Most people now-a-days tell you that to be successful in life you have to go to college. I never really believed them. Two days after I turned eighteen I shipped off to basic. For the next four years I saw combat and experienced the world in a way that most people should never have to. I don’t regret it, but what I do regret is leaving with nothing to carry me over to the civilian world.

I was never a scholarly minded person, so college was still not for me. After some searching I found a college that offers technical schooling. And that’s where I am now. I still have a few basic courses, but most of my days are spent learning my trade. On my off time I tend to hit the gym then go to my dorm room and finish up my homework. Needless to say, my social life is… not existent. It’s not that I don’t like people but I am in a rather odd predicament. I have seen war and death and come out the other end, but the thought of going to a party makes me uncomfortable.

It doesn’t help that I was homeschooled up until high school. I don’t dislike that fact it just made it hard to make friends in school. Most the people there had been friends since they were in elementary school. It wasn’t until my senior year that I actually went to a party. I ended up getting far too drunk and puking on the floor then passing out. I’ve never been to a party since.

And so here I am, sitting in my dorm room like I do every Friday night, and wondering what to do this weekend. Unfortunately without my own car doing anything off campus was out of the question. I could boot up my gaming PC and hop on whatever MMO was popular right now. Or not, the last time I did that my GPA dropped a whole two points. Looks like this weekend is going to be filled with a lot of time at the gym.

A knock comes at the door and I almost fall out of my desk chair. With no light coming in from the window it’s safe to say that I passed out in my chair. A quick check of my watch reads 23:34. Who the hell would be knocking on my door at this hour? Another knock at the door.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming,” I say standing from my chair and stretching as I make it over to the door. I open the door just as another knock is coming. Who the hell…?

“Ryan!” James said excitement obvious in his voice, “Dude! There is this party going down tonight. You have gotta come man.” Each dorm room has two bedrooms and one common room. James is my roommate.

“You know I don’t go to parties,” I replied still waking up from my nap.

“Okay, but listen man. You know Vanessa? She said I had to bring you to the party. And I’m like ninety percent sure that I’m gonna score today, but if I don’t bring you then she’ll be pissed.”

Oh I knew Vanessa, well at least I knew about her. In fact everyone at the school did. She was known as the party queen. Her parents were super rich so she had her own house in town. From what I understood she had a party there every weekend. The one thing I couldn’t understand was why she would want me to go to one. I didn’t know her, and outside of James, a few of the guys in my classes, and Kalie, no one really knew me.

Quick note: Kalie and I had met in the library when her computer exploded. Okay, well not exploded but shorted. The whole thing went up in smoke. I was sitting at the computer next to her when it happened. We both got a laugh out of it, but she did lose her paper and all her research for it. I ended up heling her rewrite her paper. She ended up getting an A on that one, which I came to find out later was unusual for her as she was unbelievably bad at writing papers. Ever since I’ve been helping her with all her papers.

“So? What do you say, man?” James asked now stepping into my room, “Please man! I know you don’t like it, but if you got me on this one I’ll owe you big time.”

I let out a long sigh. Well, I didn’t have anything better to do. Besides I need to get over this whole no social interaction thing at some point or another. “Fine, just let me get dressed,” I said to James turning him around and pushing him out of my room. Now, what should I wear? I know guys aren’t supposed to care about their appearance too much, but the Corps beat that out of me real quick.

I decided to go with a newer pair of jeans with a simple button up shirt. I roll up the sleeves and throw on a watch. Both my forearms are covered in tattoos from my time in the Corps. I mull over whether or not to roll my sleeves back down but decide not to. I have no clue what kind of people will be at this party so I would be better off putting on my best “scary Marine” look. I throw on a pair of Chuck Taylors and give my hair a little attention before leaving my room.

Thirty minutes of driving later and I stood in front of a large two story house. I could hear the music inside as soon as we pulled up. Based on the number of cars here this place was packed. James leads me up to the front door and stops me before we go in.

“You aren’t gonna do anything stupid çapa escort are you? Like some PTSD shit?” James asks looking me in the eyes.

“No. I’m good. I just don’t like these kinds of parties,” I respond to him rolling my eyes.

“Alright, and you ain’t gonna ditch me neither?”

