Susie the Baby-Sitter


Jane and I were lucky to find Susie as our baby-sitter. Susie had just turned 19 and was in her first year of nursing studies at our local community college. Interestingly, Susie was still living at home – just about 15 minutes from our house. We found her phone number on the notice board in a local shop and our two small children really liked Susie. So did Jane who became like an older sister to Susie. Luckily, Jane didn’t seem to notice how well Susie and I got on with each other. I really enjoyed Susie’s occasional young, happy presence in our house. I often felt that I would have preferred to be staying in to be near her rather than to be going out with Jane!

Although Jane and I were in our thirties and married for eight years, our marriage wasn’t what it should be. At face value, our families and friends would have thought that we were an ideal couple but, in reality, everything wasn’t what it should be in bed. Jane had a fine body but she was sexually passive. In time, I found myself taking responsibility for her orgasm and then taking responsibility for my own when all I wanted was for Jane to return the favour to me. Jane didn’t actually just lie there but it wasn’t too far off that. We talked about it but Jane was more interested in love than sex. I did love her but I was frustrated and unfulfilled – and Susie was exceptionally easy on the eye!

Jane had another, related problem; she was too fond of wine. She was always sober with the kids but usually, after they went to bed, she would have a few glasses before she went to bed. However, quite often, Jane would drink a whole bottle of wine! This had the happy side-effect of loosening her inhibitions (but still not enough for her to take responsibility for my orgasm).

When we called Susie to baby-sit because we were going out, I always did the driving because I drink very little and Jane usually had too much to drink. I could see that Susie often noticed Jane’s inebriated state when we arrived home. Jane would be too friendly and too talkative – including complaining about me. When this happened Susie just seemed to want to get away home as quickly as possible.

Last Friday when I collected Susie at 7pm, she seemed somewhat anxious and, in the car, she told me how much she admired me as a father and a husband. I could see that misty-eyed look in her eyes – she was falling for me! But she was still very close to Jane who seemed to be genuinely friendly with Susie. Despite this, Susie told me that she was afraid that Jane didn’t appreciate me enough and that she, Susie, wanted me to know that I deserved to be appreciated. Again, Susie had that tell-tale look that gave me hope!

I collected Susie and drove back to our house to drop Susie and to collect Jane – she and I were heading out for dinner in town. I couldn’t help noticing how, when Jane was not in the room, Susie bent over and flashed her panties at me more than once. That denim skirt was short and those glimpses of white panties with a pink floral rosebud pattern were driving me mad! Then, when Jane was on the phone to the restaurant, Susie was sitting on the sofa looking intently at me with her knees apart and nonchalantly giving me a stunning view of her brown thighs and her cute panties! Was I imagining all this? As Jane and I headed off to the restaurant my head was full of what I had just seen. Susie gave me an enigmatic smile.

Later, when Jane and I returned home at 11pm on that hot summer’s night, Jane had had more wine than usual. She wasn’t even able to hold a conversation and she fell asleep in the car as I drove. Susie was shocked and I had to ask her to help me to half-carry Jane up the stairs to our bedroom. Jane didn’t even seem to realise that Susie was still in the room when she shouted:

“Well come on Dave, get me another drink!” Soon she adana escort passed out on the bed – still fully dressed.

Susie and I agreed that the best thing would be to get Jane into bed and Susie asked me if I would like her to help me to undress Jane. I agreed and I lifted Jane while Susie took her dress off and Susie then took off Jane’s bra and panties while I hung the dress in our wardrobe. Then I found Jane’s nightdress and Susie put it on her and we rolled her in under the covers. As a student nurse, Susie knew how to ensure that Jane was in the recovery position and we left her sleeping it off – yet again.

We went downstairs and Susie asked to use the bathroom before I drove her home. When she came out she gave me a very unusual, deep look into my eyes and she kissed me on the cheek saying:

“Dave – you are one great guy – Jane is very lucky to have you!”

On the way home in the dark, Susie asked me if everything was OK between myself and Jane? I said that it was OK but I explained that Jane’s drinking was affecting our love life. Then Susie told me that, during one of their chats, Jane had confided to her that she, Jane, was becoming less and less interested in sex while I seemed to becoming more and more interested in it. I told Susie that Jane was very accurate in her summing up of our marriage and that I was worried about where it would all go in the longer term. Susie said that we mustn’t even think about splitting up – especially for the sake of the children. I agreed with Susie that a divorce would be terrible as I did love Jane and that, if only our sex life was better, all would be well.

