Tall Dark Stranger


The rain was coming down in sheets as Linda stepped into the street and began to walk down the sidewalk. She was excited — very excited. She was finding it hard to contain herself.

Tonight is the night! she thought to herself. Tonight is the night I meet the man of my dreams, fall desperately, passionately in love, and offer up the bloom of my virginity to someone who finally deserves it!

Linda walked with a sudden confidence. She had her rounded chin up as she never had before. And she ignored the rain as it fell down onto her hair, normally modest and straight and pinned back. The red-brown locks were taking on their natural tight curls, sticking to her pale ivory face. She looked like a beautiful porcelain doll. And for the first time in all her twenty-one years, Linda felt beautiful.

It had all started with her monthly visit to Lady Lorenzia. She was a genuine Gypsy fortuneteller, and Linda had been going to her regularly for four years now, ever since she had graduated high school and moved to the big city to attend the college there. Lady Lorenzia came highly recommended by all of Linda’s aunts. They swore by the old card-reading, crystal ball-gazing woman from the ‘Old Country’.

So, it had seemed natural that Linda start seeing her too. And so she had. She went to the Gypsy lady once a month, paying a fair price to spend two or three hours finding out what the future would bring. Linda followed her advice in everything from money and the lottery to what courses to take and when to schedule her job interviews and tests.

And always, the woman had been right. The jobs that wouldn’t pan out never did. The days that Lady Lorenzia said would be bad, were. And the men who she predicted would turn out to be jerks always eventually showed Linda the side the fortuneteller had seen in her crystal ball.

Tonight, however, the reading had finally been different. And tonight, all of Linda’s life was about to change.

She walked with a new and more confident stride now, slender hips sashaying as she headed down the street. Her lips were pouted sexily, and she felt the material of her tweed dress suit hugging her in a way it never had seemed to before. It didn’t matter that it was hardly becoming for a future bride. What mattered was how Linda felt inside, and how it showed out!

Lady Lorenzia had said that tonight, Linda would meet a tall, dark stranger. She would be flooded with offers for life and love under the sun. But the Gypsy said she must turn them all down and wait for the tall man with the dark complexion and dark hair and eyes to match.

“You’ll know him by his dark gaze. He’ll look into you and it will feel as if he is looking into your soul. He is the one, Linda! He is the one for you!”

Linda trembled, shivering at the thought of at last losing her virginity. No more nights spent with nothing but body pillows and silicone toys. No more evenings watching love and romance movies in order to see how the other side lived. Linda was not going to grow old and be a spinster after all!

She turned off the sidewalk into a brightly-lit Irish-style pub with red-painted glass doors. She was cold, and needed to get out of the rain. And she felt frivolous, giddy. Maybe she would even have a drink!

She didn’t see anyone who turned to look at her as she peeled off her long raincoat. But many sets of eyes turned to stare at her as she passed by on her way to the bar. She sat herself down at an empty stool, draping her coat over the one next to her and plopping her small handbag on the bar’s countertop.

“What’ll it be, miss?” the barkeep asked her.

Linda smiled gleefully.

“Give me something tall, dark, and strong,” she cooed to him.

He actually blushed! But Linda didn’t even notice as he fumbled getting her a draft lager specially brewed for this particular nightspot. The place was filled with men. Linda barely saw any of them. She was very focused on Lady Lorenzia’s words and advice.

“He will come to you. But you must throw yourself at him. Show him that he is already yours above all others! Spare nothing in snagging him and making him your own!”

The thought of how she was to do that made Linda shiver. If she was going to keep Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome, she’d have to dredge her mind for all the right things she’d learned from every romance book she’d ever read. What would he be like? Would he like her hair up or down? Would he have a fetish? A foot fetish maybe? Would he —

Her thoughts were interrupted when she realized someone was standing over her shoulder. Linda carefully turned around, eyes narrowed as she took in the look of the man there. He was of medium height. He had eyes the color of the sky. His skin was tanned and he had a rugged look, the look of someone who spent a great deal of time outside. His tousled hair was a pale blonde, and his smile warm and inviting. He practically purred when he spoke.

“Excuse me, miss,” he said softly.


“I noticed you when you walked in. And I felt compelled to come over and tell uşak escort you how beautiful you would look stretched out on a towel on the deck of my yacht.”

