on the screen begin to bounce up and down on the large plastic cock. Her pussy lips would obscenely stretch around the giant fake phallus. The girl’s well-worn asshole would puff and gape as her cunt pushed up and down onto the cock.

Susie leaned as far back in the chair as she could so she could reach down and tickle her own asshole with her fingers as she ran the vibrator into her snatch. As she did it, she would press the base against her clitoris, with her free hand she reached under her shirt and roughly pinched her nipples.

As the girl on the screen began to orgasm, or at least pretend to, Susie felt hers building. She began pressing the vibrator straight against her clitoris and press hard. Just then on the screen a male stepped up to the girl and began pissing down on top of her.

Susie began to cum yelling, “Fuuuucccckkkkk yeeeessssss, piss on the bitch.”

After regaining her breath Susie stepped out of her pajama bottoms around her ankles and walked back out onto the deck naked from the waist down. The darkness now kept the possibility of her neighbors noticing but she wasn’t completely out of sight.

She squatted down in the middle of the deck and let a long stream of piss pour down onto her feet and the wooden planks. Susie didn’t cum again, but she definitely enjoyed the dirty act to the fullest.

It was getting late and Turk had watched numerous videos. He’s rubbed his cock throughout but hadn’t really masturbated. His ex-wife had scolded him on numerous occasions for holding onto his cock as he sat in his recliner. She belittled him often, telling him his cock was the only thing he had to be proud of, so he was smart to keep a hold of it.

He was about to go to bed when he decided to check his dating website. It was supposed to be more for rural folks or farmers but even though the commercials made it looked like every old boy with a tractor got a date, he didn’t find that to be true.

Oh, he had gone on a few dates from it, but none of the girls had panned out for him. They seemed to either want to get too serious too quick or just to be completely crazy. He usually fucked the crazy ones before he cut it off.

Today he didn’t have any new interests that he was interested to contact back. He was just about to close the site when he saw an ad for another “sister” site. At first Turk thought it must be a joke but edirne escort bayan when he clicked the link it took him to the new page.

He laughed out loud when he saw the page. It was set up just like the others, but the name of the page was what caused his smile. There in the large banner on top of the page read “FUCKERS.COM” Underneath was the tag line “You don’t have to stay horny, on FuckersOnly.Com”

‘Jesus.’ Turk laughed to himself, ‘what will they think of next.’

Turk had finished off a 12 pack throughout the night so his judgement might have been questionable, but he figured ‘what the fuck’ and signed up for the monthly membership. He had found out through trial and error that doing the “free” version of dating sites greatly limited your options.

He wasn’t drunk enough to put on pictures of his face on the site but drunk enough to put on a few “dick pics” he had previously sent to women. Rarely unsolicited, but he wasn’t perfect. Nevertheless, the pics were the easy part. The hard part was always the “descriptors” and “wants.”

Tonight, he was tired and was going to be blunt and brief. He didn’t give much hope for this site producing anything, so he wasn’t going to put much into it. First, he had to give himself a name.

“Country Cock” he decided on his name.

“White guy with 10-inch meat stick, no really, see the pics.”

Interested in: Women who like to fuck, a lot.

A perfect date: We get hammered drunk, drive around on my tractor and you suck my cock while I stick objects up your cunt and asshole. Or we could just go to the movies, whichever sounds best.

Hit me up.

After he was finished Turk thought ‘well that was a waste of time.’ Got up, went out back and took a long piss into the dark listening to the coyote’s howl. He went to bed afterwards and slept the 12 pack off.

Susie had straightened up the living room a little bit after her brazen piss session. Finally, she refilled her whiskey, crawled into bed and grabbed her tablet she usually left lying on the bedside table.

She read a few chapters of an eBook and was just about to put the tablet down when one of those frustrating “pop-ups” grabbed her attention.

“What the actual fuck is that?” Susie said out loud as she stared at the FUCKERSONLY.COM website. She started to giggle as she read “You don’t have to stay horny at FuckersOnly.Com.”

‘Jesus’ Susie thought to herself.

“Don’t do it.” Susie told herself, “that’s a waste of time and money.”

Her finger hovered over the “x” on the corner of the pop-up. ‘Fuck it’ Susie thought to herself as she moved her finger down and opened the site.

Susie took a large drink of her whiskey and fixed her pillow so she could lean against her headboard and type.

“Susie-Q” she typed in for her name as she had done on literally a dozen dating sites.

“No, fuck that.” Susie said out loud as she erased the title.

“Juicy Cunt” she typed in instead grinning an evil grin as she did it.

‘God knows what degenerates are going to fill up my inbox tomorrow,’ She thought.

‘Gape my juicy cunt with your fat fucking cock.” Susie typed in next.

Interested in: “Men, women and stiff objects I can impale my pussy and ass on.”

A perfect date: “Long walks on the beach with a plug up my ass and your fist in my cunt.” Or we can just go to the movies if you’d rather.”

“Looking forward to meeting you soon.” Susie typed.

Afterwards Susie felt dumb for signing up and cursed herself as she drifted off to sleep.

That night both Susie and Turk dreamt of beaches, tractor rides and movies.

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