Tawny and the Value Given

Big Dick

This story is Tawny’s “origin” story and describes her idea for how to arrange the adventures she wants, and also tells the story of her first adventure.

One goal of this story is to give the reader a good idea of what to expect – and not to expect, in the stories that follow.

For the most part these stories are from Tawny’s viewpoint, with some segments being from her husband Eric’s viewpoint.

Ideally, these stories should be read in order. However, if the reader’s only interest is in hearing what is happening to Tawny in this installment, it’s not strictly necessary.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Unlike the real world, STI’s don’t exist and The Pill is 100% effective. In reality, the lifestyle depicted here would present a large health risk, and a low but non-zero pregnancy risk. Tawny’s sexual tastes are not shared by all, or probably even most, women.

Also note that when Tawny goes to a stranger’s house for sex, they have been vetted and someone she trusts always knows where she’s going and who she’s meeting.

Copyright © 2020 by EightBits.

All Rights Reserved.

Tawny and the Value Given

The Idea


“What if they paid for me?”

I looked up at my wife Tawny across the breakfast table. “Paid for you?” I said in a puzzled tone.

She looked down, not able to meet my eyes as she said tentatively “Umm, yeah. Paid for me. Not because I want the money! The money is for them.”

“I’m not sure I follow…” I took another bite of my danish.

She sighed, and looked up at me. “I’m not explaining this well. Ok, you know how your favorite fantasy is to see me with a bunch of guys, and mine is to be a slut for a bunch of guys?”

“With you so far.”

“One problem is how we find the guys. We both love it when guys just use me like a, well, like a slut, but we’ve never been able to find the situations where that worked out well. It’s hard to find guys who will actually do the dirty things to me I want them to do, but if I’m bought and paid for…”

I looked at her. “You’re serious, aren’t you? This isn’t just some sexy fantasy talk for my benefit is it?” That last was really more of a statement than a question.

Blushing slightly, she said “Yeah, I’m serious. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I may have even done some research.”

She blushed a bit more. That’s one of the many things I love about my wife. She is incredibly sexy and not at all prudish, but she can still blush.

“So let me see if I understand. Your theory is that if they pay for you, they’ll feel like they can really use you as they wish. No being hesitant about overstepping bounds or asking permission or worrying about how your husband is going to react.”

“Exactly,” she said. “Value given for value received!”

She smiled and went on to quickly add “Now, there would, of course, actually be bounds we want them to respect. That would be part of the deal. Since it’s transactional it can be very clear what they can and cannot do. That addresses my worry about just ‘giving’ myself to a random bunch of guys to use and abuse.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s brilliant. You get to be used by a bunch of guys who are uninhibited because they paid for you, but because they paid, they understand that there are terms to the deal. Like a rental car.” I did not add that I’d been on business trips where people had certainly not treated the rental car with a lot of care!

“I’m not sure I appreciate being compared to a Ford, but essentially, yeah, that’s what I’m thinking,” she said, smiling.

“And you said you’d done some research?”

I noticed I’d been neglecting breakfast, and took another bite. This discussion looked to be making Tawny’s nipples hard, and they looked great under her thin robe. Distracting!

“Well, enough to make me think we could find a way to make this work. Still a lot to consider,” she said as she got up and headed for the kitchen. “Need anything?”

“No, thanks,” I said. As always, I enjoyed staring at her shapely ass as she walked away.

I sat back and thought about what she’d said.

We’d been sexually adventurous pretty much our whole marriage, and early on we’d discovered we both got turned on by her being fucked by other guys. While we’d never been full-fledged swingers, we’d gone to a couple swing clubs and just hooked up. We’d also tried a few bar pickups.

The results of those experiments had fallen into two main categories. The swingers had been, for the most part, very polite. They enjoyed having sex with her, but since the swinger ethos revolves around respect and permission, they’d never treated her as roughly as she wanted, especially since I was present.

The bar pickups had been the same, although there we ran into another issue. We had two who would actually treat her like a slut in front of me, but they also tended to think we were into the whole “cuckhold” thing, which we were not. Now, nothing against the guys who evi olan gaziantep escort dug having a dude say things like “You need my big cock because your husband’s pathetic little dick doesn’t satisfy you”, but that wasn’t the aspect that turned on either of us.