Lady Lorenzia’s words came back to her.

“You will be offered love in the sun. Send it away! Something greater is waiting for you!”

Linda frowned, and raised an eyebrow. From the corner of her eye, she could see many men unobtrusively watching her exchange with the blonde surfer boy. He was smiling at her as if he had already closed the deal on a night of hot, steamy sex. She shook her head and tossed her reddish curls over her shoulder.

“Does that line actually work on some people?”

“Huh?” he said, flabbergasted.

“I mean, who really falls for a line like that?”

The gorgeous blonde stared at her, bewildered, as if he had no idea what rejection felt like.

“Be off with you,” Linda said, waving her fingers and turning away. “I’m waiting for Mr. Right. And you are all wrong.”

The people watching gave out soft “ooo” noises, chuckling as the surfer boy moved off into the crowd, humiliated. Linda had earned a new aura of respect from everyone who had witnessed her rebuttal of the good looking man. Any girl that could turn down an offer like his had to have something special going on. And everyone wanted a piece, but no one dared to try.

She sipped from her drink, ignorant of the whispering and nudging going on around her. Lady Lorenzia had never said where she would meet the man. That’s what had given her the spontaneous gall to come into a place like this, the kind of place she had never frequented before. Destiny is destiny, and there’s no changing it. No matter what she did or where she went, she was going to meet Mr. Right tonight! All she had to do was wait for him to make himself known.

She didn’t have to wait long.

“Excuse me,” said a deep voice next to her.

Linda turned around to look.

Standing next to her, attempting to squeeze between herself and the man sitting on the stool next to her, was a tall, dark-faced man. He had narrow eyes, almost shaped like almonds or like a cat’s. He had skin that was dark, a shade of brown so subtle it could have been Spanish or Asian. But with his black trimmed beard, cut straight across his lower cheeks and over his chin, surrounding his full frowning mouth, he looked very dark indeed. Linda was frozen in place, and he turned to look at her, as if wondering why he wasn’t getting the room he was using his elbows to get.

He was tall, at least six feet and likely more than that. And his nose was hawkish, obviously the result of being broken several times. His brows were almost one, giving him a glowering stare as he looked down at the petite lady sitting next to him.

“Excuse me,” he said again. His voice rumbled in his chest when he spoke, and Linda quickly noted his clothing. He was dressed entirely in black; black denim jeans hugging his large thighs and rounded buttocks, black T-shirt over large pectoral muscles, barely containing huge upper arms.

He picked up the drink he had been ordering and moved off, not even looking at Linda as he walked away.

It’s him! she screamed inside her brain.

She grabbed her coat off the stool and ran after him.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” Linda called out.

The crowd parted for her as she pursued him, and he stopped, hearing her call out. Slowly, he turned around, brown glass beer bottle in hand as he stood like a mountain before her. Linda pulled up short. But she remembered what Lady Lorenzia had said. Throw yourself at him, she commanded herself.

And that’s what she did.

“If you’re looking for something good to drink, I’ve got something that will pass through your lips and over your tongue without giving you a headache when you wake up tomorrow.”

She did her best to purr at him as she put two fingers on his hard, smooth chest, rubbing it gently beneath his shirt. One of his eyebrows went up quizzically. Then, he lifted his beer to his mouth and poured the entire contents down his throat. He carefully placed the beer on a table nearby and then turned back to face Linda.

Everyone who was near was listening, watching, wondering if Linda had any idea what she was getting herself into. She had turned down what they thought was her perfect match in order to brazenly chase down someone who looked like he could snap her in half with one hand.

“Fine,” he said quietly. “My car is outside.”

Linda smiled brightly, practically bouncing as she grasped his arm and walked with him back into the rain and out of the pub. He opened the doors to his red sports car, glistening in the night rain, letting Linda get in before climbing in himself. They tore out into the city and down several streets, Linda guiding him to her home. Then he followed her quietly, saying not a word as she unlocked the front door to her small house and beckoned him inside.

Tonight, it was finally going to happen. Linda’s sexual fantasies were going to all come true at last! Lady muglalisahidi.com Lorenzia had told her to throw herself at the tall, dark stranger she would meet. Linda saw no reason to stop now.