Then it happened. We were half-way to Susie’s house when she told me to turn off at the next left. It was a small country lane leading to a car park overlooking the town. The lights of the town were really picturesque and it was a warm, clear night with a full moon. As we drove in the dark, Susie rested her hand on my thigh and, when I had parked and turned off the engine, Susie leaned over, put her arms around my neck and kissed me very intensely. I, naturally, responded enthusiastically. Then Susie looked me straight in the eyes and told me that she had a plan! She said:

“Dave, I want become your secret lover?” She said: “I’ll do anything you want, anytime you want to see me but I want you to stay in the home and be a husband to Jane and a father to your children.” Susie said “I know that I can’t be your wife but, by being part of your sex life, I’ll have the most important part of you and that will please me. In addition, you’ll be very happy with my body – and my panties.”

I was taken aback; I kissed Susie again and asked her if she was sure? She said:

“Never more sure of anything in my life.” Then Susie opened her blouse, put my hand on her breast and kissed me more intently while she unzipped my trousers and took hold of my hardening cock.

Susie had beautiful breasts and I quickly slipped my hand under her bra so that, within seconds, her nipples were erect as she moaned with pleasure. Then, when I slipped my hand under her short, denim skirt, she opened her legs wide as I fondled her through her panties. They were silky, pink micro-fibre with white lace at the waist and legs (not the white cotton panties with pink rosebuds that I had noticed earlier). Susie said something through our kisses and we stopped and she said it again: “Recognise anything?”

I said: “Yes, it’s amazing, you’re wearing exactly the same brand of panties that Jane was wearing this evening.”

And Susie said: “No, I’m actually wearing Jane’s panties!”

Then I remembered Susie using the bathroom before she and I had left the house. Susie told me that, after she had taken off Jane’s panties in the bedroom, Susie had eskişehir escort brought them downstairs and put them on in our bathroom.

Then Susie told me that, some weeks earlier, Jane had told her all about my fetish for panties and how they seemed to be very important to me. I told Susie that it was true and I asked how much she knew about my predilection for women’s underwear. Susie said: “Dave, I know everything!”

So I asked her to tell me what she knew and she said: “I know that you wear panties yourself under your trousers. I know that you like to make love with both you and Jane wearing panties. I know that you like white or pastel shades of girl-next–door panties and not black or navy or red or thong panties.” That’s when I realised that Susie did, indeed, know everything!

I sat there in the dark looking into Susie’s beautiful, brown eyes in stunned silence. Susie said “You have nothing to worry about – your secret is safe with me. In fact, I really like your feminine side – it makes you different from other guys. But I also know what makes you come. Jane said that you like her to sit on your face with her panties on while she jerks you off – isn’t that true!” I told Susie this was true but that, sadly, Jane only occasionally sat on my face when she was quite drunk. Susie said that she couldn’t believe that Jane didn’t do this all the time to please me as it was such a simple thing to do for a lover.

Then Susie said: “Well I’m not going to make the same mistake as Jane!” Susie asked me to open the sun-roof on my BMW and when I pressed the button it slid back immediately. Then Susie stood up on her seat looking around at the stars and deftly stepped over to my seat and turned around facing the rear of the car. As she did so she slowly lifted her short denim skirt and put it over my head. My face was in her crotch and I became completely carried away in a dazed ecstasy as she pulled my face firmly into the silky, pink panties. Her musky aroma filled my senses. Moreover, I could smell Jane’s fragrant odour too and the combination of both women’s smells really turned me on. Susie slowly rubbed her damp pubes against my face as I inhaled her heavenly aroma and licked her thighs.

My cock was rock hard as Susie said: “Now, I’ll do whatever you want to me to do – these panties will be completely sodden by the time we’re finished.” Then Susie asked me to wait and she took her bag off the dashboard and pulled out her own, soiled panties (that she had taken off earlier). They were the white, cotton, high-legs with the pink rosebuds. Susie put them over my head and on my face so that my nose was into the gusset as I smelled and tasted Susie’s beautiful musky aroma – for the second time in as many minutes.

