Suzy Opens Up


My name is Suzy, this is my story.

It was my last year in high school when my life took a turn forever.

Through my high school years I developed into an average female teenager who was fairly shy. Physically, I had Shoulder length brown hair with blond streaks. At 5’6″ and 112 lbs I considered myself average but my “baby blue” eyes helped me get my way when I needed too.

It was mid September two weeks into the school year. I had just broken up with my boyfriend Zeke three days ago and I was ready to have some fun, release some pent up energy. It was another cool autumn Friday night after a boring week at school. The difference was I was free to hang with the crowd as I pleased. So that’s what everyone did, hang out. And that’s exactly what I did too. But beware; a girl on the rebound is dangerous.

Its 11:30 and the word gets out, everyone is headed over to Patsy’s place. Party! Parents are out for the night in Boston. Party! So Donna C. and I decide to head on over together. Inside, things are going smoothly, dancing, kissing, and eating. Fortunately, no drugs or alcohol, so all was cool.

Donna paired off with her “off and on” boyfriend Cousey. They disappeared, but I ended up in the kitchen with Zeke, Mark, Liz and Mike. Mark and Liz are OK, but if there was anybody I don’t need to be around it was Zeke. Our split up was nasty, messy. Mike knew this, he pulls me over to dance in the living room to get me away from my ex boyfriend. What a relief.

After several dances, and a kiss, Mike and I decided to explore the house. Mike is cool; he plays on the school hockey team as well as baseball during the spring. I was always a bit in awe of him, and dancing close was hot, steaming hot, especially for a girl just out of a break up. I needed some male attention. What heated up my blood with Mike was his naughty smile, and the way he “pushed” us girls as far as he could with his “on the line” teasing.

After kissing and dancing Mike and I started exploring all the rooms downstairs. Then he dared me to explore the rooms upstairs. I was not going to pass up a dare this evening. Seconds later Mike led me upstairs holding hands. Hand in hand we explored each room making naughty comments about what we found in fun. Mike steals the occasional kiss and teases my body with his exploring as we move from room to room. It turns into a naughty game I’m willing to play. Nothing much was happening upstairs, it was quiet, so “why not?”

Enjoying each other’s dare’s we plunk ourselves down onto the sofa around the corner at the end of the hallway. It’s perfectly alone, allowing us to talk and enjoy each others company. Maybe get close and explore each other for a while. The sofa must have been a hundred years old.

Mike smoothly teases edirne escort me and whispers “Suzy, I’ve had my eye on your cute lil’ ass for some time, now that you and Zeke are history?” He pauses “What’s up with your life…any chance for me?”

I innocently reply “Yes, we’re done, but I don’t wanna talk about him, lets talk about anything else.”

“OK” Mike replies. He laughs teasingly and asks “How ’bout the first thing that pops up, Suzy?”

I reply “The first, thing?” “What might that be, Mike?” I’m melting.

Within seconds, I’m sitting on his lap. I was feeling sorry for myself, and lonely for attention a girl on the rebound.

It had started with a kiss. But now Mike had one hand in my sweater exploring my tits and the other between my legs under my skirt. We continued to kiss, but with increasingly more passion. I shifted to get comfortable as Mike navigated his way to my panties. After reaching my crotch I opened my legs just enough to allow Mike to boldly go where no one had gone with this girl before. “To hell with it” I thought to myself as I reached for his crotch. “Can’t a girl have some fun too?”

I began stroking Mike’s crotch searching for the bulge growing within. We continued our passionate kissing. Mike skillfully navigated his way around my undies and began tracing my pussy lips with his fingers. I could feel tightness in my nipples build and a glow in my pussy consumed the moment. My hips began moving slowly in anticipation and reaction.

I struggled with his belt on the way to unzipping his jeans. It was another first; I slid my hand down his shorts finding the bulge I had created. His cock was huge, “Wow”. I released him from the confines of his jockey’s and began stroking his firm cock from top to bottom. I could sense a deep tingle building inside of me.

I was worried we could get caught so I whispered, “Mike we should stop, someone might come up and catch us?” “Really, we should.” But, the other side of me found it deliciously naughty risking getting caught while I stroked his cock.

Mike responded to my words by slipping a finger between my pussy lips. I allowed him penetration spreading my knees even more apart. Soon two fingers were finger-fucking my excited virgin pussy. It was my first finger fuck… Fresh out of a breakup, I wanted attention and Mike was providing me with more attention than I could handle. Maybe Zeke would come upstairs and catch us, I thought, and then I drifted back into our actions.

Mike slowly brought me down to a lying position on the couch while going on with the teasing of my pussy.

No longer saying a word to each other we were too busy with each other’s sexuality. I continued stroking his cock as we lied face to face on the sofa kissing. I had no idea where this was going to end up, but I was enjoying the growing tingle inside of me. Our breathing deepened, I was hot and couldn’t stop. Mike unbuttoned my blouse exposing my pert naked tits, and pressed his body tight against mine as we continued to kiss passionately, both of us lying on our sides face to face, chest to chest. It felt so good, what was next, I thought.