As soon as the door closed, Linda was tearing off her coat again and rubbing her hands all over the man’s chest. He grunted, standing still as she quickly untucked his T-shirt from his jeans and began to slide it up his torso. His body was so perfect, muscled and chiseled with what had likely been years of expert care. Linda licked at his slightly sweaty flesh, focusing on the hairless pectorals and flicking her tongue wantonly over his dark nipples. He seemed to shiver, his hands still at his sides as she maneuvered her own fingers down to his zipper.

Carefully, but not clumsily, Linda began to unzip his fly, exposing a pair of tight black underwear that didn’t cover his football-player hips. She teased over the bones at his waist, reveling in how slender he was, how flat his stomach was. Then, unable to resist any sudden sexual thought that came to mind, Linda dropped to her knees.

He was standing in front of her front door, pants around his ankles, looking down at her. She immediately began to rub and caress the bulge that was steadily growing in his underwear. She’d never seen a real live penis before. Linda had watched pornos as a teen-ager, feeling she had to know what sex was like somehow. But now there was no need to be demure and shy. This was the man that destiny had brought her. There was no need to hide any of her urges any longer.

Linda peeled the underwear down his legs, keeping her eyes averted until the tight shorts were resting around his ankles, piled on top of his pants. Slowly, she lifted her eyes, holding her breathe, unsure of what she would see or how she would react.

His cock was like the rest of him; thick, muscular, and beautifully dark and perfect. Linda gasped softly, and the manly piece of flesh bounced at the sound. With her two hands, she reached out and began to touch the hard, rigid shaft, feeling over the tautness of the cock head. She’d never imagined a cock could be so wonderful, so sculptured…so huge!

How does a woman have sex with something like this? she thought, almost appalled at the idea.

But the cock bounced again, and the man grunted. That brought Linda back to the here and the now. She moved closer on her knees, studying the manhood before her intently. Then, following instinct and urge, she opened her mouth. With her fingers around the base of the immense rod, Linda carefully maneuvered it towards her lips. As it neared, she realized she would have to go wider. She opened her mouth more, stretching it as much as she could. Finally, she could get her lips around his bulbous cockhead.

His reaction was instantaneous. His hands clenched into fists, then unclenched. Then he reached down and gripped Linda’s shoulders tightly. The feel of her new and only lover’s fingers on her made her tremble and shake. And she moaned around his cock. He groaned at the feel of her vibrating lips and tongue. Then, surprising Linda with the gesture, he thrust his hips forward slightly. More of his man-meat was stuffed between her cheeks, and she had to work hard not to gag as the flesh bounced against the back of her throat.

Her dark lover grunted, then, amazingly, he pushed her away, pulling his cock out of her wet, gaping mouth. Linda looked up, shocked, wondering if she had been doing it wrong. Then, he reached down and scooped her up into his arms easily, as if she were a bag of feathers. He looked at her, then seemed to look around her darkened house.

“My bedroom is that way,” she whispered, breathlessly pointing off to one side of the front hall.

He kicked off his pants and briefs, leaving them in a jumbled pile on the rug in front of the door. And he carried Linda to her bedroom, forcing the door open with his knee. Her four poster bed was unmade but what did it matter? He was her destiny, her one true love. He wouldn’t care. So neither did she.

The great dark man dropped Linda rather roughly onto the bed’s mattresses. Then, before she could object, he began to push her skirt up her thighs. Her heels fell off and onto the floor with a thud. And she was suddenly grateful she had worn only thigh high stay-up stockings today, instead of full nylons.

His hands were smooth-skinned, but very very warm. He pushed the hem of her skirt further and further up her thighs. Before Linda knew it, he had exposed her panty covered sex-mound.

He grunted, bending his face in a primal way to sniff at her. His nose rubbed over her labia through the material of the panties, and she dropped her head back to the mattresses.

Let him do whatever he wants, she told herself. You belong to him now. He’s the one.

His fingers hooked into the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. As soon as the top of her trimmed sex was exposed, his face was nuzzling her affectionately, as if he couldn’t get enough of her smell, her woman’s scent. Linda reached down and rubbed his hair with both her hands. Then she realized he had a long ponytail running down his back. It was like Steven Seagal, only in real life, actually in her bedroom and not just running around half-naked in her dreams.