“No. I don’t have a ride back to the dorms anyhow.”

James gives me a nod and we enter the house. Music drowns out all other noise; laser lights give an impressive show in one corner of the large main room. People are packed in like sardines, I’m pretty sure that most of them are extremely drunk. The smell of booze permeates the air. James leads me around the crowd of people into the kitchen, which is behind the main room. There are less people here, but still quite a bit. James starts asking around for Vanessa while I look over the drinks and snacks that have been set out. I settle on grabbing a Mike’s from the cooler. Most guys would have grabbed a beer, but I can’t stand the taste.

James comes back and leads me upstairs. The stairs go up to a hallway leading both left and right. To the left looks to be another room where people are drinking, though from up here the music is far less loud that it was downstairs. At the right looks to be a couple of bedrooms. Well I guess I know what goes on back there. I try to go back down stairs but James stops me. We go back to the last bedroom.

James knocks on the door and for a few seconds we don’t hear anything. Save for the muted music from below of course. Just as he is about to knock again the door opens. Sure enough it’s Vanessa. At six foot one she can tend to tower over most people. One thing that I did understand was how most guys wanted to get into her pants. She had the body of a goddess, perfectly round ass, large perky tits. A face that would put most models to shame. Though I am less surprised by her figure than I am her outfit, she is wearing a pair of black lace panties and a matching bra. Above that she has on a see through mesh nightgown. I don’t think that James’ eyes could have been pulled off of her with a pry bar.

“James!” Vanessa said with a smile before noticing me. Her smile remains but I see something darker behind it sending a shiver down my spine, “And I see you brought Ryan with you. Well come on in.” She opens the door more and ushers us in. Based on the size this must be the master bedroom. The first thing I notice is the reek of sex. The second thing I notice is the large king sized bed in the center with drapes around it. The third thing I notice is the person sitting on the bed.

My jaw drops, speechless. That’s not… it can’t be… “Kalie?” I utter not able to believe the sight before me.

“Uh… hi,” Kalie half mutters her face turning bright red.

Okay… what the fuck is going on here? Why was Kalie here? She didn’t seem like this kind of person. She never talked about partying, and whenever the subject of drugs or alcohol came up she got really awkward. To top it all off she had confessed to me that she was a virgin, and when I pressed further she told me she wanted to wait for the right guy. So why on earth was she at Vanessa’s party? If you didn’t like sex drugs or alcohol then Vanessa’s house was the last place you wanted to be.

“Oh! Why don’t we leave these two

alone, James,” Vanessa says leaving the room and pulling James with him, “Have fun you two.”

For about a minute I just stare at Kalie in disbelief. She started to get visibly uncomfortable. I shake my head and quickly roll down my sleeves. No need to look scary here, in fact I need to look as unintimidating as possible. I take a deep breath and address Kalie properly this time.

“So… what are you doing here?” I ask trying to be straight forward without being too blunt.

“I… I…” Kalie says squirming under my light interrogation. Okay time to try a different tactic. I walk over to the bed and take a seat next to Kalie, but respecting her personal space.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I assume that me being here is partly due to you,” I say as nonchalantly as I can. I just need to seem like this is all perfectly fine, even though it’s definitely strange.

“I… Yes. I asked Vanessa if she could get you to come,” Kalie says in almost a whisper.

“You know you could have just asked me yourself,” I lean back on the bed propping myself up on my arms.

“I know. I… Guess I was just too embarrassed to ask you myself.”

“Okay. So then why did you want me to come to this party? I mean you don’t seem like the kind of person who likes to spend her weekends getting drunk or high,” I left out sex as to not make things to awkward, though considering the room we were in and what obviously happens in here I have a good idea what she is after. Part of me is flattered, in a strange way, but most of me doesn’t believe it. There is no way that she would want to have her first time like this, or with me.

“You know how istanbul escort bayan I, uh, told you about how I wanted to wait for the right guy before… you know,” Kalie says. Oh no. I’m not sure I like were this is going. I mean sure Kalie is attractive and I like her as a person but this. The truth was that I was still a virgin too, and if there was one thing I feared it was not performing during my first time. Of course that was only half of my worries considering my rather strange inclinations.