Our sex life was great, but there were two areas where other guys could fulfill her fantasies. Our sex got plenty rough sometimes, but the fact that I loved her meant it never had the “edge” that actual strangers could bring as they used and abused her. The other area was that I’m just one guy. To have multiple of her holes filled at the same time, or be fucked over and over by various different cocks, she needed more guys.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about “selling” my wife to other guys. I wasn’t concerned about whether they would be interested. Like most husbands, I thought that my wife was beautiful and sexy. Unlike most of them, I had some objective evidence, based on our modest swinging experiences. There were no shortage of guys interested in her perfect ass, pretty face, long blonde hair, and of course her great boobs. At 32, she was in the best shape of her life.

My concern was how would we manage it, and would she be safe? Unlike our previous experiences, I couldn’t be there with her most, if not all, of the time!

She walked back in and sat down with her fresh mug of tea. “What do you think?”

“Well, you caught me off guard, but my first reaction is that this is an incredible turn-on for me,” I said, grinning at her. “My second reaction is wondering just how it would all work.”

“So from that grin I take it you don’t think I’m crazy and that maybe we can pursue this idea?”

“Yes, it sounds great. You know what a turn on it is for me to see guys have sex with you. And even more when they fuck you!”

“I was hoping that would be your reaction,” she said, giving me one of her patented sweet-but-sexy smiles.

Open for Business


I had done some research before getting up the nerve to suggest this to Eric, and I was pretty sure we could make it work. We just needed to hash out the details. Including a few things I knew Eric was going to argue with me about.

“Here’s what I’ve learned” I said to Eric. “I’ve found a couple websites that we could advertise on. They do some pretty clever things to take advantage of loopholes in the laws about prostitution, and they combine that with very strong security and privacy measures.”

“Interesting. Are they the right ones to find the type of ‘parties’ that you are after?”

“You mean the ones where the girl is treated like a slut by as many guys as they want and to be used in whatever depraved ways they can dream up?” I said, blushing slightly. “Yes, these sites look like the place you’d go to find kinky little sluts like your wife.”

He knows exactly what I like, he just loves to make me say it!

He smiled and nodded, “Did they look like they had serious customers, versus guys just getting a thrill out of ‘window shopping’?”

“Well, it was a little hard to be sure without actually putting out a ‘product’ first. Obviously, the privacy that they provide means I can’t really see who’s using what services, or how many clients the sellers on the site really have. I got the impression that some of them seemed busy, and had been on the site for a while. All good signs!”

Eric nodded thoughtfully, “Ok, I agree that sounds good. What are the names of these sites?”

“One has a great name, ‘Bound To Happen’. The other one I liked is called ‘Party Favours’.”

“These two sites look to have somewhat different types of customer bases.

‘Party Favours’ seems like it’s more one-time clients, like bachelor parties, and stuff.

‘Bound To Happen’ looked a little more upscale in some ways. Like it might get corporations throwing parties for their executives, organized gatherings, or hobbyist events.”

“Hobbyist events?” he asked.

“Ok, that’s not exactly it, maybe ‘enthusiast’ events would be more accurate? Anyway, these are just my impressions, and there does seem to be some overlap. I suggest we set up accounts on both and see how it goes.”

“So it sounds like you have the sales and marketing aspects figured out. How much thought have you given to the rest of this plan? Like the rules for the parties.”

I was glad Eric agreed with me on the web sites. I was a little embarrassed to tell him that in my excitement I had already set up an account on ‘Party Favours’ with a simple but vague ad to gauge interest. I’d already gotten a notice that several people had clicked it to get more information!

“As to the rules, while I want to get the bondage and rough treatment that turns me on, I don’t want it to go too far. So I put together a pretty good start to a list.”

Our adventurous sex life had given me a chance to try a lot of things, or at least become aware of them via porn! gaziantep evi olan escort While I don’t condemn people for having different tastes, I did have a pretty solid feel for what I wasn’t willing to do.

I got up and took a folder out of a kitchen drawer, withdrew a sheet of paper and handed it to him.

