Testing Daddy


I wake up and roll over and grab my phone next to my pillow; I turned off my phone’s alarm. The first thing that I saw when I unlocked my phone was the text conversation between my dad and I was open. The most recent thing sent was at 3am. It was a topless picture I took of myself in the mirror. I take pictures of myself when I’m feeling good about my body, and never send them to anyone. Maybe I forgot to lock my phone and sent it to him by accident while I slept? Did my dad come in and send it to himself while I was asleep? It’s just me and him in the house ever since mom left. I couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t me pressing something wrong in my sleep or something like that. I decided not to mention it to him.

Weeks go by and he never mentioned it either. We still text each other, like when I would be working a bit late or was going out with a friend. The picture just went up out of sight in the conversation. The summer heat was rolling in. I started wearing less clothing around the house to keep şahinbey escort cool, as I do every year. Loose tops and thongs, crop top and booty shorts. It doesn’t come off as weird because he doesn’t run the a/c unless he has to. It did get me thinking, maybe he was keeping the a/c off on purpose? After a few weeks of catching him staring at me while we were eating dinner or when I’m simply walking by. I could obviously tell he was trying to hide his erection. I think he’s just confused, and I’m gonna test him to get to the bottom of this.

One summer evening I was in the living room, chilling on the couch watching a movie. I was wearing a low cut tank top and a thong, I was also a bit sweaty. I asked him if he wanted to watch with me. He said yes and he sat next to me and put his arm over my shoulder. We always sit like this so I still don’t find it weird. 20 minutes go by and I tell him it’s too hot in here.

“You don’t mind, do you Daddy?” escort şahinbey I said as I sat up and took off my top exposing my small breasts. Before he could react I leaned back to my position of his arm over my shoulder. The first part of the test has started.

“Sorry it’s so hot Baby Girl, it’s just been hard to pay the bills since, you know.” He told me.

As I kept watching the movie, I caught him checking me out. I could feel his hand slipping closer to my breast and then moving back up. Almost like he wasn’t sure what it was supposed to do. He gained a little more confidence and got really far down my chest. I felt like he might fail my test and I had a brief moment of insecurity.

“Daddy I’m kind of tired, can we lie down?” I said to him, I shuffled around a bit and looked at him. He nodded and we lay down. He put his arm around my stomach so I felt a bit better. Just him placing his arm there instead of on my privates made me feel şahinbey escort bayan he was going to pass my test easily.

I was so hot, the movie was boring and I was laying down. With about 30 minutes left in the movie, I fell asleep. I woke up to what felt like a tug on my leg. Without moving I could feel my thong had been pulled down. I could feel my dad’s dick up against my back. I stayed paralyzed not sure what to do. I felt the tip of his dick slide down my back and between my thighs. I felt it pressing against my vagina, rubbing slowly but not entering.

I lay there for what felt like forever. I thought about how this was my doing. I was testing to see if he would fail by touching me when given the chance. If he did fail then I would put a stop to it. That’s when I started to think, maybe the test was to see if he would pass by touching me. Maybe this is what I wanted all along, maybe I just want dad to be happy. I started the final part of the test by turning my head towards him and grabbing his hand on my stomach.

“If this is what you want Daddy, it’s okay,” I told him as I moved his hand up to my small breasts. “I know I look like mom, and you miss her. Why don’t you show me how I was conceived?” I said, spreading my legs apart giving him full access if he wants it. This was the final step of the test.

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