“Yeah…” I respond in that drawn out already knowing where this is going but not saying anything just in case kind of way.

“I found the guy,” Kalie says turning to look me in the eyes. No. She can’t mean. I mean sure I could be considered an attractive guy, and I mean I am in good shape, more a residual effect from the Corps than anything else. And sure I’m a pretty okay guy. But she just can’t mean me.

My train of thought derails as Kalie leans over and kisses me. Wow her lips are soft. She pulls away, her face bright red. My hand goes up to my lips in shock. She was so gentle and soft. My hearts starts to beet faster in my chest.

“Ryan,” Kalie says, “I’m sorry.”

“No, no. You’re fine,” I say, “I was just a little surprised is all.”

“Not about that,” Kalie gets off the bed and stands in front of me, “I haven’t been completely honest with you. And if… if we are going to do this I need to tell you.”

I look up at Kalie. Seeing her now, not just looking at her, but actually seeing her. At five foot two she is almost half a foot shorter than me. Her short white hair doesn’t even go down past her ears, but looks great on her. I remember her saying something about the color being some genetic trait or something. She doesn’t have the most voluptuous body, but she has subtle curves in all the right places. On her chest a pair of grapefruit sized breasts always covered modestly and an ass that filled her jeans but didn’t look ridiculous.

“Uh… what?” I ask not quite sure what she means. Instead of speaking Kalie starts to undo her jeans. She pulls down the zipper to reveal the pink panties underneath. Her hand dives down under her garments and she grabs something. What she pulls out I would have never expected her to have. In her hand is a large cock, maybe eight inches or so, flaccid, along with a pair of apple sized testicles. She was clean shaven, even on the underside of her balls.

My eyes go wide and my jaw drops. I try to speak but I can’t come up with anything to say. Kalie, the small timid girl who had trouble writing papers had a massive python between her legs. That thing had to be fake, right? I lean up on the bed and lock my eyes on the large cock between Kalie’s legs.

“It’s huge,” I finally manage to say, my eyes never leaving her cock.

“I’m sorry I lied to you. I’m not actually a girl, not in the strictest sense of the word,” Kalie says, hanging her head low. Oh no, don’t do that. I stand up from the bed and wrap my arms around her.

“Hey. It’s okay. I don’t mind. I can understand why you would. I still accept you for you who are, what’s between your legs doesn’t matter,” I say placing my chin on her head.

“Thank you,” Kalie says hugging me back. I sit back on the bed and look up at her. “I… I saw the porn on your computer that time when I stayed over. That’s when I thought I should… um…” Kalie says. Now it is my turn to blush.

“Well… Um… I don’t suppose you saw the dildos too?” I ask trying not to die of embarrassment.

“Yeah… I did,” Kalie says obviously trying not to giggle.

Well then, I guess it’s time to do something about all of this. I grin widely and reach a hand out to Kalie’s large cock. She gasps in surprise as I start to stroke her length. It grows larger in my hand with each stroke. Kalie looks down at me with a look of lust in her eyes. I reach another hand up and start to fondle her massive balls. They feel heavy and swollen. How long has it been since she last blew a load?

“Ryan… what are you?” Kalie asked in between cute little moans.

“I’m going to suck this monster cock of yours” I say back before taking the tip of her cock into my mouth. Holy hell is this thing thick. I stick my tongue underneath her foreskin and start to swirl it around her head. Kalie lets out louder moans as I continue working her cock. It gets larger in my hand as I stroke her to full mast. With a loud pop I pull my mouth from her mast. It stands at a surprisingly large ten inches in length and six inches in girth.

“Holy crap! Your cock is massive!” I say looking up at Kalie. Her face is bright red right now and she makes efforts to cover it. With a wide smile I open my mouth and take her massive rod into my mouth again. It’s a bit of a struggle but once I get the tip in it goes a little smoother. My tongue has barely any room to move around her shaft due to its size. Instead I start to bob my head back and forth applying güngören escort suction at the same time. I can feel my own cock tenting in my pants as I suck of the beautiful shemale before me.

Her cock reaches the back of my throat and I gag a little. I don’t let that deter me and I press on. I may or may not have done this on my dildos once or twice or a lot. Kalie gasps as I start to deep throat her.