“Wow,” he said. “You really have given this some thought!”

He started reading.

No Exceptions to the following rules!

◦ Adults only.

◦ No age-play.

◦ No animals.

◦ No pee.

◦ No non-sexy pain.

◦ No pain to her feet. (She personally finds that to be non-sexy pain.)

◦ Nothing in her mouth that was just in her ass.

◦ No knife play.

◦ No breath play. (Nothing that interferes with her breathing for more than 5 seconds).

◦ No drugs present or used at the party. (Alcohol ok)

◦ No smoking.

These rules may be waived on a case-by-case basis and only upon prior request.

◦ No physical injuries, including marks, that take more than a day to completely recover from.

◦ No public display. (Privacy)

◦ No photos or videos. (Privacy)

◦ No gags beyond a standard ball gag or an O-ring style.

◦ No electrical play.

He got to the end of the list and said “That’s a pretty thorough list, not sure I can think of anything to add at the moment. But what’s with the rules that can be waived?”

“Well, you know that having some of my boundaries pushed both scares and excites me,” I said. “I’m thinking if we trust that particular customer, we could maybe let them go a little further than we’d normally allow?”

I continued, “My thought is you’d handle those waivers. I have faith in your judgement, and this way I don’t know it’s planned, which makes it more exciting.”

The thought of him agreeing to let some guys go beyond my comfort zone without me even knowing it was planned made my pussy wet! Thoughts I could entertain only because I knew he wouldn’t let anything truly dangerous happen to me.

“Ok, guess I’m ok with this waiver thing. Actually, the thought of your boundaries being pushed a bit is sort of a turn on to me too, but it’s only going to happen if I’m completely confident in the judgement and trustworthiness of the guys. It’s got to be under control.”

“Of course!” I said.

He looked serious as he said, “And I’m surprised you missed needing a safe-word, and that needs to be part of the rules.”

I knew he’d catch that. I took a deep breath. “No safe word. Having a safe word means I still have some control. I want to know that I’m really their toy, with no say over what they choose to do with me. You know that’s what turns me on the most.”

Frowning, he said, “I’m sorry babe, but this one I can’t agree with. I get how that level of helplessness turns you on, but I think you need a way to call a halt if they are getting carried away, or if you suddenly have some personal issue.”

“A word and a gesture, if your mouth is… occupied,” he added, giving me a weak grin.

“Ok, ok, I appreciate your concern. I know it’s going to be a little difficult for you to hand me over to a bunch of guys. We can make sure they understand about my safe word.”

Just because I had a safe word, didn’t mean I planned to use it. Although, to be fair, no matter how much I loved rough sex and giving up control, there might be some point where I would need it.

“I love getting to help you make your kinky fantasies come true babe. Not knowing what a guy will do to you next is a big part of what you enjoy about being treated like this, right?

“Yes, it really is,” I said. He knows me so well!

After more discussion about the details, we decided that he’d screen the customers, negotiate with them, and be sure they knew the rules and agreed on my overall limits. Since he was in the private security business, he had the means to run background and credit checks as well. He’d tell me only as much as necessary about who and what was going to happen. Things like them wanting me dressed in a certain outfit, or delivered tied up in some specific way.

“Perfect!” I said after we had it all figured out.

“Do you want them to know I’m your husband? Or do we let them think I’m your… what, I guess… ‘pimp’?”

“I’m not sure that’s how I see you, but technically I guess it’s accurate,” I said with a smile.

“So how about as a rule, we don’t tell them. I mean, after all your goal is to have them thinking you are just their plaything. So meeting your husband when I deliver you might trigger the attitude that this whole charade is intended to avoid.”

“On the other hand,” he continued, “that shouldn’t be an ironclad rule. I bet that for some guys it will be even more of a turn-on to know that it’s a married woman they are getting to fuck and abuse!”

I knew he was right, and loved the thought of giving them a reason to think of me as an even bigger slut.

He said, “And last gaziantep evi olan escort bayan but not least, I want you to tell me all the details after you get back from these sessions!”

I gave him a nod and big smile. It sounded like we had a plan!