Susie was still stating up in the sun-roof and I slid my hand up Susie’s thigh and under the elastic lace at the crotch of the pink panties (Jane’s) that were already warm and moist. Susie again moaned with pleasure as my thumb entered her and slid in and out. She thrust herself forward so that her pubes were again in my face and my other hand grasped her buttock outside the panties. The panties were becoming sodden and Susie groaned as she asked me to go faster. Very soon she came with a spasm as her thighs gripped my hand. Susie waited a few moments to catch her breath and then she whispered: “Thanks, Dave, that was wonderful.” “Soon, my love, it’ll be your turn; but not quite yet.”

Susie asked me to move across to sit on the passenger seat (which I did) and she reached over and flicked the lever to recline the seat to the nearly full back position. Then she faced me as she knelt over me on the soft leather outside my thighs. She pulled aside the white lace leg of the pink panties and slid down slowly easing her crotch sakarya escort onto my now fully erect cock – breathing heavily all the time.

Susie took her white panties with the pink rosebuds off my face and reached in with them to wipe the gusset between her legs before leaning forward and putting her panties back on my face. Now they were even warmer and more moist and they were sticking to my nose and mouth – pure Heaven!

Then Susie started kissing me through her panties on my face, smelling herself and whispering: “Dave, Dave – that’s so erotic – I smell and I taste lovely.” She started sliding herself up and down my cock and moaning more and more. Then she said: “Dave, don’t come; we’ve no condom and I want to come again!” We stayed in that near-Lotus position with Susie moving faster up and down my shaft as she brought herself to a wild orgasm. It was all I could do to stop myself coming as I held onto her beautiful buttocks.

Again we paused and Susie said: “Now, Dave, my love, it’s your turn. Slip off your Chinos and climb over onto the back seat; we have very little time and I need to get home soon.” I did as Susie requested and she followed me into the back seat and told me to lie down on my back. This time she knelt over my face facing my feet and she turned on the interior light.

Susie whispered: “Jane also told me that you like to see everything” and I realised that I could now see her panties up under her short denim skirt. She was still wearing Jane’s silky, pink panties but by now they were truly sodden as Susie lowered her crotch onto my face.

Susie leaned forward to see the panties that I was wearing. “Mmmmm” she said; “nice, white stretch cotton panties with lace”. My senses were filled with the slightly stale scent of Jane as well as Susie’s wild, wet, and warm musky scent. I had never felt such complete sexual arousal before.

My cock was still rock hard in anticipation as she grasped it with her small hand and started to jerk me off. My hands went naturally to Susie’s tits – she was still wearing her lacy white bra as I slid my hands in around to cup her beautiful breasts.

Susie asked: “Would you like to come into my panties?” Susie was now holding her white panties which had been on my face. “Or would you like to come on my tits or in my mouth?” I was completely overcome with erotic stimulation. The gusset of her panties and her wonderful crotch were firmly on my face as I felt the wet, warmth of Susie’s lips and mouth on my cock. Soon she started to wiggle her ass and I knew that was too much – I was coming!

Susie was right about being in a hurry and I wasn’t going to delay her! I came within a minute and Susie expertly swallowed string after string of come as I experienced the most incredibly intense orgasm of my life!

When it was over, Susie lay on me for a moment gently kissing my still-hard cock as we both tried to catch our breath. Then she kneeled up and rotated around to lie on me as she passionately French-kissed me while I marvelled at the taste of my come on her lips. She said: “Now, Dave; are we going to be secret lovers?”

I kissed Susie back and told her that we were going to be secret lovers and that she was an amazing girl whom I had completely under-estimated. We sat up to get dressed and Susie took off Jane’s by now completely sodden pink panties and gave them to me before she put back on her own white cotton panties (with the pink rosebuds). It would be my task to put Jane’s pink panties into the washing machine at home before Jane noticed that she wasn’t the only one who had worn them!

Thus started the most intense and fulfilling sexual relationship that I ever had. As I dropped Susie to her parents’ house just after midnight, she stepped out of my BMW and the door-light came on. Susie glanced around to make sure no one was watching as she lifted her denim skirt to give me one last glance at her beautiful white floral panties that, ten minutes before, had been stuck to my face! She closed the car door, put her head in the window and said softly: “Will you be needing a sitter next week Dave?”

To be continued…

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