“Ryan! Wh… where did you learn to… ahhh! Do that?” She gasps placing her small hands on my head. I wrap my arms around to grasp her firm behind and push more of her cock into my mouth. Finally I hit home and I feel her massive balls hit my chin. Now I start to suck her cock in earnest. She doesn’t do any of the moving, it’s all me when I take her cock out to just the tip and ram it back down my throat. Despite not gagging I still make quite the perverse noise when I take her cock into my throat. I take her cock completely out of my mouth and gasp loudly.

“Ryan! Are you okay?” Kalie asks kneeling down to bring her face level with mine. She reaches her hands up to my face and wipes away tears that were streaming down my face. Whoops, I didn’t even notice those.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I say giving her a smile, “It’s going to take a lot more than that to hurt me.”

“Do you mind if I uh… return the favor?” Kalie asks looking down at the bulge in my jeans. She just asked if she could blow me! I can’t let her do that. I mean nothing against blowjobs but I just can’t imagine a sweet little girl like her going down on me.

“How about we worry about that first,” I respond pointing to her massive saliva covered erection.

“Oh… Okay,” Kalie says with more than a hint of disappointment. Wait, does she want to blow me? Before I have time to process the thought more she is back up with her cock in my face. This time I grab her cock by the base and slap my face with it a few times. This earns me a few giggles from Kalie. I open my maw again and took her entire cock in one go. Kalie gasps loudly her eyes going wide.

Once again I start to pump her cock in and out of my mouth. Kalie doesn’t do any of the work and it’s all me when I bob my head back and forth. I take a hand up to her balls and start to lightly massage them. Based on Kalie’s moans she seems to be enjoying the blowjob, ball massage combo. I feel her massive globes begin to tense up and know what comes next. If her ball size is any indication I’m about to be drowned in her cum.

“Oh! Ryan! I’m… I’m cumming!” Kalie moaned out as the first twitches of her orgasm ran up her cock. I preparation I slam her rod all the way into me, the tip well into my throat. I feel the cum vein on the bottom of her cock swell as her massive load is pushed out. Next thing I know her cum is pouring down my throat in huge bursts, each one probably large enough to fill a shot glass. I don’t have to do anything as her cum just pours down my throat.

As I feel her orgasm beginning to die down I pull her cock out until just the tip is in my mouth and start to swallow as she shoots at least seven more jets of cum directly into my mouth. Oddly her semen is far less salty than I expected, instead it had a slight sweetness to it. Kalie finishes cumming and I suck the rest of her cum out of her cock before letting it pop free. Kalie looks down at me with a look of absolute embarrassment on her face as I swallow the last of her cum. I give her a wide grin standing up and placing a short kiss on her forehead.

“Did it… um… taste good?” Kalie asked, “I read online that if you eat a lot of fruits and stay away from salty foods it tastes better.” I can’t help but crack a smile and laugh a little at her question.

“Yes, Kalie, it tasted great,” I say patting her head.

“So, can I do you now?” Kalie asks almost like a kid asking for candy.

“Are you sure about that? I mean I haven’t been eating fruits and stuff for the past few days so it probably doesn’t taste that good,” I joke to her comment earlier while trying to dissuade her. Now I know that most guys would jump on the opportunity if some girl was all but begging to blow him, but I’m not most guys. The idea of someone sucking on my cock made me stick to my stomach.

“I don’t mind,” Kalie says half reaching for my belt.

“Really, you don’t have to,” I say to her putting my hands in the way of hers.

“Oh… Okay…” Kalie replies with a despondent look on her face. She takes a seat on the bed next to me still seeming kind of down. I probably killed the mood when I tried to change the subject. Oh well. I stand up and walk over to the dresser on top of which is a box of tissues. I grab a few and go back over to the bed.

I carefully start to clean Kalie’s cock with the tissues, whipping off any residual saliva and cum. She is still at about half mast, impressive considering she just came what felt like a pint of cum. Her balls seemed to be far less taut then they were before, but they were still massive. After cleaning her rod I give the head a little kiss as it retreats into her foreskin.

“Kalie,” I say looking up at her.

“Yes?” She looks down on me. I can see something more in her eyes as she does. The way she looks at me isn’t the same as it was before.

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