It had been three weeks since Tawny had broached this idea, and we had everything in place. Prices, contracts, safety plans (including a safe word!), along with our ad that was up and running. Now it was about to get real.

I came into our living room from my den. Tawny was sprawled on the sofa playing her handheld video game, and glanced up at me before frowning at the screen and frantically pressing buttons.

“Sorry to interrupt your game, but I thought you might like to know we have gotten some responses to our ad!”

Game forgotten, she stared up at me smiling. Was that a little concern I saw on her face as well?

“Oh my god – really? We’ve had the ad up for a week, and I was beginning to get a little discouraged,” she said excitedly. “Who? For what? Where? When?”

I laughed and said, “Ok, guess that reporter thing is in your blood! But didn’t you forget ‘Why’?”

These days Tawny was an editor at the newspaper, but her years as an investigative reporter still colored the way she looked at the world.

She laughed and said, “I’m just so excited! I was worried that my ad just wasn’t going to get anyone’s attention.”

We used somewhat different ads for the two sites, which were just a short sentence or two as a caption below her picture.

And oh that picture! Tawny kneeling on the ground naked, with a clothespin on each nipple. Her mouth was wide open, and she was looking up into the camera.

I expected the picture alone would get people to click for more information. The caption for the initial ad was short and to the point – “Hi, I’m Tawny. Tie me up, and fuck me!”

When they clicked, they got our larger ad with more detail:


If you are looking for a girl to go above and beyond the usual limits, you’ve found her.

Let Tawny be the private play toy at your next party.

Bondage, humiliation, and gang bangs are all on the menu.

For the evening, or for the night.

Very reasonable rates! Message us directly for complete details.


I continued, “Even though it took a week to get things started, you’ll be happy to know we have two customers. One booked and one has just emailed, but they sound very interested.”

“Well, don’t keep me in suspense. Tell me all about them!”

“Do you want all the details? I thought you wanted mystery and surprises,” I said grinning at her.

“For this first one at least, more details. I’m too curious!”

“Ok, it’s just one guy, but there will be some bondage, so I think this is a good choice for your ‘maiden’ voyage, although it’s up to you.”

“I’m excited about the bondage part. What kind?” she asked.

I looked at her and tilted my head, “Are you sure you want me to tell you?”

I knew she didn’t really – the thrill of the unknown was as much a part of this for her as the thrill of not being in control. I waited.

“Ok,” I said, “He’s going to –“

“Wait!” she interrupted. “Dammit, no don’t tell me. I do love being surprised!”

“Here’s the basics. Jarrod is into this fantasy game, either online or old-school, I didn’t follow which, and he want’s you so he can live out one of the scenes, or whatever they’re called, in it. As I said, it involves some moderate bondage, and of course sex.”

She looked at me skeptically, “A scene from a fantasy game? Wait, will he expect me to be in character for this?”

“Yessss, he will. He actually sent a brief outline about your character. I know you haven’t done any acting since high school, but I think this might be fun for you!”

I had no doubt of her ability to handle this roll. She was good at pretending to be the reluctant victim in our rough-sex games, and enjoyed playing that part in her fantasies. What Jarrod wanted was essentially that, with some sword-and-dragon context.

“That actually sounds like it might be fun! What about the other client?”

“That one is going to be five guys, and they have some pretty intense plans. I haven’t talked to them and gotten the details, but based on the general outline, they want to do several rough things I know you’ll get off on. So I figured we can see how the first party goes before you jump into the deep end of the pool.”

She absent-mindedly licked her lips, a sure ‘tell’ that she was excited by the thought of five guys using her body to satisfy their dark desires.

“That makes sense. As much as I’m looking forward to diving into that deep end, you not being there is something new, and just a tiny bit scary. Not to mention them being able to do whatever they want to me. Even though that is the whole point of my idea, it’s also new.”

I said, “Good, I’m glad you agree.”

“So when do I go on stage?” she asked.

“Tomorrow night.”

Fortunately for her, the next day was a work day, and she was too busy to be able to worry about her first adventure.

Coming in the door from work, she made a beeline for the bedroom, and I heard the shower start. She poked her head out and said, “How much time do I have again?”

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