With my arms around his neck and my skirt pulled up Mike pushed his steel hard cock into my soaked panties. The feeling was electric as his cock rubbed against my soaked pussy lips.

I was out of mind, unable to comprehend. I had lost control of my body, I was on a pleasure cruise. It felt so darn fucking good, like nothing I had ever experienced, imagined or expected. We kissed deeply and more passionately as we began grounding into each other with increasing intensity. Mike continued rubbing up and down my pussy with his naked cock spreading and teasing my lips with each passing. A fire was burning within me. My virginity was as risk, I didn’t care. It was to late to care, we were to far into the game.

“Mike”, I whispered. “What if someone comes?” I pleaded.

“Don’t worry Suzy.” he answered.

“No, I think we could get caught.” I replied. But the thought of getting caught by Zeke or anyone, was more fuel for the fire.

I was dripping wet and primed. Mike moved on top of me, my knees slowly inching apart in willingness towards destiny.

Here I lay, Mike on top of me, skirt lifted, cock in my panties and I was worried about who might be coming down the hall. Well, Mike wasn’t a bit worried about that at all. He wasn’t worried about a darn thing except getting laid. Mike’s last obstacle was my panties. Mike expertly tore them away along the seams on both sides. I lifted my ass and let him toss the tattered cloth aside.

At this point things were pretty simple for this 18 year old virgin lying on her back, with her legs spread wide and Mike in position with his cock teasing her pussy. I willingly spread my legs wider with each passing of his cock daring him to fuck me. Mike had me completely where he wanted.

I again whispered “Mike, what if I, we get caught?” “Mike I haven’t ever gone this far.” I could feel the tip of his cock pressing between my wanting lips. No longer teasing, he slowly guided his cock to his target and began penetrating my pussy.

“Mike, my vir…” I asked. But it was too late.

His reply as his cock began its introduction to my womanhood, “Suzy, I’ll be gentle.” Mike offered. But he already he was well under way, he began pushing towards my depths. Mike asked “Are you ready, Suzy?” as he introduced his cock to my hymen. It stretched; it stretched more, before painfully tearing away. It was shattered before I could answer.

A stark reality hit me through the pain of losing my virginity. I Suzy, was mid cycle and didn’t really need to have my pussy filled with a mans seed. Unable to stop, I continue to let Mike plow as I whimpered into his ear, “Mike please don’t cum inside of me! Please, please don’t!”

While continuing his plowing Mike grunts back “I’ll pull out, Suzzzy, I’ll pull out.”

A combination of my naïve experiences and the fact I was already being fucked allowed me to believe everything would be OK. I responded in the most natural way by meeting and accepting Mike’s plowing with my own thrusts. I whimpered in hot passion, as Mike slammed into the depths of my baby-making ass. Nine inches of pleasure was driving in and out of my tight fitting pussy.

I held Mike tightly as he kissed me deeply with his tongue darting between my lips, exploring, while his cock did similar between my legs.

Then it happened. The pace changed. He arched his back and whispered “Cumming, Suzy, God, Cumming.”

“Pull out” I whimpered, “Pull Out” but Mike pushed deeper and harder(not pulling out) as far as my body would allow. He was planting his seed. I could feel warm cum jetting from his cock deep inside. “Can’t pull out Suzzzzy, cumming, aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!”

His cock pulsated shot after shot, driving molten seed into the depths of my readied pussy. I whimpered in spread acceptance. Mike’s inability to pull out was matched harmoniously with my pussy milking him for every last drop of baby producing seed.

Moments later I lay drowned in the moment. Cum and blood oozing from between my legs. Mike left me without a kiss, he had accomplished all that he wanted. He wanted to get fucked and leave his seed planted deep in some little cunts pussy. Mine had done perfect.

Looking desperately in each room, I frantically searched for a pair of clean panties as I held my own tattered panties between my legs to stop the cum from dripping down my legs. In desperation I searched room-to-room holding the balled up shreds between my legs. Trapping Mikes prize within. There simply was no way I could return to my friends with cum dripping down my legs. Finally, I found a pair in Susan’s room (Patsy’s sister) some twenty long minutes after getting fucked. Neatly folded i placed my torn souvenir in the crotch of Susan’s panties to hold back the flow.

I nervously drank a coke with my friends before leaving. Did they know, could they see it? I was nervous ooze would dribble down my legs and all my friends would be talking about Suzy getting fucked on Monday. Neither happened. I left after finishing the coke.

My friends rejected me when my belly grew visible three months later. Even worse, I cried on the last day I spent at school as Mike told me, “Everyone knows you’re a slut Suzy, it could be anyone’s.”

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