The man had pulled her panties all the way off her slender legs now, and had tossed them aside while rubbing his hawk-like nose against her mons. She shuddered as he mercilessly used it to part her labia majora and find her clitoris. She had never been touched by a man before. And now this one, this perfect one, was touching her in the most intimate of ways.

His hot tongue came out of his mouth like a snake, and he forced it between her swelling lips. She could feel the tickle of his beard against the insides of her thighs, but next to the brand new sensation of having a wet tongue slathering over her budding clitoris, it was nothing.

Linda gripped his hair, clutching at his head as his tongue lathered the inner folds of her too-long-unattended cunt. Then she felt his finger joining in the foray, thrusting deep inside her as yet untouched hole. It was heaven, it was divine, it was everything she had read about and dreamt about.

And she was cumming, orgasming over his lips and reveling in the feel of a man’s mouth drinking up her sweet sexy nectar. Her mind seemed to explode, and fill with a brightness she couldn’t stand but couldn’t escape. She writhed beneath his administrations until at last, he was done.

He stood up, and Linda dazedly looked up at him where he seemed to be looming over her spread legs. He seemed to be waiting for something.

What more is there to be had? she thought. What could be left? What could be better than that?

As if in response, his cock bounced in the shadowy darkness of the bedroom. Linda gulped.

Oh. That.

Then, reminding herself that this man was THE man for her, she hurriedly began to undress. Off came her white starched blouse and tweed jacket. She quickly undid her brassiere, dropping it to the floor. And then, she was naked for the first time in the presence of a man.

It didn’t take him long to join her on the bed. She could feel how natural this was for him, to have a woman in this aggressive, dominating manner. His mouth dropped to her neck flesh, licking and biting at the sensitive skin. Linda shivered, her legs parting to give him more room. She wrapped them willingly around his waist, and gasped as she felt the hard, thick presence of his hot cock pressing demandingly against her pussy.

What would it feel like? Would there be fireworks and fields of flowers and soft, sweet caresses and soothing words?

His cock entered her hard, filling her completely. She cried out, her virginity lost in one savage thrust. For a moment, he stopped. He got up on his hands and looked down at Linda, this strange woman whom he had just met, who’s untouched cunt now clenched defiantly around his intruding cock. And he seemed bewildered.

Linda was shaking with shock at the sudden pain of having a penis inside her. But there was more to it than just the pain. There was the fact that she was a woman now, a woman totally and completely. She took a deep, soothing, cleansing breath. Then, knowing this is what she had to do, she wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him back down to her.

For the first time, they kissed. His lips were soft, pliant against hers. And he noted her inexperience and tenderly began to teach her the best way to part her mouth, how to massage his tongue with hers. It was a lesson that seemed to take all of eternity, or maybe that was just her hope and intention.

Soon, he was moving himself inside her. He pulled his thick, swollen member free from her sex. Then, more carefully this time, he put it back within her recesses, burying himself there. He gasped at the tightness, breathing out hard and breaking the kiss. Linda groaned, her fingernails digging into the backs of his shoulders.

Then, he was moving faster, quickly thrusting in and out of her tight wetness. Linda couldn’t believe it. She was having sex! She was being fucked by this beautiful, passionate beast of a man! And he was Mr. Right. The One!

Incredibly, she felt herself beginning to lose control again. She was going to orgasm — again! And even more astoundingly, it felt as if he were getting bigger inside her, as if his every fuck-thrust was making him swell.

How can you get bigger than huge? Linda wondered.

Then all thought was lost as she dug her heels into the backs of his thighs, and her fingernails into his buttocks. He was cumming inside her as her tight, slut cunt sucked him deeper and deeper inside. She orgasmed hard, lost in wonderment as her body took over, her walls stroking him hard until her pussy had sucked out his every last drop of seed.

At last, they were done, complete, finished. He rolled off of Linda, but pulled her close as soon as he was on his back. She let him hold her like that, drifting away into sleep. When she woke up, she smiled. He had slept with her in his arms all night. Carefully, she escaped from his slumbering embrace, and she stood next to the bed. She stared at the beautiful man that Fate had finally brought her. And she sighed, content.

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